ATAMMDO Chapter 82 pt.2

I Have A Boyfriend pt.2


Senior Sister Fan already believed that Jiang Liucheng did have a boyfriend. “Sorry, I thought Junior Jiang was joking with me before.”


“If there is nothing else you’d need, I’ll hang up.”


Qin Lu stretched out his finger and clicked directly on the red call button for a moment.


Jiang Liucheng said happily: “I knew it would be most useful to ask you to come forward.”


Qin Lu looked at him and nodded with a smile, “Then, if someone pesters you again, you can transfer them to me, and I will tell them off. “


Jiang Liucheng felt that this method was very excellent. “Then it’s settled.”


Guo Qifan, who was sitting on a chair to relieve the alcohol, heard the conversation between the two and couldn’t help but said: “Then what if someone is pestering Brother Qin? Would you want to transfer the person to Liucheng?”


Jiang Liucheng said: “Then let me settle it for you?”


Qin Lu smiled: “Okay, I’ll  transfer it to you.”


They thought it was just a small episode.


The next day, Qin Lu was having a meeting at the company because there was an important meeting this morning.


There was a project in charge of Qin Dong’s people last year, but it has not produced any benefits until this year, and even the bills on the books are unclear.


Qin Lu decided to settle the matter at today’s meeting. This was also the first time he had taken a stab at Mr. Qin’s people since he joined the company.


Many people realized that today’s meeting was unusual, and it might be the prelude to the official war between Qin Lu and Qin Dong.


The people who came to participate were divided into two factions: one was Qin Lu’s people, who all seemed to have relaxed expressions, and the second was Qin Dong’s people, who were all restless.


After the meeting started, Qin Dong, who was supposed to come, did not come. Only his illegitimate son Qin Hao came, and Qin Hao was not relaxed nor looking proud this time.


He knew before he came that today’s meeting would not do them any good.


On the surface, Qin Lu hadn’t had any conflicts with them in the past three months. Wherein in fact, he had been collecting most of the clues against them. Today can only be regarded as an appetizer, but that’s the reason why Qin Dong didn’t show up.


Since it was unavoidable, there was no need to come over and lose face. That’s why Qin Hao was asked to come forward instead, even if he didn’t want to.


Sure enough, not long after the meeting started, a senior executive began to talk about the problems of last year’s project under Qin Dong’s instruction.


The person in charge of the project relied on his relationship with Mr. Qin, and he didn’t even bother to find someone to do good bookkeeping. So once Qin Lu checked, he found out about cover-ups that the superiors and subordinates embezzled from the company’s funds.


In addition to this project, Qin Lu’s people also found out that some executives reimbursed their family expenses in not only the name of reimbursement for business trips but also many false and expensive reimbursement items.


Everything was listed one by one that it was estimated to go on for tens of millions and more.


“About this project, the fund embezzlements have been found out so far and those people who are involved.” The high-level executive put down the important report in his hand, “Boss Qin, since the amount of money involved by each person is not small, I suggest reporting the case directly.” Those who arrived were sweating profusely and could not even support their limp bodies on chairs, so they nearly knelt down in public.


How rampant were they when in greed, but look how scared they were now when they were all caught?


It would be fine if Director Qin Dong could protect them, but if he couldn’t, they would not only have to spit out the money they took from the company, but the company would sue them as well. Eventually, they will end up in jail as a result.


Many people turned to Qin Hao for help, and now only Qin Hao can help them.


Qin Hao pretended not to see it. If he had a way, he wouldn’t be here.


Seeing Qin Hao ignoring them, the senior executives felt a burst of despair. They knew that the old Chairman Qin did not leave shares to Director Qin Dong, and they would not bind themselves to Director Qin Dong’s thief ship.


By the time Qin Lu became the largest shareholder of the Qin Group, it was already too late for them to disembark.


They handed over the handle to Director Qin Dong with their own hands. Anyone who dared to betray Director Qin Dong would be resigned in minutes.


“Boss Qin!” A high-level executive who had been named plopped on the ground and begged, “I am willing to return all the money I have spent from the company in the past few years. Please don’t call the police. I have an old man and also my kids. My whole family still counts on me to raise them. If I go to jail, they won’t be able to survive.”


“Would you like to?” Qin Lu gently lifted his eyelids. His pupils reflected coldness alone, making his sharp and profound facial features became more rigid. His aura of superiority was released almost unreservedly, making the other party breathless. “You take the company’s money as f you’re swallowing it. Now tell me, is this act of robbery willing or unwilling on your part?”


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The meeting room was extremely quiet as everyone watched. Looking at him, the man’s handsome face was incompatible with the people in the conference room.


When the well-known Qin Lu, actor in the entertainment industry, first came to Qin’s, many people didn’t like it. He could act well, but he might not be able to manage a company well. Let  alone a company as big as Qin’s Group.


Unexpectedly, the other party directly won several projects with unfavorable prospects as soon as he came. Qin Lu even fired a group of distant relatives who were dawdling in the company.


After a drastic rectification, because they were all related to old Chairman Qin, everyone thought it was the new official who took office, and Qin Lu just wanted to show off to old Chairman Qin’s people.


