APA Chapter 45

Client in the Entertainment World - Horror Stories: Getting Your Black Past as Cringy Teen Exposed

After wrapping up his task in this world flawlessly yet again, Lin Yuetian quit the Wizard Tower under the pretext that;

“…My disciple had broken the sacred precepts of our Tower, as a Master, I can no longer face my Elders here.”

Thenceforth, Lin Yuetian roamed around the continent, busy with both studying and practicing offense magic, as well as continuing his profession as a non-affiliated hitman.

By the time he left this world, he had already been known far and wide in the continent as “Shadow Slayer“. Perhaps if he persevered a few more years he could be promoted to the rank of “Night Hunter” and the likes, those with a more menace-sounding nickname.

He spent nearly a century of blissful life in this Western Fantasy world before announcing his departure. If it weren’t for the original owner’s lifespan nearing his end, the System believed 100 years was too short and Lin Yuetian would definitely love to spend hundreds more years of such a life.

Before they departed, the System sternly warned him,

[“…Next time, if there’s next time, “] The System started with a heavy tone. [“—I beg you, please don’t pursue novelty, and try that kind of operation that’d make me feel awkward. Must I remind you again, I’m a System from Shounen-ai Department. How am I supposed to hold my head high in front of my other colleagues if I failed to preserve the pure aspect of Shounen-ai??”]

“Don’t worry, you’ll be okay.” Lin Yuetian appeased him. “C’mon, if there’s a will there’s a way. So, do you have any more advice for me this time?”

[“What are you being so modest about? Have you actually listened to one of my advice at all? But if you insist on asking, then let me tell you; give me a warning before telling me a cold joke next time, okay?”]

The System sighed. [“I really can’t tell when you’re being serious or when you intended to tell a cold joke. At this rate, your jokes gonna freeze me to death sooner or later! Congratulation, Mr. Hitman, you may solve the problem of rising sea levels with your jokes.”]




The next time he woke up in another world, the first thing Lin Yuetian noticed as he opened his eyes was the room that smell like money everywhere.

“…Am I supposed to be a Sugar Baby again this time?” Lin Yuetian guessed, rather confident due to his prior experience[1]At Domineering CEO Arc.

[“Guess what?”] The System corrected him, [“This time, you’re the Sugar Daddy”]

“My, really? That’s a good thing, actually.” Lin Yuetian replied in a good mood, giving a damn about his Sugar Daddy status.

“—Anyway, let’s accept the memory of this world first.”

[“That should be my line, Big Brother.”] The System felt a bit upset, but still obediently passed the original owner’s memory into Lin Yuetian’s mind.

This kind of uncomfortable feeling, as if his brain was about to explode, had become a familiar thing for Lin Yuetian. He carefully sorted out the huge amount of data in his head as he lay comfortably on the huge bed with his eyes closed.


The identity of Client in this world was an Actor, also named Lin Yuetian. He’s a distinguished and renowned Actor, someone who was crowned as Movie Emperor(Yingdi) [2]Actor who has won Best Actor from a prestigious film award in Asia,  and had been popular from a young age.

Lin Yuetian has a naturally outstanding appearance. When he was 17 years old he got recruited by a talent scout on the street. The first job he took in the Entertainment Industry was a supporting role in a Movie.

Even the talent scout who first discovered him perhaps would never expect to dig a true gem. Some people were born extraordinarily gifted in a certain aspect, as if God had especially spoonfed the talent to them directly—Lin Yuetian, was one such person. He didn’t have any professional background in acting, but once he took the job as an Actor it was like a Fish in the water. Usually, some Actors often required a lot of guidance from the Directors, but for Lin Yuetian, the Directors wouldn’t have to work hard and he’d be able to perform his role to perfection.

Both his superb acting skill and charming appearance later brought him to win the Best Newcomer Award for his first work. From then on, Lin Yuetian’s popularity continued to rise further and higher.

Lin Yuetian’s acting journey had been smooth sailing. His career went from one peak to another peak, winning various awards both prominent and minor ones. Ultimately, 3 years ago at the age of 27, he was crowned with the title of Movie Emperor. After reaching the peak of his career honorably, the bright fate of the much anticipated-Actor Lin finally met a turning point: He fell in love. The object of his affection was his co-star he met at the filming set, a guy who had just graduated from college.

