ATAMMDO Chapter 47 pt.1

Now It’s A Senior-Junior Relationship pt.1

Chapter 47- Now It’s A Senior-Junior Relationship


Seeing the young man staring blankly at him, Qin Lu laughed, “We haven’t seen each other for a while, so there must be a chance you don’t know me anymore.”


Jiang Liucheng came back to his senses and shook his head, “Aren’t you filming in the crew? Why did you come back so soon?”


Before Qin Lu could answer, Jiang Liucheng suddenly thought of it and said.


“Could it be because you found a new and suitable candidate?”


Qin Lu paused for two seconds before reacting with tears in his eyes due to laughing. “No. I didn’t say it before this time,  but this time, I’m going to let you choose by yourself. Are you going back now?”


Jiang Liucheng: “Yes.”


Qin Lu opened the car door and moved to the position inside, “Let your assistant go back first. Come up, and I’ll take you to dinner.”


Jiang Liucheng didn’t hesitate. He asked Li Lei to go back first and then get into Qin Lu’s car.


The air conditioner was on in the car, so it wasn’t that hot. However, the seat under his buttocks, where Qin Lu had just sat a few moments ago, was warm and hot. It’s as if he was wrapped in this warmth.


Qin Lu suddenly leaned over at him. His handsome face was close at hand, and his breath seemed to hit all over Jiang Liucheng’s face.


Jiang Liucheng leaned back subconsciously. With his back against the seat, he was unable to go back any further. As a result, his eyes stared at him slightly.


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Qin Lu originally just wanted to fasten his seat belt, but when he lowered his head, he saw him staring at him without blinking. In fact, he saw the way Jiang Liucheng’s black pupils reflected his figure.


“Fasten your seat belt.”


Jiang Liucheng followed his hand to see the seat belt in the gap. When he reached for it, he touched Qin Lu’s hand. His skin seemed to be a little hot so he retracted his hand.


Upon seeing this, Qin Lu simply helped him fasten his seat belt.


Zhang Ning, who was driving, glanced at the rearview mirror, and always felt that the normal atmosphere just now seemed strange. There seemed to be a little more ambiguity in the air. He thought it was his own illusion and drove the car out of the underground garage.


Jiang Liucheng squinted at Qin Lu. The man was looking at the tablet in his hand. It’s as if he was working on some documents with a focused expression.


When the other party was fastening his seat belt just now, for a moment he remembered what Guo Qifan had said before.


If the blind date is Qin Lu, it seems to be possible.


“What’s wrong?” Qin Lu suddenly turned his head.


Jiang Liucheng didn’t take his eyes back, but stared at him more honestly anyway, “If you are so busy, why did you come back?”


Qin Lu’s attention was temporarily turned away from the tablet computer, “The efficiency of the crew has been pretty good recently, and I got a few days off. But apart from work, there are indeed some reasons that have to do with you.”


Jiang Liucheng blinked, “It’s because you want to find a new blind date for me.”


Qin Lu met his eyes and said, “That only takes up a small part of my reason. In fact, I planned to come to you a few days ago. You are now signing a contract with Sparks Entertainment, and you can be regarded as my junior brother. Your senior brother wants to support his junior brother, can he not?”


Jiang Liucheng didn’t understand, “What kind of support?”


Qin Lu: “When others slander you, do you want to just let them go?”


Jiang Liucheng did not hesitate, “I don’t want to.”


He has been busy these few days, and he has not had time to deal with this matter. Now that he has signed a contract, he can also do it freely. However, he did not expect Qin Lu to come back this time with the purpose of helping him vent his anger. 


Qin Lu nodded with satisfaction, “It’s fine if you don’t want to, I’ll take care of this matter. In the future, you can just do your own thing with peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about anyone targeting you again.”


