APA Chapter 44

Client in the Western Fantasy World - He Has Fallen in Love With Some Old Man He Met at the Gate

Within that short moment, unanticipated things happened one after another, and Wiener’s expression turned from confounded at first into horrid. Unfortunately, he was under both the petrification and silencing spell at the same time. There was practically nothing he could do, and worst of it, the silencing spell made him unable to remonstrate or even just utter a question.

On the other hand, Jaden was completely in a drunken haze. The only thing instilled firmly in his mind was that; Master said he will reward me. He couldn’t even tell whom was he currently lying on top of, and he barely had any reaction to it.

The System was somewhat flustered looking at this situation.

He stammered, [“Uh, Um, You see, it’s true that in NP literature[1]n-amount of Pairing, a.k.a Smut Harem stories, be it BG or BL., the relationship between a Gong and another Gong is rather attractive. But you know, umm, I still need to give you some advice coming from our Shounen-ai Department—this is unacceptable! Besides, Wiener is way too old, in our department, the appearance of a BL couple should not be looking older than 25!”]

“Did you just indirectly say you’re a homophobic?[2]Indirectly denying Old BL Couple

[“That’s not the point!”][3]The real point is that Wiener is an 80ish Grandpa, lol


No matter how much Lin Yuetian and the System bickered inside his mind, Wiener had no way of knowing it.

From his perspective, he just saw Lin Yuetian spacing out for a moment, before taking two deep breaths, and——screamed at the top of his lung!

His voice was loud enough for the other Wizards 5 floors above and 5 floors below the vicinity of the Tower to hear what he said clearly:

“Jaden?! Good Lord! What in the world are you doing?!”

“—Oh, oh! I never expected you to be this kind of person! As the Chief Magician, you should be the one who upholds the rules and regulations close to your heart! As a Wizard, we should abstain from worldly desire and emotions, solely dedicating ourselves to the magnificence of magic!”

“But, you actually, ohhhh…No, Dear God, what have you done here?! You insolent licentious man! You broke our precepts and commit the taboo! And the object of your passion is actually an old man?!”

To make sure that his voice could be heard without any obstruction, Lin Yuetian even imbued a sound magnifier magic into his words. Soon, the other Wizards would definitely come to the source.

Wiener, the old man who had become the object of taboo, was lying on the ground powerless. He was agitated but helpless. If it weren’t for him being a Ghost already, Wiener felt that he might die the second time due to cerebral infarction from vomiting his blood to death.

Both Lin Yuetian’s voice and the content he shouted about were thunderous. As a result, not only did it alarm the other Wizards, his voice even shook Jaden’s consciousness awake. The young man woke up in a daze but still wasn’t sober enough to perceive his situation.

Wiener felt like he’s almost gone crazy from exasperation. He desperately implored in his heart:

‘Fudge! Goddamn it! Wake up already! You Dumbass! Aren’t you the Chief Magician?! Go and wake up, for Devil’s sake!!’

Too bad for him, Lin Yuetian was sharp enough to notice the change of the ‘protagonists‘ in this important Play, and he reacted in a jiff; he pinched Jaden’s chin and shoved the remaining drugged wine from the glass he drank earlier.

It was unknown whether the product from the System Mall was way too potent, or was it because Jaden’s drinking capacity was way too pathetic, anyway, after chugging the leftover wine, Jaden obviously went back to his drunken stupor in no time.

He looked at Lin Yuetian’s amiable smile and laughed foolishly, “Hehehhhh…”——afterward;


—He fell straight, hitting Wiener who was lying under him, right onto the old man’s chest—further causing the old Ghost’s heart to plunge into despair and his expression turned greener than ever.[4]something like this:

“Now, the matter has been settled appropriately.” Lin Yuetian was immensely satisfied with his work.