The young Actor’s name was Gao Yan, a graduate of the Drama Academy. Along with his classmates, he went to find some opportunities in the Entertainment Industry by joining a Movie crew. The statuses and identities between Lin Yuetian and Gao Yan were vastly different. In addition, Lin Yuetian himself didn’t know if Gao Yan liked men or not. He entered the Industry when he was 17 years old, coupled with his sentimental and delicate nature, Lin Yuetian had never been in a serious relationship in those 13 years. However, without realizing it, he had been utterly immersed in Gao Yan’s bright smile when he enthusiastically called him either with “Lin-Qianbei!”, or “Lin-Laoshi…”.[3]Qianbei: Senior, Laoshi: Teacher(referring an experienced/professional person in a certain area, e.g in Acting, Painting, Singing, etc.)——It’s like calling Lin-Senpai/Lin-San and … Continue reading

Disregarding his agent’s opposition, Lin Yuetian was determined to wholeheartedly pursue Gao Yan in private. It didn’t take too long for Gao Yan to hang his response, after the initial surprise, the young man eventually accepted Lin Yuetian’s courting. Soon, the two men embarked on a secret relationship behind the camera.

In the past 3 years, Lin Yuetian invested a lot of resources in Gao Yan, starting from arranging various endorsements to get and what kind of Variety Shows to attend—in order to make Gao Yan known in the Industry and gained popularity among the mass. Afterward, Lin Yuetian also introduced him to get the chance for some auditions. Gao Yan himself turned out to be capable and skillful, he never let any good opportunities pass by. Within 3 years, using money, contacts, and other resources, Lin Yuetian successfully brought the originally no-name Gao Yan to one of the top-tier celebrities.

Merely 2 weeks ago, Gao Yan won the Best Actor Award in the TV Drama and Series category.

During the interview after getting the said award, a reporter unexpectedly asked him about the affair between him and Movie Emperor-Lin—to which Gao Yan firmly and unequivocally denied.

Even if Lin Yuetian was a bit disappointed at his response, but he didn’t really dwell on it. After all, Gao Yan was different from him. He had a lot of girlfriend-fans[4]Typically young female fans, who are obsessed with Celebrities and wish to be their girlfriend or wife, therefore he had to stay clear of any scandal to satisfy his fans.

But unfortunately, the next day, a scandal broke out. It was doubt regarding Lin Yuetian’s sexual orientation. For a while, the Industry was shaken by this unexpected storm. But at the height of the moment, Gao Yan’s PR team struck a deathly blow instead. They didn’t merely clear Gao Yan from any suspicion with Lin Yuetian from their past interaction, but also secretly exposed Lin Yuetian’s private account before his debut, completely putting him on the cusp of the storm.

This Account did contain some personal information that Lin Yuetian’s loyal fans were aware of, but more importantly, it also contained a lot of posts that could be related to his sexual orientation. In this way, the ongoing rumor about Lin Yuetian’s sexuality was confirmed.

Getting out of the closet in this manner undoubtedly impacted Lin Yuetian’s career severely. His reputation was struck down and similarly, he lost a lot of job resources.

As if putting salt in the wound, in this dire situation, Gao Yan suddenly called him and directly expressed;

“Let’s stop this sugar baby relationship between us.”

Contrary to what Lin Yuetian had always felt, during these past 3 years, Gao Yan had never regarded their relationship as true “dating” at all. All the sweet memories that Lin Yuetian thought of as getting along with his beloved were merely a hidden side behind the glamor of the entertainment industry for Gao Yan. Something that the young man regarded as a stain and couldn’t wait to get rid of.

Lin Yuetian was naturally disheartened and depressed by these strings of misfortune. Be that as it may, he was strong enough not to succumb to suicide. After all, he had been wandering in this Industry for more than a decade, this kind of scandal, as long as he didn’t admit it, and there’s no direct proof of him engaging in sexual activity with men—then it’d just remain as a rumor. He had indeed lost some resources, but this kind of setback would only be temporary. Just play cool with it, wait for a while, and he could make another comeback just fine.

What saddened him the most was his relationship with Gao Yan—lamenting his past infatuation, regretting meeting the wrong person, and pitying his own wistful thinking.

Lin Yuetian was a sentimental person, and lately, his mental state had become even more fragile. On top of it, as a popular Actor, he already had a sleeping disorder due to his busy schedule. These days, everything piled up, from excessive stress to severe insomnia, eventually to the point of being dependent on drugs.

It was yesterday that Actor Lin Yuetian accidentally consumed too many sleeping pills and died of an overdose.

