BTDS- Chapter 05

Song Ziru

Ch. 05 Song Ziru

    Once the key is in hand, the rest is easy.

    Bai Ertang happily got into the car and hummed along the way.

    It’s a pity that she is tone deaf, and her singing is a mess, which sounds as if a ghost is howling in your ears.

    [My God, my ears are going to burst!]

    Bai Ertang ignored the babble and continued to sing.

    When she got home, Bai Ertang couldn’t wait to sneak into Ning Ze’s bedroom and study to hunt for treasures.

    As a result, when she got out of the car, she saw her mother, Song Ziru.

    Song Ziru and Ning Jing did not live with the young couple. They lived in another villa ten minutes away by car.

    “Yinyin, come with me.”


    Song Ziru led Bai Ertang to Song Yuyin’s bedroom.

    Although both mother and daughter are married into wealthy families, their personalities are obviously different.

    Song Yuyin took a shortcut and followed her mother to a wealthy family. Then she married her step-brother and lived a rich life. She had no idea how difficult it was for a Cinderella to marry a prince. She always has to be considerate to her husband as well as be worried that he is looking for a lover outside, or whether he will somehow be dissatisfied with her.

    As for Song Ziru, as a divorced woman with a daughter, although she got married to Ning Jing, but she had to plan a lot for that.

    Therefore, she knows how to survive in this world.

    Song Ziru tried to please Ning Jing everywhere, as long as she was treated well and Ning Jing gave her pocket money for living expenses, she didn’t care about anything else.

    Therefore, Song Ziru never quarreled with Ning Jing, and Ning Jing also got to boast outside about his wife’s virtuousness.

    However, her daughter Song Yuyin had never known these.

    “Yinyin, now you know what regret is. Ning Ze wants to divorce you. What are you going to do now.”

    “…Divorce is divorce.” She is so busy, can’t the mother of this female protagonist see this. Obviously, the time is so tight, but now, she has to deal with her mother.

    [Host, although this is only a world in the novel, it is also complete. The female protagonist cares a lot about her mother.]

    Song Ziru originally hoped that her daughter would know her mistakes, so that she could turn around, but…

    “Yinyin, do you know what divorce means? Is there a difference between you and a beggar when you are divorced? You have never worked, do you even know what hard work is?”

    “I can get half of the family property if I get a divorce. Besides, isn’t it just work.” Bai Ertang felt that working was much better than staying at home and going crazy.

    “…Dividing the family property?” Song Ziru looked at her daughter as if she was a fool.

    “You don’t really think that if you divorce Ning Ze, you can get a share of the family property.”

    “Of course.”

    “…These people have started to take precautions against you early on, and will just give you a million or two as compensation. Yinyin, can’t you see the reality now?”

    “I can definitely get more than two million.” Bai Ertang was very confident.

    “…You, you still don’t understand that you are facing a dead end?” Song Ziru couldn’t believe that she had such a stupid daughter.

    “I don’t think so. I feel happy and satisfied every day.”

    “…Yinyin, if you don’t listen to me now to save this marriage, you will regret it. And at that time, I will not help you again.”

    After all, Song Yuyin was in the end, a married daughter, and her marriage with Ning Jing was her ultimate goal.

    “Don’t worry, I can handle it all.”

    “…You…you have really changed.”

    In the past, Song Yuyin was also very afraid of Ning Ze giving her a divorce, but now…she seems to be impatient to get divorced, which is really surprising.

    “I just saw things clearly. If a woman can only rely on her marriage and her husband, then she is useless.”

    “You mean I’m useless!”

    Song Ziru was finally annoyed, “Okay, I won’t care about you anymore. I’m waiting for the day you come to beg me.”

    After speaking, Song Ziru left angrily.

    [Yingying, host, I think I understand why you are still single even after living for 30 years.]


    [I think you may be a woman who doesn’t need a man. You don’t have the mentality of being a damsel in distress at all.]


    Actually, I also want a man, but why can’t men look at girls like me?

    Bai Ertang was also a bit frustrated.

    [Host, cheer up, you still have work to do.]

    Bai Ertang nodded, yes.

    Divorce, she must get a divorce, but asking her to divorce empty-handed is impossible. Since she wanted to help the female protagonist get divorced, she must ensure the interests of the female protagonist.

    It was lunch break time, Bai Ertang used the excuse of taking a nap, and asked the servants at home not to disturb her while going upstairs, and then slipped into Ning Ze’s study room again.

    Because she had already scooped it out before, she quickly opened the locked drawer with the key. Although the safe could not be opened without a password, Bai Ertang was not discouraged. She quickly took her mobile phone and took pictures of the important information she could get.

    After the work was done, she went back to her bedroom after tidying everything up.

    Hard work pays off, as Bai Ertang’s efforts have been successful. Many of these documents could indeed prove that Ning Ze’s assets are now under his name, including the equity of several companies under his name, as well as of his investment companies, and a lot of real estate, investment in shops, etc.

    Bai Ertang was busy from afternoon until midnight, as she was searching Ning Ze’s assets on the Internet, and checked and recorded all the various information that she could get of the assets.

    [Host, after doing so much, if you get a divorce, Song Yuyin’s interests can be guaranteed. I think you will definitely get A this time.]

    “It’s just the beginning, God knows whether Ning Ze will transfer the assets, so from now on I will have to pay attention to the changes in the holders of these assets… Of course, it is necessary to find a good lawyer.”

    “Hey, as a system that assists me, you shouldn’t have a rule that you can’t introduce a good lawyer to me.”

    [Regarding your request, I will have to apply to the main system.]

    Come on, still have to apply, this cub system is really useless.

    In less than a minute, the lolita voice reappeared in Bai Ertang’s mind.

    [Host, the main system agreed your request. Please receive the information of the most fair and objective lawyer in this city.]

    Then, Bai Ertang immediately learned about the situation of this lawyer called Feng Xiaoyuan.

    She is a female lawyer who specializes in handling divorce cases. She is also full of sympathy for female divorcees who are on the weak side of marriage, so she firmly stands on the side of women who are deceived by their husbands. However, her criteria for evaluating clients is very strict, and she will accept commissions only if she has gone through background checks of those women.

    “This lawyer Feng is good.”

    [However, I’m just recommending the lawyer to you. Whether you can get the lawyer’s approval and acceptance is up to you.]

    “Well, I’ll go find her tomorrow.”



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Bound To The Divorce System

Bound To The Divorce System

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese

    When others transmigrate, they are responsible for having babies with the male protagonist, and have a happily ever after. She is also a female protagonist when she transmigrates into various novels, but the female protagonist after the happy ending, when love between the couple is weathering, when the male protagonist is tired of the female protagonist, when he is cheating with a mistress, etc., and many other chicken feathers.

    [Host, the task assigned to you by the system is, 'After happy ending, the female protagonist’s bleak divorce life!’ 】

    “Go away, stupid system! I want to transmigrate to before ‘Happy ending’!”

One sentence introduction: Today is another day of happily divorcing.

Chicken feathers: small annoyances



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