APA Chapter 43

Client in the Western Fantasy World - I didn't Expect You to be Such a System

Jaden simply took that one sip.

Afterward, as it should be, he fell into a drunken stupor instantly. What the System said about the products sold in the System Mall wouldn’t cheat off your money was true. Even this drunken pill really stood up against the test of reality.

Lin Yuetian generously threw a few sentences of praise to the System. The System hummed a few times and began to promote things, this and that were talked about, anyhow,

—without further ado, Lin Yuetian pulled a sparkling sharp knife from his waist and patted Jaden on the cheek with the blade surface.

“…Jaden, can you give me some response?”

[“Be careful. You look like you’re about to slash his face with it…”] The System felt uncomfortable at the sight. [“This Scumbag Gong’s only good point is his face, so please be lenient, don’t ruin his only grace.”]

“You’re right.” Lin Yuetian contemplated for a moment, this time he finally held the knife firmly in his hand. “I’ll bear it in mind.”

Meanwhile, Jaden hummed and groaned responding to Lin Yuetian’s question, truly like a drunkard who was no longer able to provide a coherent and credible reply. His every reaction and thoughts right now was purely based on his subconscious mind. In addition, his body was also totally wasted, collapsing on the chair like a puddle of drunken mud.

Lin Yuetian continued to question him in a mellifluous voice. “Jaden, my beloved apprentice—tell this Master, do you love me?”

With a slurred voice that sounded like he was gurgling with saliva in his mouth, Jaden stubbornly denied, “What nonsense…Fool…How could I…love you, Old Man…”

“How harsh of you…I don’t look old at all, you know.” Lin Yuetian maintained his voice gentle and pleasant.

His hand holding the knife began to slide downward, tracing down Jaden’s handsome side profile, continuing past his neck and shoulder, and finally, it landed on the slender arm hidden below the wide sleeve of his robes. The blade of the knife flicked over and suddenly pierced Jaden’s forearm.

Blood slowly trickled down from the wound, though it actually wasn’t such a deep or serious stab at all. Lin Yuetian himself didn’t even regard this action as a warning, at most what he did was just a greeting.

Drunkards were usually slow to react upon stimulation, and so did Jaden.

It took him quite a while to realize he was injured, before he started to whisper pitifully, “Master…It hurts…I, I’m in pain…”

[“So you could become a worthy human being, who knows respect and act with conscience, after being drunk?”] The System rolled his eyes.

[“It’s really the case of ‘You know who you love most when you’re drunk’, huh? Or perhaps, is it because he was raised by the Original Owner, after all? Even if he refuses to admit it, subconsciously he’s still a spoiled brat who’s used to being pampered?”]

“He is not a child, and he can no longer be irresponsible in his deeds anymore.” Lin Yuetian ruthlessly tore down this kind of ‘excuse‘.

“In the first place, what he did is beyond what a child should be able to do.”

In his mind, he was talking back and forth with the System, and in reality, Lin Yuetian was still busy coaxing the brat-Jaden,

“It’s alright, it’s not painful at all, Jaden. But you see, if you answer wrongly after this, you will really be punished. So, you know how to be a good child and behave well, right?”

The System, [“…”]

[“…Do you know what you sound like? And you still have the gall to say you’re not a pervert??”] The System was speechless.

“Please hear my explanation, this is simply the way of a Pro. You know, ‘A Pro shall be able to talk in any kind of speech.’ ” Lin Yuetian stated his defense.

Afterward, he clamped Jaden’s jaw with his fingers and continued to act, “—Let Master ask you again, let’s repeat the question one more time, shall we? Jaden, my beloved apprentice, do you love me?”

Unexpectedly, Jaden still refused to cooperate well. His head rattled in confusion. “Noooo…I don’t…How could I possibly like you? I like girls…”

“—That’s right! It’s you…Obviously it’s you, you must like me, don’t you? Otherwise, you, you wouldn’t be so kind to me…Ughhhh…Disgusting…I used to regard you as both my Master and Father…It’s your fault…It’s because you like me that I was forced to deceive you…I don’t like you at all…I, I’m just…trying to get even with you…”

This kind of self-justification of ‘It’s your fault that  I was tempted to deceive you’—Lin Yuetian was not interested to hear it at all.

Just as he promised earlier, as punishment for his ‘wrong answer‘, Lin Yuetian made another stab in his arm. This time, it really was a warning, with a deeper wound than the previous one. Jaden’s incoherent babble was interrupted and he cried out in a low voice.

Lin Yuetian traced the new wound with his finger, wiping away the blood. He gently chided the disobedient brat in front of him,

“Jaden, look, you have too big of a misunderstanding and too much-unfounded resentment toward me. How about we look at this situation from a different perspective?”

“—You know that I’ve raised you, right? Not only did I raise you, but I also gave all the best for you. We even dated each other in the end. I supported you with all my heart until you reached the top position of this Wizard Tower.”

“You said about regulation before, surely you also know that Wizard Tower advocates their Wizards to abstain from emotions and passions, to solely dedicate themselves to the glory of Magic. If a Wizard were known to have a relationship with someone, they will be expelled from the Tower——Despite all, when you chased me relentlessly, I still agreed to your courtship.”

“All this time I’ve never done something to be sorry for you. Yet what have you done? Jaden, my dear Jaden, my beloved apprentice, but have you forgotten everything I’ve given you? Right after you became the Chief Magician, you discarded me to keep your reputation clean?”

