APA Chapter 6

Client in the Cultivation World - I'm just a simple worker, let's not make it difficult, okay?

Lin Yuetian wore the bright red wedding dress, disguised himself in Lushui Xianjun’s appearance, and put the Wanbao Pavilion pearl on his waist. Performing a flying technique, he flew to the front gate of the Qingfeng Sect. With a tone of Uncaring to either Humans or Ghosts, or in other words, arrogant, he commanded, “Open the array.”

The most important thing was to fearlessly swagger into the Qingfeng Sect!

“Lushui Xianjun. It’s rare for you to go back this early.” The Cultivator who was guarding the Mountain Gate was curious. “To come back wearing your wedding dress…Xianjun, is something the matter…?”

“I just tried on my wedding dress.” Lin Yuetian spoke in Lushui’s usual tone of being contemptuous. “Where does Shaofeng Xianjun stay currently? I bring our wedding dress to try it with him—Nevertheless, who are you again? Who do you think I am for you to dare to be so nosy about? Our Cultivation Partner ceremony is going to be held soon, if you’d like to waste my time here, are you going to be responsible for any mishap?”

Lushui Xianjun had both great prestige and strong background. He was someone who would not fear being unscrupulous and bluntly expressing his disagreement with whoever he faced. How could the Mountain Guard dare to ask any more questions? He covered his mouth in panic and hurriedly pointed to the direction of the main hall where Shaofeng Xianjun currently was in. 

He tried to explain in a low voice with trepidation, “Xianjun, forgive this lowly one…The murderer who killed Shan An has not yet been found, Zhanfeng Sword has yet to be retrieved, and Shaofeng Xianjun was often in a bad mood these few days, he often stays in the hall by himself. This one is just being careful…”

Hearing that Shaofeng Xianjun apparently had no one around him, Lin Yuetian exclaimed in his mind, ‘Lucky! Alas…it’s as if Heaven has been assisting me.’

If it were the normal Lin Yuetian, he’d definitely repay this grace of sharing the information. However, since he was currently acting as Lushui, Lin Yuetian could only feel regretful for being unable to repay his gratitude. He flew past the poor Mountain Guard and directly went to the Main Hall.

There was nobody around, not even in front of the Hall. Lin Yuetian strode inside, he didn’t immediately cast any sound insulation this time. After all, Shaofeng Xianjun was about to enter the same realm as himself, Lin Yuetian was wary his target would sense something was amiss.

Exactly to the information given prior, there was only Shaofeng Xianjun inside the Main Hall. 

Finally, Lin Yuetian saw the real person Shaofeng Xianjun who had been mentioned by everyone he met. The person was indeed remarkably handsome, with a frosty and snowy-like-aura. There was a vague Sword Intent[1]A fierce and sharp sword-like aura usually owned by Swordsmenin between his eyebrows. Perhaps it was formed due to his practice with the 12 Divine Swords. He sat behind a low table in the center of the Hall. The whole place seemed to be transformed into a snow cave or an ice cellar, closely representing the presence of the occupant.

When Shaofeng Xianjun saw Lushui Xianjun (Lin Yuetian in disguise) coming in, as if he wasn’t currently facing his fiance and soon-to-be Cultivation Partner, he just asked coldly, “What are you doing here?”

He was so cold and indifferent to this fiance, that it didn’t feel like he was simply asking but reprimanding someone instead. 

‘My dear, no wonder my poor Client No.2 thought it must be Shaofeng Xianjun who harm him.’

It turned out to be this way. It was not Lushui who was too suspicious or insecure. We can only blame Shaofeng Xianjun for his unsavory style!

Lin Yuetian let out a regretful sigh for the unfortunate Client No.2, and at the same time he used this to continue pretending to be aggrieved and speak squeamishly, “Shaofeng, we will soon become a Cultivation Partner, why are you still so cold to me?”

In front of Shaofeng Xianjun, Lushui often acted coquettish and spoiled. There was a vivid memory of the Original owner’s life, on one sunny day. He had just come back to the Qingfeng Sect from his usual traveling. He had found a precious Divine technique suitable for Shaofeng Xianjun, hence he hurriedly went back to find his sweetheart. The back mountain of Qingfeng Sect had always been a quiet place, as a result, the voice he heard back then was especially loud and clear. 

