ATAMMDO Chapter 10 pt.1

Chapter 10 – Your Contract is Illegal


As the boss stares at Jiang Liu Cheng, Jiang Liu Cheng looks back at him.


He still remembers the day they first met. The boss made a lot of concessions about the contract and said a lot of words to him to win sympathy and make him sign.


He said that the entertainment industry is a ruthless place and that Zhou Sheng Entertainment has no strength and can only survive in the gap. He has always depended on him to pull the company’s resources and artists’ announcements.


Later, when he found that Jiang Liu Cheng didn’t have many expressions, he changed the routine, saying that no matter how difficult it was, as long as he signed with Zhou Sheng Entertainment, he would try his best to win him popularity.


The words of a year ago seem to be fresh still in Jiang Liu Cheng’s mind. Of course, the main reason for this is the fact that his memory is naturally good. In fact, Jiang Liu Cheng’s memory is so good that he can easily recall what’s the boss facial expression was at that time too.


Just after that, the boss seems to have forgotten what he once said.


While saying that the company didn’t have it easy either, he tried to make Jiang Liu Cheng understand that the company has no choice but mercilessly hide him away. 


“Long time no see, Jiang Liu Cheng. You look like you’re doing well. Your face is quite rosy.” The boss smiled and opened his mouth in a gesture of talking about family matters.


Jiang Liu Cheng formed a smile, “This is all thanks to the boss.”


“I know you have complaints about the company, but you didn’t seize the opportunity yourself. If you hadn’t changed the contract like that, the company would’ve invested in you to make you popular. There wouldn’t have had many discrepancies.” 


Because of all the changes to the contract which doesn’t give the company the upper hand, he was reluctant to invest in Jiang Liu Cheng’s career.


When he was in the middle of thinking about it, someone approached him and told him to snowball Jiang Liu Cheng.


At first, he didn’t want to do it. Zhou Sheng Entertainment has waited so long to sign an artist who is perfect in every way.


Li Qiu’s eyes rolled straight away after hearing his boss’ statement. “Boss, we are all sensible people, so we don’t have to say such things. Everyone knows what benefits Zhou Sheng Entertainment got after hiding Jiang Liu Cheng from all the opportunities.”


At first, he didn’t understand that it was more beneficial to the company to promote him than to hide Jiang Liu Cheng.


Only later did someone tell him secretly that the company had used Jiang Liu Cheng for many benefits.


Under the other party’s matchmaking, Zhou Sheng Entertainment not only used the resources given by the other party to successfully promote an artist, but even other artists also drank the soup.


Only Jiang Liu Cheng, who had been used, got nothing.


Because Jiang Liu Cheng has not come to make trouble about it for the past year, the boss always thought that Jiang Liu Cheng knew that he could not compete with the company. He could only wait for the contract to expire. With that, he also maintains the appearance of courtesy at least until after the termination of the contract.


But now that he is being punctured by Li Qiu, the smile on the boss’ face slowly disappeared. He leaned against his chair with boredom. In fact, he even raised his legs just to prove that he could not care any less.


“According to my assistant, you want to terminate the contract in advance. Do you know that if you do so, you’re going to have to pay the liquidated damages? Can you handle paying that large sum of money?”


The boss looked over at Jiang Liu Cheng as if he already has a tight grip around the victory. 


Meanwhile, Li Qiu doesn’t know where the boss is getting his courage. Did he forget all about the revised contract?


Jiang Liu Cheng knows that this is probably a common fault of being the boss. He always feels like he is the one who holds the power of life and death of his employees.


“I’m not here to compensate for liquidated damages. On the contrary, Zhou Sheng Entertainment has to pay me a sum of money.”


When the boss heard such a strange remark for the first time, he smiled, “Are you crazy or did I mishear you when you said Zhou Sheng Entertainment was going to pay you money?”


Jiang Liu Cheng: “You heard it right. I think you just have no idea why. According to the contract, if I want to terminate the contract, I need to compensate the company’s liquidated damages several times the cost the company has invested in me this year. But unfortunately, the company has invested almost zero cost in me in the past year. The liquidated damages can hardly be counted.”


The boss’s expression slightly twitched, the company’s training of Jiang Liu Cheng was indeed interrupted before it had time to start, and those small roles given later were not wanted by others since they’re not actually relevant to benign with.


“If you say that there is no input cost, does it really mean that there is no input cost? Ha. Do not make me laugh, you young people. If the company says that there is, then you have to wait for a minute and there will be. You are just an ordinary person. You won’t be able to beat a company.” 


“Are you going to fake? Do you know what the consequences will be if you defraud other people’s property for the purpose of illegal possession? Not to mention, if you try to list a large sum of money? It’ll be a violation of the criminal law.” Jiang Liu Cheng asked calmly. 


Upon hearing this, the boss could not help but remember the picture of Jiang Liu Cheng reciting the legal provisions in public when he signed the contract a year ago.


He almost forgot that this man was a high achiever, a graduate of Q University. He not only studied law, but also took the law exam, and got a high score.


The boss subconsciously changed his sitting position.


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. What I want to say now is another thing. In the contract we signed, there is a provision that if the company fails to win popularity for the artist in accordance with the agreement, resulting in loss of wages and income of the artist, then the company should compensate and terminate the contract according to ten times the actual income of the artist in previous years.” Jiang Liu Cheng read the terms word by word.


Clauses like these are usually the company digging a hole for the artist, never the artist digging a hole for the company, and then the artist ought to not have the capital to negotiate with the company since they are still just starting out.


However, if it is stated in the contract and that contract has legal effect, then it is established.


The boss immediately looked up to his assistant: “Is there such clause in the contract signed between the company and Jiang Liu Cheng?”


The assistant nodded with a worried expression on his face. “There’s indeed such a clause in the contract, sir.”

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