APA Chapter 48

Client in the Entertainment World - How Outrageous!

“Could I have a word with you?” Lin Yuetian walked closer to Qian Yang and spoke straight to the point.

“Huh?” Qian Yang was startled, his hand holding the mineral water bottle loosened uncontrollably. It almost seemed like he was performing juggling instead as he tried to catch back the falling bottle several times in his fluster.

“Hey there,” Gao Yan suddenly walked over from behind Lin Yuetian, not intending to hide the upset look on his face.

He’s actually in the middle of a conversation with his Manager just a second ago, but he had always been paying attention to Lin Yuetian’s movements during this filming.

“Lin Yuetian, are you looking for a new one? Let me tell you, this no-name Actor here already has his own owner…”

Qian Yang’s expression went distorted all of a sudden. Even then, he knew that the status between them was different. No matter how much he wanted to curse Gao Yan, he couldn’t do it in the open. In the end, Qian Yang could only clench his teeth with hatred, and the mineral bottle in his hand was slightly crunched from his grip.

“Is that so?” Lin Yuetian responded calmly. “But, Xiao-Gao, why did you come and suddenly tell me such a thing?”

Gao Yan feigned an innocent smile and explained, “Lin-Qianbei, I’m afraid that you’re too hungry and ended up getting yourself in trouble for that.”

“Gao Yan!” Qian Yan finally couldn’t tolerate his insult anymore and slammed the mineral bottle to the ground as he shouted.

Some of the Studio staff were secretly paying attention to their side. After the outburst, Qian Yang eventually had to take a few deep breaths, and warned him in a low voice, “Don’t bully others too much…”

“Qian Yang, what’s the matter with you?” Gao Yan provoked him even more. “Are you willing to degenerate, but unwilling to admit it? Who in our Circle doesn’t know about your little secret? Oh, Lin Yuetian may not know about it. But, don’t worry,  even if he knows, he’s not picky either~”

Qian Yang was completely enraged, he was about to lift his hand and beat up the person in front of him. However, Lin Yuetian suddenly clasped his shoulder.

“Remember, we’re all public figures.”

Lin Yuetian’s simple words felt like a basin of cold water being poured on him. Qian Yang’s heated fury was immediately extinguished, and the young Actor stopped both his movement and words.

Lin Yuetian on the other hand, turned to face Gao Yan who still had a fierce gaze on his face, and said with great interest, “So, Xiao-Gao, do you mean to say, you’re worried about me?”

“Why, of course, I should care about my Senior.” Gao Yan replied with a smile.

“Really? If you really want to care about your Senior, then you first need to examine your own status, and should know that you’re not in the same position as me. Xiao-Gao, even after 3 years working in this Entertainment Circle, you still don’t understand this rule? What kind of manner do you use when talking to me?” Lin Yuetian spoke while smiling amiably.

Right now, he looked like a mere Elder who’s earnestly teaching his Junior.

“—I’m telling you this for your own good. Next time you insult others, be careful, don’t hit a corner and insult yourself in a rebound. After all, how did you come to this point? Don’t you rely on holding my thigh[1]Depending on someoneall the way? You said Xiao-Qian[2]Just like Xiao-Gao, Xiao-Qian’s taken from Qian Yang’s name, indicating LYT referring them as his juniors. voluntarily degenerate, then do you think you are pure and noble? Xiao-Gao, I know that I’m handsome, but you couldn’t possibly consider me as something more than your former Sugar Daddy, will you?”

[“Very good! Scold him bloody, Big Brother!”] The System was excited.

Lin Yuetian didn’t mince his words. What he said was similarly insulting and hit right to Gao Yan’s sore points. Gao Yan’s expression couldn’t help but turned ugly, looking extremely humiliated. Qian Yang, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief. The look he threw at Gao Yan showed a bit of schadenfreude and even a little smug.

Lin Yuetian was still having that benign smile of a Wise Senior on his face as he added, “In any case, even if I end up in trouble or anything, what does it matter with you?”

Gao Yan subconsciously blurted out, “Why doesn’t it has anything to do with me?”

The moment the words left his mouth, he froze as a realization also dawned on him.