Lin Yuetian, “….But you see, Jaden…I can’t bear to blame you after all. I still treat you very well. So—you must love me, right?

Jaden, “I…I can’t…I can’t love you…”

He was no longer as rebellious as before when he answered this time, and his tone began to soften. Even the way he spoke his denial sounded particularly tangled and hesitant.

Lin Yuetian knew he was almost there.

So, he placed the blade of his knife directly on Jaden’s throat. His other hand patted the side of Jaden’s face tenderly.

“This is not the answer that I want to hear, Jaden…Alas, we have no choice but to continue this lesson at this rate. Let Master see, are you a good child, or a bad one, hmm? If you are a Bad Student, then Master will have to punish you…I’m afraid this time will be very, very painful…However, if you are a Good Student, then…Master will give you a reward~

Jaden was stunned, and he slowly parroted, “Rewards…?”

“That’s right,” Lin Yuetian nodded. “Master will reward you…something that we haven’t done before when we were lovers. What do you think? Why don’t you use your imagination and try to guess?”

Jaden’s breathing began to get heavier and rougher.

[“??? Excuse me, but this situation doesn’t seem good, right??”] The System was caught off guard. He was panicking and felt that this development might be unsuitable for both children and the elderly.

[“The hell, dude? Are you that kind of person who likes watching Teacher and Student-Movies?”]

“I’m not fond of Movies.” Lin Yuetian replied.

[“Liar! Obviously, you’ve been quoting the lines from Teacher and Student Movies—the forbidden ones[1]R21+ Movies! No, I’m not wrong at all, I think I’ve really heard the exact similar lines!”]

The System was furious. It was a bit difficult for him to talk about this kind of topic regarding ‘Human Reproduction‘, especially not when it came from Lin Yuetian.

[“I didn’t expect you to be such a person!”] The System was vehement.

Lin Yuetian caught some flaws in his outburst and countered, “Judging from what you said, you’ve seen it too, right?”

The System, [“……………………..”]

“I didn’t expect you to be such a System…” Lin Yuetian let out an exaggerated sigh in his mind.


The System suddenly went as quiet as a mosquito. He gave no reaction at all no matter how Lin Yuetian nudged at him.

In the end, Lin Yuetian shrugged and decided to continue the real work in front of him.

“Jaden…Don’t be afraid, answer this Master’s question truthfully—My beloved apprentice, you do love me, right?

Jaden, “…………….” The young man’s face was beginning to blush red. It became as red as a tomato, even his reddened ears looked like it’s almost dripping with blood. “Love…” He whispered shyly.

Lin Yuetian finally nodded with satisfaction.

He said, “Good boy, then Master will give you a Reward now…”

—His hands moved swiftly, taking off every clothing on Jaden’s body.

The System who was pretending to be dead earlier became truly petrified this time. His brain was frozen for quite some time looking at this bold scene. It was not until Lin Yuetian almost stripped Jaden completely naked that he regained his power and quickly screamed in earnest:

[“Nooo! Stop right there! Didn’t I tell you not to kill someone while ‘in harmony’[2]Slang for Segg?! Big Brother, please, I beg you! Big Brother, a Hero can be killed but can’t be humiliated! Even if this Scumbag Gong is not a Hero, but I, am innocent! Don’t be like this! Don’t sell fake BL, I beg you! Big Brother, don’t give up on yourself no matter how difficult it is! A man’s chastity is the best dowry! It should be preserved for your true love! Don’t just throw it away! Please think twice!”]

The other one who couldn’t stand it anymore aside from the System was, of course, Wiener. He could no longer stay silent and immediately showed up, grabbing Lin Yuetian’s hand and asking him urgently, “What are you doing?!”

Lin Yuetian was visibly delighted when he looked at Wiener’s appearance.

He said, “It’s you, Wiener! So you can finally materialize your body? You’ve finished digesting the power from eating Kaysen, I take it. It’s good…really good, you’ve become more lifelike, with a nice complexion too…Honestly, what a superb material and splendid quality…”

“I’m asking you! What were you doing!?” Wiener was enraged.

Lin Yuetian patted his shoulder affectionately, “Stay still.”

Before Wiener could discern what he meant by that, the light from a petrification spell burst out from Lin Yuetian’s palm and hit his body head-on. After being rendered motionless, another silencing spell soon followed. In just one or two seconds, Wiener was completely immobilized and muted.

Lin Yuetian fondly sized him up as he smiled widely. Once again he praised, “Really now, such a superb material and splendid quality[3]A reference to Lin TongZhao’s remark on the previous Arc when he evaluated Ghost-LYT…”

Then, our beloved Lin Yuetian, pushed the old man Wiener who had just materialized his body to the ground—afterward, he ruthlessly gave the same treatment to Jaden, kicking the young man who’s still dead drunk and naked to boot from the chair he sat previously.

Now, Jaden was laying on top of Wiener, unobstructed.




T/N: About Character Development (lol)

The System went from: 

“We’re from Shounen-ai Department, so go and seduce those Gongs and make them fall in love with you!”——in the first mission,

To finally become:

“Brother Yue, the Scumbags can be killed but no adult content allowed!”——in this Arc.



1 R21+ Movies
2 Slang for Segg
3 A reference to Lin TongZhao’s remark on the previous Arc when he evaluated Ghost-LYT
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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    Well, but, realistically, the system needn’t worry about what’ll happen😂 you see, biologically speaking, a dead drunk person can’t “get it up”.

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