ATAMMDO Chapter 73 pt.2

After finishing speaking, he looked at Qin Lu’s abdominal muscles enviously and even stretched out his hand to touch them, “As I thought, your abdominal muscles are so obvious. I discovered it when I was filming with you before. You obviously have a lot of time to exercise. “


Qin Lu didn’t feel very hot at first, but after being touched randomly by him, he suddenly felt that the car was extremely hot. He tilted his head and said patiently: “If you continue to touch me like this, I don’t guarantee that it will not be hot in the future. What are you doing out of the ordinary?”


Jiang Liucheng, who was about to touch him again: “? “


“For example…” Qin Lu pulled him onto his body and put his broad palm on his stomach.


Jiang Liucheng was about to stand up but was pushed back by Qin Lu’s strength and quickly said: “My Pants are wet and will wet your clothes. 


Qin Lu’s voice was slightly hoarse: “It’s okay. You’re going to take off your pants anyway.” 


Jiang Liucheng said: “Then I will take it off now so as not to make your clothes wetter.” 


Qin Lu imagined a young boy sitting on his lap wearing only a pair of underwear and suddenly he couldn’t stand it any longer. He quickly put on a top for him and suddenly thought of something to ask: “Did you do this with your roommate when you were in college?” 


The young man didn’t answer. 


He imagined the scene at that time and immediately drank a catty of adult vinegar.


Jiang Liucheng cooperatively put his hand into the sleeve of his jacket, poked his head out, and said, “Are you talking about taking off your clothes or sitting on my roommate’s lap?”


Qin Lu was about to laugh when he heard that there were still two options that came of his question. “All of them.”


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Jiang Liucheng put on his shirt and began to take off the wet pants that were attached to his body, “There must be something to do when you take off your clothes. Sometimes everyone goes to play basketball and comes back sweaty, especially in summer. Usually, I can’t stand it anymore, so I take off my shirt. As for sitting on my roommate’s lap, I’ve never done it before, but Guo Qifan sat on my lap.”


Qin Lu’s voice rose suddenly: “Why did he sit on your lap? “


Jiang Liucheng explained: “Guo Qifan is just like this. He even sat on Qiao Mei’s lap. Sometimes when he said something interesting, he would make some jokes and sit on our laps to prove a point.” 


“It’s a joke, but I feel a little uncomfortable. Don’t let him sit on your lap anymore.”


Jiang Liucheng nodded: “He hadn’t done it since graduating from the university. Everyone is very busy every day, and the number of times we see each other has decreased.”


Qin Lu was afraid that Jiang Liucheng would catch a cold. So, in the end, Qin Lu didn’t do anything. He simply waited for him to change his clothes.


The two then returned to the hotel in the nanny’s car.


Since Qin Lu announced his retirement, it has not been as easy as outsiders imagined. Because he has to take over the family business, he has become even busier.


For more than two months, the two of them had to sneak in to meet each other.


Some time ago, Qin Lu knew that Jiang Liucheng was about to wrap up his filming, so he deliberately finished his work for the next few days in advance, just to spare a few days to spend with him.


Jiang Liucheng took Qin Lu back to his room, and his assistant came in to put the things away. He then helped them close the curtains before leaving.


“The film crew will hold a wrap-up banquet tomorrow, and I have to stay another day. You can sleep in the same room as me tonight. I’ll take a hot bath first.”




Qin Lu waited for Jiang Liucheng to finish his hot bath. When he came out, he heard Qin Lu talking on the phone with someone else.


“It’s still more than a month before Chinese New Year. Is there any need to be so anxious? I haven’t asked his opinion yet.”


“Alright, all right. I’ll ask as soon as possible. Don’t worry about my affairs.”


Qin Lu hung up the phone and turned around. Upon seeing that Jiang Liucheng had already came out after washing and changing into pajamas, his already long hair was sticking to his face wetly, and the tips of his hair were dripping with water. So Qin Lu picked up the dry towel on the chair, sat on the side of the bed and said, “Come here, and I’ll brush your hair.”


Jiang Liucheng lifted a chair and placed it in front of him. He then sat down facing him.


Qin Lu put the towel on his head, rubbed it, and said, “The call just now was from my mother. She already knows that I am in a relationship.”


Jiang Liucheng raised his head. His eyes were covered by the towel, but Qin Lu straightened his head back, “Then does she know that the person you are dating is a man?”


“Of course. She called me not long after I announced my withdrawal from the circle, and I told her directly, and she ignored me for a month and a half.” It’s impossible for Qin Lu to leave this kind of trouble for later, let alone let this kind of thing become a hidden danger between him and the young man.


Jiang Liucheng was a little surprised, “You never told me about this before. Does your mother disagree with us being together?”


Qin Lu said: “She knew I was serious, and it was impossible to compromise. That is why she had learned to accept it. Now, she wants me to find a time to take you to meet her.”


Jiang Liucheng said: “Okay. Although marriage is a matter between two people, it will be good for both parties if they can get the approval of their parents. However, my agent stated that I’ve received two endorsements, and I won’t be free until I’m done filming it. Don’t worry. I’ll be able to finish it after a few days.”


The two jobs were negotiated beforehand, and the time was set already.


He had already told Li Qiu before that he didn’t want to take on too many jobs, especially now that the Chinese New Year was approaching. He wanted to rest for a while and continue working after the New Year.


Although Li Qiu disagreed, he couldn’t change his decision.


Fortunately, the company’s positioning for him is not traffic. Since he wants to be a powerful faction and will focus on acting in the future, he doesn’t need too much exposure like a traffic star.


After drying his hair, Jiang Liucheng also urged Qin Lu to take a bath. When he finished washing, he had already warmed up the bed.


“Come on, it’s very warm now.” Jiang Liucheng lifted the quilt and waved at him. He was wearing short-sleeved pajamas underneath.


Qin Lu’s throat rolled involuntarily, and then he laid down on the open quilt, which was really warm. He looked at the young man, who looked like a little sheep, completely unaware that he had recruited a big bad wolf.


In the end, the big bad wolf couldn’t hold back and pressed the little sheep under his body. He rubbed the tip of his nose against his. Suddenly, he smelled a fresh smell, which seemed to come from the young man’s mouth. He tasted it. 


After a while, Qin Lu found that it was a mint scent.


It took some time until their lips got separated from each other.


Qin Lu licked the saliva off his lips, “Why did you eat mints all of a sudden?”


Jiang Liucheng said frankly, “Kissing will taste better this way, lest I have bad breath.”


Qin Lu buried his face against his neck. He laughed until his body was trembling. After laughing, he said, “You don’t have bad breath. I know that best.” 


“Then let’s try again?”


At this time, there was a sound of footsteps in the corridor outside. After that is a voice of a group of people whispering, which was amplified several times in the dark night.


As a result, Qin Lu lifted the quilt to cover the two of them and their voices.

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