ATAMMDO Chapter 7 pt.2

It Seems to be Done While It Seems Not Done pt.2

The murderer wore a mask so his acting skills were not really showcased that much. Besides, it was only mediocre in terms of few details, but Jiang Liu Orange had a sense of hierarchy.


Being hunted and killed by a murderer, from a glimmer of fear and hope to the face of despair and finally being killed, was almost superimposed layer by layer on his face.


When he was finally killed, the emotion that broke out in his eyes was not all anger, but more fear and confusion. ‘He didn’t understand why this kind of thing would happen to him.’-  that was the face he was making.


Cheng Qinghua’s expression was serious as he watched his performance. Jiang Liu Cheng’s acting skills were really beyond his expectation.


He didn’t come from a professional background, but he became a monk halfway.


Jiang Liu Cheng has only been in the entertainment industry for a year, and he hadn’t played many roles yet.


Cheng Qinghua watched the next one and it looks like his role here is his first one. He is a newcomer and yet his performance level is still pretty strong already.


Cheng Qinghua decided to take a look at the other roles he played, each of which was one those who appeared for only a few minutes. Nevertheless, he could see that Jiang Liu Cheng had specifically studied these roles.


Compared with the poor acting skills of the actors in the same picture, he simply outshines others in it.


After watching him, Cheng QInghua felt so frustrated that he wanted to scold his manager, which was neglecting such a good resource. If he is a director and found such a good actor like him, then he would definitely try his best to tap his full potential.


“Which company is your company? What do they eat? They only find these small roles for you. What kind of junk company are you signed into?”


Jiang Liu Cheng saw him suddenly full of righteous indignation, “Our company is Zhou Sheng Entertainment.” He answered.


“Damn it.” Cheng Qinghua yelped in frustration, “that Zhou Sheng Entertainment is just full-on hype.”


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded. “It seems to be that way.”


Cheng Qinghua suddenly felt wrong. “Zhou Sheng Entertainment is not a good company. If you sign up an artist of your appearance, how can you let it go without stir-frying? It’s a pity that you have this acting skill and then play those little cannon fodder. I happen to have a role that suits you this time. I don’t know if you’re interested.”


Jiang Liu Cheng blinked back at him, and then he vaguely remembered that he had come on a blind date.


Cheng Qinghua didn’t know what he thought, and asked, “Will your company restrict you from taking any roles?”


Jiang Liu Cheng muttered quietly:  “Probably not.”


Cheng Qinghua nodded, “That’s good. Come to me. I’m sure your acting skills can be brought into full play, and you can learn from really good people. How about that?”


“Is there too much play? Will it delay my blind date?” Jiang Liu Cheng asked.


When Cheng Qinghua heard this, he realized that he had come on a blind date, but when he found out that he is the right actor for one of his characters, he immediately put the idea behind him. “It’s just a supporting role. It won’t take too much of your time for you not to be able to attend blind dates.”


 “That should work.” Jiang Liu Cheng stated.


“Come on. Let’s add as friends. I’ll save your cellular number first.” Cheng Qinghua insisted.


Cheng Qinghua is in such a good mood. He did not only get Qin Lu to play his leading role, but he also found himself another character perfect for his movie.


They finally have found their link to each other. With that, they quickly add each other as friends. 


Meanwhile, Qin Lu looked at the time and found that they had been talking inside for almost an hour.


The agent noticed his action and whispered, “It seems like both of them are satisfactory, since they have been talking for a very long time now. It would be good if this blind date became a success.”


“Does a long talk means it’s a done deal?” Qin Lu asked rhetorically.


“It’s generally like this. If both parties are satisfied, they will exchange contact information. And then we will make another appointment again so that they could get to know each other more. This will continue a few more times for them to determine if they are right for each other. After they establish that they match, then they will be together officially.” The agent explained.


“What about the matchmaker?”


“The role of the matchmaker is just for within the early stage.” With that, the agent peeked at his expression, but he still could not tell what he was thinking.


Qin Lu’s expression was calm.


Not long after the two men finished talking, the door of the box opened. And then Jiang Liu Cheng and Cheng Qinghua came out one after the other.


“Have you two exchanged contact information?” Qin Lu asked as he looked at both of them.


Jiang Liu Cheng nodded, “We also had added each other as friends.”


Qin Lu found out that his agent was right. “That’s good.”


Cheng Qinghua smiled and said, “Then I’ll go first. I’ll contact you later.”


Cheng Qinghua bid farewell to them and then hummed away. Qin Lu’s agent saw him in such a good mood that he thought that they really clicked. This is more than good.


It’s good to experience being a matchmaker, but it’s better for this to end before anyone finds out. 


Zhou Wenbin didn’t really fancy asking people whether they are straight or not. It’s embarrassing just thinking about it.


To make sure they were successful, Qin Lu also had to mind his own business. Jiang Liu Cheng watched them drive away and then drove back to Siming District.


