BTDS- Chapter 04

Ch. 04 Disdain from the whole company

    Ning Jing moved quickly and began to plan for the assets under Ning Ze’s name.

    According to Ning Jing’s plan, after transferring the assets under Ning Ze’s name, Ning Ze has more debts, so that once the assets and liabilities are calculated, even if Song Yuyin is dissatisfied with the assigned assets in the future, she can’t do anything about it.

    “Mr. Ning, Old Master Ning sent me to help you with the divorce, especially the assets. First of all, I need to know all the assets under your name…”

    “No, I will handle the divorce myself.”

    Anyway, Ning Ze still couldn’t bear to be too cruel to Song Yuyin. When they got married back then, they had overcome many obstacles, and had been in love for many years, they were even once the model couple that everyone envied.

    In terms of assets, he still intends to give some to Song Yuyin.

    “Mr. Ning, these are Old Master Ning’s words. You are still young. You don’t know that if these things are not cleared now, at the time of divorce in the future, it will be very troublesome.”

    “I have my own plans.”

    Saying this Ning Ze sent away the person who was going to help him with his finances.

    The man was helpless and had to leave first.

    After a while, Ning Ze’s Secretary came to report, “Mr. Ning, Madam is here, do you want to bring her in?”

    Ning Ze was stunned.

    About three or four years ago, Song Yuyin always liked to come to the company to look for him. It was later that he found out that Song Yuyin came to check on him to see if whether he was close to any female staff or was having an affair.

    This made Ning Ze very annoyed, after which she was not allowed to come to the company, but she did not listen.

    Song Yuyin made trouble several times, but failed, and finally couldn’t stand being ridiculed, so she never came back to the company.

    This time… it doesn’t matter, anyway, he’s going to get a divorce soon. It’s okay to give her a little face, just hope that she doesn’t do the same thing as yesterday.

    So the secretary brought Song Yuyin in.

    Song Yuyin encountered a lot of scorn and contempt along the way.

    …It was then that she realized that there might still be some information that she didn’t get, so she immediately called out to the broken system!

    [Hey, because Song Yuyin liked to go to the company to monitor Ning Ze in the past, he banned her from coming to the company, so she was looked down upon by the staff.]


    This Song Yuyin really has no brains.

    Even if you wanted to spy on your husband, can’t you find a reliable way, like a powerful private detective, or find a few gossipmongers in the company. There are many ways to solve such things, but she just had to make a lot of noise, it’s good, now everyone knows about it, and ended up becoming the laughing stock of the company causing Ning Ze to lose face, so he hated her even more.

    Alas, this is the perfect example of, you won’t die unless you seek death.

    [Host, I think your plan is amazing.]

    Hmph, that goes without saying.

    Bearing the despised gaze all the way, Bai Ertang finally arrived at the president’s office.

    “Is something wrong?”

    “It’s fine when I woke up in the morning. I made some dishes and brought it to you to taste…I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to vomit on you yesterday, and I didn’t want to…”

    She really didn’t want to do that to Ning Ze, after all, he is not her type.

    Ning Ze was surprised, “Cooking, since when were you able to cook?”



    So what can this wealthy lady who doesn’t work do? Can’t manage money, but can’t even cook?

    [Host, in fact, there are many silly and sweet heroines like this in romance novels, she is just one of them.]

    I’m convinced!

    Bai Ertang smiled at Ning Ze, “I learned it not long ago, try it out.”

    Saying that, Bai Ertang hurriedly opened the lunch box and brought out a few side dishes.

    Looking at Ning Ze’s expression, it was full of complexity. Obviously, in his eyes, Song Yuyin did not have this skill point.

    “You eat slowly… By the way, the buttons of my clothes have come loose. I’ll go to your lounge to adjust it.” Bai Ertang thought this was the perfect excuse to enter Ning Ze’s lounge to find keys and confidential information. As a result, Ning Ze’s expression became even more complicated.

    “…It’s really loose, I didn’t mean that.”

    “…You go in.”


    As soon as she entered the lounge, Bai Ertang started a race against time. She gently opened the cabinets and quickly took pictures of the materials that she thought might become evidence.

    Broken system, if Ning Ze is coming in, remember to remind me.

    [No host, this matter is not within the scope of my work.]

    Does your work manual clearly say you can’t help me look out for the wind?


    Then what are you waiting for?


    Hard work always pays off, Bai Ertang found a bunch of keys in a drawer in the corner.

    Bai Ertang was overjoyed and immediately put away the keys. Feeling that it was almost time, she hurriedly packed up, took off the wedding ring on her finger and threw it on the ground.

    [Why throw away the ring?]

    Wait and come back to put the key.

    The time was just right, when Bai Ertang went out, Ning Ze had just put down his chopsticks.

    He looked at Bai Ertang with a rare admiration on his face, “Not bad.”

    After so many years, for the first time, he felt that his wife had something to offer.

    “Thank you, then I won’t disturb your work. I just want to go to the nearby shopping mall. Bye.”

    She said that and hurriedly packed her lunch box and left.

    “…” The little goodwill that Ning Ze had just gathered disappeared instantly. This woman…

    In fact, Bai Ertang, who hurriedly left, quickly found a small shop which dealt with locks nearby.

    This was the location that she had researched in advance. She gave a sum of money and asked the shop owner to make her the same kind of key as soon as possible, and then quickly returned to Ning Ze’s company and appeared in front of him.

    It has been less than an hour since she left.

    Ning Ze was speechless, has this woman gone crazy today?

    “Why are you back?”

    “I’m sorry, I accidentally dropped the ring when I was adjusting my clothes. After I found out, I came back quickly. This is our wedding ring, which is very important to me.”

    Bai Ertang said with red eyes.

    [Such an actor.]

    It’s none of your business!

    “…Why are you so careless?”

    Ning Ze opened the door of the lounge and went in with Bai Ertang to find it.

    It seems that Song Yuyin is still reluctant to part with this marriage. But it is too late to regret it now, it was her fault that she did not repent in the past. Ning Ze thought to himself.

    “Where is it?”

    Bai Ertang turned around in a hurry, and saw that the ring was lying under the table.

    Ning Ze also saw it at a glance, picked it up, and handed it to Bai Ertang, “Here.”

    Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bai Ertang quietly put the key she had stolen on the sofa.

    “That’s great, I’m still worried about losing it, it scared me to death.” Bai Ertang said, wiping away the non-existent tears.

    Ning Ze looked a little soft-hearted, but since he had made up his mind to divorce, he believed that Song Yuyin was just trying to save the marriage in a roundabout way.

    “…Since you’re done, I’m going on a business trip out of town for the next few days. When I come back next week, we will officially start the divorce procedure.”


    Bai Ertang’s choked voice sounded.

    [Host, you are too deep into the play. The system task is just to divorce. Are you not happy that you are about to complete the task?]

    I’m happy, but if I’m too happy now, what should I do if Ning Ze becomes suspicious? I have to first let him put down his guard, and then do things my way.

    […Host is great.] I feel like I’m going to crash.

    “Okay, don’t be sad, after we have separated, you will have a new life.”

“Well, then, I’ll go back first.”

    Bai Ertang said while wiping her eyes and running, so that the staff outside could see this scene .

    This was also a part of her plan.

    Because in this way, she can accumulate sympathy points first, and then when she officially divorces, she will be seen as the infatuated woman who gave her youth to her husband but was abandoned by him after her youth passed away.




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