APA Chapter 8

Client in the Martial Arts World - Premarital Examination is very important

[“This is not a pure love[1]The System seems to both referring the sincerity of feeling, also to remind that he came from the Shounen-ai department—in JJWXC shou-ai is called  Chún’ài=Pure Love at all.”] The System sighed sadly. [“What you’re doing is obviously inducing others to have a Stockholm Syndrome and take advantage of their mental fragility.”]

“What I did is clearly helping him to find the words he had difficulty explaining, there was no falsehood in the words I said to him, is there?” Lin Yuetian calmly stated his defense. 

He was currently trying to put Shaofeng Xianjun who had bid goodbye to the world into a Qiankun pouch. After successfully packing the body, he suddenly speak,

“I said, you seem to have a misunderstanding about me there. You have to know that any acquaintance of mine in my original world all say that I’m gentle, reasonable, and easy to get along with.”

[“I shall not say my opinion about it.”] The System muttered.

“Most importantly, I am proficient at my job.” Lin Yuetian continued to boast proudly, “Look, Isn’t our task completed in less than 7 days?”

The System almost lost his composure, and countered, [“Do you regard this as a job well done?”]

“You don’t understand, do you? Efficiently doing something is everything, and everything we do is for the sake of Efficiency. The faster I complete tasks, the more tasks I can complete. The more points I can get, the sooner I can conclude the business deal.”

The system curtly responded, [“Oh.”] 

He solemnly observed Lin Yuetian’s series of actions afterward. First, Lin Yuetian used the cleansing spell to tidy up the (murder) scene. Then, putting back his disguise as Lushui Xianjun, he calmly left the Qingfeng Sect (he didn’t forget to give a thank-you-nod to the Cultivator guarding the gate). Finally, he directly flew all the way to the agreed exchange place between him and Chen Wenying. 

The System asked at last, [“I don’t understand, what’s the use of taking Shaofeng Xianjun‘s body with you?”]

Lin Yuetian, as an amiable person that he was, patiently explained, “First, we have to hide the body to slow down the time of his death being discovered. For this kind of almighty Cultivator, it should be normal for him to suddenly disappear for dozen days or even weeks, due to him gaining some Heavenly insight or something and another. This way, it gives me time to leave this place and enjoy my financial freedom peacefully.”

[“As for the other reason?”]

“Did you forget? Of course, it’s to fulfill the demand of my Client No.2. I promised him to bury Shaofeng Xianjun with him. I should send him properly to be a pair of Ghost Husbands in the underworld, right?” Lin Yuetian solemnly declared with a righteous tone, “After all, I am a person who will never break my words.”

He was saying those virtuous words while throwing Lushui’s head and Shaofeng Xianjun‘s body into a pit in a neat business-like manner. Afterward, he used a spell to cover the pit properly. The System really wanted to play some background music for the two of them. However, he couldn’t decide which one fit this scene the most, was it Death Mantra or a Wedding March? In the end, he just gave up the idea.


Lin Yuetian had nicely settled his initial job, so he immediately went to finish his other business, disguising himself as Lushui Xianjun, and flew to Wanbao Pavilion. He took out all of Lushui’s lifetime saving as the payment for Shaofeng Xianjun‘s assassination. A prestigious Cultivator who came from a distinguished background and was also about to marry the world’s Number 1 Cultivator, needless to say, his so many prefixes were truly worthy of this lifetime saving! The assets he owned were simply in astonishing amount!

Lin Yuetian gained a huge fortune all at once. He couldn’t stop being in a high spirit for several days onward.

Today he flew around with his sword to have a sumptuous meal until the next day. The day after tomorrow, he went to visit some auctions and enjoyed the life of the rich. He really didn’t hesitate to spend money and live delightful life every single day. Looking at the way Lin Yuetian spent his money these days, the System finally understood why this person was so obsessed with achieving financial freedom, despite this kind of wish being considered simple for a gold-medalist Hitman.

This style of spending money like running water really made the money itself seemed like mere dirt!

At the very least, the System had never seen anything that flushed out faster than dung and, of course, Lin Yuetian’s money.

Lin Yuetian himself was dissatisfied with the System’s evaluation and his crude metaphor. He believed that the meaning of money’s existence was to be spent.

Anyway, he continued to go his own way, until one day he suddenly patted his forehead and exclaimed as he remembered an important event.

“I seem to have made a blunder.”

[“What is it?”] The System’s heart was as still as calm water, he felt that there was nothing he could be surprised about at this point.