Today is not the weekend, but Guo Qifan didn’t go to work.


Guo Qifan was staying at home and wanted to ask Jiang Liu Cheng out to play. Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu Cheng went out on a blind date early in the morning. There was nothing to do, so he watched TV.


When there was a knock at the door, Guo Qifan thought that Jiang Liu Cheng was back from his blind date and ran out to answer the door.


“Why are you back so soon today?”


As soon as he opened the door, Lao Zheng stood outside.


“Jiang Liu Cheng is not in here. He has somewhere to go to.”


Nonetheless, Lao Zheng came in and closed the door.


When Guo Qifan saw him, he turned and walked back and said, “Oh, he went on a blind date.”


After walking a few steps, he found that there was no movement behind him. Guo Qifan looked back and saw Lao Zheng standing in the same place. When he saw him looking over, he pushed his glasses and said, “Didn’t you just say that his former matchmaker wouldn’t introduce him to anyone anymore? Why did he go on a blind date so soon?”


Guo Qifan shrugged his shoulders. “He probably felt that the matchmaker was no good either that after so many introductions failed, he found a new one.”


“The matchmaker is not a good one either. Jiang Liu Cheng just believes in what he says since they’ve known each other for a while as far as I heard.”


Lao Zheng: “Is just an irrelevant person.”


Guo Qifan: “You are similar to Jiang Liu Cheng.”


There was a smile on Lao Zheng’s face. “Only you would think that way. There is no need to waste energy to clarify that kind of thing. Whenever he goes on a blind date, sooner or later, the matchmaker will know that he has misunderstood him. If he wants fame in that industry then, he will apologize to Jiang Liu Cheng and find new clients.”


No sooner had Lao Zheng finished his words than there was the sound of a key outside the door.


Jiang Liu Cheng is back. Now is not the rush hour and the conversation is relatively smooth, so he came back earlier.


“Jiang Liu Cheng, how’s the blind date going?” Guo Qifan ran to him.


Lao Zheng turned and looked at him. “How did it go this time?” He asked as well.


Jiang Liu Cheng thought about how he should answer, “It should go well, I suppose.”


Guo Qifan’s eyes lit up. “So it’s done.”


Jiang Liu Cheng mused. “it seems to have happened, that we clicked, but it seems to have failed again.”


Guo Qifan: “…..”


Lao Zheng was also curious, “So it didn’t work out.”


Jiang Liu Cheng decided to put it another way. “He introduced me to a new job. It’s a role for a movie he is recently preparing. He said I was suitable to be the character in it.”

Guo Qifan is also a bit confused after listening, “This also introduces the work, ah. It feels like it’s already a done deal, but at the same time it isn’t.”


Lao Zheng said squarely, “You can’t be deceived.”


Jiang Liu Cheng shook his head. “I haven’t been cheated. I know who he is. I’ve also seen a movie he made, which is The Bottom One.”


After the movie became popular, many people had heard of it and their dormitory was no exception. They watched it together after it was released.


Guo Qifan was shocked by “Seriously? The director of The Bottom One? That’s amazing.”


Lao Zheng suddenly said, “if I remember correctly, the director of this film is a man.”



Author’s Note:


Author: Guo Qifan, so is it successful or not?


Guo Qifan: …..

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After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After Jiang Liu Cheng’s parents divorced, both of them quickly formed a new family. Both his parents are married to wealthy families, but even so, no one wanted nor supported him. He was simply kicked around between them as neither family wanted him. Thus, Jiang Liu Cheng, who longed for a home his whole life had decided to find a partner of his own.   He happened to gather up to three blind dates:  
  1. A famous director in the entertainment industry
  2. A rich second generation from a certain family
  3. A well-known scriptwriter
  ……….   Later, he took his new fiance to the banquet and introduce him to others: “My date.” His remarried parents looking at the face in front of them, which will inherit billions of dollars at any time:? ? ?   Qin Lu is an actor in the entertainment industry and the heir to a wealthy family. He had gotten into a car accident and was later saved by Jiang Lu. In order to repay the favor, he decided to fulfill his wish and introduce him to high-quality blind dates.    Qin Lu: He is a great director, upstarting in the entertainment industry. Later: He is a male chauvinist, so I don’t know.  Qin Lu: Ah! This one is my good friend. He is a rich second generation. I know him quite well. It’s all good. Later: He is a great guy and all, but he has this first love that he can’t seem to forget. Qin Lu: What about a well-known scriptwriter? He has written several explosive scripts. Later: Although, rumors had been going around, and it was said that he is not that very good in that aspect in real life… If you know what I mean.   Qin Lu then smiles at Jiang Liu as he was trying to hint at something while wriggling his brows: You know, I am not that of a macho man. I don’t belittle women. I also don’t have an unforgettable first love. And while we are on the topic, I always work out. I have six-pack abs.    The director, the rich second-generation man, and the screenwriter who was victimized by the wind commentary: “Fuck that man.” 


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