ATAMMDO Chapter 49 pt.1

Chapter 49- You Do As I Say


AG’s grand ceremony is the most eye-catching event party in the entertainment industry every year, and the worst invited stars are in the second and third tiers at most.


Before the party started, the invited fans started to become active. Fans promoted their idols one after another, and Weibo was as lively as the Chinese New Year.


As a new popular star, Jiang Liucheng was not among the invited stars announced by AG.


Fans didn’t care because the official Weibo usually announces the invited stars a month or two in advance. At that time, Jiang Liucheng was not popular, and the state of the entertainment industry was that there was no such person. So normally, he would not really be invited at that time.


Some people didn’t want to let their fandom go. So they tweeted that Jiang Liucheng has the connotation of yin and yang weirdness, saying that he was not really popular. They also implied that his data was falsified.


When fans saw that someone had spread rumors about their idols, how could they still sit still?


[Your complex facial features cannot hide your simple IQ.]


[If you are sick, you can treat it. Don’t come to us. We are not veterinarians.]


[If you don’t have culture, you can learn it. You are also ugly. Lucky for you, you can fix it too.]


[Dear, it is recommended to go back to elementary school and start reading again. If it still doesn’t work, I can only admit that, as a typical example of failure, you are really too successful.]


The passers-by watched through the chaos looking pleased and happy. When they’re asked which fandoms they come from, they swear at them without actually swearing.


Later, someone helped guide them to Jiang Liucheng’s Weibo. Passers-by went in and saw that the star was actually a graduate of Q University, and they were not surprised at once. With that, some people ran back to leave a message.


[It turns out that this star is a top student of Q University, no wonder his fans are so awesome.]


As more and more passers-by watched, the topic was abruptly put on Weibo’s hot search. When the netizens saw that the title was so interesting, they would click in curiously and would eventually contribute to its popularity.


Some fans who had just ridiculed Jiang Liucheng also found it, so they deleted their Weibo and ran to rescue themselves.


Before the party started, the topic became a high-level hot search. So when someone found something was wrong, it already couldn’t be taken down.


Just when there was a bloody storm on Weibo, Jiang Liucheng and Li Qiu came to the place agreed with Qin Lu, only to see an RV.


The RV opened, and there were two people sitting inside. They were their old acquaintances, Qin Lu’s assistant Zhang Ning, and the makeup artist girl who had done makeup for Jiang Liucheng in the Paradise crew.


Jiang Liucheng glanced inside but didn’t see Qin Lu’s figure. Zhang Ning said knowingly, “Brother Qin is still busy now, he said he will come over when the party is about to start.”


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Jiang Liucheng nodded and then asked the makeup artist to help him with his makeup.


On the other hand, Li Qiu’s cell phone kept ringing. He got out of the car to answer the phone for fear of affecting them.


Just when the makeup on Jiang Liucheng’s face was almost finished, the door opened again.


“Your fans have brought you to the hot search.” Li Qiu had a speechless expression with a cigarette butt between his fingers as if he had just finished smoking. The wind was blowing outside for a while and there was still a faint smell of smoke on his body.


Jiang Liucheng gave him a suspicious look.


Li Qiu briefly described the situation: “It’s like this, before the AG party, the official announced the list of invited stars. You were not popular at that time, but now you are popular and have been invited. Other fans mocked your data cost and the recipient of the invitation. On the other hand, your fans have gotten angry with them in your defense, causing a lot of trouble now.”


Jiang Liucheng took out his mobile phone and looked at it, “It’s fine if you don’t swear.”


Everyone suddenly laughed. It was right to say that his fans really didn’t say swear words.


“It’s okay if it’s just like this. You can scroll down to see what else is there.” Li Qiu said.


Jiang Liucheng browsed through it. The hot search that seemed to have just appeared came into view.


Ten minutes ago, AG’s official blog posted another Weibo announcing two additional invited celebrities. One of them was Jiang Liucheng himself, and the other was undoubtedly Qin Lu who had decided to participate temporarily. The participation is unusual and the organizers deliberately sold it off, just saying that they invited an absolute heavyweight guest, so that netizens and fans can look forward to it.


The fans only have the organizer’s name and Jiang Liucheng’s name in their eyes. They seem to hear the sound of a slap in their faces upon seeing this.


[I just wanted to ask where are the people who said Jiang Liucheng wasn’t invited.]


[I have been in the entertainment industry for almost ten years. This is the first time I have seen such a light-speed slap in the face. Do fans of a certain fandom feel pain in the face?]


[Hahahahaha, their posts have been deleted. Their actions are too sloppy. If their apology won’t be sloppy, at least they will not be such a failure as a human being.]


[This slap in the face is really cool, but I am curious who is the unknown big star in the announcement.]


As more and more people guessed, the topic gradually turned to the direction of who the big guest was.


An insider revealed that it was a real heavyweight in the industry, and said that the big guest had not participated in it for a long time.


[Holy crap, do you all think it’s the person that I think it is?]


[He hasn’t participated in a long time, and technically, he is still a big name in the entertainment industry. He is the only one I can think of.]


[If it is Qin Lu, I will surely watch the live broadcast tonight. I will even go to the live broadcast room of the party now. It must be him.]


[I always think it’s unlikely that Qin Lu has not appeared in public in recent years. But if it is him, I will definitely watch the live broadcast.]


Soon, the news that Qin Lu was about to attend the grand ceremony spread, and it hung on the top of the hot search list without any suspense. It was like a huge explosion.


At the same time, Mo Yi, who was in the company, also saw this hot search. He did not receive the news that Qin Lu was going to attend AG’s party, but seeing that many people were swearing and dwindling about it, the guest is most likely Qin Lu.


Mo Yi came to the office upstairs and saw Mrs. Mo. He immediately asked, “Mom, is the news on Weibo true? Qin Lu will attend tonight’s party?”


Mrs. Mo was talking to someone. She didn’t answer him when she heard her son’s words. After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone and said, “I have just asked the AG’s senior management, and it’s supposed to be true.”


Mo Yi’s face sank. Not because Qin Lu was attending the party, but because he remembered Jiang Liucheng who was officially announced as an attendee with Qin Lu.


Ever since Jiang Liucheng knew the relationship between them, he never wanted Jiang Liucheng to disappear from the entertainment industry even more.


They tried to crush Jiang Liucheng again. Using the Mo Group’s name, they put pressure on the cloud company to stir up his work.


But this is not enough. Although Jiang Liucheng lost his job in the web drama, the photo incident did not harm his interests but increased his popularity even more.

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