APA Chapter 9

Client in the Martial Arts World - Sincerely open, see if you're the one, others don't make trouble; I, the gold medaled assassin, is in need of money!

“I’ll be honest here, the Original Owner was indeed imprudent.” Lin Yuetian spoke after receiving all the original memories. “Marriage is different from love. Marriage is no longer between individuals, but a matter between two families. Premarital examination, from the very basic medical aspects, property notarization, to the ins and outs situation of each family, are all necessary.” 

Such words, even if the System were to be given an extra brain to think, never in his wildest dream would he ever expect Lin Yuetian to say it. Or actually, he didn’t expect such a saying that’s very in line with the norms in society actually came out from a Paid Killer’s mouth. He tried to endure, held back, but in the end, he still couldn’t help but roast Lin Yuetian,

[“Don’t you even feel sorry for the Original Owner and condemn this Scum Gong? How miserable  Lin Yuetian was, and how detestable the things that scumbag Xiao Li have done. Aren’t you lacking in empathy a bit too much there?”]

Hearing the reprimand from the System, Lin Yuetian was showing a surprised expression instead. “If I had to show empathy every time I do my work, would I still be a gold-medalist Assassin in the first place?”

The System, [“…”]

He had no words to retort and immediately changed the topic at hand. [“From now on you have no novice protection. Don’t continue to mess around, you must cherish your life and well-being! The mission in this world is as follows, 1st Mission, Get revenge on the Demonic Sect; 2nd Mission, Make Xiao Li regret his actions; 3rd Mission, Marry Xiao Li.”]

“Understood.” Lin Yuetian nodded while pinning the pair of swords he found in his belonging to his waist. “You can rest assured, I will definitely get the business done. But first, let me see where I can earn my first pot of gold[1]A phrase to say, earning starter fund.”

The System, [“?”]

“Without money, what kind of business can I still complete?” Lin Yuetian elucidated his intention.

From the original’s memories he had received earlier, he knew that there was an assassin organization in this Martial Arts world. Unfortunately, the staff they hired are those who grew up and had been cultivated by the organization since the very start. Outsiders who were not nurtured by their own hands were not welcome. Lin Yuetian could only sigh lamentably.

He was about to go out of the inn room but suddenly went back inside before taking no more than 2 steps outside.

“I remember, when the task in the last world was completed, you stated that I got 1,000 points as my reward. Furthermore, you told me in the beginning that the point reward can be used to buy everything I want to bring to my original world. That being said, can I buy the goods during the task period and use them in the mission world instead?” He asked.

[“Naturally you could. However, if the things you’d like to buy don’t conform to the world setting, you have to consume more points.”] The System quickly alarmed him. [“Don’t try to imagine a scene where you can take out guns and the likes, shouting; the era has changed!”]

“I don’t have that kind of idea.” Lin Yuetian paused, before euphemistically inquired further, “Are there any other rules? Don’t you think as a System you’re unprofessional for not fully informing all the mission rules to the Tasker from the start?”

The System, [“I can’t be blamed for this. I’ve been shocked by your conduct right in the get-go that I couldn’t even think of anything else…alright, anyway, there should be no rules that I haven’t told you yet.”]

The System didn’t want to know about what things Lin Yuetian wanted to buy or what he intended to do with them. He just directly open the System Mall and let Lin Yuetian browse by himself.

There really were various things provided by the System Mall. From martial arts inheritance, mental techniques, to all kinds of futuristic technology. Lin Yuetian’s hands were itchy to grab them, however, his wallet was also itching, since he had no more than 1,000 points, he really couldn’t afford wanton shopping.

After screening from all sides and considering all aspects, eventually, he bought a disguised technique worth 500 points. Before buying the said goods, he had consulted the System for a long time, confirming that despite the exquisite technique, it had no supernatural effect. In conclusion, the technique could be used in all kinds of worlds, including the ordinary modern world. Lin Yuetian bought it with confidence thereafter.

Facing the mirror, Lin Yuetian molded inconspicuous facial features on his own face. Afterward, changing his blood-stained robes into a clean ones, he jumped out of the window in a high spirit.


The original Lin Yuetian in this world not only had an extraordinary background, but his own martial arts actually could be considered first-class in the entire Jianghu. His Qinggong[2]some skill like Parkour (but more advanced or exquisite). See more herewas exceptional, and his swordsmanship was impressive. Now in Lin Yuetian’s hand, he gave the full play of what a superb Qinggong could be used as. After scouring the whole city and figuring out the city layout on the first day, he first did one thing; Handing out flyers.

