ATAMMDO Chapter 53 pt.1

Added As Friend pt.1

 Chapter 53- Added As Friend


Seeing that the two were about to talk about Jiang Liucheng’s next blind date, Qin Lu interrupted their conversation by knocking on the door.


Li Qiu opened the door and was surprised to see his expression, “Mr. Qin, why are you here?”


“To come to Liucheng.” Qin Lu looked at Jiang Liucheng.


Jiang Liucheng glanced at the time and felt that there was still a little more than an hour before the meeting Li Qiu said.


 “Why don’t we go out to eat first?”


Li Qiu didn’t know if he is going to laugh or cry, “My ancestors, do you have to squeeze even this time?”


Jiang Liucheng didn’t really want to ruin Qin Lu’s appointment.


Upon seeing this, Li Qiu simply said to Qin Lu, “Mr. Qin, it’s like this, the company has arranged for Liu Cheng a chance to meet the director of the Mist Killing crew at night.”


Qin Lu said, “I’ll go with him.”


Li Qiu: “…..”


Jiang Liucheng’s eyes lit up slightly, “Are you going too?”


Qin Lu nodded, “I know the director of the Mist Killing crew. It’s your first time participating in this kind of game. It would be better to have an acquaintance to lead you. After seeing them, you can go to other places if you want.”


Jiang Liucheng no longer refuses, “Okay.”


Li Qiu: “…..”


So they had another Qin Lu in their car and arrived at the agreed hotel.


Li Qiu walked in front and took them to the box reserved for them.


While waiting for the elevator, they suddenly heard someone calling Qin Lu’s name, which made everyone turn around. A middle-aged man stood not far away as if he wasn’t sure if he was calling the right person. With that, his voice was full of doubts.


Qin Lu paused for a moment and called out, “Uncle Hua.”


Uncle Hua came over, “I just thought I was wrong. I didn’t expect it was  really you.”


Qin Lu tilted his head in Jiang Liucheng’s direction and said, “You go up first. I’ll talk to my acquaintances before going up. What’s the box number?”


He just got close to his ear, and yet, Jiang Liucheng’s ear suddenly felt itchy. “508.” He said.


Qin Lu replied an okay.


The elevator just came.


Li Qiu walked in first and was honored as uncle by Qin Lu. The relationship between the two was definitely unusual.


Jiang Liucheng followed behind him and touched his earlobe with his left hand to dispel the itch just now.


The elevator opened on the fifth floor, and a waiter took them to the 508 box.


Li Qiu knocked on the door, and the door opened immediately.


A lingering plume of smoke rushed out of the box. Before entering, they could already smell the choking smell of smoke.


Jiang Liucheng smoked cigarettes when he was in college, but he didn’t smoke much. After graduation, he went on blind dates. His blind dates usually don’t like boys smoking. Thus, he slowly quit smoking. With such a heavy smoke smell, he choked and coughed twice.


The coughing sound attracted the attention of everyone in the box, and a group of people sitting on the sofa looked over.


Li Qiu had checked the information of these people before and had seen their photos, so he hurriedly stepped forward to say hello.


The roomful of people quickly got to know each other in the introduction.


In addition to the director and producer, there is also the screenwriter of the film, as well as other staff members. There are quite a lot of people inside, and it looks very lively.


“Little Jiang is here. Sit here.” It was Director Qian who spoke. 


Jiang Liucheng walked over, and Director Qian asked the person on the right to sit down a little farther to make room for him. So the other person moved a little.


Jiang Liucheng glanced at him, and he seemed to be a very young man. He was still wearing a hat even if they were already inside. Because of that, the upper half of his face was blocked. When he heard others introduce Jiang Liucheng, he raised his head slightly.


“This is our screenwriter. His name is Jian Qiao.” Qian Dao introduced him before saying, “How is it? Is his facial structure to your ideals?”


Jian Qiao’s voice was neither salty nor light, “It also depends on his acting skills.”


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“The artists recommended by Sparks Entertainment will not be too bad in their acting skills.” Director Qian said as he had cooperated with Sparks Entertainment in his past projects as well. After working together for so many years, his vision for Sparks’ artists has been very relieved.


Although Jiang Liucheng is very popular recently and has the momentum of a traffic star, being favored by Sparks Entertainment shows that he has potential.


“I’ll play it well.” Jiang Liucheng looked at Jian Qiao. On the way, Li Qiu sent him the script of the character. He read it once and already had a general understanding that the character didn’t have a lot of scenes, and it was more about the protagonist in memory.


