ATAMMDO Chapter 77 pt.3

At this time around, Qin Lu’s cell phone rang. It was Zhou Beiwang who called and just connected.


“Director Qin is introducing his illegitimate son to the partners and shareholders of the Qin Group, and donated five million in the name of the illegitimate son. It seems that he is determined to train his illegitimate son to compete with you.”


Qin Lu drank the red wine in the glass in one gulp, and Jiang Liucheng took the glass before he said anything.


“Do you want me to get you another glass?” Jiang Liucheng asked.


Qin Lu nodded. “Okay.”


Jiang Liucheng returned to the banquet hall with two glasses in hand. The banquet hall was busier than when they first arrived. He was not interested in making friends with important people, so he walked directly to the dining area.


There are not many people in the dining area. For a charity dinner of this level, most people come to meet similar people or increase their contacts. Few of them really come to eat.


Jiang Liucheng found a plate and was about to pick some snacks to pass the time, when a familiar voice came from behind.


“Jiang Liucheng, why are you here?!”


Jiang Liucheng turned his head and saw Mo Yi staring at him with daring eyes as if he had seen a ghost. He ought to ignore him, so he turned his back and continued eating snacks.


Mo Yi was a little annoyed, so he took out his cell phone and called someone.


After a while, Mrs. Mo, who was wearing an evening gown and full of extravagance, came over.


Seeing Jiang Liucheng, Mrs. Mo looked indifferent and calm: “What is your purpose here?”


Like Mo Yi, she did not think Jiang Liucheng was capable of attending such a banquet. Coming here is not without purpose.


Hearing the question from the other party, Jiang Liucheng pondered for a second and felt that it was necessary to say: “I don’t understand.”


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Mo Yi sneered: “What don’t you understand? I don’t think you have an invitation letter at all. You sneaked in here.”


Jiang Liucheng looked at Mrs. Mo and said with a puzzled face: “You have been targeting me because you are afraid that I will retaliate against you and tell you that I am your son, which will affect your status in the Mo family? I don’t understand how you never thought that I don’t want others to know that you are my mother at all?”


Madam Mo’s expression suddenly turned cold.


Jiang Liucheng nodded: “It seems that you haven’t thought about it. In my eyes, you are not a competent person who can make people yearn for maternal love. Maybe you did when you were ignorant and when you were young, but at least now, I have nothing for you. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”


These words almost show how self-indulgent she is.


“And you.” After Jiang Liucheng finished speaking, he pointed his finger at Mo Yi again, “I never want others to know your relationship with me. Do you know why?”


Mo Yi answered subconsciously: “Why?”


Jiang Liucheng: “Because you’re too stupid. You’re not smart at all. After you’ve done all of those stupid things, it lets me know that associating myself with you won’t do me any good. Do you understand?”


Mo Yi’s face gradually became sour. He was actually looked down upon by the other party. “You dare to call me stupid? Believe it or not, I will let the whole world know about your relationship with me!”


Jiang Liucheng shrugged at Mrs. Mo as if to say that he was right.


“Shut up.” Madam Mo gave Mo Yi a gloomy look.


Only then did Mo Yi realize that he had said the wrong thing again.


Mrs. Mo looked at Jiang Liucheng. The young man was too smart and sensible. If he was her son with her current husband, she would have gotten what she wanted long ago without planning for so many years. This is not the first time she had such an idea.


Just as the other party guessed, she really doubted the purpose of the young man entering the entertainment circle, and also suspected that one day the young man would deliberately expose his life experience.


She can’t let Mr. Mo know about this. Otherwise, with Mr. Mo’s personality, he won’t allow him to get a small share of the Mo’s inheritance. So in order to eliminate this hidden danger, she chooses to act first.


Mrs. Mo originally thought it was a trivial matter. So as long as the young man failed to make it into the entertainment industry, Mr. Mo would never know that she had a son.


“Based on your personality, if it didn’t involve more interests, you wouldn’t do anything unnecessary or even do something that is more likely to be discovered by others.” Jiang Liucheng continued when the other party’s face changed, “It must be that if the relationship between me and you is exposed, it will make you lose more, right?”


Jiang Liucheng put down the plate in his hand with an innocent and bright smile on her pretty face: “Is it the right time for you to blame me now? Did I happen to grab a weak spot?”


“Are you saying that you have us on our necks? I’m afraid it’s just a fantasy…” Mrs. Mo interrupted Mo Yi before he could finish his curse.


“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”


Seeing his mother’s angry look, Mo Yi didn’t dare to speak again.


Madam Mo looked calm and said firmly: “You won’t. If you wanted to say it, you would have said it long ago.”


Jiang Liucheng shook his head: “Telling everyone is different from telling a few people. As for this, it’s not difficult to figure out who these people are. Do you want to hear it?”


Madam Mo could no longer maintain her calm expression as if her disguise had been torn off.




Sudden laughter reached the ears of the three of them.


Mrs. Mo’s face changed slightly. Once she immediately looked over, she recognized the woman walking slowly at a glance.


The woman didn’t wear such a dazzling evening dress. The nobility exuded from the inside out could never be matched by Mrs. Mo, who obtained the status of a noble lady by marrying into a wealthy family.


A woman never needs extravagant gowns or ornaments to prove her identity because her face is already the passport to everything.


“It turned out to be Mrs. Long. What a coincidence.” Mrs. Mo put away the embarrassment on her face and smiled again, but she was a little reluctant to be hit just now.


Ms. Long didn’t even give her a straight look. She simply looked at Jiang Liucheng with unconcealable love in her eyes, “Can you really analyze it like that to them?”


Madam Mo’s expression froze, not only because the other party didn’t even look at her, but also because of her words. Obviously, the other party came earlier and heard the whole conversation.


Jiang Liucheng nodded, “Of course.”


Ms. Long asked: “Where is Qin Lu? Why are you here alone?”


Jiang Liucheng: “He is calling a friend in the garden. Do you want to see him? I will take you there.”


Ms. Long: “Then let’s go.” 


Madam Mo, who was ignored, had to admit the fact that she had made a wrong move this time.

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