Being on time means Being late Ch 2

Being On Time Means Being Late

The matter has come to this point, If only Lu An Ru admits her own problems and promises to abide by the rules of the martial arts club of fair fighting in the future, the matter will be over.
It is unreasonable for men to insist on a quarrel with a sweet, soft girl. But according to what Ai La learned here, Lu An Ru had been so humble after the incident, and all the challenges were rejected and directly conceded.
This is tantamount to a slap in the face of every fighter, including Mr. Huang, but there is no way to blame her. “Many people were so angry that they could hardly avoid bowing their heads and not looking up. Every time people look at Lu An Ru’s ‘modest hypocrisy’.” it sends a challenge to the group.
Thinking about this, Ai La looked at Lu An Ru in more admiration.
“Why are you so shy?”, and continued to say, “How dare you say that there are more than a thousand people?” Lu An Ru pointed at the numbers on the screen. Her eyes seemed to be like an innocent deer and she answered as it ought to be.
“Data Presentation”
Invisibly throwing the mistake back to Ai La, as if to blame her for not explaining it in time.
Ai La suddenly realize that she had sent Lu An Ru to mend her ways for years after she had the nerve to make a fuss.
Stop worrying about the details, her head hanging and muttering in frustration, “One person can give more than one copy, you know clearly the rules”.
Perhaps she was feeling too sorry for her, Lu An Ru said conscientiously, “Well, get a schedule for next week, gather them in our study group meeting room and I’ll give a unified answer.”
Ai La’s heart beat faster than a roller coaster, and she got up and hugged Lu An Ru and kissed her hard in the face.
Early in the morning, the first ray of sunlight peeped through the clouds and through the pale pink lace curtains, mottled light spots carving the ground under the window.
As the sun rises, the twinkling spots gradually invaded the room, slowly spreading the golden halo over the sleeping white face cheek. A bit of glaring light makes the sleeping person uncomfortable. she raise her hand and rub her eyes and rolled over, keeping sleeping tight under the blanket.
Just five minutes after, she suddenly remembered something terrible.
The weekend’s over. Today’s the day. Class! Teng!!!
Sitting up straight from bed, staring blankly for a few seconds, looking slightly at the old-fashioned electronic clock on the bedside table, it’s 7:10 am.
Shouting, “Okay” Jump out of bed, put on slippers, and rushed to the first floor.
The school is a long way from home, it takes 45 minutes to an hour by car, and driving a spaceship is a bit of a chore because the park is not close to the school. So it’s necessary to take a shuttle bus, the ink mark come and go at about the same time.
The first class starts at 8:10, which means that she has about a quarter of an hour left to clean up. The meal can be eaten in the car, But the first lesson is the Devil’s President Huang Qite’s class. If you’re late, he’ll probably give you more weight training program.
Without further delay, she finished washing up in five minutes. She hurried to the front door with a loving breakfast prepared by Chef Li, and get in the car. After sitting in the car and calming down for ten minutes, the beating heart calmed down and the breathing rhythm returned to normal.
When the lid of the box was opened, the butler on the side handed the chopsticks to her, Lu An Ru took them and quickly picked them up, ignoring the appearance. Satisfied to fill the stomach.
Put the insulation box and wiped her mouth with a wet tissue, after that she aim the trash can with one eye closed and accurately throw it into the bucket that automatically open the lid.
That playful action makes butler He freeze with a smile on his face. Awkwardly, pulling back the hand that was holding up in front of Lu An Ru. Then carefully help Lu An Ru to prepare the pomegranates, arrange them neatly in the container, and cover the insulation box.
Huo Yuzao, the dean of Yuexiang Academy, earlier broke through the congestion of quantum mechanics. The technology he contributed, makes people easily move something, someone, or even a city to a fixed position, and from small to daily necessities.
Including Lu An-ju’s insulation box, it can store all fruits, vegetables, cooked food, and cold food to the best taste.
The thermal insulation box may not be representative. If you mention a storage bag, you can understand how great this technology is.
This is a big developed storage bag that has hidden multidimensional space, so there is no problem with storing hundreds of catties of items, and the bag feels only the size of the bag. The presentation of weight is reduced by more than half depending to the price standard.
Lu An Ru’s parents’ storage bag belongs to the highest-end product of the day, and no matter how heavy it is, it weighs only the bag itself. In addition to helping Lu An carry heavy luggage for the examination, this storage bag has also saved many animals that have long been extinct from the underground ruins of the examination.
Butler He, observe the side of the lid of the insulated box and wipe the rice grains in there.
It can be seen that Lu An Ru cherishes her bag. She carefully put everything in the bag, so it’s kept clean. Her small hand pulled the zipper tightly and stroked the surface of the bag a few times before placing it by her side.
Looking up at the Butler He, she said calmly, “Uncle He, Don’t you ever pick me up again. I’m going to be criticized again.”
“But, Miss,..” Butler He trying to argue more rationally but he could see the seriousness from her charming eyes and he had to cut off his word. Lu An Ru stopped caring about Butler He sensitivity and leaned back into the seat, closing her eyes for sleep.
The old housekeeper ask permission for a long sick leave, and he recommended his nephew come to replace him.
if She hadn’t competed with Sheng Ming last night and drank more seafood porridge. Maybe she’ll inherit the mother’s kindness comforted the butler who was familiar with the work.
But she had diarrhea for half a night and finally stopped, she had to rush to school after sleeping for less than 5 hours. She’s only trying to take care of herself.