Lin Yuetian used the set of brush and ink as well as paper found from the original owner’s belonging to hurriedly wrote and copied a lot of flyers in one night. The content was informing one similar thing;

Fellow friends in Jianghu, this one here is a nameless wanderer. Passing by this place and is unfortunate to be short of provision. Do allow this one help everyone to solve your problems and earn some extra income.

There are a lot of turmoils in Wulin[3]The Martial arts’ society, walking in Jianghu[4]A term in Martial arts to refer “the world”will inevitably lead to enmity and grievances. If you have an enemy you wish to kill, do write down their name, appearance and address, as well as a deposit of 100 taels, and simply put it on the roof of your house. If the deposit and letter are taken away on the very night, then the business is deemed as accepted. I must take the other party’s head within seven days, and deliver the gift to the esteem customer’s house to verify their identity. Naturally, in addition to the first installment, there will also be the final payment after the deal has been done. Please do put the final payment following the previous method.

Sincerely opening business, see if you are the one, and do not deliberately create disruption.

Jianghu’s Wanderer.

Afterward, when the moonlight was veiled, the wind was raging, and the star lights were dim, Lin Yuetian left the inn he lived at. Tapping his toes lightly, flying high like an ebony magpie, passing over the beams of every house in the city. This body’s Qinggong was truly marvelous, he was leaping as light as a breeze, leaving no trace in every transition of jumping point. Even in the entire Jianghu, there were few people who would be able to detect his movement, much less in this town where no major Martial Arts Sect existed. He was simply invincible.

The dark night had become Lin Yuetian’s best hiding place. He went back and forth to every corner of the city, and whenever he saw a somewhat large house, he’d throw down his leaflets weighed with stones. After being busy all night until the Eastern horizon was starting to lighten, Lin Yuetian finally fled outside the city and found a secluded place to rest.

This kind of move was definitely similar to the popular fraud message, “I, Qin Shi Huang, in need of money.[5]It’s a popular fraud case in China. Qin Shi Huang was the Emperor who creates currency, his name was used to send fraudulent messages, saying he needs 100 Yuan in order to dig his secret gold … Continue reading in modern times. Nobody would believe such an advertisement, what kind of normal people would casually kill others? However here, in Jianghu, where they emphasized pleasure, gratitudes and grievances, mixed with all kinds of eccentricity within, Lin Yuetian believed that there should be many people who take this set of “Wandering Master was taking order online”.

Therefore, during some period of time later, Lin Yuetian really had been busy dealing with businesses.

He had set up a rule if the customer declined to pay the rest of the payment after getting their deal done, he would assassinate one person in the Client’s house by each day they broke the covenant. Starting from the servant, the accountant, to family members, the degree of importance would go higher every day until the payment was settled peacefully.

Of course, he didn’t end up encountering such a situation many times. Most of the customers were already scared stiff when they saw the head of their enemy (who mostly they couldn’t solve on their own hence the assassination request) was actually thrown into their courtyard from the sky. How could they still dare to be stingy and refuse to give the complete payment?

On the other hand, it’s not like there were no idlers in Jianghu who boast righteousness here. They originally planned to deal with this lawless Assassin, unfortunately, their martial arts were merely second-rate. A lot of them didn’t really have genuine martial arts techniques to learn from, merely learning miscellaneous teaching. Most importantly, a large part of them was over 30 years old, out of the golden period. As the saying went, in martial arts, being young and having a strong body was the biggest investment.

Whereas the original Lin Yuetian in this world was born in an extraordinary background. There was no shortage of Jianghu experts who had taught him since his childhood. Right now he was still around 17 or 18, at the peak of his vitality. Those Wulin idlers in this city were only worthy of one hand of his to solve them cleanly.

In such a state, his list of businesses in the city was successfully completed without much of a hindrance.


“I’ve earned enough. ” Lin Yuetian announced with satisfaction. “The Original Owner is still young but his martial arts is simply terrifying. Worthy of being a privileged elite, what an astonishing young talent!”

