ATAMMDO Chapter 56

Chapter 56- One More


The next morning, Jian Qiao came down to find Jiang Liucheng and asked him to go to the cafeteria for breakfast.


After eating, they went to the crew together. This time, Jiang Liucheng finally had his own nanny car. The company provided him with one and a driver.


When walking out of the hotel, his assistant was waiting at the door.


Because Jian Qiao didn’t have a car, Jiang Liucheng took him for a ride.


Once they arrived on the set, most of the staff and actors arrived. They’re busy putting on makeup and readying the equipment to shoot. Everyone looks very busy.


But when they saw Jian Qiao, they would take the time to say hello to him.


It can be seen that his status in the crew is very high, perhaps second only to Director Qian.


Jian Qiao was in the production crew, and Director Qian called him over. It seemed that he had something to discuss with him. With the script in his hand, Jian Qiao said calmly, “I’ll come to you later. I’ll take Liucheng to let him do his makeup first.”


Qian Dao originally wanted to say that he would find a staff member to take him. Still, suddenly he thought that Jian Qiao was rarely so enthusiastic and his business was not urgent anyway. Thus, he lets them be. “Okay, then you can go to work first.”


Jiang Liucheng turned his head to Jian Qiao and said, “If you have something to do, you can do it first. Don’t worry about me.”


“That won’t work.” Jian Qiao smiled, “I just rubbed your car over, so I’ll be sorry to leave you all behind. Let’s go.”


When Jiang Liucheng heard his statement, it became harder to refuse.


Jian Qiao took him to the dressing room. There were many people in it, and actors, large and small, were doing their makeup here.


“The crew rented a place relatively late, so the space was limited. There were only two dressing rooms. The other one was used by several leading actors.”


Jiang Liucheng asked back, “Why are you saying this to me?”


Jian Qiao was taken aback, “You are not a small actor now. You are so popular that a celebrity like you would usually ask for a separate dressing room.”


Jiang Liucheng shrugged, “I don’t care.”


Jian Qiao smiled and said, “I was wrong. Then you should put on your makeup first. I’ll find Director Qian, and then I’ll find you later.”


Although there are more people in the dressing room, Jiang Liucheng doesn’t need to wait because the company has assigned him his own makeup artist. His makeup artist is called Lu Xiaomei, a girl with strong action. When he comes, she will find and look for him. After more than an hour, the character’s shape was finished.


“Hello, can you make one for me too?” A young actor came over with a worried expression.


Jiang Liucheng recognized the actor. When he first came in, he found that the other party had been sitting in the corner.


Jiang Liucheng looked at Lu Xiaomei with inquiring eyes. Lu Xiaomei’s eyes were curved. She had done makeup for many stars, but few like Jiang Liucheng would ask her opinion first.


“Yes, of course.” She said.


The young actor was very happy, and quickly said thank you, “My name is He Yu. Thank you so much. Everyone is very busy. I’ve been waiting since early in the morning. I was afraid that I would not be able to put on makeup in time for the shoot.”


Jiang Liucheng heard the words and said, “Everyone is busy and should be able to understand.”


He Yu shook his head, “Small characters like us may be replaced at any time if the filming is delayed. I managed to win a character with a few lines. I know it’s just a few lines, but I ought to fight for it. There are also many people wanting to be part of this crew. So if I don’t perform well, many people will be able to replace me.”


He paused, and then he suddenly lowered his voice. “Don’t look at everyone in the same eyes. There is actually competition here.”


Jiang Liucheng suddenly became interested. “What competition?”


He hasn’t shot many scenes before, and he was a character with only one line or no lines. Usually, he could leave after one shot, so he really didn’t know much about this line of work.


After joining Cheng Qinghua’s crew, Qin Lu and Cheng Qinghua took care of him. The crew were all good as well, and he had no chance to feel the cruelty of reality.


“If you perform well, the director will think that you are a malleable talent, that your acting skills are good, and that you are very pleasing to the eye. With that, he may give you a more and better role at any time. Just what happened last month.”


Afraid of being heard, He Yu lowered his voice even more.


“Last month, an actor had a lot of screen time. He has one of the relevant bug roles, alright. However, because of his poor performance, he displayed mistake after mistake many times in a row, which delayed the progress and made the director very unhappy. He ended up being replaced directly. His role was given to another actor. That actor was originally a group performer, but because he performed better, the director remembered him.”


“Because of this incident, the atmosphere of the crew has been very subtle during this time. Those with good characters are afraid to display bad performances. Meanwhile, those with bad characters want to do their best. Private competition is fierce. For things like makeup, if you don’t take the initiative  and when someone squeezes you out, you can only wait.”


In order to thank Jiang Liucheng for letting the makeup artist help him do his make up, He Yu told him a lot.


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A place like the production crew with only two dressing rooms is chaotic when there are many people. Not to mention the fact that some people’s thoughts can easily be overwhelmed.


He Yu added, “Some time ago, there was a star named Su Mingwei. He played the protagonist’s long-dead brother in Mist Killing. This person played very well in the circle. His backing is relatively strong too. Although, something happened later, and he was arrested for participating in that kind of messy party with others. The director replaced him immediately. Many people were eager to take the position. I heard that some people went to find the director and screenwriter in the middle of the night, but the director was outside, looking for a new actor to replace Su Mingwei.”


