ATAMMDO Chapter 34 pt.2

Jiang Liu Cheng walked into his study and suddenly thought of one more thing, “Can I also borrow your computer?”


Qin Lu nodded, “Yes.”


Jiang Liu Cheng “Thank you.”


Qin Lu raised his brows. Before, Jiang Liu Cheng would also thank him. At that time, he didn’t have any special feelings about it. He would just simply brush it off. Now, when he heard him say this, he felt that the other party was being too polite to him.


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t know what Qin Lu was thinking exactly. After Qin Lu helped him open the computer and entered the password, he didn’t look at the things on the desktop, but transferred the electronic document to the computer and printed it directly.


The clicking sound of the printer reverberated in the study, and it would take some time for the script of dozens of pages to be printed out.


With nothing to divert his attention, Jiang Liu Cheng’s gaze involuntarily turned to Qin Lu. Still, he didn’t know that Qin Lu was looking at him, so he was slightly stunned when he met his gaze.


Jiang Liu Cheng had an inexplicable feeling, only that Qin Lu had never looked at him with such eyes before.


Just as the strange atmosphere spread in the study, a knock on the door broke the silence between the two people.


Zhang Ning bought the medicine and came up.


Qin Lu went out to get the medicine and came back and asked, “How do you take this medicine?”


Jiang Liu Cheng said, “Take three at a time. If it doesn’t subside, I will take it again at night.”


Qin Lu took three tablets, then went to the counter to pour a glass of water. Afterward, he handed it to Jiang Liu Cheng and watched him take it.


After a while, the script was finally printed.


Jiang Liu Cheng said his goodbye to Qin Lu with a stack of scripts on his hands and returned to the next room.


He didn’t rush to look back, but he sent Qin Lu a transfer, saying it was the money for the medicine. He asked him to help transfer it to Zhang Ning because he didn’t have Zhang Ning’s WeChat.


Qin Lu didn’t reply immediately. So Jiang Liu Cheng suddenly remembered that he could ask Qin Lu to push Zhang Ning’s WeChat business card to him instead.


When he was about to type in another message, the transfer showed that it had been received.


Qin Lu: [I will help you transfer it to him.]


Upon seeing this, Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t say anything about adding Zhang Ning’s WeChat anymore. Instead, he said thank you and started reading his printed script in his room.


The script was adapted from an online novel. When Li Qiu told him about this novel before, he read it and thought it was a romance novel as it was related to falling in love, but who knew it was not.


The protagonist is an ignorant rich second-generation. After his rich father’s death, he thought he would inherit his father’s billionaire fortune. Who knew that the lawyer told him that the rich father made a will before his death in which he can only get one-third of the assets, and if he wants to inherit it, he has to fulfill the conditions he proposed.


The rich second generation agreed in order to inherit the inheritance, but who knew that the rich father’s inheritance request was for him to become a grass-roots civil servant? He had to be a civil servant, and he could not give up halfway. Otherwise, he would lose his inheritance rights.


The rich second generation had no choice but to agree because he found that all his credit cards had been blocked in advance, and the house he lived in was locked. If he did not agree, he would not only be penniless but also live on the streets.


The story unfolds against this background, and the adapted script almost restores more than 90% of the plot of the novel.


The screenwriter seems to respect the originality of the novel, except for some details, and did not make many changes.


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When Jiang Liu Cheng read the novel, he almost finished it in one breath. And now, it is the same when reading the script. Even if he already knows the development of the plot, he still sees the end of it in one sitting.


In fact, he didn’t feel that he was similar to the protagonist in the novel, but he really liked the story.


After reading it, Jiang Liu Cheng wrote a small composition for the protagonist, as usual, marking down every change in the protagonist’s mood.


Unknowingly, it was already noon when Li Lei found out that he was not on the set. He hurriedly called him to remind him of his role, only to find out that he was still in the hotel.


“Liu Cheng, didn’t you see the text message I sent you? The director said that he would take a few more scenes and ask you to come to the crew.”


“Sorry, I didn’t notice new information on my phone, I’ll be right there.”




Jiang Liu Cheng hurriedly packed up and went out. The shooting location had some distance from the hotel. He was standing on the side of the road and was about to stop a car when a sports car suddenly stopped in front of him.


The car window came down, revealing Mo Yi’s face as he was smiling friendly at him.


“What a coincidence. Mr. Jiang, this seems to be the third time we meet. You happened to be with Emperor Qin the first two times. Where are you going? Do you need me to give you a ride?”


The weasel has never been kind to the chicken. Jiang Liu Cheng guesses that Li Qiu has always refused, and Mo Yi can’t wait to come to the door himself.


“No, I’m not familiar with you.” There was no strange rejection on his face.


Mo Yi guessed that he would refuse, and didn’t beat around the bush at the moment, “Actually, I came to you on purpose. Did your agent tell you that Mo’s Entertainment wants to sign you?”


“He told me.” Jiang Liu Cheng answered and planned on dismissing the conversation already. He saw that there were no cars on the road, and thinking that it would be difficult to get a car, he simply walked in the direction of the crew.


Mo Yi drove to keep up, “Mr. He of Mo’s Entertainment told me that you didn’t agree to sign the contract yet, maybe because you were worried that I would target you because you took away the role of Paradise from me. But you can rest assured that I am not holding any grudges. I know the decision is up to you. This is in the hands of the director, this matter has nothing to do with me. You should have heard that I am the prince of Mo’s Entertainment, but no one will not wants their company to develop better, so I can’t do anything about it. Unfavorable things come to the company. Besides, you have the potential to become popular, and signing with Mo’s Entertainment is a win-win for you and Mo’s Entertainment.”


Jiang Liu Cheng, who was walking on the side of the road, suddenly stopped in his tracks. He looked at Mo Yi directly in his eyes and said, “These words should not be what you thought.”


Mo Yi’s expression froze for a second, “What do you mean?”


Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t seem to see his unnatural expression, “That woman taught you to say this, didn’t she?.”


Mo Yi suddenly reacted and stared at him in shock, wondering if Jiang Liu Cheng knew something that he didn’t, “What woman, which woman are you referring to?”


Jiang Liu Cheng calmly decrypted, “Isn’t that your mother, that Mrs. Mo?”


Mo Yi is now finally convinced that Jiang Liu Cheng must know who he is and who Mrs. Mo is. Thinking that he had just foolishly persuaded the other party to sign on Mo’s Entertainment, the other party must be laughing at his picture in his heart. He looks a sorry sight.

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  • Is where he will meet the screenwriter blind date OwO? Or nahh. But the way they incorporated most of the scenes from the novel feels good :> Usually they’re lacking or changed much owo also, it’s not the usual campus drama or typical rich character :> but a second gen experiencing growth

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