Chapter 43 – Status: In Love   After Sang Xian entered the lounge, he saw that Ran Shu was talking to Mrs. Sang and calling her his sister as if they were good siblings.   It’s not that Ran Shu deliberately pleases his mother, but that Ran Shu is a boy who is very popular […]

DP 73

Chapter 73   The capital nobles laughed at Count Garrinson every time they meet him.   “Well I heard that this time, Count Garrinson was disgraced for his uneducated behavior.”   “That’s right. I mean, paying someone to do something like this?Where did you sell your dignity of aristocracy. Tsk. Tsk.”    Isn’t the most […]

DYP 9 pt.2

Luo Xingyun put his hands on his knees neatly, lowered his eyebrows and said sorry. With so many big men rushing over, out of his survival instinct, he forgot about the squishy herp and was unable to run to his class monitor’s aid.   Damn him.   A pair of big hands inserted into his […]

DYP 9 pt.1

Chapter 9 – Can Grab   Pei Yan led Luo Xingyun into a first-level regiment and came to the bottom lane.   Luo Xingyun: “Class monitor, how can I cooperate with you?”   Pei Yan pointed to the grass with the mouse: “You hide here, when Hewanglan comes to catch me, you are responsible for […]

WDYCM 42 pt.2

“Didn’t I break up with Sang Xian two years ago? We just reconciled recently, and after reconciliation, I was very busy, so I wasn’t able to visit.”   “What if you have a share, will you keep coming to see me?”   “You make a lot of sense!” Ran Shu was suddenly awakened, “You are […]

WDYCM 42 pt.1

Chapter 42 – Status: In Love   The ceremony of the charity gala ended and it was time for the dinner.   There are no cameras here, only celebrities and entertainers from all walks of life, talking softly and drinking glasses.   The huge crystal chandelier is like spreading a sky on the roof, covered […]


Chapter 8 – Does It Look Good?   Because Luo Xingyun gave Pei Yan 8 heads, Pei Yan’s Kobold soon became invincible.   Meat and dogs, he is killing heroes all over the place.   The school bully group in the south of the city felt as if they hadn’t lived that night.   After […]

WDYCM 41 pt.1

Chapter 41 – Status: In Love   Two hours of live broadcast.   Ran Shu cried twice, ran off the screen seven times, and Sang Xian played for him once.   During these two hours, Ran Shu experienced what is called ups and downs, and his mood fluctuated greatly.   Of course, the most exhausting […]

DYP 7 pt.2

Just like him, he was hard-working and simple in chopping up creatures.   However, unlike his coercive behavior of rushing into the small soldiers and killing them, Pei Yan didn’t move much.   He only went up to make up a knife when the minions were about to die, and stood opposite Luo Xingyun at […]

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