APA Chapter 49

Client in the Entertainment World - Guys, Please Give Me Your Thumbs Up

The filming continued and the days passed by until Wei Dawen eventually wrapped up the Movie shooting. The day when the Movie “Peeping Shadow” was finally released soon arrived.

There’s some part of the masses who disapproved of Lin Yuetian’s participation in this movie. Those people went as far as boycotting the Movie at its premiere. That said, both the original owner and Gao Yan, the two Lead Actors, had a lot of fans. These fans didn’t stay silent and quickly reverse the situation online by flooding the comment sections of the Movie’s postings.

But that’s not the only reversal. Objectively speaking, the movie itself was able to present a high-quality Play. Therefore, the box-office result and the honest review from the viewers spoke the truth. This was how the originally risky situation was turned around and began to develop into a promising result.

The original owner’s private Agency had been established for quite a long time. It wasn’t just a small studio lacking experienced staff and barely having any power. They had their own financial sources. After Lin Yuetian went to his agency and directly expressed his intention;

“I want to take advantage of this Movie to once again win an Award and revive my career.”

—An agency only cared whether a celebrity could bring benefits to them or not. In this case, looking at a good opportunity of reviving their cash sources, the agency didn’t hesitate to agree and support the Movie. They helped build momentum in the country, taking charge of the Movie’s overseas release, and so on.

At this time, there’s only one credible film Festival in China that had a category of “Best Actor” that’d be held in the near time. However, the Festival itself had only been established for 5 years.

Lin Yuetian stated that he wanted to win a  “Best Actor“-Award, but he didn’t specify which Nominations it came from. The agency understood his intention, and also began to work hard to promote things in the right direction.


[“Damn it! There’s actually a loophole here!”] The System was the one who got angry after finding out about Lin Yuetian’s ploy.

[“Next time, it should be made clear the Best Actor refers to the 3-Golds Grandslam Actor!”[1]The so-called “three golds” refer to the three film awards of the: Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, Hong Kong Film Awards, and Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards. These 3 are the Highest … Continue reading]

“Too bad, I guess there won’t be any more chance to have some work in the Entertainment World in the future.”

Lin Yuetian pointed out kindy, “Look, all the world trope in Transmigration has nearly been played out.[2]LYT here does a Breaking the 4th Wall, referring to how QT in CN Webnovels almost have the same main tropes, from XianXia, Wuxia, Entertainment, Palace Drama, Horror World, to Western Fantasy, etc.

[“Look at you being so confident. Fine, since you’re so smart, so knowledgeable, why don’t you become the System yourself?”] The System was short-tempered and felt like he wanted to laugh in rage. [“I’ve never seen someone as brazen as you before.”]

“No way, I don’t want to become a System.” Lin Yuetian actually took his System’s satire as a literal matter and started thinking seriously for a moment.

He said after, “Judging from your condition, I feel like as a System you don’t have it easy.”

The System wondered whether he should feel moved by the fact that Lin Yuetian understood his difficulties…or should he feel offended instead by Lin Yuetian’s comment about his job?

[“So you actually realize that it hasn’t been easy for me all this while, huh?”]

“Don’t be discouraged. You must believe that every situation can be coped with, somehow, and have faith in your infinite potential.”

Lin Yuetian didn’t forget to add his encouragement, by copying what Wei Dawen had said before, “Otherwise, how could one see the beauty of a Rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? The sword is sharp due to tempering, and the fragrance of Cherry Blossom comes from the bitter cold.”

“System, I have faith in you, I believe that in a few more worlds, you can definitely topple Mount Tai before you without blinking an eye, and become a man with Iron Will!”

Lin Yuetian suddenly paused. “—Uh….wait, by the way—Are you a man?”

[“How many centuries has it been, and you just remember such a question today?”] The System rolled his eyes. [“I’m a man! What? Are you satisfied now?”]

Lin Yuetian said meaningfully, “It turns out you guys also have a gender, huh…”

The System was enraged once again. [“Don’t go too far! Don’t force me to recite Buddhist Scriptures in your head for 2 days straight.”]


During this period, Lin Yuetian had been acting like an honest and good civilian.

He spent all day in his house, surfing on the internet. The only time he went out was when he got a job for Movie promotion and other activities. It was simply noteworthy, how obedient and orderly he had been.

However, the System only felt the trepidation of those small animals before the great earthquake: Restless. He had no choice but to continue devoting his heart and soul to reciting Buddhist Scriptures, waiting for the Moment of truth to finally grace him.

He wasn’t wrong on that point.

Of course, Lin Yuetian never missed out on such an important point in his job.

As expected, he did win the Best Actor Award at the newly-established Film Festival, and successfully completed his First Mission; Acting with Gao Yan in the same Movie, and won the Best Actor Award once again.

It was after attending the Film Festival, that police came to his door.

“Is something the matter?” Lin Yuetian was calm, and responded appropriately.

In his head, however, the System was frantic, and kept chanting, [“Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha…”]

“It’s just a formality.” The police didn’t dawdle and immediately asked, “Have you been in contact with Gao Yan recently?”

“What’s going on…?” Lin Yuetian was surprised. “I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

Later, the police directly or indirectly revealed what happened: Gao Yan had been missing since 2 weeks ago.

But this wasn’t important. The thing was, apparently on a niche forum, there was a nondescript account that once posted a short animation video. And just yesterday, the account suddenly started a LIVE broadcast on Major LIVE Streaming Platforms for 5 minutes long. The content of the recording was Gao Yan being tied up and looking like he had been tortured half-dead.

