ATAMMDO Chapter 65 pt.2

“Fuck, what a big deal this is. Sparks Entertainment is too powerful. This is slapping everyone in the face. Do you know what kind of endorsement your company has found for you?”


“The endorsement of a bigger brand than the luxury brand Randy.”


“Roland Norte, you said that big names are not big names.” Guo Qifan blushed with excitement after watching the face-slapping from such a close distance.


In terms of a long history, it must be that the luxury goods group Roland Norte is more powerful. There are many luxury brands under its name. In terms of influence, Randy cannot be greater than Roland Norte.


But these are not the key points in Guo Qifan’s mind. The point is that those people just mocked Jiang Liucheng just now, and now they are still on the hot search.


Not long after that, a luxury brand bigger than Randy officially announced that its spokesperson is Jiang Liucheng.


Since Mo Yi has a better temperament, why doesn’t Roland Norte ask him to speak for him?


Jiang Liucheng’s fans were very angry when the marketing account posted their blog. They were about to fight against the marketing account and Mo Yi’s fans. Who knew that things took a big turn just as the sleeves were rolled up? Now, Jiang Liucheng’s fans have more confidence.


Anti-fans said that some high-level executives in Roland had a bad vision.


The fans directly took out the quarterly sales of the two brands and asked the black fans who they think has a bad vision.


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The anti-fan said that he would never buy products from the Roland brand in the future.


Fans responded that people only have two kidneys, and he probably could not afford it anyway.


The anti-fans said that asking Jiang Liucheng to be the endorser was the worst decision Roland Norte ever made. His fans were all housewives and had no purchasing power at all.


Fans: [You continue to hate Jiang Liucheng and look down on your mothers?]


“Jiang Liucheng, your agency is so powerful that you even found a resource like Roland Norte.” Guo Qifan watched his Weibo with great interest, “This trick is really amazing. Mo Yi is probably in a hurry, wanting to remove the trending searches now.”


Mo Yi bought three hot searches before, one of which was Jiang Liucheng’s black hot search. The title of the hot search was Jiang Liucheng’s temperament does not meet Randy’s luxury concept.


Later, Roland Norte officially announced their spokesperson, and the topic also became a hot search. Both were side by side in the hot search.


[As we all know, in terms of brand value, Roland Norte is higher than Randy.]


[In this case, this hot search was given a new explanation by netizens.]


[Yes, Jiang Liucheng’s temperament does not meet your company’s requirements because his temperament is more in line with Roland Norte. No wonder Randy has always been inferior to Roland Norte.]


Due to the excessive impact of this incident, which is detrimental to the brand’s image, the Randy brand’s official Weibo quickly made a clarification, saying that their staff had never said such a thing. Meaning that the picture posted by the marketing account was fake.


Regardless of whether this statement is true or false, it is true that the marketing account and Mo Yi have been reduced to laughing stock.


Mo Yi originally wanted to watch Jiang Liucheng make a fool of himself, but who knew that less than half an hour after the official announcement, he would become the one who was seen as a joke by the whole network?


“Brother Mo, your phone.” The assistant walked over to him while carefully holding the phone, originally not wanting to offend the self-proclaimed prince.


“Don’t answer it…” Mo Yi was not in the mood right now as he was looking at his phone with a sullen face the whole time. He knew that many netizens were mocking him, but he couldn’t help but look at it.


“But it’s Madam who is calling.”


Mo Yi didn’t dare not answer the phone as soon as he heard it. He took the phone hesitantly and answered his Mom. He knew Mrs. Mo must be calling because of what happened tonight.


The matter of buying hot searches was his own idea, but he never thought that Jiang Liucheng’s company was so powerful that they could get Roland Norte’s resources for him.


“Your father asked you to come back.” Madam Mo didn’t speak to accuse him but said this very calmly.


Mo Yi’s heart skipped a beat. This scared him more than his mother yelling at him, “Mom, I’m sorry. I should have discussed it with you first. Is it because of this that Dad asked me to go back?”


Mrs. Mo sneered, “Now I know that you’re more afraid of your father than me. Don’t think that since your mother is the wife of the Mo Group. You can’t do whatever you want because you are Young Master Mo. I told you before, don’t do stupid things that those people would find out. Stop working for a while, don’t make your father unhappy. He still doesn’t know about, and I finally persuaded him to help, don’t let my plan fall short.”


Mo Yi dyingly replied yes.


At ten o’clock in the evening, Jiang Liucheng received a call from Qin Lu while he was lying on the bed.


“It’s the first time I found out that time passes so slowly, and I finally made it to the end of today’s last scene, which made you wait for a long time.”


The man’s voice sounded obviously tired, but he could also hear a hint of joy. It seemed that there was something he looked forward to more than tiredness.


Jiang Liucheng put the phone to his ear and turned his body sideways before saying, “I also felt that time passes a little slowly today.”


“Why is that?”


Qin Lu’s voice seemed to be expecting something, and Jiang Liucheng really did as he wished, “Of course, I was waiting for your call. This feeling is quite strange. I didn’t feel this way when I was on a blind date with others before.”


Immediately, the man’s low-pitched laughter came from the other side of the phone, and the numbness fell in his ears.


“Then we feel the same way.”


“Really? Do you want to see me now? I really want to see you.”


Suddenly there was no sound on the other end. After about ten seconds, the phone was hung up, and a video call request popped up quickly.


Jiang Liucheng picked up the video call, and the screen on his phone screen immediately changed into a man’s handsome facial features. His breath was a little heavy as if he had just moved a bit.


“I was in the stairwell just now, and I wanted to make a quick video call with you. So I ran for a while.” Under his puzzled gaze, Qin Lu explained with a smile, “This way, you can see me sooner.”


Jiang Liucheng also smiled, “Suddenly, I feel silly.”


Qin Lu put his hand under his nose and coughed lightly, “It seems to be quite stupid. It’s the first time I’m dating someone, and I’m not very proficient in the business. You can chat with me more in the future.”


Jiang Liucheng nodded, “Okay, by the way, I may have to be two days late this time to go to the opening of the film. The company helped me talk about Rolando’s endorsement. It was originally agreed that I would shoot an advertisement tomorrow, but now I have to postpone it by one day.”


Even if he didn’t say anything, Qin Lu already knew about it because he was the one who brought about this matter.


He lived to be thirty years old and finally found someone he liked. How could he let him be bullied by others?


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