That’s right. He no longer had any form of relationship with Lin Yuetian, neither a lover nor even a Sugar Baby.

“By the way, do you know what I like most about you? I like it when you don’t cause me trouble. Don’t be too complacent just because you’re favored. But look at you now, how annoying. Even if I’m still your Sugar Daddy, it’s my own business whether I plan to get a new companion or not. Xiao-Gao, I gave you material support, so you better stay honest, and don’t be presumptuous.”

Back then when he took a job in the Stand-In Lover world[3]The 3rd Arc, Lin Yuetian spent his time reading a lot of cheap literature, starring a lot of Scumbags. Now, the knowledge he had been accumulating, the scumbag’s quotes he knew, was used exactly to put Gao Yan in place.

The colorful expression on Gao Yan’s face was absolutely marvelous. The young man went pale from shock for a second, darkened in anger at the next second, and turning red from humiliation in another second. It was erratic.

Lin Yuetian didn’t stop at that. He continued to speak;

“Besides,” Putting an indulgent look on his face, he stretched out his hand and gently caressed Qian Yan’s face. His voice was soft as he said, “…Look how good-looking Xiao-Qian is. I think he’s really cute from the moment I saw him. For such a Beauty, getting into trouble is worth it. So, do you understand now? Gao Yan, you have no right to care about my own affair.”

The more Lin Yuetian traveled from world to world, the more influence he had on the body he occupied. In this 8th world, the body he was in almost looked exactly like his own. In other words—his facial features were exquisite and his appearance looked extraordinarily good-looking that others would find it hard to forget.

—And someone with such an outstanding look was currently making such a move to him—Qian Yang was dazzled for a few seconds, and he couldn’t stop his face from blushing.

[“Not bad, Brother.”] The System objectively commented. [“You can record this move and add it as another Scumbag’s template.”]

After doing such an explosive action, Lin Yuetian ignored what Gao Yan might think or feel. He directly took Qian Yan’s hand into his, and pulled the young man into his Van, and instructed his assistant to get out of the car, and left the space for the two of them alone.

Qian Yang thought he might really get taken in as a Sugar Baby, and he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

But after they got in the car, Lin Yuetian raised his hand once again—and apologized.

With a guilty expression on his face, he said, “Forgive me for my discourteous action before, Xiao-Qian. Please don’t take what I said seriously.”

Qian Yang was stunned for a moment, but he was quick to respond accordingly, “Lin-Qianbei, it’s alright…”

Inside his heart, however, Qian Yang lamented the cruelty of reality:

‘Alas…A miraculous thing like being suddenly favored by the Great Beauty-senior when I’m only a nobody—won’t actually happen in reality after all…’

But thinking about it again, it did happen. Gao Yan was fortunate enough to be the recipient of such a miracle. After getting such dreamlike happiness 3 years ago, Qian Yang couldn’t understand why he failed to cherish the opportunity at all.

Qian Yang was thinking wildly, but suddenly his mind grasped on something.

He looked at Lin Yuetian in puzzlement, and cautiously asked, “That, Lin-Qianbei, may I know what are you looking for me for?”

Next, it was simple.

Lin Yuetian merely put on a show, wearing an expression filled with both shame and regret—as sincere as he could and as touching as possible—to the point of almost bursting into tears.

In short, he was telling Qian Yang that, yes, actually he did have a romantic relationship with Gao Yan back then. What he wanted to convey was, previously when Gao Yan got drunk, he accidentally revealed that after he used an underhanded means to win the competition with Qian Yang before, as a result, he had come to hate this kind of unmentioned part beyond the glamor of the Entertainment Industry the most.

“—Xiao-Qian, at first I wanted to immediately tell you, but I just…I love Gao Yan too much and I couldn’t bear it. I decided to keep his secret with me. But in the end, my heart can’t betray my conscience…Besides, Gao Yan has also let me down…”

Lin Yuetian sighed sadly and put on a wry smile. “I know that you must have been in pain for a long time. It was me…It’s because I, for my selfish reason…But, after everything, Gao Yan turns out to be a perfidious White-eyedWolf. He has no feelings for me and even thinks I have forced him to be in a disgraceful relationship. Perhaps this is my KarmaXiao-Qian, now that I can finally tell you the truth, my heart will no longer feel tormented by guilt.”