Right now, this matter had completely exploded among the public. The Police had begun their investigation and found out that the owner of the account had been constantly on the move from one city to another.

“Why, just what kind of party has he offended, really…” Lin Yuetian remarked regretfully.

Before the polices finished their formal inquiry and left, he had to explain his relationship with the victim-Gao Yan:

“I did once take care of him. But that’s only a mere contractual relationship. We don’t really interfere with each other’s private lives.”—to which Lin Yuetian answered truthfully.


On the very same day, a LIVE streaming channel appeared once again on all major streaming platforms in China.

The channel couldn’t be closed or banned no matter how much the administrators try.

The content of the recording was still the same: It was Gao Yan being tied up.

However, this time Gao Yan seemed to be awake. There was also another person present on the scene. The person had a plain appearance without any note-worthy voice either. The man was holding a strange-looking device, as he later introduced it to the camera;

“This is a lie detector. If you tell the truth, nothing will happen. But if you tell lies, you will be electrified. Just like what I have shown you in my animation post before, we will play a thrilling adventure with our Big Star-Gao here. Everyone, I hope you can support me and give me lots of thumbs up~!”

[“Fudge!! You’re crazy!”] The System finally couldn’t bear it and interjected him angrily.

[“Lin Yuetian, do you intend to weave another trauma for me? Are you going to make me unable to even watch Variety Shows and LIVE Broadcast normally without being reminded of this day in the future? That’s everything I have for my entertainment, must you rob the joy of watching the shows from me as well??”]

The ordinary-looking person that the System was talking to, naturally, was Lin Yuetian after altering his face.

He was slightly surprised and replied in his mind, “Do you also need to watch LIVE Broadcasts and Variety Shows? Isn’t Tom and Jerry enough for you? I once searched online and found out it has hundreds of episodes available.”

Lin Yuetian didn’t waste his time spacing out while talking to the System in his mind. Right after giving his reply to the System, he directly got to work, taking Gao Yan’s hand, and helping him who no longer had any strength to put his hands on the Lie Detector.

For starters, in order to pick up the audience’s interest accordingly, he first asked a few trivial questions that were easy to answer truthfully. Afterward, the questions gradually became difficult to answer. Gao Yan lied several times and got himself electrocuted in the same amount before eventually answering the questions with honesty.

The comment barrage on the LIVE broadcast channel also gradually became wilder.

The torturer, Lin Yuetian, finally spoke,

“…Alright, now, last question,” Lin Yuetian enquired, “Regarding the recent rumor, they said that you once have a relationship with the Actor-Lin Yuetian, as a same-s*x couple. True or False?”


Thinking of the pain from the electric shock, Gao Yan gritted his teeth and once again answered honestly, “Yes…It’s true.”

The comment section was boiling with the audience’s various exclamations and remarks.

“Is that true? Then, do you like Lin Yuetian?” Pretending to be inadvertent, Lin Yuetian immediately seized the chance to complete his mission.

Gao Yan subconsciously blurted out, “Are you kidding me? Of course, I don’t like hi—ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Gao Yan suddenly was electrocuted and cried out in pain.

“You lied, huh…” Lin Yuetian commented softly. “It seems like the true answer must be, like him, right?”

He turned to face the camera and started promoting, “Everyone, I will ask our Big Star-Gao here once again, please continue to support me~”

Gao Yan himself was drenched in a cold sweat. His shirt had been completely soaked through. However, he wasn’t aware of it. Currently, his expression appeared to be someone who had just been told about a piece of incredible news.

“—It’s impossible…There’s no way, no way I could like him…I’m a straight man…yeah, it’s impossible…”

[“It should be enough, isn’t it? Don’t be too overboard…”] The System was uncomfortable and chose to preside over justice in Lin Yuetian’s mind.

[“You can’t lie to me. I know it, your device is not a lie detector at all. It’s a manually controlled stun gun device. If you think he lied, you activate the device manually…But now, hey…it seems like he truly doesn’t like the original owner romantically at all…”]

“System, you don’t know, but how can someone destroy his own pride that easily?”

Lin Yuetian quickly pacified him, “Don’t worry about my job. If I say this is a Lie Detector, then it is a Lie Detector. Likewise, if I said that he likes the original owner then he must like him, no matter what there’s only one truth!”

In reality, Lin Yuetian turned his gaze back to Gao Yan and said,

“Our Big Star, Brother Gao, let’s answer the last question and finish our game of Truth or False quickly. So, do you like Lin Yuetian—Oh, brother, be sure to answer honestly this time.”

Gao Yan remained silent.

His lips were quivering, and his eyes were fixated on the small device in his hand, still unable to believe the result it gave.

Eventually, as if he had finally resigned to his heart and could no longer deceive himself, he answered, sounding like he was about to cry:

“….I… I like him,”

He repeated, “I like Lin Yuetian…”

Lin Yuetian nodded with satisfaction and immediately ended the LIVE broadcast.




T/N: I’ll update once per week during this period. April is a busy month for me. I’m updating two projects here, so, please do bear with me. Hopefully, we’ll return to two chapters per week in May~!


1 The so-called “three golds” refer to the three film awards of the: Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, Hong Kong Film Awards, and Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards. These 3 are the Highest recognition in the Chinese Entertainment Industry.
2 LYT here does a Breaking the 4th Wall, referring to how QT in CN Webnovels almost have the same main tropes, from XianXia, Wuxia, Entertainment, Palace Drama, Horror World, to Western Fantasy, etc.
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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