Lushui seemed to be telling some interesting stories in a coy manner. It sounded so warm and intimate, the original owner could even hear Shaofeng’s clear laughter in between. At that time, he and Shaofeng Xianjun had not broken up yet. Shaofeng Xianjun was still his Cultivation Partner—though almost no soul knew about it. 

Lin Yuetian had to be grateful for the sad memory. Because of this memory, Lin Yuetian was able to imitate Lushui down to his secret habit known only to the three of them. 

Back to the current situation, even after receiving Lushui’s complaint, Shaofeng Xianjun had no intention to regard him seriously. He went back to lower his head and focused on the scroll of Jade Slips in his hand. 

Lin Yuetian approached him. “Shixiong, do you have something in your mind?”

Shaofeng curtly replied, “It has nothing to do with you. Go back.”

“Then, shall we go back together?”

Shaofeng furrowed his eyebrows and a trace of impatience appeared. “Lushui, I still have an important matter to deal with. You can go by yourself.”

‘My My, thank you for giving me an opportunity!’ Lin Yuetian was originally still racking his brain on how to fake madness with appropriate reason. Hearing cold words after cold words as responses, he was truly overjoyed. Without any more hesitation, he quickly imitated Lushui’s mad appearance before his death, and began to question Shaofeng with a shrill voice, 

“Shaofeng! You are my Cultivation Partner! Mine! I have loved you for hundreds of years! We are about to conclude the ceremony, yet why do you keep treating me like this?! Is it because of that person? Do you really like Lin Yuetian that much?! So you’re neglecting me for a dead person…? He hurt me! He tried to kill me! Don’t you believe it?! Do you want me to remind you? No…you already know it in your heart!”

Shaofeng Xianjun flipped his palm and the hard Jade Slips produced a crisp sound when they made contact with the table. “Lushui, what are you being mad about?”

Alas…Even right now it’s still the cold and indifferent reply. How difficult! Shaofeng was not even moved to appease his fiance’s mad insecurities and be fooled to say “I love you” in reassurance.

In all honesty, Lin Yuetian didn’t like faking madness either. He liked to enjoy his life and didn’t want to do strenuous work. Nonetheless, he was a professional in the end. Since the emergence of the System and knowing the ins and outs of his transmigration, Lin Yuetian had been mentally prepared, ‘Let’s treat the task given as an important deal.’

In order to finish a job fabulously, he didn’t mind enduring any unpleasant scenario to fulfill his Client’s requirements. This was his ethic as a Gold medalist Hitman.

“Mn. I’m sorry…it’s my fault, Shixiong,” Lin Yuetian seemed to have calmed himself from the manic state prior. 

Afterward, wearing an expression like someone who had a lot of grievances in his heart but forced a smile regardless, he said, “Alright! Shixiong, look, I’ve brought back our finished wedding dress. Does it look good? It must be a perfect fit for the ceremony later. My dear Shixiong, how about you try it on and see if it fits your heart’s liking?”

Shaofeng Xianjun frowned imperceptibly. He was hesitating and struggled with whether to agree or refuse for quite a long time. It was not until Lin Yuetian started to go crazy once again that he finally compromised. He snatched the wedding dress that Lin Yuetian was holding, and put it on automatically using a similar technique Lushui had used previously.

As the result? Why of course, another strike!

Shaofeng Xianjun realized he seemed to be stuck in place and found out he couldn’t even break free after several attempts. Seeing his target had entered the net, Lin Yuetian first got up and threw a two-layered sound-insulation spell enveloping the main hall as well as the main gate, to prevent others from accidentally slipping in.

Shaofeng was held in the place but he was unwavering. “This spell has the power of a Transcending Tribulation realm. Just who are you and where did you come from?”

Lin Yuetian shook his head, criticizing inwardly, ‘Look, this is the result of lacking threat and danger.’

Without any assassin organization in this world, the safety awareness of these Cultivators was really not good. They already reached this point, but Shaofeng hadn’t guessed any clue yet? Lin Yuetian decided to lift his camouflage spell, revealing the beautiful face of the Original owner.