Staring blankly and heard a call. “We have arrived, miss”, Lu An Ru opened her eyes and looked at Butler He in confusion, her mind went blank.
“My Sister’s message here”.
Until she hears a familiar voice, the memory flashed into her mind like a light spot. Butler He nodded indifferently, took the storage bag diagonally, got off the car and walked into the academy building, which so tall straight through the clouds.
The moment you step through the door, you will see a unique scenery, the expansion space of different layers and different sides will make the new students amazed. But this is normal for her as a senior student, now she is only focus to be on time.
She barely managed to get into the classroom with the sound of the bell. Lu An Ru holds the classroom door with one hand, “It’s not easy,” she said. Then heard the cold voice of death from behind. “Don’t block the door, I said earlier that in my class you have to come a half hour in advance!”
Don’t need to look back, she could imagine how ugly and scary Mr. Huang’s face now. Feeling so sad for a second, and sighed, ” Ouh, what a bad luck!”
She had to walked back to her position with bitter stepstep, sat down and relieved his wounded spirit and heard a bad news.
“Meet me at the bunker in ten minutes.” Lu An Ru immediately braced herself, rushed out of the classroom and follow Mr. Huang. This means, she can’t runaway from the punishment of being late.
Standing on the elevator, pressing the button and waiting for Gao Ying and seven or eight people who responded quickly to arrive. Lu An Ru click down to the third floor. The elevator door closed with a burst of wailing.
Don’t think that everything will be fine since you take the elevatorelevator, the potential for people to be rushed is unlimited.
For example, when Lu An Ru and the others got off the elevator, they saw a red-faced man running out of the stairs, staring at them and yelling and scolding.
” You guys are so ignorant, the elevator will close before it reachs the capacity limit. I can die, I had to run from the seventh floor to the third floor. I was chased by the farmer’s uncle’s electronic dog when I stole apples when I was a child. , I’ve never run so fast again.”
Lu Anru didn’t pay any attention, grabbed Gao Ying’s hand and ran into the training room, doing her business first.
She has to arrive at the training room in the first five, and the first five will be rewarded, and she has 20 minutes more breaks than others. She didn’t expect a break between classes, but only hoped that the penalties for being late could be offset.
Gao Ying is being more kind, since she knew that Lu Anru had no feelings for the Prince Xunguang she liked, she began to being friendly with Lu Anru.
The two of them are ranked fifth and sixth, and there are three people around behind them, and they may overtake them at any time. She pushed Lu An Ru with both hands without a doubt into the door. Now she just count on her luck.
Lu An Ru stumbled to her feet and turned her head to give God’s assist a thankful Iook. At first glance, I didn’t see God assisting Gao Ying, but instead met the furious stare of sixth place Li Yilan. Lu An Ru just blinked her little deer’s eyes, and truthfully took over the other part emotions.
In normal times, the martial arts club has few soft girls, so how can the tough guys withstand the “daily invasion” of sweet girls.
Before the monthly exam, Lu An Ru deceived many men with a petite figure of 1.52 meters, and was taken care of from study guidance to daily life. Until the day of the monthly test, the men who saw with their own eyes the contrasting record of this little soft girl disdain for the heroes, all felt that their self-esteem was frustrated. The men of the martial arts club are fiercely returning, and the attributes of straight men are also bursting. Therefore, everyone planned to get up from where they fell, and set the goal of defeating Lu An Ru.
The goals they set can be achieved sl owly, but Li Yilan is different. Li Yilan’s undisguised glaring, there is an accumulation of old hatred and new hatred. There is no need to think about the old hatred here, it is because of the monthly test.
It is more appropriate to describe the two of them as friends gathering together. According to reliable statistics, Li Yilan has issued the most challenge letters, and it is clear that he will fight with Lu Anru to the end.
They two having eye contact for a few seconds, and Gao Ying squeezed out of the crowd and acted as a blocker. Lending the time to Lu An Ru Layuan, she persuaded in a low voice, “President Huang will be here soon, don’t be angry with Li Yilan”.
He has learned a year more than yo u, and he is a mecha faction. If you lose, y ou will naturally resent you very deeply.’
The martial arts club is divided into the Mecha faction and the Taiju faction. As the n ame suggests, the Mecha faction can choose weapons and protection gear.
Until now, only Huang Qite among the students of the Taishu School has achieved this, and he is the president of the schooI. He and the teacher each undertake half of the teaching tasks every week.
Everyone arrived, and the last Rosa an d Lu An Ru were named at the same time, and for the punishment, they had to do three sets of squats more than others, and four sets less than the penaIty for being late.

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Magnificient Years

Magnificient Years

Status: Ongoing Type: , , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Synopsis : [Main Line] Lu An Ru : “My existence is to break the unfairness”. The crowd insult : “Sorry to say, You’re such a big BUG”. [Introduction] Lu An Ru : “The future I want is simple, it’s only you and me in the glorious times, and no one could snatch it away”. The crowd laughing : “Look at that! shameless people are going to show off again in the daytime”. Then there is a man behind Lu An Ru, the corner of his mouth curled up like this the last mercy of God before reaping her life. The crowd lowered their voices down : That’s right, give us more shit. I can’t beat a man or curse a woman, what else can I do? o(╥﹏╥)o)


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