When other Wizards in the Tower who heard Lin Yuetian’s horrified screams earlier finally came to the scene, they were presented with a sight that made them rub their eyes twice:

Wizard Lin was currently standing on the side of the room with an appalled look on his face. His finger tremblingly pointed at the two people sprawled on the floor—it was their Chief Magician, Jaden—who was currently rubbing himself obscenely on an unfamiliar old man who had a livid expression on his face. The effect of the drug apparently was a little too effective, by the way.

Oh, let’s not forget that Jaden was buck-naked right now.

When more onlookers came and gathered, the poor old man’s face turned pale before turning blue again, however, the young man on top paid no heed to the onlookers and remained intoxicated.

This picture was truly…mind-blowing.

Their Chief Magician had fallen in love with an old man he met at the Tower’s Gate!

Lin Yuetian, his former teacher whom he had broken his relationship with, accidentally caught him in this scene. There’s no need for more evidence. The hard evidence in front of them was too big to ignore.

At first, the other Wizards were obviously appalled at this shocking scandal. At the same time, they also unanimously realized one thing: It’s over. This young prodigy has broken the precepts of their Wizard Tower—expulsion is a foregone conclusion at this point.

To the surprise of everyone, however, something even more incredible happened.

During his indecent performance with the old man, Jaden suddenly cried out dazedly, “Master…!”

The other Wizards, “….”

The already awkward atmosphere suddenly became even more embarrassing.

Actually, some Wizards were about to pull the naked Jaden away from the old man, but even these Wizards were dumbstricken by the sudden cry. They completely forgot their intention to pull Jaden away, letting the poor old man continue being entangled by the energetic young man.

Several glances, directly or discreetly, immediately floated over to Lin Yuetian’s direction. The meaning of their look was as clear as a day: “Dear, the relationship between you guys doesn’t seem that simple. Are you sure you have no involvement with him?”

The System cursed at this sudden turn of events, [“Oh, Shit!”]

Lin Yuetian’s expression also changed slightly. Alas, but who was he again? The so-called Pro who could adapt to any situation! So in an instant, he had already formulated another scenario in his head. His ability to do impromptu acting was also challenged to the extreme.

Right now, Lin Yuetian’s expression darkened. He looked to be greatly humiliated and at the same time dismal.

“This insolent child! Not only did he has a thing for an old man, but it also turn out he has been secretly eyeing me with ulterior motives!? Did he not know the saying of; One day Teacher, a lifetime Father?! Oh! Oh, God!? Could it be…Perhaps, he is perfectly aware of it but that’s exactly what his secret desire is…? He can’t help but be attracted to any old man including his Father figure…??”

“Oh…Oh, My Goodness! Such a thing…What if, what if after he leaves this Wizard Tower in the future, he…he will…Oh, no! Wouldn’t that mean we’re letting a calamity out? He’d be as free as a Bird in the sky, and as comfortable as a Fish in the Ocean??”

“—My Lord! What a terrifying future! We’ll be a sinner if we let this child go out! From then on those innocents and pure Old Men from the good families out there dare not go out at night!”

Lin Yuetian dreadfully imagined the terrible aftermath, looking truly worried for the gloomy future of all Old Men in the World.

After a while, as if getting another realization, he sighed, and continued to lament:

“…Our Wizard Tower has been strict with their Wizard’s private life. We always emphasized abstinence—but with this case, in the future will there be many people pointing fingers at us instead? What if they criticize us, saying that our precept has made our Wizards sexually frustrated——who knows how many perverts have been created due to being pent up? At that time, how should we keep the majesty of our Wizard Tower?!”

“Ahhhhh…There is no other way…Even if this child has severed our Master-Apprentice relationship with me, in the end, it is me who has raised him from a child…I can’t allow him to harm the World’s innocent Elderly, and I absolutely won’t let the reputation of our Wizard Tower be ruined!”

“——Hereby, I, Lin Yuetian, swear to clean the blemish of our Holy Tower and shall uphold the majesty of us Wizards!”

