ATAMMDO Chapter 59

Chapter 59- If You Ask


As soon as they heard Jiang Liucheng say that it felt a little strange. Even Zheng Kailin, who was busy with work, suddenly came to life and was bubbling in the group.


Zheng Kailin: [What about him feels strange?]


Guo Qifan: [Tell us what’s going on with this person.]


Qiao Mei: [That is not very good, but I am also curious. What did this person do that makes you feel strange? You mentioned at the beginning that this person looks young, and you have a lot in common with him. Although it has only been a few days.


Even with the screen on, he couldn’t stop the three people’s strong desire to gossip.


Jiang Liucheng: [I’ve been in the crew these days, and he often comes to me. Sometimes he talks about the drama, and sometimes he talks about some gossip.]


Guo Qifan: [That sounds like a familiar person. Are you not talking about me?]


Qiao Mei: [There must be something happening behind that. Then what happened?]


Zheng Kailin: [What gossip is he talking about?]


Zheng Kailin is more sensitive than the others that Jiang Lucheng could not help but say: [As expected of our successful businessman. Mr. Zheng grasped the key point right.]


Jiang Liucheng’s compliment seemed to make the other party a little happy as Zheng Kailin replied with a smiley emoticon.


Guo Qifan: [I know that Mr. Zheng is more powerful, but now is not the time to praise each other. So hurry up and say what the gossip is.]


Jiang Liucheng: [He is a fan of Qin Lu. He often tells me what happened when he was chasing stars, and sometimes he also talks about Qin Lu’s gossip and scandals. He even talks about some fascinating topics to attract attention.]


Qiao Mei: [That looks pretty normal at the moment, but then what?]


Jiang Liucheng: [After I joined the crew, the directors praised me for my good acting skills, and since I often finished filming after one or two takes only.]


Jiang Liucheng: [Afterwards, he would ask me if I studied with Qin Lu in the last production crew. If I said yes, he would ask me how Qin Lu taught me.]


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Zheng Kailin: [Does he often chats with you about Emperor Qin?]


Jiang Liucheng: [Yeah.]


Guo Qifan: [You are so familiar with Emperor Qin, and he is also a fan of Emperor Qin. Don’t fan usually want to know about their idols?]


Qiao Mei: [Old Guo Qifan, you are too naive. If someone approaches you just because you are familiar with his idol, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?]


Zheng Kailin: [Whenever the two of them get along, He can talk about other topics aside from his idol. But if he always leads the topic to emperor Qin, then this is an excellent indication of his true purpose.]


Qiao Mei: [It is very likely that he is only talking to Chengzi in order to get close to Emperor Qin. If I am guessing correctly, he is only acquainted with Emperor Qin, and he is only accommodating you to be able to approach him.]


Jiang Liucheng:  [He’s a screenwriter. Qin Lu filmed a movie script written by him when he was on fire, and the two became friends at that time.]


Qiao Mei: [See? I am totally right.]


Guo Qifan: [That is totally embarrassing.]


Zheng Kailin: [Delete him as your friend on WeChat.]


Qiao Mei: [I don’t think he should immediately delete him from his friend list. Jiang Liucheng had just finished filming a movie he had written. Jian Qiao is the screenwriter of this drama. If Jiang Liucheng wants to delete him, he has to wait for the movie to be released so as not to delete his scenes.]


Guo Qifan: [What the hell is he scheming? Why are there so many conspiracies? People in the entertainment industry are too complicated. In order to get close to idols, they even try to save the country by making a curve.]


Jiang Liucheng: [Saving a country through this is not as useful to anyone.]


Zheng Kailin: [He is not suitable for communications.]


Jiang Liucheng: [But it’s a pity, I have to find someone to be my blind date again. I told Qin Lu that the screenwriter Jian is not bad, and I plan to try to get in touch with him more. But in this situation, it’s not very good to tell him the truth.]


Although Qin Lu and Jian Qiao are not very familiar with each other, they have known each other for many years. If he tells the truth, he will feel like he is speaking ill of others behind his back.


Jiang Liucheng didn’t want to leave such a bad impression on Qin Lu, so he definitely couldn’t tell the truth.


Guo Qifan: [I think even if you tell the truth to Emperor Qin, he will definitely understand. You are Emperor Qin’s savior, after all.]


Qiao Mei: [That’s not very good. Although the other party’s purpose is not pure, we can’t speak ill of others casually.]


Zheng Kailin: [Even if he is Qin Lu’s fan, he is not just an ordinary scriptwriter. And even if Qin Lu believes you, he won’t be able to say anything. He may just feel embarrassed with the screenwriter when they meet in the future, so don’t say anything.]


Jiang Liucheng also thinks the same way. Suppose Qin Lu asks him about his conversation with screenwriter Jian. In that case, he doesn’t plan to say that the other party is approaching him because of him.


Zheng Kailin: [He won’t just think about the embarrassment this will cost, but he will also think about making Qin Lu displeased with him.]


Thinking from another perspective, if someone is close to a good friend just because of him, he will also be unhappy.


After Jiang Liucheng and his friends had almost finished chatting, his assistant and Miss Lu came down with a few suitcases.


Just when the assistant was about to close the door, Jian Qiao came over.


“Are you leaving so soon?”