Jian Qiao met his serious eyes, and his expression was slightly startled. For a moment, the figure of the character appeared in his mind. He pulled off his hat and agreed with Director Qian’s words, “His image is really okay.”


Director Qian smiled when he heard these words coming from him, “I’ve said it earlier, Sparks Entertainment will not recommend unsuitable characters to me. You don’t have to trust other people, but you can trust Sparks’ vision.”


“I understand. You’ve said it several times already.” Jian Qiao’s face showed a touch of impatience.


Li Qiu was relieved to see that these people were very talkative. Before he came, he was worried that Jiang Liucheng would not get along well with them. After all, they were all famous actors in the entertainment industry.


Director Qian has directed many popular films, including literary and commercial films, and has won numerous awards and a good reputation.


Meanwhile, Jian Qiao is a well-known screenwriter with many major screenwriters. He wrote two award-winning films, and he himself has won the Best Screenplay Award many times. It can be said that he is one of the most famous screenwriters in the entertainment industry. 

There are many companies who want to ask him to make an appointment with them, but the other party usually only depends on his mood when accepting manuscript.


“Speaking of which, are you and Qin Lu very familiar with each other?” Qian Dao asked suddenly after thinking that Jiang Liucheng and Qin Lu had been on the hot search several times.


Jian Qiao also looked at Jiang Liucheng when he heard this.


Jiang Liucheng was a little dry from the smoke, so he took a sip from the water glass on the table before nodding, “It’s quite like that.”


Director Qian clapped his hands together, “I knew you should have a good relationship with him. I made Qin Lu’s first movie, and Jian Qiao was still a screenwriter at the time. Unfortunately, Qin Lu has been getting busier and busier in the past two years, so I haven’t had a chance to see him.”


Jian Qiao also said, “I wrote a new work before and wanted to find Qin Lu as its male lead, but it was rejected.”


Jiang Liucheng put down the cup in his hand, “Then you should be able to see him this time.”


As if on cue, the box door rang and then was opened from the outside.


“Sorry, I’m late.” Qin Lu walked in. His tall figure blocked the light coming in from outside the box, and everyone sitting on the sofa couldn’t see his face, “Why is the smoke so strong here?”


Qian Dao and Jian Qiao reacted instantly. Qian Dao immediately stood up and greeted him happily, “Qin Lu, it is really you. Why didn’t you say that you would come?”


Jian Qiao also stood up, looking a little excited.


Qian Dao didn’t expect to see the big emperor Qin Lu here, so he immediately asked the person on the left to move outside. “Come here, sit here.”


Qin Lu looked at Jiang Liucheng, who was sitting on the right. He walked over to him and said, “No, I’ll just sit here.”


Then he sat next to Jiang Liucheng.

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After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After Jiang Liu Cheng’s parents divorced, both of them quickly formed a new family. Both his parents are married to wealthy families, but even so, no one wanted nor supported him. He was simply kicked around between them as neither family wanted him. Thus, Jiang Liu Cheng, who longed for a home his whole life had decided to find a partner of his own.   He happened to gather up to three blind dates:  
  1. A famous director in the entertainment industry
  2. A rich second generation from a certain family
  3. A well-known scriptwriter
  ……….   Later, he took his new fiance to the banquet and introduce him to others: “My date.” His remarried parents looking at the face in front of them, which will inherit billions of dollars at any time:? ? ?   Qin Lu is an actor in the entertainment industry and the heir to a wealthy family. He had gotten into a car accident and was later saved by Jiang Lu. In order to repay the favor, he decided to fulfill his wish and introduce him to high-quality blind dates.    Qin Lu: He is a great director, upstarting in the entertainment industry. Later: He is a male chauvinist, so I don’t know.  Qin Lu: Ah! This one is my good friend. He is a rich second generation. I know him quite well. It’s all good. Later: He is a great guy and all, but he has this first love that he can’t seem to forget. Qin Lu: What about a well-known scriptwriter? He has written several explosive scripts. Later: Although, rumors had been going around, and it was said that he is not that very good in that aspect in real life… If you know what I mean.   Qin Lu then smiles at Jiang Liu as he was trying to hint at something while wriggling his brows: You know, I am not that of a macho man. I don’t belittle women. I also don’t have an unforgettable first love. And while we are on the topic, I always work out. I have six-pack abs.    The director, the rich second-generation man, and the screenwriter who was victimized by the wind commentary: “Fuck that man.” 


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