Lin Yuetian sighed in self-reproach. “I suddenly remember that you once said, my Client No.1, Chen Wenying, is my rival in love. To put it in other words, he should also like Shaofeng Xianjun, right? If he digs the pit and finds out that the person he loves and his rival in love actually become a couple who were born on different days but died on the same date and place[2]this phrase is often used to praise an affectionate couple who live and die together, wouldn’t he feel jealous and unwilling?”

[“…”] The System faintly responded, [“…It’s fine already…really, it doesn’t matter anymore…”][3]The System felt the burial manner doesn’t matter anymore because what should be matter most is LYT killing Shaofeng, who Chen Wenying loves, has happened, so who cares about with whom he got … Continue reading

“Mn, that’s right.” Lin Yuetian nodded in agreement. “After all, there is a Primordial Soul curse I put on him. My Client No. 1 should obediently pay what he owed.”

The System really wanted to say that Lin Yuetian and him seemed to be worrying and agreeing about a completely different matter. In the end, he was too lazy to bother and decided to just stay silent.

“Oh! Wait a minute!” It was Lin Yuetian who once again exclaimed. “Isn’t Chen Wenying, Shaofeng Xianjun’s direct apprentice? Is this the so-called Teacher-Student romance?”

The System, [“Why didn’t I see you care about this matter when you’re doing your task prior?”]


At the end of the day, Lin Yuetian still received his due payment from Chen Wenying.

However, he heard some news along the way that Chen Wenying, the first disciple of Shaofeng Xianjun, was greatly stimulated. The poor guy could not hold on to life and has fallen ill thenceforth.

Even so, that had nothing to do with Lin Yuetian.

He had received the two sums of money from his two clients, thus continuing to enjoy his life to the fullest. He ate, drank, and play in every corner of the world. It took 300 years, even with his lavish spending, for him to finally squandered this huge sum of money.

Lin Yuetian couldn’t be more content with this life.

“Alright, let’s go to the next world!”

[“It’s been 300 years, why don’t you get tired or bored?”] While The System was operating their next teleportation, he asked the question he felt puzzled about.

He had been watching Lin Yuetian’s life for 300 years. Every day, Lin Yuetian was doing nothing, merely playing and flying around like an idler.

“You still don’t understand after all these years.” Lin Yuetian sighed with pity. “The carefree life while having financial freedom, and the happiness brought by wealth, even thousands of years I will never feel bored of it.”


The next moment Lin Yuetian opened his eyes he found himself still having ancient clothes on.

He seemed to be sleeping in some kind of inn at this time. There was a jade bottle held in his hand with its content emptied. At the front collar of his robes, there was some stain from black-colored blood.

“Taking poison?” Lin Yuetian guessed. “It seemed like the body I am in didn’t get a decent way to die.”

He got up from the sleeping posture, half-sitting, and proceeded to scan the entire room. There was a table with a green-clothed package as well as a pair of Sword, one long and one short, placed on top.

Suddenly, without saying a word, Lin Yuetian stood up and performed a set of martial arts moves.

The System, [“???”]

Lin Yuetian, however, was feeling excited and in high spirits at this moment. He sensed the abundant internal power inside this body when he probed at it earlier.

“Is this the legendary martial arts world?”

The System, [“Uh…that’s right, but what are you feeling so excited for?”]

“In my childhood, I loved reading martial arts novels.” Lin Yuetian quickly replied. “I like Lu Xiaojia in Gu Long’s novel[4]Gu Long is the author of a famous Wuxia/martial arts novel series in China, Xiaoli Feidao. See more here, you know? A wanton but exceptionally powerful assassin. He is one of my Idols in my field of job!”

[“Didn’t you come from the Cyberpunk world? How come there are any martial arts novels exist?”]

“You’re underestimating Human’s ability to preserve and inherit culture, don’t you?” Lin Yuetian regained his composure after getting excited for a moment just now. “Alright, let’s stop this digression. So, what do I need to do in this world?”

The System hurriedly said, [“Be patient, don’t rush, I’m afraid you’ll…anyway, let’s receive the memory of the Original Owner first.”]

A stream of mixed memories rushed into Lin Yuetian’s mind. He sat in front of the table and caressed the pair of swords, carefully sizing it up while his mind was also gradually sorting out the context of memories.


The Original Owner of this world was still called in the name of Lin Yuetian.

He was born in a prominent background. The Lin Family he came from was a famous martial arts clan in the Southern area of the Yangtze River[5]Jiangnan area. The Family had produced a lot of Jianghu[6]a term to refer to the world of martial artists warriors as well as wealthy Businessmen. When it came to Lin Yuetian’s father’s generation, the family had gone one step further. Father Lin had successfully become the leader of the Martial arts alliance…that was, of course, already in the past tense.

As of now, the entire Lin Family, the behemoth of Jianghu was already a thing of the past, not worthy of mentioning.