After finishing his emotional lamentation, and declaring his fervent oath, regardless of the reaction of other Wizards, Lin Yuetian decisively raised his magic wand in a flash of lightning and directly cast a spell toward Jaden’s head.

The original owner wasn’t good at any offensive magic, even then, Lin Yuetian could use any other magic as long it worked the same. There’s a spell used to penetrate the hard surface. On weekdays, this spell was used in architecture, to drill through the mountains, smash the wall, or split rocks open.

But of course, no matter if Jaden was a young prodigy who embodied the White-eyed-Wolf to the Tee, or if he was the outstanding Chief Magician——Whichever his identity, his head was the same; it’s no harder than a stone…


“The kindness of upbringing, the help and support of a lifetime, or even the reputation and status that Jaden has gotten from the Original Owner—with this, it should have been all taken back, I believe.” Lin Yuetian reported calmly to the System in his mind, looking at the gaping hole on Jaden’s head.

[“…Yeah, Right.”] The System vaguely agreed.

His mood was very complicated. He felt his psychological endurance might have just gotten better yet again.

[“Okay, now, what’s left is taking back everything from Wiener and getting his love confession. You…keep up the hard work. Oh, well, forget it. Just play normally, better not continue this insanity…”]

“Don’t worry. Shouldn’t you feel at ease already whenever I do my job at this point?” Lin Yuetian confidently assured him.

After giving Jaden the final blow, Lin Yuetian bent down, helping Wiener, who’s still paralyzed, to get up from the ground.

With a solemn look, he said heavily “This poor old man…he, seems like he has been greatly shaken. I’ll help him to get some rest first.”

Lin Yuetian kindly picked up Wiener, all the way to his own room in the Tower, before lifting the 2 spells he put on him. To be more considerate, Lin Yuetian even take off his outer robe and put it on Wiener, while comforting him in a gentle voice, “You must have been frightened. It’s alright now, don’t be afraid.”

Wiener shakingly whispered, “Is this…your revenge on me?”

“What do you think?” Lin Yuetian asked him back.

Wiener smiled wryly. He said, “I know…Actually, I’ve somewhat realized your intention.”

[“Hehh. Just what did you know?”] The System roasted. [“Even I, can’t understand this guy, so what can you actually know, Old Man?”]

“Is that so? Then, why don’t you tell me what you’ve understood, Wiener…” Lin Yuetian responded lightly.

“Everything you did before, to what happened today, is your way to retaliate against me, right?” Wiener looked at him, disheartened. His gaze was filled with the expression of; I know about it.

“The revenge on that Knight, or the revenge on your Apprentice, both Kaysen and Jaden, all of them is merely a cover. Even when you deliberately hit me with a fire spell in front of Kaysen, forcing me to consume his body, or just now with Jaden…cough, you…You’re just trying to get back at me. All this time…You’ve been blaming me and resenting me, don’t you?’

Lin Yuetian, “…If that’s the case, then why do you think, I took the trouble of resurrecting you, Wiener?”

Lin Yuetian thought that this former King had too much imagination and was easily convinced by his own conjecture. However, this was actually a good thing for Lin Yuetian. So, he simply didn’t refute his accusation, but asked him back coldly instead;

“You’re already dead. Being dead instead of alive itself is already revenge for you. Why do you think I bothered summoning you back to the living at all?”

“…You’re right.” Wiener stared at the ceiling and muttered. “Why indeed…”

Lin Yuetian helplessly sighed.

He specifically made his voice as sweet as honeyed water before telling him, “I told you before, didn’t I?”

Wiener had his eyes widened in shock.

Lin Yuetian continued to speak, “…Because I love you, Wiener. You’re right…I hate you, I hate you so much for betraying my love for you, I resent you for disregarding the feelings between us…But after everything, I still love you. In these hundreds of years, you’re the person I love most. My first love…I have always yearned for you. That’s why, Wiener, Your Highness——There’s only one thing I want to ask of you, do you still love me the same?

Wiener didn’t immediately answer.