Not long ago, he talked to his friends about him. Jiang Liucheng’s eyes were a little subtle at this time, but he concealed it very well that Jian Qiao didn’t notice his sudden hostility.


“Well, I still have work to do next, so it’s not good for me to stay too long.”


“As soon as you leave, would you stop contacting me in the future?” Jian Qiao said with a sad look, “I know a lot of friends, but after work, most of them disappeared after chatting.”


Jiang Liucheng really planned to reduce the frequency of chatting with the other party in the future, but when he heard this, he could only say, “Maybe everyone is busy. They will reply if they are free.”


Jian Qiao knew that he couldn’t force it too hard, so he smiled and said, “Fortunately, you will join the crew again in a few days, and then we will be in the same city again. If I have time, I will visit your shoot if you don’t mind.”


Jiang Liucheng hummed. He said goodbye and let the driver drive.


Jian Qiao watched them leave and only frowned slightly when there was only a small spot left in the car.


He may have been a little impatient recently, and he didn’t grasp the balance. Maybe Jiang Liucheng became aware of his intentions. Recently, he always felt that the other party’s attitude had become a little more distant, and the replies were not as fast as usual.


Jian Qiao held back the irritability in his heart and warned himself to take it slow. He must not be too pushy next time.


Jiang Liucheng’s return to the Paradise crew to visit the shoot which surprised everyone. He is so popular now that everyone in the crew thinks that he must be busy filming or rushing announcements now, and there is no time to come back.


It was just noon when he came, and everyone in the crew was eating a boxed lunch. When they saw him, a group of staff members who had a good relationship with him immediately crowded him up happily.


There were also some people who asked him to eat with them. The atmosphere was very harmonious.


“Liucheng is indeed the most popular person in our crew. He has been in development for a while, and he is still so popular when he comes back.” Cheng Qinghua sighed, “Those who don’t know think he is the male lead of the crew now. Your limelight has been stolen.”


Qin Lu just took a mouthful of rice, “Don’t stir up trouble. My relationship with him is better than you and him.”


Cheng Qinghua suddenly felt old and heartbroken, and he arbitrarily picked up the dishes in the lunch box, “Speaking of which, have you crossed the line a bit as a matchmaker? Last time you went to visit his shoot. This time he came to the crew to see you again. People who know about his situation would think you are the one who has a blind date with him.”


He does not mean that.


Qin Lu’s action of adding vegetables stopped. If he and Jiang Liucheng had a blind date, it not seem impossible.


“By the way, the friend you mentioned last time, has his problem been solved?” Cheng Qinghua just said casually, without thinking much, just so they could turn to another topic.




Cheng Qinghua said, “Your friend is still jealous?”


Qin Lu raised his eyebrows. “He’s just unhappy, not jealous.”


Cheng Qinghua snorted, “How could it not be jealousy? In fact, there is another situation I didn’t have time to tell you about last time.”


Qin Lu was about to ask what it was when Jiang Liucheng finally got rid of the enthusiastic people and came over with a lunch box handed to him by a staff member.


The two sat at a small round table to eat. When Jiang Liucheng came, he just took up the remaining corner, and the three of them just fit perfectly.


“What are you talking about?” Jiang Liucheng asked while opening the lunch box.


Before Qin Lu could speak, Cheng Qinghua said, “I’m giving Qin Lu a lesson. He said that he had a friend who had a good relationship with another friend, but he added another friend to the group. Every time his friend sees the two of them getting close, he gets displeased.”


Qin Lu wanted to stop it, but this dumb director just blabbered until the end.


Jiang Liucheng looked at Qin Lu but didn’t think much about it. Although he was surprised that he would pay attention to this kind of thing, “Why was he unhappy?”


Cheng Qinghua: “I told him that his friend is either out of balance for a while since his best friend suddenly has another friend who is equally good, or he likes him more than just a friend.”


Jiang Liucheng: “It makes sense. It’s generally these two possibilities.”


Cheng Qinghua smiled, “That’s not necessarily true. There is actually another possibility. For example, in the beginning, he really regarded the other person as a good friend, but later, he suddenly realized that he liked him, so he would be jealous whenever he saw his friend close to another person.”


Jiang Liucheng said as he understood, “It’s a combination of the first two.”


Cheng Qinghua: “Yes.”


At this time, Qin Lu suddenly asked, “Is it possible to judge my friend liking his close friend just because of this reason?”


Cheng Qinghua: “Of course not. If he wants to determine if he likes him, you can ask him a few more questions, such as whether he is thinking of him when he can’t see him and whether he is very happy when he is with him even if nothing happens. When the other party is bullied, does he want to help him get even? When his friend is happy or unhappy, does it affect him as well? If all of your friend’s answer is yes, then he basically fell in love with him.”


Qin Lu was silent for two seconds, “I will tell him.”


Cheng Qinghua actually wanted to ask who his friend was, but he didn’t have much interaction with Qin Lu in his personal life, so if he had asked, he might not know who this person is anyway.


“Is that friend you mentioned, Zhou Beiwang?” Jiang Liucheng asked suddenly.


Qin Lu paused, “It’s not him. It’s another one. You don’t know him.”


Jiang Liucheng snorted. As soon as Qin Lu said that he didn’t know the person, he didn’t ask any further questions.


Qin Lu felt that if he pressed on, he could consider revealing some clues.

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