BTDS- Chapter 02

Celebrating The Divorce

Ch. 02 Celebrating the Divorce

    Tired and disappointed.

    After countless suspicions, meetings, overtime work, and video requests from Song Yuyin when he was on a business trip, Ning Ze had enough.

    Of course he knew that Song Yuyin would not agree. How could she be willing to give up all that she has today.

    She has no ability, except asking detectives to investigate him every day, she can’t do anything else. She just wants to depend on him for the rest of her life. But, he doesn’t want that.

    Ning Ze didn’t want to see Song Yuyin’s terrified expression, “No matter what the conditions are, you can mention it, but there is absolutely no room for turning back on the matter of divorce.”

    He was determined to divorce.

    “Okay, let’s divorce.”

    Ning Ze suddenly heard Song Yuyin say this calmly.


    Ning Ze suddenly looked at Song Yuyin, surprised in his heart, she seemed so calm…

    “Song Yuyin, what are you thinking?” He felt that something was wrong.

    “Don’t worry, I didn’t plan to commit suicide. Divorce is no issue, but… I want what I deserve.”

    “Don’t worry about this.” Ning Ze didn’t plan to treat his wife harshly. However, he still couldn’t believe it, “You really agree to divorce?”

    “Otherwise? I suddenly realized that this kind of life is boring. After divorce, both of us are free, maybe it’s better to start over.”

    “If you could have understood it sooner…”

    Ning Ze looked complicated, “Don’t worry about it, I will find a good lawyer, and if you need it, I can also hire a lawyer for you. You can rest assured in terms of alimony, there will be no shortage in what you will be given.”

    “No need, I will find one myself.”


    However, things are not so simple.

    “Divorce is fine, but if you want to give her half of the assets in your name, absolutely not.” Ning Ze’s father, Ning Jing said with a cold face, “Ning Ze, do you think the assets in your name are earned by yourself? It was given to you by me. What right do you have to distribute my assets to others?”

    “…But, I have been married to Yinyin for so many years…”

    “She also enjoyed it’s benefits for so many years. Think about it, if it wasn’t for marrying you, who can she choose? What kind of life can she live? Do you really think that being my stepdaughter can unconditionally get her a good marriage?”

    “…But Dad, let alone before marriage, Yinyin and I have been married for ten years. The equity, deposits, and real estate under my name have increased over the years… And according to the law, she also has her share.”

    “The law is the law, the company is the company, and you are also the president of several companies. Can’t you think of a way? You just can’t bear to lose face, isn’t it?”


    “If you are determined to give her the property, don’t blame your father for being cruel.”


    Here, Bai Ertang immediately ran to Ning Ze’s room and study, and started rummaging through the drawers.

    [Host, what are you doing?]

    “Find everything that can prove the assets in Ning Ze’s name. Didn’t you ask me to guarantee Song Yuyin’s life after the divorce, otherwise if will let her divorce and then end up on streets, you will give me a C.”

    [I know this, but why are you looking for asset certificates?]

    “Of course it’s for the purpose of dividing the property.”

    [Ning Ze said just now that he will take care of it.]

    “A man’s mouth is nothing but a liar’s mouth. Hey, you don’t know anything about men.”

    [Host, in case you forgot, I’m still a baby and I don’t have a man yet.]

    “…” Aren’t you just a system, what do you need a man for?

    Bai Ertang ignored the babble and continued to rummage through the boxes. She acted neatly. Fortunately, the system judged the asset file as important information, and she knew the approximate location of the it.

    It’s a pity that although she found the location, the cabinet was locked, and the safe was also password protected.

    “…Hey, where is the key?”

    [That I don’t know. I’m just a child, I don’t know that much.]

    “…Then what’s your use?”

    [Yingying, don’t yell at me!]

    Forget it, why is she quarreling with an immature system.

    She had already swept through Ning Ze’s bedroom as well as study just now, and there was no place where the keys might be placed. Then, the key might be on Ning Ze, or in his office.

    Divorce, she is definitely going to get a divorce. This matter must be done quickly, otherwise Ning Ze will turn around to guard against her, and it will be difficult for her to get the key and the evidence of assets.

    Alas, this Song Yuyin only knew how to be sentimental, grievous, and had all kinds of suspicions. After more than ten years, she didn’t know how to plan for herself. Now, except for some savings, designer clothes and bags, she has nothing, not even a car. This woman, she got such good luck to marry a rich second generation, but has no brains at all.

    No wonder she was so afraid of divorce. Being a full-time wife for more than ten years, she couldn’t go bear to go to the streets to beg for food after divorce.

    [Hey! I feel the same way, that’s why you were sent to rescue her.]

    Come on, this broken system even knows what she is thinking?

    [I am not broken at all!]


    “Have dinner together at night?” Ning Ze was surprised when he received Song Yuyin’s call.

    “Well, I booked a private room at your favorite western restaurant. Anyway, today is our tenth wedding anniversary, so let’s celebrate the divorce.”

    …Celebrating the divorce? Ning Ze’s mood was a little complicated.

    So is divorce something to celebrate for her?

    “You won’t refuse.”


    [Hey, Host, what do you want to do?]

    Of course, steal the key after getting him drunk.

    A quarter of an hour later, the two went to the high-end restaurant in city together. As the wealthy, they had a special driver to drive them there.

    “I remember the first time I went there for dinner, it was your eighteenth birthday.”

    Hearing that, Ning Ze was a bit stunned.

    What the hell is Bai Ertang thinking about, isn’t it embarrassing to mention this at this time? Don’t you want to get divorced?

    [No, host, your task is to divorce Song Yuyin and Ning Ze. If the divorce fails, points will be deducted. You have zero points now, and if they become negative, you will be finished.]

    “I know.” Bai Ertang was a little impatient.

    As a result, Ning Ze thought that Song Yuyin was talking to him.

    “…Forget it.” Ning Ze felt a little disappointed.


     This broken system is fucking shit. Conversations with it are so confusing.

    [Host, you are wronging me!]

    Half an hour later, the two arrived at the restaurant.

    The driver with sunglasses was very polite, as per ladies first, he first opened the door for Bai Ertang.

    Alas, she is soon going to be out of this rich life. It’s really hard to go from extravagance to frugality, no wonder Song Yuyin rather die than divorce.

    The restaurant foreman took them to a private room.

    Taking advantage of the opportunity to go to the bathroom, Bai Ertang found the person in charge of this private room.

    “Red wine is the easiest to get drunk and has the highest amount of alcohol. But don’t let the person notice it. I need to get him drunk without letting him know, understand?”

    The waiter looked complicated, “Mrs. Ning, I understand.”

    This lady looks well bred, but in fact she is…

    “…don’t think about it, I’m not…”

    “I didn’t think about it, I don’t dare to think about it.”

    “…” I really didn’t want to make Ning Ze drunk for this!!!



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Bound To The Divorce System

Bound To The Divorce System

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese

    When others transmigrate, they are responsible for having babies with the male protagonist, and have a happily ever after. She is also a female protagonist when she transmigrates into various novels, but the female protagonist after the happy ending, when love between the couple is weathering, when the male protagonist is tired of the female protagonist, when he is cheating with a mistress, etc., and many other chicken feathers.

    [Host, the task assigned to you by the system is, 'After happy ending, the female protagonist’s bleak divorce life!’ 】

    “Go away, stupid system! I want to transmigrate to before ‘Happy ending’!”

One sentence introduction: Today is another day of happily divorcing.

Chicken feathers: small annoyances



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