ATAMMDO Chapter 55

Chapter 55- …..


The next day, Jiang Liucheng and Li Qiu went to catch an announcement. They went to the airport with another assistant that night.


Halfway through the journey, he also received a call from Qin Lu, asking him if he was leaving and whether he needed to pick him up.


Li Qiu sent them to the airport and told the assistant to take good care of Jiang Liucheng.


“I will call Director Liu and ask him how the situation is.”


Although they all acquiesced in their hearts that the drama would be canceled, it was still not announced yet. So he still has to ask. Otherwise, what if, out of a sudden, Director Liu suddenly finds an investor while Jiang Liucheng is on another crew? That won’t be good.


After saying goodbye to Li Qiu, Jiang Liucheng took his assistant to the registration office. After registration, he went through the security check and came to the boarding gate.


While waiting, someone suddenly tapped on his shoulder.


Jiang Liucheng turned around, and his sunglasses reflected Jian Qiao’s figure. He thought it was Qin Lu, but he didn’t expect to meet Jian Qiao there.


“I just saw you and thought I was wrong, but I didn’t expect it to be really you.” Jian Qiao said with a smile.


Jiang Liucheng said, “Are you also taking this flight to the crew?”


Jian Qiao, “Yes. I originally booked the morning flight but was delayed by a little thing and changed it to the evening. I didn’t expect us to be so destined.”


When Qin Lu came, he saw the picture of the two talking and laughing, which made him stop for a while. The assistant stopped for no reason as well, “Brother Qin, what’s the matter?”


“It’s nothing.” Qin Lu came back to his senses and walked toward the two of them.


Jiang Liucheng saw him first and immediately waved to Qin Lu.


Jian Qiao turned around and saw Qin Lu. He was more than surprised. “Brother Qin, are you taking this flight too?”


Qin Lu nodded slightly, “It’s such a coincidence.”


Jian Qiao smiled and said, “I also told Mr. Jiang about this just now. It’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect the three of us to be on the same flight.”


Qin Lu raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s not a coincidence Liu Cheng and I were on the same flight.”


Jian Qiao:  “You booked the flight together?”


Jiang Liucheng: “No, Qin Lu ordered it first. It just happened that I was going to the crew today, so I booked the same flight. After the market opens, I don’t need to bother the crew to send someone to pick me up.”


Jian Qiao rolled his eyes, “I don’t know if I can take a ride too.”


Jiang Liucheng looked at Qin Lu, “I can’t control this. You have to ask him.”


Jian Qiao immediately turned to look at Qin Lu, “Brother Qin, can I also take your car to the crew together?”


Qin Lu didn’t answer immediately but asked assistant Zhang Ning, “Can the car sent to pick up people fit so many people?”


Zhang Ning was stunned for a moment, then quickly said, “It should be possible.”


Qin Lu nodded and then said to Jian Qiao, “Let’s go together then.”


Jian Qiao: “Thank you, Brother Qin.”


After a while, the broadcast began to announce boarding.


After boarding the plane, Jiang Liucheng found that Jian Qiao and his seat were just in the same place.


His seat was near the aisle while Jian Qiao was by the window, and Qin Lu was on the opposite side of the aisle.


“It seems that our fate is really deep.” Jian Qiao said as he put away his luggage. “Do you like the seat inside? if you like it, We can change seats.”


Jiang Liucheng said, “No, I can sit anywhere.”


Jian Qiao said, “Okay.”


Qin Lu turned his head and glanced at the two people sitting side by side. The two had already started chatting. But because they were afraid of disturbing others, they deliberately lowered their voices. Their two heads leaned a little closer together as well.


The assistant cooperated with the flight attendant to put away their luggage. When he was about to sit down, he found that Brother Qin didn’t look very good.


“Brother Qin, what’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”


“It’s alright.” Qin Lu looked back. He originally wanted his assistant and Jiang Liucheng to change seats. However, he accidentally bumped into Jian Qiao, who happened to be next to Jiang Liucheng, so it’s not easy to propose it.


The assistant followed the gaze he had just withdrawn, and saw Jiang Liucheng and Jian Qiao who were chatting, “Mr. Jiang and Mr. Jian gets along quite well. Those who didn’t know would actually mistake them for being about the same age. Mr. Jian doesn’t look like someone in their thirties.”


Qin Lu frowned unconsciously, “Are you saying people not of the same age can’t chat?”


The assistant said, “I can’t say that, but peers do have more topics to talk about with each other.”


Qin Lu: “Jian Qiao and Jiang Liucheng are not the same age.”


Assistant: “They may have similar preferences, and Mr. Jian is more easy-going and looks down-to-earth. Like a big brother next door, most people will not be so restrained when facing this type of person.”


Qin Lu looked at the two of them and heard them talking about a movie which they both happened to have seen. Not to mention the fact that it resonated very much with them.


According to this trend, their relationship is indeed likely to get better and better. Plus they are about to join the same crew soon. There will be more opportunities to get along day and night, and maybe there will be better development from there.


When he was thinking about it, the assistant didn’t know what he was thinking and said again, “Brother Qin, aren’t you introducing someone to Mr. Jiang? This Mr. Jian is actually not bad. He is so successful at such a young age. There are not many people here that can be compared to what he has reached. Although he is six years older than Mr. Zhang, the age difference is not too big, and he looks like he is in his twenties. So I think he is quite suitable in all aspects.”


Originally, Zhang Ning didn’t know these things, but Brother Zhou told him.


Qin Lu’s expression was light, “Let’s talk about it.”


More than two hours later, the plane landed, and everyone walked out of the airport with their suitcases in their hands. It was already dark at this time.


Two black cars appeared at the entrance.


