POA Ch 64

The weather was truly starting to warm up. This process was gradual, mainly reflected in the changes in the earth [1]earth referring to ground, I still don’t really know what this planet is called and number of animals. The ice sheet which was formed over an unknown number of years also slowly melted, acting as […]

POA Ch 63

Meng Jiuzhao who was driven mad by this problem suddenly noticed the other cubs’ expressions:   Different from their usual innocent expressions, the looks they had on their face reminded him of what he had only seen on the adult hunters. This was the focussed look that only hunters possessed, the moment they locked on […]

POA Ch 62

The sweater Meng Jiuzhao originally wore was now getting too hot for this weather, hence Black made some alterations to it, making it much thinner than before.   While looking at Meng Jiuzhao wearing a new sweater with eager eyes, Louis expressed that since he shed his feathers, he also required one. Meng Jiuzhao was […]

POA Ch 61

The Vash continent was ravaged by wind and snow all year round, and everyday, the people here were greeted with the same scenery.   Meng Jiuzhao named this continent Vash because the Vash tribe resided here.   He didn’t know if the other corners of this planet were as cold as this corner, but Meng […]

POA Ch 60

Foolish Dad Black forgot about the matter of getting his cub to hunt a horned sheep everyday after this.   But Meng Jiuzhao didn’t forget, and he started reflecting on his behaviour.   He was fortunate to become the cub of the apex predator in this world. (There was even a feeling of him being […]

POA Ch 59

Volume 2: Green Fairy Tale   Black slowly flapped his wings.   They were no longer little meaty wings. The current Black now had a pair of huge membranous wings covered in thin grey scales that appeared translucent under the sun, a beautiful sight to behold.   Black continued flapping his wings.   Flapping his […]

POA Ch 58

“Chirp!” Louis also saw what was at the bottom of the pit.   Meng Jiuzhao only heard that chirp before Louis quickly threw him onto his back. Louis ran back towards the tribe, swiftly as though his buttocks were on fire.   Of course, this behaviour wasn’t because he was afraid of the Utah Raptor’s […]

POA Ch 57

Wiesel was the youngest in the group of Utah Raptors, he was not yet an adult.   His parents died in the terrible earthquake, and before they died, his father only explained to him that he had to find a group to live with and get by until adulthood.   Hence, after Wiesel found that […]

POA Ch 56

The person was large, with hair long enough to cover their entire face, and had nothing on their body.   “It’s a male.” Since he had misidentified genders multiple times recently, this time, Fendi was very careful when speaking.    “I’m not sure if he’s still alive.”   Because this unfortunate fellow was inseparable from […]

POA Ch 55

Sita fished out the two Utah Raptor skulls, wiping them with snow before solemnly handing them to Eim.   How heavy–   While struggling to carry the skull that was emanating a suspicious ginger scent, Eim had a look of questioning on his face.   “This is a rule in our tribe. Whenever someone kills […]

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