Qian Yang got out of Lin Yuetian’s Van, still in a daze.

Lin Yuetian had been deliberately giving a subtle intimate gestures to Qian Yang. Although he had no interest in love itself, Lin Yuetian’s EQ was remarkably high, and he had always been accurate in judging others’ emotions. He predicted that Gao Yan would be, strangely, seething with rage looking at his action.

As expected. After the filming for the night scenes was completed that night, Gao Yan used the opportunity to approach Wei Dawen. He was offering the Director more investment in exchange for replacing Qian Yang with another person.

Lin Yuetian waited in his own car for 3 hours. Qian Yang needed enough time to properly digest the ‘truth‘ he had just found out, and further simmering the resentment in his heart. After 3 hours passed, Lin Yuetian called him;

Xiao-Qian, where are you? Let me pick you up.”


Right now, Qian Yang couldn’t describe what he felt.

Imagine yourself, getting your dream derailed uncontrollably, what you became right now was different from what you once imagined in your youth’s ideal. Far from ideal life, but your current life had no sunshine, no honor, filled with quagmire. Countless people extended their hands to you—and persuaded you further to abandon your last dignity.

—Yes, when you and your dreams had long been crushed—but on the contrary, your former rival, who used to run on the same path as you—was bathing in the light of happiness instead.

—But just when you finally accepted your destiny and thought of this as people had their own fate—it turned out that those beautiful dreams, that bright career, should have belonged to you!

—And it turned out, that all of your misery, your misfortunes, the source of all evil, actually was that Rival—and as if it wasn’t enough, that person also took your last chance[4]Gao Yan deciding to kick out Qian Yang from this Movie, which means taking his hope to get recognition——

If it were you, what would you feel?


Lin Yuetian’s car stopped in front of Qian Yang who was standing blankly on the side of the street with a mask, hat, and sunglasses on. The young man got into the car silently. Afterward, Lin Yuetian called Wei Dawen in front of him, putting it into a loud-speaker: In short, he prevented Qian Yang from being kicked out of the cast.

“Just think of it as me atoning for my sins, okay?” Lin Yuetian kindly told him.

That’s right.

When you heard such a sentence, when you received kindness in your worst time——you’d subconsciously retorted in your mind:

‘I shouldn’t have needed any help at all!’

…You shouldn’t have required any help, because you shouldn’t have been doomed like this!

This overwhelming hatred, it couldn’t be reconciled no matter what!




…The effect that Lin Yuetian wanted had been achieved.

That night, Lin Yuetian used the new hacking-skill he bought from the System Mall, to send an anonymous email that couldn’t be traced back. He’s pretending to be a Hitman (guaranteed to be genuine) who was spreading ads indiscriminately, and offering a service: getting rid of someone you hate for a specific price.

[“You know, Gao Yan might have never done it, right?’] The System suddenly spoke. [“I mean, we don’t know if Gao Yan really used an improper means to win the chance of joining the Movie set back then.”]

“That’s right. But it’s a fact that Qian Yang has been ostracized in the circle afterward. Today, Gao Yan also didn’t hesitate to cut off other’s job for a petty reason.” Lin Yuetian calmly explained his opinion.

“The truth is that he’s a vengeful person. I won’t be surprised if he really used improper means that year. But, what’s important is that, it’s Qian Yang himself who’s always been convinced that Gao Yan was dishonest back then. He’s the party involved, he should know best what he should think.”

Lin Yuetian smiled. “And I, am just a person who ‘believes‘ in him,”

[“Don’t you think you’re too much?”] The System was speechless.

[“It’s outrageous how you can manipulate others just to create a Client for yourself!”]



1 Depending on someone
2 Just like Xiao-Gao, Xiao-Qian’s taken from Qian Yang’s name, indicating LYT referring them as his juniors.
3 The 3rd Arc
4 Gao Yan deciding to kick out Qian Yang from this Movie, which means taking his hope to get recognition
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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