ATAMMDO Chapter 62

Chapter 62- Do You Like Men?


Jiang Liucheng didn’t deliberately ignore Qin Lu. After he asked, he sent Qin Lu’s answer to the group. The more he asked, the more he felt that Qin Lu was really suitable for him.


Jiang Liucheng: [If I knew that he was so suitable, I should have a blind date with him first.]


Guo Qifan: [It seems that you and Qin Lu’s three views and personalities are indeed very suitable, but would a character like Qin Lu be willing to go on a blind date?


Zheng Kailin:  [A big family generally pays attention to the right match.]


Zheng Kailin: [If you ask him directly, even if he doesn’t want to, he’s not going to say it directly. Since it will make him feel embarrassed.]


Zheng Kailin: [And the most important thing is that his personality and views might be suitable, but it does not mean that he likes men. He may like women.]


Jiang Liucheng: [I see.]


When Zheng Kailin saw this sentence, he was about to have a conditioned reflex. He always felt that Jiang Liucheng would say that sentence in the next second, ‘I’ll go ask him’, and quickly opened a private chat and sent him a message.


Zheng Kailin: [What time do you come back tomorrow, and I’ll pick you up.]


Jiang Liucheng: [My agent will pick me up tomorrow.]


Zheng Kailin: [Okay, do you still have something to do when you come back tomorrow? I have something to tell you.]


Jiang Liucheng: [I don’t have anything planned tomorrow. Can’t we talk on the phone or on WeChat?]


Zheng Kailin: [We can’t. This matter is more important to me and must be said face to face.]


Jiang Liucheng: [After I go back tomorrow, we’ll meet in the rental room in the evening.]


Zheng Kailin: [I am inviting you out to dinner, just the two of us.]


Although Jiang Liucheng was surprised, he didn’t ask why. Anyway, he really had nothing to do tomorrow, so he agreed.


Zheng Kailin breathed a sigh of relief, and there was less than a day left. Although he was in no hurry, he feared that if it dragged on for too long, there would be more changes.


At the same time, after Qin Lu hung up the phone, Zhou Wenbin’s words kept recalling in his mind.


Of course, he knows whether a man is a top or a bottom. When his agent said it, he couldn’t help but bring himself and the youth into his mind. There was no moment when he realized that he really liked it as clearly as now. 


Qin Lu lightly tugged at his neckline. He pushed open the window of the balcony and walked out. The cool night breeze was blowing on his face, and his handsome features looked more profound under the same light. Those eyes that were usually the calmest on weekdays also became complicated at this time. 


The first time he was a matchmaker, he didn’t consider this. He thought that he only needed to introduce two people to know each other, and he didn’t need to think about other things. Only now did he realize that he had to consider the issue of the model.


Qin Lu remembered what the agent said to ask Jiang Liucheng if he was 1 or 0.


If it was at the beginning, he could ask the other party without any pressure. But now, he has a strange feeling for the other party.


Qin Lu was a little hesitant about whether he wanted to ask Jiang Liucheng.


“Is it hot inside?”


A young man’s voice suddenly came from the side.


As soon as Qin Lu turned his head, he saw the young man with his hands on the railing. He tilted his head and looked at him curiously.


“Why did you come out?”


Jiang Liucheng: “I heard the sound of the balcony opening, so I came out to have a look.”


Qin Lu’s brows twitched, which meant that the young man had been standing there watching him for a while.


“It’s a little stuffy inside. I’ll come out to get some air. What time is your flight tomorrow?”


Jiang Liucheng said the time. Because there is no work tomorrow, and they don’t need to catch a plane. So his agent booked him a ticket for 1 pm so that he doesn’t have to go out so early. He can get up early or sleep a little later if he wants.


Qin Lu suddenly asked, “How are you and Jian Qiao chatting now?”


Jiang Liucheng blinked. He knew that Qin Lu would ask, but he didn’t expect it to come so quickly. He didn’t want to speak ill of others, which embarrassed Qin Lu, so he took out the remarks he had prepared earlier.


“He sent me messages. He often sent me messages about where there are delicious places in the market. He asked me to join the group next time, but I might be busy.”


Jiang Liucheng thought to himself that this should be euphemistic enough. If he thinks it is appropriate, he will make time to go even if he is busy.


However, Qin Lu didn’t notice his careful thoughts. What he thought was that they had already made an appointment to meet next time.


Qin Lu felt that if he wanted to stop them, he had to do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be even more difficult to do when they really had feelings for each other.


“If screenwriter Jian doesn’t look at other things, he is indeed a good candidate. But…” Qin Lu paused, “…Have you ever considered one thing? Two men can’t be together solely because their personalities and views are the same. There is a necessary condition.”


Jiang Liucheng rested his hands on the railing of the balcony, curious about “what are the necessary conditions?”


Qin Lu: “Men are also divided into 1 and 0. That is, one is on the top, and the other is on the bottom, like men and women. Are you 1 or 0?”


Jiang Liucheng was stunned. He was a monk halfway through, and he hadn’t seen any movies. He never knew there was such a distinction.


Qin Lu knew from his expression that he really didn’t know about it, “It’s not too late to know now.”


Jiang Liucheng thought for a while, “How can I know if I’m a 1 or a 0?”


Qin Lu thought of what he had found on Baidu, and coughed lightly, “1 is the one who is stronger in sexual behavior, that is, the male in heterosexuality, otherwise it is 0.”


