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This Page is just a Chapter Wise Introduction of Characters for people like me who keep forgetting Who’s who. Since I haven’t read the novel in advance, I’ll be adding the character introduction as I translate. Maybe after a while, I’ll create a proper Character summary. For now this will Have to do.


Da Chu – Current Dynasty

Liang Dynasty- The dynasty WL belonged to in past life. (Matriarchy)

Sheng Jing- The Capital city where XZ & WL currently live.

Chapter 1

  1. Xie Zichen (XZ) – Male Lead. Fourth born Shu son of Xie Family Second Branch. (Occupation: Future PM/ Regent)
  2. Wei Lan (WL) – Female Lead. Daughter of Changxin Hou Mansion, disguised as a son. (Occupation: General).
  3. Wang Guoliang – Chief Eunuch. Most powerful eunuch under the emperor.
  4. Wan Qing (WQ) – MLs Fiance, engaged at birth but later conferred as an Imperial Concubine.
  5. Zhang Sheng – Minister Zhang. WQ killed XZ to help this guy become the regent.
  6. Xie Jie- The Di son of Xie Family Third Branch. Schemed against XZ in past life and crippled him for life.
  7. Ah Lai- XZ’s servant
  8. Wang Ning- Shu son of Wang Family, XZs friend.
  9. Wei Yan- Son of Changxin Hou Mansion 2nd Branch. Inherited the CX after the death of Marquis and his heir in precious life. Known as Crown Prince’s follower but worked as spy for Third Prince.

Chapter 2

  1. Old Lady Wei- WLs Paternal Grandmother. Official wife of Old Marquis (dead) and mother of current Marquis.
  2. Old Lord Wei- WLs Paternal Grandfather. Dead.
  3. Mrs Xu- Childhood sweetheart and only concubine of Old Lord Wei. Mother of WLs uncles. Her sons blame Old Lady Wei for her death.
  4. Wei Shou- Current Marquis of Chang Xin Hou. WLs father. (Occupation: General)
  5. Wei Yan- 1st Shu Uncle of WL. Occupation: 4th rank official, PMs Chief Historian
  6. Wei Kai- 2nd Shu uncle of WL. Occupation: 6th rank official, Head of Warehouse Dept.
  7. Wei Zhong- WLs Butler.
  8. Wei Xiong (WX)- WLs younger Brother. (Youngest of the three siblings)
  9. Wei Hua(WH)- Known as the First Lady of Changxin Hou Mansion but is the Twin older brother of WL. Loved to dress and act feminine since childhood.
  10. Mrs Zhang- WX wet nurse.

Chapter 3

  1. Dian Mo- WLs chief servant girl, knows her real identity.

Chapter 4

  1. Xie Ju- XZs father.

Chapter 5

  1. Xu Qing– XZs subordinate who defected later
  2. Wang Xi– Di Son of Wang Family. Banquet’s host.

Chapter 6

  1. Lin Che – Son of Minister of Justice (playmate at Wang’s Banquet)


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