But after that, Qin Lu supported projects that old Chairman Qin and the others were not optimistic about. Because they were not optimistic about these projects’ success, they always received the least funds every quarter, and it was even more difficult to do well.


Some employees who had real materials but were squeezed into them were disheartened. They felt that if this continued, the Qin Group would end as soon as possible, and they even thought of resigning.


Just when they were about to resign, the major shareholder suddenly changed the tides of these said projects.


This is how their spring came.


Qin Lu ignored the person who fell to the ground. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost 1:00 in the afternoon, so he stood up and pulled down his clothes, “Leave the rest to the police.”


“Okay.” Ms. Long sent her assistant Lin to today’s meeting and responded. He then declared the meeting adjourned.


Qin Lu walked out of the meeting room, and as if on cue, his phone rang.


He saw that it was Jiang Liucheng calling.


Qin Lu immediately picked up “Why are you calling?”


Suddenly, upon hearing Mr. Qin’s gentle voice, Lin Tezhu almost thought that he was following the wrong person and looked up to confirm that it was really Mr. Qin. He was right, to his surprise.


“Did I interrupt your work?” Jiang Liucheng asked.


“No, don’t worry. You’ll never disturb me. As long as you want to find me, you can call me anytime.”


Qin Lu returned to his office and made a gesture with Assistant Lin. The latter understood and did not follow. He helped him go in before he closed the door.


Jiang Liucheng said: “Okay, there is one thing I think I need to tell you. I wanted to forward it to you, but the other party didn’t find me on WeChat. That is why I couldn’t forward him to you.”


Qin Lu paused a little when he sat down, “Someone else is looking for you?”


“Well, I went to the supermarket with Guo Qifan to buy things in the morning, and I happened to meet my former blind date partner and her mother. The other party said that he wanted to get back together with me. I was meaning to transfer him to you, but he wanted to come, and you were offline.”


“Get back together? You dated her before?” Qin Lu’s mood suddenly became an overbearing jealousy in just a snap.


Jiang Liucheng said: “No, we just chatted for a few days. The other party’s mother asked me to have a house and a car in Yunshi. I couldn’t afford the house at that time, so when I saw her parents objected, we stopped talking. The other party said that her parents don’t have objections to our relationship anymore, but I refused. I said that I have a partner already.”


“You have done a good job, and if you encounter the same situation in the future, you will only directly refuse.”


Qin Lu just followed his words. Young people don’t really want to meet their former blind date again. However, sometimes, the more they don’t want to, the easier it is for them to meet.


When he got off work, Qin Lu originally wanted to drive home, but he really missed Jiang Liucheng, so he changed his way to Siming Community. While waiting for the traffic lights on the road, he received a call from Zhou Beiwang.


“Busy man, are you off work? Would you like to come out for a glass of wine?”


“No, we’ll have a drink next time.”


“Busy about work?”


“Looking for my boyfriend.”


Zhou Beiwang cursed and hung up the phone.


Qin Lu put down his phone with a smile.


Just as his car was driving towards the gate of Siming Community, he saw a young man who seemed to be holding a garbage bag in his hand. But standing in front of him was a young woman who was dressed maturely and looked like an elite white-collar worker.


He subconsciously stepped on the brakes, and this scene did not last long as the woman followed the young man into the community.


Qin Lu stayed where he was for nearly a minute. He didn’t restart the car until a car honked its horn behind him. He sent a message to Zhou Beiwang, asking him which bar he was at.


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After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After Jiang Liu Cheng’s parents divorced, both of them quickly formed a new family. Both his parents are married to wealthy families, but even so, no one wanted nor supported him. He was simply kicked around between them as neither family wanted him. Thus, Jiang Liu Cheng, who longed for a home his whole life had decided to find a partner of his own.   He happened to gather up to three blind dates:  
  1. A famous director in the entertainment industry
  2. A rich second generation from a certain family
  3. A well-known scriptwriter
  ……….   Later, he took his new fiance to the banquet and introduce him to others: “My date.” His remarried parents looking at the face in front of them, which will inherit billions of dollars at any time:? ? ?   Qin Lu is an actor in the entertainment industry and the heir to a wealthy family. He had gotten into a car accident and was later saved by Jiang Lu. In order to repay the favor, he decided to fulfill his wish and introduce him to high-quality blind dates.    Qin Lu: He is a great director, upstarting in the entertainment industry. Later: He is a male chauvinist, so I don’t know.  Qin Lu: Ah! This one is my good friend. He is a rich second generation. I know him quite well. It’s all good. Later: He is a great guy and all, but he has this first love that he can’t seem to forget. Qin Lu: What about a well-known scriptwriter? He has written several explosive scripts. Later: Although, rumors had been going around, and it was said that he is not that very good in that aspect in real life… If you know what I mean.   Qin Lu then smiles at Jiang Liu as he was trying to hint at something while wriggling his brows: You know, I am not that of a macho man. I don’t belittle women. I also don’t have an unforgettable first love. And while we are on the topic, I always work out. I have six-pack abs.    The director, the rich second-generation man, and the screenwriter who was victimized by the wind commentary: “Fuck that man.” 


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