—Afterward, Assassin-Lin Yuetian came into this world


[“There are two wishes from the original owner. 1st, Acting in the same Movie as Gao Yan and Winning the Best Actor Award. 2nd, Make Gao Yan himself admits to all his fans that he likes Lin Yuetian.”] The System directly announced their task.

“I understand.” Lin Yuetian curtly replied.

[“…? What? Do you have nothing to say? Don’t you want to criticize the original owner for being too oblivious in distinguishing the real relationship between lovers and sugar baby?”] The System felt a bit surprised.

[“—No, you don’t mean to say that you’ve finally learned to sympathize with others, do you? How rare, I’m a little unused to it.”]

“This time, I actually think nothing’s wrong. Personally, I don’t think the original owner was particularly responsible.”

Lin Yuetian further explained his point of view, “After all, based on the original memory, during these 3 years Gao Yan has only cheated around 2.58 million Yuan[5]Around US$400k of him[6]It’s also a joke from the Author, from a CN idiom. 二五八万Èrwǔbā wàn—a metaphor used to describe someone who thinks that they’re very important piece hence acts cocky, … Continue reading. Even for me, it’ll be hard to think someone who merely took this scanty amount of money from me was actually regarding me as their Sugar Daddy.”

While speaking, Lin Yuetian’s hands were also busy opening his personal Social Media account that had been exposed. He scrolled through the posts that the original owner had probably written at his 16 or 17 years old.

“I’m going to tell a joke,” Lin Yuetian notified the System out of the blue.

[“? So this is the point that you’re actually listening from my advice??”] Nevertheless, the System’s interest had been piqued. [“Another cold joke? Okay, say it, I’ll listen to what you have to say.”]

“This,” Lin Yuetian pointed at the interface of Actor Lin’s old Social Media Account, “Isn’t this exactly what they say about one of; Horror Stories—Getting your teenage cringe-black material exposed?”

Lin Yuetian said with a heavy voice, “When I’m in Junior High School I have never posted such cringy stuff like this. Perhaps the original owner lost his fans not because he was gay, but because the fans couldn’t accept the collapse of their Idol’s image in their hearts.”

[“Wait, did you actually go to Junior High School after all??”] the System was shocked.

Lin Yuetian, “…”

“The joke point is not there, you know. You have to re-examine the jokes again.” Lin Yuetian tactfully suggested.

[“Re-examine? Have you said the joke at all?”] The System was unable to live up to Lin Yuetian’s expectations.

Lin Yuetian felt it was a shame but well, “Forget it. You don’t have a sense of humor at all. I’ll just go and do my task…”

[“Excuse me??”]


Lin Yuetian started his task by first making a phone call to his former assistant.

Afterward, he also began checking the latest news or Official announcement from Gao Yan. Since this guy had been trying to wipe out any relationship with him during this period, it’s impossible to make him acquiesce to acting in the same Movie as him. In this case, it’s better to directly intercept opportunities from his hand.

Lin Yuetian thought carefully and searched patiently, and the result didn’t betray his effort. He really found an opportunity he could take advantage of: Gao Yan was chosen as the Lead Actor in a Literary Movie. This Movie was a Major Production. The Director had been sharpening his skill for many years, he once worked with Lin Yuetian in the past as well. The relationship between them was quite good. His ambition to win an Award for his Movie was obvious.

“Alright, this is it.” Lin Yuetian concluded. “But still…”


“—That said, it’s necessary for me to find a Client first.”

Lin Yuetian said earnestly, “It’s been a long time since I seriously engaged in my original profession. I need to be more active in my own career.”



1 At Domineering CEO Arc
2 Actor who has won Best Actor from a prestigious film award in Asia
3 Qianbei: Senior, Laoshi: Teacher(referring an experienced/professional person in a certain area, e.g in Acting, Painting, Singing, etc.)——It’s like calling Lin-Senpai/Lin-San and Lin-Sensei in JP.
4 Typically young female fans, who are obsessed with Celebrities and wish to be their girlfriend or wife
5 Around US$400k
6 It’s also a joke from the Author, from a CN idiom. 二五八万Èrwǔbā wàn—a metaphor used to describe someone who thinks that they’re very important piece hence acts cocky, arrogant, annoying, or pompous ass. Originated from mahjong tiles 二萬, 五萬, 八萬, which obviously play significant roles in winning the game.
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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