Turning around, he calmly said his greeting. “My dear friend, do you remember me?”

Shaofeng was stupefied, his pupils quivered. “…You are still alive?”

“What do you think?” Lin Yuetian suddenly asked him back, “Speaking of which, there is a question I need you to answer. Do you love me?”


Shaofeng was visibly shaken and felt his heart shudder upon hearing the unexpected question.

Truth be told, he didn’t inflict a grave injury on Lin Yuetian because he believed in Lushui’s slander. To be honest, he knew perfectly the naive and foolish Lin Yuetian would never do such a thing. Even if his heart was broken and betrayed, Lin Yuetian wouldn’t have the heart to harm others. Lushui’s slander was just used as a cover-up.

From the beginning, Shaofeng had already been determined to get rid of Lin Yuetian at any rate.

As for the reason? It was obviously simple. Lin Yuetian was strong, incredibly strong. Although he had no intention to gain neither fame nor fortune, Shaofeng Xianjun wouldn’t believe he would stay that way forever. He didn’t believe Lin Yuetian to really be unfazed by every benefit an identity of Number One Cultivator could bring. Him being alive was the biggest threat to Shaofeng Xianjun!

It’s not that Shaofeng had not felt any regret or contrite. Sometimes when he sat alone in the Hall, he still reflexively expected his Shixiong to suddenly come in and present him with some more Immortal Jade Slips, or a bunch of Spiritual Herbs, with a gentle smile on his face. He would then tell him it was a gift and started telling him the anecdotes during his journey…Whenever he recalled those moments, Shaofeng would feel warmth in his heart—But then, only to realize that Lin Yuetian was already dead, and even the whereabouts of his corpse were unknown.

Naturally, at this reminder Shaofeng would have some…well, just some, guilt.

Never in his wildest dream could he ever imagine that Lin Yuetian was not dead. Neither could he ever think this man to appear in front of him in spite of everything. He didn’t accuse him of being cruel, he was not trying to retaliate either. There was only one question he had to ask, “Do you love me?”

Even when Shaofeng Xianjun‘s heart was as cold as ice, he couldn’t help being overwhelmed for a moment. However, he had always been a proud person, and his pride didn’t allow him to show any weakness.

Therefore, Shaofeng coldly replied, “I’ve never loved-,”

Before the word “you” could be uttered, Zhanfeng Sword had already cleaved through the air, and Lin Yuetian as the holder of the Sword had given him a stab without saying a word. Ah, the stab was coincidentally aimed at Shaofeng Xianjun’s abdomen by the way.

Lin Yuetian, however, was showing a helpless expression instead. “Dear friend, let’s not make it difficult, alright? I’m just a simple worker and I don’t have much patience in pleasantry. I’ll give you another chance to answer; Do you love me?



1 A fierce and sharp sword-like aura usually owned by Swordsmen
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Lilac says:

    Damn! The Mc said he is not a cold-blooded, but looking at that last scene in this chapter, he’s too damn indifferent! Ruthless! He regard a human he’s about to kill like appeasing an unreasonable Karen he met on weekdays. All I see is his indifference. Innate indifference. He has no hatred or other feeling to scumbag seme, and he’s simply doing his job. This! This is, is someone I’ve always imagined as assassin! He didn’t think he’s doing justice, didn’t justify his action, didn’t take any pleasure from killing, he’s simply doing his job!

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      Honestly, for this kind of profession like Assassin, I prefer someone who is not hypocritical. It’s better to just do their job without any justification. Well-mannered but ruthless. This is really why I want to bring and share this novel to others~

  2. Marina Daniella Arena says:

    What a quick & efficient fellow. I especially like how the MC is directly getting to the point instead of draging the task out ENDLESSLY for many chapters!

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      Yup. The fast pacing is honestly the reason I like this novel after being tired of reading dozens of chapters in one arc usually. Lin Yuetian’s simplicity is a new kind of refreshment for me

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    That was so satisfying!
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      I also feel double the satisfaction from re-reading it while translating

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    1. Lemon Panda says:

      cough, tbh, if you’re reading the raw in jjwxc and see the comments there, you will see many people ship yandere lin yuetian coupled with the, cough, the mentally fragile system~~

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