In addition to the driver, a car can only seat three people, so Qin Lu asked for another car to come over.


Qin Lu was about to greet Jiang Liucheng to get into the car when Jian Qiao suddenly pulled Jiang Liucheng’s arm and walked to another car.


“This is just right. We can take a car to the set.”


“Aren’t the two crews in the same direction?” Jiang Liucheng asked.


“There is a section of the road, but the second half seems to be in two different directions.”


When Qin Lu heard these words, the words he wanted to say couldn’t come out.


Jiang Liucheng then said to Qin Lu, “Mr. Jian and I will go to the crew to report first, and I will come to you next time. You should rest early.”


The trace of displeasure in Qin Lu’s heart disappeared immediately, “Okay, you have to film tomorrow, so you should rest early as well.”


Jiang Liucheng: “Goodbye.”


Qin Lu snorted and watched him get into the car with Jian Qiao. He then got into the car and left the airport.


In the car, Jian Qiao glanced at the figures getting behind and said enviously, “You have a really good relationship with Brother Qin. I have known Brother Qin for so many years, and I have rarely seen anyone so close to him. .”


Jiang Liucheng said in surprise, “His personality is very good.”


Jian Qiao couldn’t help laughing, “You are the first person to say that Brother Qin has a good personality. Of course, I’m not saying that Brother Qin has a bad personality. In fact, he is really good to the people around him, but these are more than good favors that he won’t normally do. There’s his surface degree. Very few people can surpass this level and get through him. So I’m curious how you did it. Can you tell me?”


Jiang Liucheng: “I have a very normal relationship with him. I didn’t do anything; it just developed naturally.”


Jian Qiao wanted to say something when Jiang Liucheng’s cell phone rang.


Jiang Liucheng saw the caller ID to be Li Qiu and asked, “We are on our way to the crew.”


“It’s about the same time as I count, so I’ll give you a call and tell you about that online drama.”


“Well, what did Director Liu say?”


“It was a surprise. Director Liu told me that he had already solved the funding problem and that some people were willing to invest, so there was no problem with the startup. However, because the cloud company withdrew its capital and took away several major actors, he still has to find suitable actors again. Because of this, the start time may be delayed for a while.”


“Postponed until when?”


“It’s a coincidence that you are in the crew now, and it will take a week to finish filming. You won’t miss the start time of the online drama.”


Jiang Liucheng also thought it was a coincidence.


“Director Liu said that it will start up in half a month at most, or a week if it’s fast. After your new drama is finished, you can go directly to Director Liu’s crew as the crew is also just opening up by then.”


“Did Director Liu say which company it is?”


“No. He just said that he is still negotiating a detailed contract, and he should know when the information is released later.”


After chatting with Li Qiu, Jiang Liucheng hung up the call and put away his phone.


“That director Liu you mentioned… That should be director Liu Zhisheng, right?” Jian Qiao asked curiously.


Jiang Liucheng hummed, “What’s the matter?”


Jian Qiao’s expression was weird, “I happen to know him. Speaking of which, we can be regarded as brothers from the same school. We came from the same school and had the same tutor. I have heard the tutor talk about Brother Liu many times.”


Jiang Liucheng made a gesture of listening, “But aren’t you a screenwriter? While Director Liu is the director.”


Jian Qiao said, “This is the problem. Brother Liu studied screenwriting, but he suddenly became interested in directing in the last year of graduation. My supervisor did not approve of him changing majors near graduation. After graduating for so many years, he has never made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, and our tutor has even more opinions. He thinks that if he had studied screenwriting well, he would not have been reduced to this stage. I heard that he sold his house and put all his chips on the table for this online drama. As a result, the cloud company withdrew its capital, his drama could not be filmed, and now he has been losing money.”


Jiang Liucheng: “Everyone has his own choice. Maybe the path he chooses is not necessarily the right one, but if he doesn’t try it, he may regret it for the rest of his life.”


Jian Qiao nodded, “You’re right. Senior Brother Liu has always been a person with his own ideas.”


Jiang Liucheng replied again, “And he should be getting an investment now.”


Jian Qiao looked surprised, “He has made someone give him an investment?”


Jiang Liucheng: “It should be.”


After that, they didn’t talk anymore. Jian Qiao seemed to have something on his mind.


The car drove to the hotel where the crew was located. At this time, it was past eleven o’clock in the evening, and the crew had finished work.


Director Qian knew that they were coming today, so he specially asked people to wait for them at the door.


Jiang Liucheng took out his mobile phone and sent Qin Lu a message, saying he had arrived at the crew hotel before going upstairs with the staff.


At this time, Qin Lu had just arrived at the hotel door. He had bumped into Cheng Qinghua, who had returned from supper.


Cheng Qinghua said hello to him, and just as he wanted to tell him about the crew, he suddenly found that there was no expression on Qin Lu’s face. Although he usually did this, it was still a little different from today.


“Took the wrong medicine?”


As soon as the words came out, Qin Lu glanced at him. At this moment, his mobile phone vibrated. He took it out and saw that it was a message from Jiang Liucheng.


Although it was just a word that he had already arrived at the hotel, the coldness on his face involuntarily subsided a lot.


Cheng Qinghua was amazed, “I’m sure you definitely took the wrong medicine. Whoever sent you a message is definitely the cure. See how happy you are.”


Qin Lu was startled, “Do I look happy?”


Cheng Qinghua nodded affirmatively, “Of course, you just need to write the word “happy” on your face. Who sent you a message just now? You look so happy after reading it. Did you find out which stock has risen sharply? Please tell me. “


Qin Lu originally wanted to ask him about something, but when he heard his outrageous words behind him, he dropped a ‘no’ and left without turning around.




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