A strange feeling rose again in Jiang Liucheng’s heart. He was used to handling everything by himself since he was a child, and suddenly someone is saying this to him. It’s as if Qin Lu just said that he would protect him in the future, making him feel uncomfortable because it’s a first for him. As a result, his eyes quickly diverted away from Qin Lu.


Qin Lu didn’t notice his strangeness. After he finished speaking, his attention returned to his tablet. He didn’t put it away until the car stopped in front of the restaurant he ordered in advance.


After entering the restaurant, Jiang Liucheng realized that Qin Lu had ordered it before he arrived in Yunshi. The other party had already decided to take him out for dinner, and the unexpected meeting was also premeditated.


The dishes in the restaurant were pre-ordered, and not long after they were seated, the waiter came to serve the dishes. After a while, the table was filled with hot meals.


Jiang Liucheng saw that he liked to eat almost all of them. Although he eats everything, there are always some things that people prefer to eat. He does not think it is a coincidence.


“These are what you ordered?” Jiang Liucheng asked Qin Lu, looking at him.


Qin Lu nodded, “I see that you were on the set and ate a lot of these dishes. I thought you liked them more, so I ordered a few at random. I must’ve guessed wrong.”


Jiang Liucheng: “No, I like to eat them all. It’s a nice courtesy. I’ll invite you next time.”


Qin Lu: “Okay.”


After the meal, Qin Lu sent Jiang Liucheng back to the community. But then, he saw a blue sports car with an eye-catching face parked at the gate of the community, and two young people nearby seemed to be watching the car.


The sports car was a bit in the way unless they went around it. Qin Lu asked Zhang Ning to go straight to the gate.


Jiang Liucheng: “No, just stop here. It’s just two steps away. I’ll just walk over there.”


Qin Lu nodded and said, “Then we will stop here.”


Jiang Liucheng got out of the car and said to Qin Lu before stepping out of the vehicle, “Call me when you have time.”


Seeing that he was still thinking about entertaining him, Qin Lu smiled and said, “Okay, you can go up.”


Jiang Liucheng waved goodbye to him, and then turned and walked toward the community.


Just after reaching the gate, the blue sports car behind finally moved, and a person got off the driver’s seat and called his name.



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After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

After The Actor Made a Match For Me, He Died Out of Jealousy

Status: Completed Type: , Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
After Jiang Liu Cheng’s parents divorced, both of them quickly formed a new family. Both his parents are married to wealthy families, but even so, no one wanted nor supported him. He was simply kicked around between them as neither family wanted him. Thus, Jiang Liu Cheng, who longed for a home his whole life had decided to find a partner of his own.   He happened to gather up to three blind dates:  
  1. A famous director in the entertainment industry
  2. A rich second generation from a certain family
  3. A well-known scriptwriter
  ……….   Later, he took his new fiance to the banquet and introduce him to others: “My date.” His remarried parents looking at the face in front of them, which will inherit billions of dollars at any time:? ? ?   Qin Lu is an actor in the entertainment industry and the heir to a wealthy family. He had gotten into a car accident and was later saved by Jiang Lu. In order to repay the favor, he decided to fulfill his wish and introduce him to high-quality blind dates.    Qin Lu: He is a great director, upstarting in the entertainment industry. Later: He is a male chauvinist, so I don’t know.  Qin Lu: Ah! This one is my good friend. He is a rich second generation. I know him quite well. It’s all good. Later: He is a great guy and all, but he has this first love that he can’t seem to forget. Qin Lu: What about a well-known scriptwriter? He has written several explosive scripts. Later: Although, rumors had been going around, and it was said that he is not that very good in that aspect in real life… If you know what I mean.   Qin Lu then smiles at Jiang Liu as he was trying to hint at something while wriggling his brows: You know, I am not that of a macho man. I don’t belittle women. I also don’t have an unforgettable first love. And while we are on the topic, I always work out. I have six-pack abs.    The director, the rich second-generation man, and the screenwriter who was victimized by the wind commentary: “Fuck that man.” 


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