ATAMMDO Chapter 63 pt.1

Chapter 63- A Stomach Full of Bad Water


Qin Lu’s throat rolled, and the cigarette caught in his fingertips almost fell down the railing.


Although he had already expected that aspect in his heart, Qin Lu really didn’t expect the young man to ask so straightforwardly.


Compared with those who always talk three points and leave seven points in social interactions, the youth’s frankness made him like him a little more.


He doesn’t like men, but he wants Jiang Liucheng.


Qin Lu looked at the young man opposite him. The young man was still waiting for his answer, and the expression on his face couldn’t be more serious.


He wasn’t sure about this question before, but now he is absolutely sure that the youth also listed him as a candidate for a blind date.


“I didn’t like the idea two months ago, but now…” Qin Lu didn’t hide his gaze. He stared straight at Jiang Liucheng, who was also looking at him, blinking occasionally. His thick eyelashes are like a small fan fluttering in his heart. The words that were about to be blurted out suddenly stopped in his throat. He suddenly thought that if he directly said that he liked him, the other party be burdened.


Although he and Jiang Liucheng have only known each other for a few months, they still see a lot of young people looking for a partner.


His requirements for his partner seem to focus more on suitability and incompatibility rather than likes and dislikes. It seems that in his heart, the former is the most important.


Qin Lu thought that he asked his agent to help him investigate the relationship between Jiang Liucheng and Mrs. Mo.


If he didn’t get in touch with the deeper level, he would think that such an outstanding person as a young man should have a warm and beautiful family.


It wasn’t until he saw that document that he knew that the young man had been abandoned by his parents since he was a child and had been living with his grandfather until high school. After his grandfather passed away, only the young man was left alone.


And one of his biological parents is Mrs. Mo of the Mo Group and the current boss of Mo Group Entertainment.


It’s hard for Qin Lu to imagine how desperate the young man would be when he learned that the parents who had abandoned him since he was a child not only did not recognize him but did not give him the maternal love he had lost for many years. She even used her power in the entertainment industry to suppress him. 


Because of his parents, Jiang Liucheng blamed this failed marriage on their inappropriateness, and love cannot last long.


Based on this view of marriage, Jiang Liucheng chose to go on a blind date after graduation because a blind date does not require love.


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Thinking of this, Qin Lu refocused his eyes on Jiang Liucheng and said seriously, “But now, there is someone who makes me think it’s good to try.”


The other party stared at him tenderly, and Jiang Liucheng felt for a moment that the other party was confessing to him, resulting in his heart to beat a few more times at that moment. This feeling was too strange, and he resisted reaching out to touch the position of his heart.


He felt that Qin Lu was really similar to him. He didn’t know that he could be with a man before, but later he thought he could give it a try. Their personalities, outlooks, and visions of the family were also similar.


Such a person is by his side, but he has never thought of it.


If he had thought of it earlier, he and Qin Lu would not have wasted two or three months on a blind date. Maybe the more they got along, the happier they would be. They might have even developed to the point where they can get married.


Qin Lu didn’t know that Jiang Liucheng had even thought of the picture of their marriage in his mind, and he was still looking forward to Jiang Laocheng’s answer.


“Then why don’t you try it out with me?” Jiang Liucheng finally said what Qin Lu wanted to hear the most, “I think we should be quite suitable. Maybe we can. It just so happens that I don’t have a new blind date right now, and you’re starting to like men too. Isn’t it just right? If after getting along for a while, you think it’s not good, then we will break up peacefully, and I won’t complain at all.”


Before he could answer, Jiang Liucheng went on to say, “I’ve already thought about it. If it still doesn’t work this time, you don’t need to introduce me to anyone anymore in the future. Everyone you’ve introduced to me before is enough to repay my life-saving kindness to you. Do you think this is okay?”


When Qin Lu heard his first statement, his heartbeat started to speed up. However, after he heard his second sentence, his heartbeat slowly slowed down and returned to its usual frequency. He felt dumbfounded in his heart. Before the two of them started trying, Jiang Liucheng had already thought of ending it already.


“I think…” Qin Lu paused, “…Of course it’s possible. Then we should make the decision that from tonight onwards, no, from this moment on, I will be your blind date.”


For him, there is only one outcome for the two of them: success, and nothing else. He will make Jiang Liucheng feel that he is the most suitable person for marriage.


“That’s great.” Jiang Liucheng showed a happy expression, “When I come back in a few days, we will make another appointment, and I will come to visit your shoot more often in the future.”


Qin Lu’s throat moved slightly and he hummed, “I will also visit your shoot often.”


Jiang Liucheng checked the time and found that it was already twelve o’clock, “It’s already late, go to bed early.”


“Okay, you should go to bed early too. Don’t talk too late with your friends.” Qin Lu reminded him thinking of his three roommates with who he had a particularly good relationship.


Jiang Liucheng said, “No, I just finished chatting with them.”


Qin Lu suddenly thought that when he was asking him those questions tonight, he occasionally disappeared, making him to question what to do with himself. Now he seemed to know the answer, so he stopped him, “I take that your friends already know about us.”


Now that he decided to go on a blind date with Qin Lu, Jiang Liucheng naturally wouldn’t deliberately hide it, and it wasn’t something he couldn’t talk about anyway.


“I know, I thought of going on a blind date with you because of the inspiration Guo Qifan and Qiao Mei gave me.”


Qin Lu asked curiously, “What inspiration?”


Jiang Liucheng replied, “Before when my blind dates always failed, Guo Qifan asked why don’t I just go on a blind date with you instead. Qiao Mei also raised the same concern. I kept thinking about it. But when I told them about it tonight, Zheng Kailin also reminded me of some other things that might cause some issues.”


Qin Lu: “What did he remind you of?”


Jiang Liucheng: “I think you are quite suitable, but Zheng Kailin said that what I think maybe just my wishful thinking. You are maybe different from what I think you are. I think what he said is right, so I asked you those questions.”

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  • Poor Zheng 😅 his vinigar jar tipping made mc progress faster with ml and confessing to him. Mc’s two other friends also gave birth to the idea of possibility of mc x ml. And ml also had his confidants 😆 a lot of people are inolved in this, aye. Xiao Zheng is too late. Sigh, why he gotta be the unrequited unsuccessful frend. I’m glad that although mc planned to try w/ the ml, he still took on the route like always – blind date, try and if not, break up 😆 ml gotta work hard to get that marriage route hahahahahha

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