ATAMMDO Chapter 70 pt.1

Let Others Know You Are In A Relationship pt.1

Chapter 70- Let Others Know You Are In A Relationship


A wrap-up press conference turned into Qin Lu’s retirement press conference.


The happiest thing was the media at the press conference. In fact, they had received some gossip in the past two years that Qin Lu was going to retire from acting, but it was never confirmed.


Then it suddenly came out that Qin Lu had accepted Cheng Qinghua’s new movie. So everyone thought that Qin Lu’s resignation was a rumor, so everyone gradually didn’t take it to heart.


Unexpectedly, at such an ordinary and simple wrap-up press conference, Qin Lu suddenly announced that Paradise would be his last movie, and he would retire after the filming of this movie.


After a moment of shock, the media at the scene reacted with surprise and excitement because now they were equivalent to getting first-hand news.


The originally orderly press conference became chaotic in an instant. Media reporters scrambled to ask questions, and people in the same industry began to report the news to their colleagues so that they could grab the first chance to announce it.


“Mr. Qin, do you mean the kind of retirement that is indefinite or  will you never really come back?”


“Mr. Qin, what prompted you to make this sudden decision?”


“I heard that you left the circle two years ago. Is the car accident related to this incident?”


Seeing that the scene seemed to be getting out of control, the host hurriedly announced the end of the press conference, and the maintenance staff on the scene also stood up and blocked the reporters while the rest escorted the crew to leave.


The press conference ended with Qin Lu dropping a blockbuster, but the shock on the Internet had just begun.


[It’s fake. Qin Lu’s new movie has just finished filming, and such rumors are spreading. ]


[I don’t believe that the male god will withdraw from the circle. Just you all wait for the rumors to be refuted. ]


[Nowadays, celebrities have no lower limit to making their movies popular. I thought Qin Lu was not this kind of person, but I didn’t expect that even he couldn’t be an exception to this rule.]


[It’s just hype for the release of the new movie. If you don’t believe me, wait and see. The official will soon clear that this is a rumor. 】


[With Qin Lu’s current fame and status, does he still need hype? Use your fingernails to think about it.]


Backstage, everyone was looking at Qin Lu, who caused the earthquake in the entertainment industry. The other party seemed unaffected at all as he was still with his calm demeanor.


Meanwhile, Cheng Qinghua’s expression was a little numb. He was hit before the press conference, but he didn’t expect that the person who hit him would give him another stimulus.


“Qin Lu, are you really planning to quit the circle?” An old actor broke the silence and asked curiously. He played the role of Qin Lu’s boss in the play. The two had worked together before and had a good relationship.


Qin Lu reached into his pocket and stretched out inside again. When he didn’t find anything, and said calmly, “Well, I really intend to.”


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“That’s right, you said it in front of all the media reporters.” If you didn’t really plan to quit the circle, Qin Lu would not say these words in public. “It’s a pity, you are still so young now.”


Qin Lu’s acting skills are better than many people. And the most important thing is that he is only thirty years old. Many people have just started to gain attention at this age, but he has to retire at the peak.


“It’s not a pity.” There was a smile in Qin Lu’s eyes, and Jiang Liucheng’s figure was reflected in his pupils, “I have found a higher pursuit than acting.”


Although he didn’t name his name, Jiang Liucheng had a feeling that the other party was talking about him.


He saw the seriousness in Qin Lu’s eyes, as if their blind date was a very important matter to him.


The old opera bone subconsciously asked: “Is there a higher pursuit than acting?”


Qin Lu nodded calmly: “Of course, isn’t solving major life issues such as romance a higher pursuit in life?”


Everyone has not had time to digest the resignation he announced just now. And yet, the declaration was hit by another blockbuster, that everyone’s eyes widened in shock.


If this news is released, it will definitely not be smaller than the earthquake caused by Qin Lu’s declaration of quitting the circle just now.


Cheng Qinghua only felt that the first and the second surprise was already big enough to shake his world. He originally thought that the stimulation of one or two was enough, but who knew there would be a third one too.


He was really afraid that Qin Lu would say something shocking again, so he hurriedly sent everyone away. When there were only a few people left in the room, he made sure that no one was eavesdropping outside.


“My God, do you know how shocking the words you said at the press conference today will cause? You have just come back, and yet you’re already confirming that you’re going to quit the entertainment circle. Are you being serious?”


Seeing that there were no outsiders, Qin Lu directly pulled Jiang Liucheng to sit on the sofa. He held his hand, raised one leg and said, “Did I look like I was joking?”


Cheng Qinghua knew what he was like, and if he had said it in front of so much media, he would have basically made a decision. If he wants to withdraw from the circle, there is no room for return.


“Besides, you should be happy when I announce my retirement. After all, Paradise is my last movie.” Qin Lu said with a smile. His last movie before retiring will definitely attract many people to watch it, and the box office is basically guaranteed. As long as the quality is good, the box office will be higher.


“Fart.” Cheng Qinghua scolded, “Am I that kind of person? But what you said is indeed reasonable, and the other investors will definitely be overjoyed.”


From the very beginning, his cell phone has been ringing, and he doesn’t even need to look to know who is calling.


Apart from friends, most of the calls were from a few investors, who wanted to know if Qin Lu really wanted to quit the entertainment circle.


If so, the film’s box office will be stable. They have even thought up a follow-up publicity plan.


If not, there will be a little trouble. Netizens will feel that he is hyping the film. Once the popularity of passers-by is ruined, it will be detrimental to the movie’s box office.


Capital is so snobbish. There is no way, so he doesn’t want to take it at all, at least not now.


“Also,” Cheng Qinghua glanced at Jiang Liucheng next to him, “Is it true? The thing you said about solving life’s major issues? Are you joking with them?”


Qin Lu grabbed Jiang Liucheng’s hand and put it on his thigh, “Do you think I’m joking? I’m serious from the beginning to the end, but you don’t believe me.”


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After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After Jiang Liu Cheng’s parents divorced, both of them quickly formed a new family. Both his parents are married to wealthy families, but even so, no one wanted nor supported him. He was simply kicked around between them as neither family wanted him. Thus, Jiang Liu Cheng, who longed for a home his whole life had decided to find a partner of his own.   He happened to gather up to three blind dates:  
  1. A famous director in the entertainment industry
  2. A rich second generation from a certain family
  3. A well-known scriptwriter
  ……….   Later, he took his new fiance to the banquet and introduce him to others: “My date.” His remarried parents looking at the face in front of them, which will inherit billions of dollars at any time:? ? ?   Qin Lu is an actor in the entertainment industry and the heir to a wealthy family. He had gotten into a car accident and was later saved by Jiang Lu. In order to repay the favor, he decided to fulfill his wish and introduce him to high-quality blind dates.    Qin Lu: He is a great director, upstarting in the entertainment industry. Later: He is a male chauvinist, so I don’t know.  Qin Lu: Ah! This one is my good friend. He is a rich second generation. I know him quite well. It’s all good. Later: He is a great guy and all, but he has this first love that he can’t seem to forget. Qin Lu: What about a well-known scriptwriter? He has written several explosive scripts. Later: Although, rumors had been going around, and it was said that he is not that very good in that aspect in real life… If you know what I mean.   Qin Lu then smiles at Jiang Liu as he was trying to hint at something while wriggling his brows: You know, I am not that of a macho man. I don’t belittle women. I also don’t have an unforgettable first love. And while we are on the topic, I always work out. I have six-pack abs.    The director, the rich second-generation man, and the screenwriter who was victimized by the wind commentary: “Fuck that man.” 


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