All of this was caused by the Original owner.

Lin Yuetian had been taught and practiced his martial arts within the perimeter of Lin Family ground. He was full of curiosity about the life in Jianghu outside as a result. When he was 17 years old, his father saw that he had finished his training, so he let his son go out exploring Jianghu to gain more experience.

During Lin Yuetian’s traveling later he met a handsome man named Xiao Li. He was generous, knowledgeable, had a high martial arts level, and above all, he had a gentle temperament. In their interaction afterward, Xiao Li was getting even more ambiguous and intimate with him. Lin Yuetian who was still a naive boy and barely had the experience of dealing with people, was quickly attracted and fall in love with Xiao Li thereafter. As proof of his sincerity, he even brought Xiao Li back to the Lin Mansion and insisted on marrying him.

Lin Yuetian’s parents loved their son dearly. After persuading his son’s hasty decision to no avail, they finally acquiesced to this shocking wish. Not only did they agree, but also decided to grandly hold a wedding banquet.

If the matter were to end at this point, then it would be a beautiful legend of a couple bravely overcoming obstacles and getting married for the sake of love.

However, at the wedding banquet, Xiao Li wrecked the well-prepared event. He crushed a wax pill containing hidden medicine to paralyze all the Jianghu martial artists present, including Lin Yuetian’s family. Finally, he led his men in and started a massacre.

It turned out Xiao Li’s true identity was the current leader of the Western Regions Demonic Sect who was driven out from the Central Plain previously. The reason he approached Lin Yuetian was to use the moment of the wedding banquet to gather all the Jianghu Masters in one place and incapacitated them all at once. His goal was to unify the Jianghu and make the Demonic Sect dominate the Central Plain.

After the massacre in the supposed wedding banquet, Xiao Li kept Lin Yuetian alive in the end. But what use was there, when the Lin Family had perished, and Lin Yuetian had become the sinner of the whole Jianghu due to his naive and gullible mindset. He couldn’t bear the weight of his sin, fell into despair, and eventually decided to commit suicide in this small inn.

One year ago, Lin Yuetian was the infamous new generation in the entire Jianghu, filled with boundless possibilities in his future.

Today, he drank poison in an enclosed room in a small inn, ending his life silently, without leaving a word behind.

…Afterward, the Assasin-Lin Yuetian came into this world.


Lin Yuetian let out a sigh. “This is why the premarital examination is important, we must seriously conduct a thorough check on both parties.”




T/L  note: The first arc is over and the next arc is starting 🙂 That’s right, this novel is a fast-paced, straightforward quick transmigration. Every arc is less than 10 chapters, we won’t find any longwinded conspiracy or face-slapping in this novel, just read various ways on how to kill the scumbag, oh no, to make the scumbag realize their love~


1 The System seems to both referring the sincerity of feeling, also to remind that he came from the Shounen-ai department—in JJWXC shou-ai is called  Chún’ài=Pure Love
2 this phrase is often used to praise an affectionate couple who live and die together
3 The System felt the burial manner doesn’t matter anymore because what should be matter most is LYT killing Shaofeng, who Chen Wenying loves, has happened, so who cares about with whom he got buried.
4 Gu Long is the author of a famous Wuxia/martial arts novel series in China, Xiaoli Feidao. See more here
5 Jiangnan area
6 a term to refer to the world of martial artists
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Bibi says:

    Wah, I’m so happy the arcs are short! I don’t want any overly complicated plot with dozens of conspiracies and hundreds of horrible characters that make me have seizures every chapter; my simple heart is happy watching Yuetian killing the mfs (◕ᴗ◕✿)

    The scumbag this arc is worse than the previous one. Make his death as painful as possible, Yuetian!

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      Well, it’s fine if you enjoy it 🙂 I read this novel previously and I like it since I feel the same, I’ve read countless QT with 20-30 chapters per arc, while the plot is indeed detailed and well-written, sometimes if the arc is boring, it’ll become tiring. So, a short chaptered arc with a straightforward plot is a nice change for me, haha

    2. Sam says:

      Meu Deus, isso é incrível!.. eu amo o fato dos arcos serem curtos,. comparado com o autor de “A estratégia para capturar aquele acum gong”. Que tem a mesma proposta que esse sistema, mas desenvolve de uma forma totalmente diferente… talvez por ser mais longas e terem tags de sangue de cachorro dramático. Enfim, maravilhosa tradução! Maravilhoso MC! Shounen ai que coloca uma coleira no meu pescoço com um pingente escrito “cadelinha”.

  2. Vitória says:

    Esse foi o final de Shounen Ai mais satisfatório que já tive

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      is it the ending of the ghost marriage between Shaofeng and lushui? Haha

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