Jiang Liucheng blinked back at him. He remembered that the role he played was the protagonist’s long-dead brother, “Then what?”


He Yu smiled, “What else is there to say? There are so many people who want this role, but it’s the director who makes the final decision. By the way, after talking for so long, I don’t know what your name is. I find you a little familiar before. Did you join the group before?”


Jiang Liucheng shook his head, “No, I just joined the group today. My name is Jiang Liucheng.”


The smile on He Yu’s face suddenly froze. No wonder he felt that the other party was a little familiar. This is the actor who replaced Su Mingwei, and he is not an ordinary actor.


The other party’s popularity in the past two months is extremely high, and he has signed a contract with Sparks Company. His future is bright. To think he is actually gossiping about the other party with the person himself.


He Yu’s expression became a little uncomfortable, “I see… I’m sorry.”


Jiang Liucheng smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter.”


He Yu was relieved to see that he really didn’t look angry. Besides, if he was a narrow-minded person, he wouldn’t have lent him a makeup artist in the first place.


“Thank you. With your current popularity, you can actually go to the dressing room over there.”


Jiang Liucheng hummed, “I don’t mind. I can go to any dressing room.”


He Yu nodded, “That’s true. Anyway, you bring your own makeup artist, which is more convenient. You just joined the group, so you probably don’t know a lot of things. Let me tell you something.”


Jiang Liucheng: “Okay, then if it’s not troublesome.”


He Yu quickly waved his hand, “No, it is fine.”


After the two finished their makeup, they left the dressing room. Knowing that it was not his turn yet, He Yu took Jiang Liucheng around the crew.


There are also differences between different crews. Just like Cheng Qinghua, this crew director is also strict. However, Cheng Qinghua is only strict when filming, and the overall atmosphere of the crew is relatively relaxed.


Meanwhile, Director Qian’s crew is much more serious. All because everyone is in a competitive relationship, and the director is also very strict in filming. Thus, the overall atmosphere within is much stern, especially when they are busy. In fact, the staff is easily scolded for making a little mistake.


“In this crew, being the big names are useless. The most important thing when acting is to be serious. If the progress of filming is delayed, the director doesn’t care who you are.” He Yu said.


“Okay, I will remember this.”


The more He Yu got along with him, the more he felt that he couldn’t breathe. Jiang Liucheng was already very popular, but he was like a newcomer.


When the circle was over, Qian Dao saw Jiang Liucheng and called him over to talk about the play.


Only then did the crew notice the existence of Jiang Liucheng. In fact, they just discovered the good-looking little brother, and only later did they realize that this person was the one who replaced Su Mingwei’s role.


Some people are very regretful in their hearts. When they first saw him and He Yu together, they thought they were just an ordinary little actor. Now that they know their identities, it would be a bit deliberate to do it again.


With his experience with Cheng Qinghua’s crew, Jiang Liucheng’s first scene went very smoothly.


Director Qian was afraid that his performance would not be good, so he wanted to be stricter, but he didn’t expect him to pass the scene with just one camera roll.


Although the young man is in his twenties, he looks like a boy of eighteen or nineteen years old. It is not against harmony at all to play a person of this age. The difficulty comes in expressing some complex emotions caused by the change of mentality in the later stage.


Because the crew has been in production for more than two months, and many of the previous scenes have been filmed, Jiang Liucheng needs to start from behind as he enters the crew. With that, his first scene will be relatively difficult and requires more acting skills.


Many people waited to see him fail, but they underestimated him unexpectedly.


“No wonder Brother Qin is so impressed with you.” Jian Qiao came over and said, “Your acting is really good.”


Jiang Liucheng took the towel handed over by his assistant to wipe his face, “They taught me a lot in the last crew, so it is all thanks to them.”


Jian Qiao: “When you finish filming today’s scenes, I’ll invite you to a barbecue and talk about the scenes that follow.”


Jiang Liucheng originally wanted to refuse, but when he heard the following words, he replied: “Okay.”


By the time they finished filming today’s scene, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening.


Jiang Liucheng originally thought that the filming would last until eleven or twelve because Director Qian added a few more scenes for him in the afternoon.


He took off his makeup in the nanny’s car and changed back into his usual clothes. After a while, Jian Qiao came over, and they went to the barbecue stall together.


After arriving at the barbecue stall, Jian Qiao ordered a few dishes and asked Jiang Liucheng, “Do you want a beer?”


Jiang Liucheng shook his head, “I will be filming tomorrow. I’ll just drink water.”


Jian Qiao didn’t force it, “It’s fine if you don’t drink. It’s true, though that if you get drunk, it will affect the state of filming tomorrow. Nonetheless, Lao Qian can’t scold me to death. He even praised you several times today, saying that he was right to come to you. “


Jiang Liucheng replied, “It’s not just because of me alone. You told me about the drama and helped me get into the character’s emotions faster.”


Jian Qiao laughed, “You are so humble.”


At this time, the mobile phone in Jiang Liucheng’s pocket rang. He took it out and saw that it was a message from Qin Lu. He opened it and read the message.


Qin Lu: [Had you finished filming today?]


Jiang Liucheng: [I’ve finished filming already. I’m currently eating barbecue outside.]


Qin Lu: [Are you alone?]


Jiang Liucheng: [Screenwriter, Jian Qiao is also here.]

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