After a long silence, he heaved a long sigh and said, “…I’m already this old…but you look as young as ever, Lin…”

“It’s not like I won’t get older…I will too, you know?” Lin Yuetian whispered.

“….I, when I was young, I always thought that the most important thing in the world was power and status. But now I know they aren’t. Actually, I’ve realized it long before, in my later years, I understood that power and status wouldn’t give you comfort when you are old, neither would they make you satisfied as you’re dying.” Wiener slowly spoke.

“—The most important thing in the world, the most cherished thing we have, should be youth…and the people who have been with you when you were young…”

Wiener turned his head and looked straight into Lin Yuetian’s eyes. “….I love you, Lin. So do I, after all these years, you’re the person I love most. There’s no one but you.”

The heartfelt confession from Wiener was responded to by the System’s announcement:

[“1st Mission: Make the 3 exes, Wiener, Kaysen, and Jaden confesses their love to you. Completed.”] The System softly announced.

He couldn’t bear to look at the old King, because he knew with this announcement Wiener’s last bit of luck was exhausted. He’s become utterly useless to Lin Yuetian, thus even his existence was no longer necessary.

As expected, Lin Yuetian’s smile remained unchanged, but he suddenly said, “Wiener, you understand me, do you? So, do you know what I want to say to you the most?”

This time, without waiting for a response, Lin Yuetian pulled out a ring from his finger and began to kindly explain;

“This is a ring where I sealed your soul for our contract when I summoned you back then. Everything about you, be it your power or even your life—all tied to this ring.”

Wiener felt this situation wasn’t right and exclaimed, “You—,”

Lin Yuetian drew his mana[5]Magic powerto his hand, tightly clenching the ring on his palm, and in the next second, the ring was crushed to dust.

What he did was different from that original owner of the previous world who naively broke the jade pendant to free the Jade Ghost. Right now, Lin Yuetian crushed the ring with the full awareness and knowledge of Necromantic Magic—with the sole purpose of destroying both the ring and the Ghost sealed within!

He looked at the astonishment written all over Wiener’s face and said impassively;

“In the past, I helped you learn some magic, I granted you longevity among mortals. What I’ve always wanted to say to you is: Wiener, what I can give to you, I can also take it back from you.”

Ignoring the pleading look from the other party, Lin Yuetian continued to speak mercilessly:

“…Wiener, I can grant you longevity, I can also make you perish for eternity.

[“2nd Misson: Get back what those 3 have taken from you. Completed.”]






T/N: End of this Arc, see you next Weekend~

Btw, you may wonder why the other Wizards seemed to accept the conclusion that easily. But you see, LYT’s seemingly exaggerated rambles there weren’t exactly nonsense.

In fact, he grasped those Wizards’ sore points quite accurately:

1st, at their zealous devotion to their precepts and how Jaden has brazenly broken them.

2nd, at their pride, the Holy Tower’s reputation, a place where Wizards all over the world would die for just to get into.

3rd, at the possibility of them being suspected as Perverts due to one person’s scandal.

4th, at the danger of their hundreds of years of hard work being ruined by the scandal, because this person is their Chief Magician, hence, their representative.

5th, however this Chief Magician has totally become such a disgraceful creature in their eyes from his vulgar live action.

So, in the end, they’ll just open one eye and close the other eye. Even if they might feel something wasn’t right with Jaden, but at this point, they’d rather tacitly, and knowingly, follow the flow, of whatever was  best for their own benefits and interest~

Btw, I like Brother Yue’s concluding lines the most!


1 n-amount of Pairing, a.k.a Smut Harem stories, be it BG or BL.
2 Indirectly denying Old BL Couple
3 The real point is that Wiener is an 80ish Grandpa, lol
4 something like this:

5 Magic power
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Jade says:

    “If we let him go, from then on all the innocent Old Men from the good families dare not go out at Night!”
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    Love me a man who can be ruthless and hilarious at the same time!
    Brother Yue, my heart belongs to you!

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