ATAMMDO Chapter 82 pt.1

Chapter 82- I Have A Boyfriend


Upon hearing this, Qin Lu turned his head, but he was only facing the light. The light was very dim, and he couldn’t tell what expression he had.


Guo Qifan hadn’t noticed this atmosphere yet and tried to open his eyes wide to look at Jiang Liucheng’s phone screen.


Jiang Liucheng pushed his head away, “You stink of alcohol, don’t come near me. Your smell is all over my face.”


It’s okay if he didn’t say anything, but Guo Qifan was not happy when Jiang Liucheng told him that and rushed directly. He lets out a sigh to smell his breath. “No, no. It’s not like it’s that bad.”


Jiang Liucheng glanced at him sideways, “Do you want to crawl back by yourself?”


Guo Qifan was silent for two seconds before replying very softly: “I’m sorry.”




The temporary driver couldn’t hold back his laughter, and when he saw everyone looking over, he hurriedly said sorry. He really didn’t mean it; he just couldn’t help laughing.


Guo Qifan didn’t care and quickly asked: “So why exactly is Senior Fan Xuejie looking for you?”


Jiang Liucheng took another look at his phone, “She sent me a message saying that she is going back to China tomorrow and asked if it is convenient for us to pick her up.” 


Guo Qifan laid down before speaking, “Sister Fan Xuejie is so straightforward. It seems that she hasn’t given up yet.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Guo Qifan suddenly felt that something was wrong and quickly looked at Qin Lv, who was seated in front, to explain: “Brother Qin, don’t get me wrong. Liucheng doesn’t like her.”


Qin Lu looked at Jiang Liucheng and asked, “Have you chatted with her in the past two years?”


No matter how insensitive Jiang Liucheng is to feelings, he also realizes that Qin Lu might not be in a good mood at this time. “She often sends me messages at first, but I don’t reply much.  And then she starts to send messages every so long until she hasn’t sent much in the past six months. It’s not like I care.”


 Qin Lu asked: “Why? Didn’t she say that she could wait until you fall in love after graduation?”


Jiang Liucheng said: “She is a strong career-oriented woman; I don’t think we are suitable. Besides, I don’t like exotic relationships.”


Seeing that the situation seemed a bit misunderstood, Guo Qifan also explained: “Yes, yes, it is usually the people around who are making noise. In fact, before we graduated, Liucheng didn’t have much contact with her. The senior sister took the initiative to find an excuse to get close to her. Apart from being close to a few people in the dormitory, Liucheng usually doesn’t take the initiative to contact other girls.”


Jiang Liucheng couldn’t see Qin Lu’s expression very clearly, so he thought about it as he wanted to hand over his phone to him before saying, “Do you want to check the chat history?”


Qin Lu met his gaze, “Can I see it? Don’t you think I’m invading your privacy too much?”


Jiang Liucheng shook his head: “No, couples sometimes need reassurance and make sure they’re honest with each other.”


Qin Lu took his phone and pulled it up at will. The last message was a few months ago, but the other party did send a lot beforehand and often shared it with him. The trivial matters in life and work are exactly as he said this year. Sometimes he only replies with a sentence or two; sometimes, he doesn’t reply at all. And his tone is very polite, as if he is treating a friend he knows but is not very close to.


Qin Lu didn’t go any further. He returned the phone to Jiang Liucheng, “Are you going to pick her up tomorrow?”


“Why should I pick her up? I don’t know her very well either.” Jiang Liuchengsaid without any hesitation.


He clicked on the chat window for Xuejie to reply.


Jiang Liucheng: [Inconvenient.]


Almost the second after he sent it, Senior Fan Xuejie replied.


Senior Fan: [It’s okay if it’s inconvenient, but I haven’t seen you in two years. I just returned to China, so it’s okay to treat me to dinner, right?]


Jiang Liucheng: [No way, my partner will be angry.]


Senior Fan: [? ? ?]


Senior Fan:: Senior Sun told me that you are now a celebrity. I have read gossip about you. I heard that you have been on blind dates after graduation. You haven’t found the right one for you before, but suddenly you’ve found love now?]


Jiang Liucheng: [Mhmm.]


Senior Fan: [Junior, are you deliberately saying that you have a girlfriend just to reject me?]


Jiang Liucheng frowned slightly. Although the other party confessed her love to him in college and even said they could talk after graduation, he never imagined it to be like this.


Later, he heard from his roommate that she had gone abroad, so he didn’t even think about it.


Jiang Liucheng: [No. And it’s not a girlfriend. I have a boyfriend.]


Senior Fan: [If I remember correctly, it was revealed on the Internet a few months ago that you have been on blind dates. The blind dates are all women, right?]


Senior Fan:: [Is that why you don’t like me? In order to reject me, you even used this kind of excuse.]


Senior Fan: [Sad.jpg] 


Senior Fan: [Anyway, I have been your senior sister for three years, and I took good care of you when I was in college. We have a good relationship, and you don’t hate me.]


“What’s wrong?” Qin Lu noticed his expression and asked again.


Jiang Liucheng shook his head: “I told her that I had a date, and it was a man. But then she thought I was lying to her.”


Qin Lu suppressed the jealousy in his heart. “We are almost in the community. Let’s talk about it when we get back.”


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“Okay .” 


The car drove to the parking lot of Siming Community, and Qin Lu settled the bill for the driver.


The temporary driver ate a few news of melons, and when he left, his expression was still a little dazed.


Qin Lu is not worried that he will tell other people what he heard tonight since no one will believe him anyway.


Guo Qifan was completely sober at this time, and he could walk by himself. But when Jiang Liucheng saw him staggering, he was afraid that Guo Qifan would fall, so he still grabbed his arm.


Qin Lu walked behind with his luggage.


Back at the rental house, Jiang Liucheng poured Guo Qifan a glass of boiled water.


By this time, his cell phone rang again.


Jiang Liucheng saw that it was from Senior Fan Xuejie again.


He played the voice call directly.


There seemed to be a bit of a surprise from the other line, and it took a few seconds for her to pick it up.


“Junior, why did you call me so suddenly?” Sister Fan’s voice boomed out immediately. It was different from the soft and cute girl. This is now with a trace of refresh and neatness. No one would imagine that she would become a capable woman.


Jiang Liucheng said, “Don’t you think I lied to you? I’ll let my boyfriend tell you now, then.”


He moved the phone in Qin Lu’s direction.


“Senior sister doesn’t believe that I have a boyfriend. Tell her a few words.”


Qin Lu chuckled, “What should I even tell her? Make her stop pestering my boyfriend?”


This voice matched no one she knew. She knew all friends around Jiang Liucheng and had dealings with them, but none of her impressions of such a nice voice matched her memory.


Zheng Kailin is also this type, his voice is low and deep, but it doesn’t have the magnetism and suppleness of this person’s voice. It is even a bit seductive.


“Ms. Xuejie, I am Liucheng’s boyfriend. He didn’t deliberately lie to you. I hope you don’t send my boyfriend any misleading words in the future. Is that okay?”


Senior Fan was a little stunned when she heard this. She studied abroad for two years, majoring in finance, and met many elites and rich people in the financial circle.


This person’s voice was a bit gentle on the surface, but he had the aura of a superior person, and there was a hint of warning hidden in his words. If she hadn’t been living abroad for two years, she might not be able to hear it.

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