[“The Original Owner is indeed good and decent, but why don’t you see what you’ve done this time…”] The System was unable to get angry anymore. He really wanted to cry but have no tears. [“Don’t you know what you are being called in Jianghu today? Hehe…I don’t think you know, but let me tell you. Since you take one hundred taels of money as a deposit, these days everyone calls you a Hundred Taels Ghost. This means it only needs a hundred taels to turn someone into a ghost.”]

“That’s a distasteful nickname.” Lin Yuetian commented. “Most importantly, it advertises my payment wrongly. How could I be so cheap, only worthy of 100 taels?”

The System, [“Who cares whether you like it or not? Oh, in addition, since you only use a short sword in this pair of Zimu[6]zǐmǔ: mother and child pair, or simply a pair of one Main/Big, one Sub/Small pairingSwords, which measurement is a little bit over 50 cm or approximately 1 and a half feet, so the authority gave you another nickname that is, The Bloody Step. How about it, doesn’t it sound much nicer?”]

Lin Yuetian didn’t seem to notice the grief and anger beyond the System’s tone of speech. After weighing for a while, he seriously gave his evaluation of the other nickname, “It really sounds nice, and has quite an artistic sense.”

The System had no more comments. He tried hard to cultivate his state of mind. He was convincing and self-reminding not to talk, retort, comment, mock, or fight with Lin Yuetian.

However, his self-conviction only lasted one minute before he got distracted and broke down.

It was due to Lin Yuetian’s action of taking out one note with a target’s information written on it. Seeing Lin Yuetian’s action who looked like he wanted to continue doing his assassination job, he couldn’t help but interject vigilantly, [“Didn’t you say you have earned enough?”]

Lin Yuetian smiled leisurely. “I said, you really seem to misunderstand me quite deeply there.”

Shaking the paper in his hand he explained kindly, “I did some business to earn money. I make money to aid and ease my movement in this world, in the final analysis, I’m doing this for the sake of our Task’s completion. Besides, the reason I asked the customers to provide their target’s information is actually a way to collect clues quickly and easily. Now, you see, the name and appearance written on this piece of paper, isn’t this the one and only Left Protector[7]There are Left Protector and Right Protector in Xianxia or Wuxia Sect’s setting, similar to Right hand-man and deputy positionof the Demonic Sect, Ning Songhua?”

The System took a closer look, he really didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad at this time. [“It really is…”]

“The Client this time also attached another letter. It says, he heard that I have made some achievements in the city recently. He also said that the Demonic Sect has wiped out almost all the Jianghu top experts in the whole Central Plain since the massacre in the Wulin Alliance Headquarters[8]Father Lin originally was the Leader of Wulin, so Lin Clan Mansion was supposed to be the headquartershappened. From that day on, they have become even more rampant. Not only has the previously-Lin Clan Mansion been used as their stronghold, but even their Left Protector has dared to walk openly in the broad daylight[9]usually the upper member of the demonic sect can’t go out in a high profile manner, afraid of them committing crime unscrupulously thus, normally, will always be hunted down by the righteous … Continue reading. Ning Songhua entered the city 3 days ago, led his men to search various inns, and inquired many people if they had seen Lin Yuetian, the Young Master of the Lin Clan…” Lin Yuetian stopped after reading to this point. “Well, fortunately, I came out from the inn early and live in the wilderness instead, otherwise my trace would have been discovered.”

The original owner had lived a good life since he was a child. Even when he was wandering in the Rivers and Lakes[10]the literal meaning of Jianghu, he still paid good attention to his food and clothing. On the other hand, Assassin-Lin Yuetian was different. He was born in a slum area in the Cyberpunk world and had been a Paid Killer for a long time. Even if he liked spending money and living lavishly, he put his Job of the utmost importance. In order to complete his task, he could live in the worst environment during the process.

However, Ning Songhua, of course, would never think the person he searched for was no longer the same inside. He followed his impression of the original Young Master of the Lin Family in his searching method, and it was bound to have no result thereby.

[“What are you going to do?”] The System asked for his next course of action.

“Naturally, I have to fulfill the demand of my Customer first and foremost.” Lin Yuetian said assertively with a righteous tone. “Let’s kill him first and talk about the further plans later.”



