ATAMMDO Chapter 12 pt.1


Chapter 12 – The Rich Second Generation Who Wants To Experience Life?


As if they could not believe what they had heard, they looked at each other with the people around them, and after a burst of winking eye contact, they were sure that they had heard it correctly.


Their director, who has become very bad-tempered since making the film, is going on a blind date.


Forget it, it sounds like the director begged someone on the other side of the phone to let him go on a blind date.


This is big news.


During the meal that day, there was no break in the small group of news, and they were all guessing who the director would go on a blind date with.


Some people think that the director’s blind date’s family is so powerful that they can make the director go on a blind date willingly.


But Jiang Liu Cheng is not a real star yet. So even if they find it was him, it won’t make a big deal outside of the set. That’s why the director didn’t make much of a fuss about it.


The first time Jiang Liu Cheng received a phone call from Director Cheng Qinghua was after he got into a cab to go to the filming set. He asked Jiang Liu Cheng when he had arrived and where he had been without exchanging pleasantries.


He simply told him that he had just gotten out of the plane and was already on his way to the crew. Cheng Qinghua told him to let him know when he arrives at the set.


Jiang Liu Cheng thought that Cheng Qinghua has something important to say to him, so he made a mental note to himself that he should. 


As soon as he hangs up the phone call, he received a call from Qin Lu.


“If you are not satisfied with Director Cheng and don’t know how to refuse him, you can always tell me. I will be the one to tell him, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.”


Growing up, Jiang Liu Cheng was seldom embarrassed.


“It’s alright.” Jiang Liu Cheng said so in consideration. “Although we do not chat that much, Director Cheng Qinghua was really nice to me. He also introduced me to work, so there would be more opportunities for us to interact.”


In the past, he and his blind date is required to chat every day just so they would get to know each other. He went through with it just to be familiarized himself with the other party more. It’s necessary so that they would know if the two of them would get along in the future. These are all necessary procedures for a blind date.


However, Director Cheng Qinghua may be busy. There are times when he sends him a message, but he doesn’t reply for a long extended period of time. Jiang Liu Cheng understood this, especially since his new film will start filming pretty soon. It’s a busy and hectic time for him.


On the other hand, Qin Lu’s train of thoughts had it all misunderstood. Upon hearing this, he thought that Jiang Liu Cheng was complaining to him regarding Cheng Qinghua who doesn’t want to talk to him.


Although Qin Lu worked as a matchmaker for the first time, he understands the concept of a blind date. The two people must talk and if they stopped talking then it only meant that the blind date was bound to collapse sooner or later. 


“I see.” Qin Lu said coldly.


Jiang Liu Cheng was still wondering what was the matter and why was he asking, but then the call suddenly ended. 


More than half an hour later, the taxi stopped outside the Paradise crew.


A young man is standing at the door of the crew, looking around, as if waiting for someone.


Jiang Liu Cheng got out of the car, and the young man glanced at him and then happen to stop. 


“Hello, is your name Jiang Liu Cheng?” The young man suddenly came up and asked.


Jiang Liu Cheng: “I am. You are?”


The young man lets out a sigh of relief. When he first received the task, he was still speechless. Not only will he look for someone he doesn’t know, but the director also didn’t show him any photos. He only told him that Jiang Liu Cheng is the one that he will think of as the most beautiful in the set. But there was no shortage of good-looking stars in the entertainment industry.


Now when he saw him, he suddenly felt that what the director said was right. Sure enough, he was the best-looking one. Even the top star Wang Ye was not as good-looking as he was.


“My name is Liu Yangxi. I’m Director Cheng’s assistant. He asked me to come out to pick you up. He said that you came here for the first time and asked me to take you to register and arrange accommodation.”

Jiang Liu Cheng nodded and showed a gentle smile.


The young man was a little dazed, and the sun seemed a little dazzling today.


The crew spent a lot of money to rent the hotel nearby. So the room floors for the staff and the actors are separated. And the higher the floor, the better the room is.


Jiang Liu Cheng did not know this. With the help of the young man, he checked in and followed him to the hotel.


The elevator keeps going up.


Liu Yangxi kept looking at Jiang Liu Cheng. In his mind, he was wondering where the director found such a figure? If there were such a good-looking star in the entertainment industry, he could not have known.


It never occurred to him that Jiang Liu Cheng might be a fool, otherwise, the director would not have let him come out to pick him up.


Thinking of the elevator reaching the top floor, Liu Yangxi didn’t think of it either.


“In addition to you, there are also director Cheng Qinghua and Qin Lu on this floor. This is your room.” Liu Yangxi took him to one of the rooms and then opened the door with the card in his hand.


The room is so large that it has its own separate study. Generally speaking, only the leading actor and the director should have this treatment.


Although Jiang Liu Cheng’s role has a big impact on the story, he is only in a supporting role and there is also the fact that he had never heard of him before. At first, Liu Yangxi thought that all he had to do was to put him on the same floor as other supporting actors. Unexpectedly, the director asked him to take Jiang Liu Cheng to the top floor.


Liu Yangxi has been with Director Cheng Qinghua for two years and knows that he never cares about actors and actresses. This is the first time that he has personally explained such a thing for him to do.

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  • if it were others or this novel being darker, the supporting characters would think that there’s unspoken rules going on owo a director and an unknown actor that doesn’t look like one of the second generations looking to experience life.

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