Chapter 2 The Last Meeting

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“Kill me… kill me? Why? Why would he do that…?” Mary asked reflexively. Why on earth, who it was, for what purpose — many questions sprang to mind all at once, but judging by Frances’ impatience, there wasn’t much time left.

With the key in her hand, she opened the cell and took Mary’s hand. “I’ll explain later. We need to escape from here, so move quickly, Mary.”

“Yes, yes!” Mary rushed out of the basement with Frances pulling her hand. When she climbed the stairs and entered the upper floor, there was a man lying down and bleeding right next to her.

“Um, the security guard is…!”

“I did it. I don’t think he’s dead but I couldn’t afford to be gentle,” Frances spoke coldly. Mary was frightened by those words, but at the same time, she felt safe. Ordinarily Frances was never a short-sighted or violent woman. If a first-class magician felt like it, they could manipulate ‘water’ and kill any number of people. That’s why she disciplined herself and didn’t use force unnecessarily. Frances had hurt others in order to save Mary – and Mary herself wasn’t so dull as to not notice her sister’s resolution and determination.

“…Three incoming, twelve-o-clock.”

Frances stopped just before the turn in the hallway. Mary didn’t hear anyone, let alone footsteps – but a few seconds later, she heard voices. Three soldiers with rifles and waistcoats approached. Most of the equipment matched that of the soldiers who’d restrained Mary. The waistcoat likely had a plate resistant to magic, and the rifle a type of ‘magical gun’ that used the user’s magic to create bullets.

“Apparently there’s an intruder. It’s not often that happens in a place with such high security.”

“The Duke wants to protect it, because all of his secrets are here. To a thief, it looks like a treasure trove, doesn’t it?”

Frances assessed the strength of the soldiers from around the corner. The opponent’s evaluation appeared in her field of vision, generated by the magic of ‘Analyze.”

(The first has a magic rating of 104, the next of 201, and the third 236. None of them are ‘magicians’. In other words, there’s no need to be wary of spells.)

The magical evaluation was determined by multiplying the maximum amount of magical power that a person possesses and the amount they can use at once. Generally, the minimum required to be called a ‘magician’ is 300, but that was only if there was a good balance of amount possessed and the amount output. For an unbalanced magician, they may have the potential but their firepower was too low, and even if they had a great output, they would burn through their reserves too quickly.

However, by using magic guns that fire bullets using magical power, it is possible to compensate for a low output imbalance. Of course, such weapons were only for the convenience of those who couldn’t become magicians – a first-class magician didn’t need a magical gun, nor would it work for them.

“Don’t be silly, you two. You don’t know where the intruder is.”

“It’s okay. These days, even a decent magician couldn’t break through our equipment.”

By the way, for reference, Frances’ magic rating is 5658.

“Go.” When she held out her hands, clear water appeared. It stretched out like a snake towards the soldier’s feet – grabbing his ankle and pulling him, sending him sprawling.


The other two turned to the man who fell down. At that moment, Frances stepped forward, created a water needle, and sent it straight through one soldier’s head.


“Kheh, you… aaaaaah!”

The soldier whose comrade was killed at point-blank range prepared to shoot his gun. Frances used the corpse as a shield, causing her opponent to hesitate. She took the opportunity to steal the gun from her ‘shield’ and pulled the trigger without mercy. After receiving rapid fire at point-blank range, his body trembled as if he were convulsing, and died.

“One left,” she muttered in a businesslike tone, putting her gun to the fallen man’s forehead. His skin was scorched as the hot metal was pressed against it. Considering how uncertain the future was, it was better to use the gun and conserve her fighting strength for stronger opponents, even so Frances’ power was overwhelming.

“Hey, hey! Please forgive me… oh, oh I don’t want to die!”

“Okay. I don’t want to kill you.” Hearing Frances’ kind words, the man had a relieved look on his face – immediately after that, he was hit hard on the back of the head, breaking his nose on the ground and fainting.

When the fight was over, Mary ran up to Frances and hugged her. “Sister!”

“I’m sorry to scare you, Mary. The exit is right there, so let’s hurry.” Franes pulled her sister’s hand again and started running. Mary looked back at the corpse, tears welling in her eyes, but she swallowed her fear and ran through the corridor.


They exited through a back door. Mary turned and saw the appearance of the building for the first time. “A building at the center of the city… I was in a place like this.”

The gray walls were lined with large glass windows and stretched high into the sky, as if to assert the duke’s authority. The engagement party was held in a wooden “mansion” owned by Duke Slavar, but this impressive, imposing building was also owned by him.

“The cityscape is ruined, isn’t it? Rumor has it, that Romeo designed the appearance himself.”

“It’s bad taste, not to mention that a dungeon like that has been prepared…”

“I guess they’re planning to use it for evil things.”

While talking, they left the building and walked up to a high wall. Frances lifted Mary in a princess-carry and used a rope of water magic to grapple their way over top of it. With a single jump she launched them into the air and landed almost soundlessly on the other side. As expected of a magician who specialized in melee combat, not only was she able to control magic power, but her physical abilities were also considerable. Mary stared enchanted up at her sister.

“Come on, Mary, get in the car. You must get out of here quickly.”

In front of them was a black car arranged by Francis. It was a so-called ‘magical vehicle’, and by using both electricity and magic power, it could drive at top speed for a long time. Looking at the Orvis Kingdom as a whole, the number of units in use wasn’t very high, but in the wealthy Slavar territory, there were quite a few.

Mary climbed into the backseat and Francis tried to close the door.

“Are you not coming with me?”

“I’m sorry, Mary. I still have work to do.”


“It’s okay, I’ll join you soon,” Frances said while stroking Mary’s hair, but it was difficult to believe her sister’s words. Even if Frances intended to meet up again – she had already killed several guards. Mary didn’t think her sister would be safe.

“No! I hate you leaving!”


“I know I’m not much use, but I still want to stay with you.”

Hearing those words, Frances had a sad expression on his face, but declared with a big smile, “I will never abandon you. I’ll always be by your side, Mary, no matter what.”

“Sister… do you promise?”

“Absolutely, absolutely. I’ll swear it in blood.”

Mary and Frances entwined little fingers. And after pulling away, Frances closed the door. The driver stepped on the accelerator and the car started moving. Mary pressed her face to the window and stared at her sister as she disappeared on the horizon.

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Blood Princess, Kill Them All

Blood Princess, Kill Them All

Senketsu oujo, mina korosu, 鮮血王女、皆殺す
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Artist: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
~A girl who was betrayed by her family and executed is revived and becomes a shinigami to take her revenge! Mary is a fallen princess who can’t use magic. So a political marriage is arranged. At last, Mary hopes, she can serve as a member of the royal family. Betrayed by her parents and her older brother, Mary escapes with her only ally, her older sister. However, the two were unable to get away and both Mary and her sister are killed by the strongest magician, the Arcanist. However, on the brink of death, Mary’s powers awakened. Her power was ‘the Arcana of the Shinigami’, by eating corpses she could increase her strength. With her new ability, Mary decided to take revenge on all those responsible for the death of her sister.


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