1 A phrase to say, earning starter fund
2 some skill like Parkour (but more advanced or exquisite). See more here
3 The Martial arts’ society
4 A term in Martial arts to refer “the world”
5 It’s a popular fraud case in China. Qin Shi Huang was the Emperor who creates currency, his name was used to send fraudulent messages, saying he needs 100 Yuan in order to dig his secret gold treasures, lol.
6 zǐmǔ: mother and child pair, or simply a pair of one Main/Big, one Sub/Small pairing
7 There are Left Protector and Right Protector in Xianxia or Wuxia Sect’s setting, similar to Right hand-man and deputy position
8 Father Lin originally was the Leader of Wulin, so Lin Clan Mansion was supposed to be the headquarters
9 usually the upper member of the demonic sect can’t go out in a high profile manner, afraid of them committing crime unscrupulously thus, normally, will always be hunted down by the righteous sect immediately
10 the literal meaning of Jianghu
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Lilac says:

    “If he didn’t get his due payment he’ll kill the client’s affiliate one by one until he gets it.”

    On one side I worry about, Yuetian’s morality, since I’ve been reading lots of Righteous MC in Chinese novels in which every kill they did must be justified for the sake of justice. I thought, why didn’t Yuetian use some harassment method, like beating them, to demand payment? Why did he directly resort to killing? Aren’t those servants’ life not a life? They don’t have enmity with Yuetian, to begin with, right? Why do they have to die?

    But after taking another look, I realize, “hey, Yuetian is an assassin after all.”
    Those who dare to deal with the assassin are like playing with fire, if they dare to play with it, they will burn themselves.
    Those who dare to deliberately run without paying the assassin must be stubborn people who will not understand the severity before they feel the pain themselves. Harassment or beating physically to demand payment will only make them get even more stubborn or even make trouble for Yuetian. Because they simply have not tasted the Danger they currently facing.
    As such, Yuetian’s resorting to killing as a warning is the most efficient method—seen by the pov of finishing his job as an assassin conscientiously.
    Rationally speaking, Yuetian’s warning from the lowest level to the highest level strongly conforms to logic. Since if he directly kills the highest people of importance, then who will give him the payment? If anything, it’ll add him trouble instead of getting his due money.

    Yuetian is simply taking the title of “Professional” in his job seriously, albeit, his job is a pain killer.
    But putting aside law and justice, he’s a professional at heart.
    And this strangely is, wonderful. I appreciate his no-hypocrisy and professionalism in his job. As a person, his character/personality is worthy of admiration, disregarding what kind of morality did he has.

    Thank you for the update by the way😘

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      ahhh…that’s why I left a warning that our MC was born in a world with different order and setting, even his job has blatantly stated:)
      But, yup, this series is not about a hero who spreads justice by face-slapping the scumbags. What is fresh about this series, IMO, is the way the MC sticks to his ideal, fully aware of what his job is, and is being a professional at it. MC is not a perverted psycho murderer, neither was he a hypocrite pretending to have some righteousness when his job is clearly a paid killer. MC is simply a professional, assassin, that is, haha

  2. Aiko says:

    “Let’s kill them first and talk about further plans later.”
    – LY’s motto in life.

    Honestly as life mottos goes it ranks up there with:

    “Any problem that can be solved with a hammer isn’t problem at all.”

    “If money can’t solve the problem, add more money.”

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      You’re totally right! This is his charm actually. I like his unpretentious nature, he’s not greedy or unnecessary ruthless, he is just realistic and pragmatic 🙂

  3. PasserbyA says:

    Lin Yuetian is harsh with critics but he’s honest with compliment. I like it!
    He didn’t sympathize with the original body since even if he’s the victim, his gullible nature is one of the cause. Everyone said, don’t blame the victim, it’s disgusting to do victim blaming. But, then again, without the victim’s stupidity and recklessness, would the villain be successful? Is the victim worthy of the innocents who died due to his/her stupidity? In the case where the victim’s recklessness is one of the driver, they shouldn’t be whitewashed and judged as completely innocent and clean, they can’t shirk away from their own responsibility.
    But Lin Yuetian is also generous with compliments when it’s due. He didn’t cover up his admiration for the Original body’s talent and hard work.
    I think, even if this is a short-chaptered novel, the character building is quite well done, I really like Yuetian’s character setting ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ☀️

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      Actually, I also really like Lin Yuetian’s character setting and want this series to have a longer span, perhaps 100 chapters or so. Even with merely 66 chapters of Quick Transmigration arcs, Yuetian’s personality has been shaped quite well, IMO.
      Unfortunately, even the Author’s other works are simply bare in jjwxc, she hardly wrote other stories. It’s a pity.

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