Jiang Liucheng: “Is that so? Then I don’t think I’m 1, and I won’t force the other side.”


After saying this, he saw Qin Lu’s eyes on the opposite balcony suddenly look like stars in the night sky- shiny and pretty.


Qin Lu waited for the answer he wanted, “Then have you ever thought that Jian Qiao is not 1?”


Jiang Liucheng just knew that he should be a 0. Of course, he never thought about it. If Jian Qiao is not a 1, it seems that they can’t be together. Harmonious sex life is also one of the factors of a happy family.


“Your concerns are justified, but…”


Qin Lu looked at him hesitantly, and his heart tightened slightly, “But what?”


Jiang Liucheng “But does Jian Qiao have anything to do with me?”


Qin Lu thought to himself, has his love for Jian Qiao transcended his body position? He still looked calm on his face, “Didn’t you say he is very suitable?”


Jiang Liucheng nodded, “I really thought he was suitable before, but after getting along for a while, I don’t think he is suitable after all. So it doesn’t matter whether he is 1 or not.”


Qin Lu was startled, “Why do you think he is not suitable? Can you tell me the reason?”


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Jiang Liucheng hesitated.


Qin Lu was much sharper at this time, “Are there any scruples that you can’t say? You don’t have to care about my feelings if it’s because of me. Your feelings are the most important.”


Upon hearing the last sentence, Jiang Liucheng felt something a little strange in his heart.


“It has nothing to do with his personality views, but I think that he is only making friends with me to get close to you since he is your fan.”


Qin Lu frowned, and his face turned cold immediately. He quickly thought of how he had seen Jian Qiao a few times before. Every time he saw him, Jian Qiao would indeed be overly enthusiastic about him, but he never paid attention to him.


Looking back on it now, something is really wrong. Jian Qiao is not a young screenwriter. He has already made a name for himself, and he doesn’t need to please him anymore.


“Is it because you think he’s my fan, and you’re afraid that speaking out will make me feel embarrassed or guilty?”


Jiang Liucheng nodded, “I’m worried that you will think it’s your own problem.”


The emotion in Qin Lu’s eyes was replaced by a smile, “It’s not wrong for you to worry. It’s really my problem that he approached you because of me.”


Jiang Liucheng: “But I don’t think so. You are two independent individuals. He is an adult and has the ability to be responsible for his own behavior. It has nothing to do with you. You cannot be responsible because he is your fan. “


Qin Lu: “I’m not familiar with him, that is. I added him on WeChat when I first collaborated, and I didn’t chat much afterward.”


Jiang Liucheng: “He also told me the same thing. I can’t accept people who approach me with other purposes, so I don’t plan to take screenwriter Jian into consideration. However, he doesn’t seem to give up yet. When I finished shooting yesterday at that time, he said that he was afraid that I would not contact him after I had no working relationship with him, and also said that he would come to visit the shoot after I joined a crew.”


Qin Lu’s eyes drooped slightly, and there was a hint of displeasure in his eyes. It seemed that the other party hadn’t given up, but it didn’t matter. After all, he was too busy. If he was busy, there should be no such leisure.


Qin Lu took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Jiang Liucheng was a little surprised when he saw it. This was the first time he saw Qin Lu smoking.


“I thought you never smoked,” he said.


Qin Lu laughed and took out a cigarette, “Before filming, I didn’t smoke it, but occasionally I smoked a little.”


Jiang Liucheng felt that there should be more pressure when filming, “Why don’t you smoke when filming?”


After he finished speaking, he saw the smile on Qin Lu’s face and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.


“Is it because you are immersive acting? You were not supposed to smoke at the time, so you don’t smoke even when you’re not filming.”


Qin Lu replied, “Many characters do relieve stress by smoking, but Xie Bing, who I played, relieves stress in a different way.”


The way he relieves the pressure is to file a lawsuit. He will anonymously help some ordinary people who don’t have the money to hire a lawyer to file lawsuits. These lawsuits are usually easy and will end in a short time. Seeing family members constantly thanking him, the pressure in his heart will disappear. Xie Bing is actually a very complicated person.


“Can’t you still make plays now?” Jiang Liucheng asked sincerely.


Qin Lu laughed, “No, thanks to your method, every time I think about this, I can’t maintain the state of being in the scene.”


Jiang Liucheng smiled at him, “You’re welcome.”


Looking at his smile, Qin Lu held a cigarette between his thumb and forefinger, but he never lit it. He thought about the questions the other party had just asked him on WeChat.


“Why did you ask me those questions earlier?”


Jiang Liucheng snorted, and it seemed that he only remembered now, “I almost forgot if you didn’t tell me, I just wanted to tell you about this.”


Qin Lu held his breath. The cigarette at his fingertips stopped spinning as he squeezed it tightly.


Jiang Liucheng said, “I forgot to ask you another question. It’s also the last question… Do you happen to like men?”

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  • I am facepalming so hard at this nonsense. Sex isn’t that binary, and besides you can just switch. The f@ck is up with 1 is the one like a man in a hetero relationship?! And the one who is most like a dom?? That has nothing to do with it lmao
    They just seriously discussed a bunch of stupid social constructs and none of them realised how absurd the whole thing is? Gosh

    Thanks for the translation!

  • jlc and ql are adorable 😭 but jlc even more. look at the way he could barely be bothered to react in any special way with his past blind dates but he perks up like a flower in spring at having a chance with ql…. just get married already ORZ

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