APA Chapter 42

[“This Kaysen…did he really cherish this Bone Sword close to his heart as a momento of the Original Owner? So that whenever he looked at the sword, he’d be reminded of him always?”] The System analyzed the meaning behind Kaysen’s behavior of keeping this Bone Sword.

Actually, the System hit the truth quite accurately, what a pity, Lin Yuetian wasn’t on the same board with him and popped the bubble instead. “Really?”

Lin Yuetian tried to think about the scenario in his head; Forging his ex-boyfriend’s bone into a sword, then bringing the said sword everywhere and reminiscing about the ex-boyfriend every time——as he was traveling together with a new boyfriend.

“…What a disgusting act, this is what you should call abnormal, right?” Lin Yuetian frankly concluded it with.

[“You, of all people, are not qualified to judge others as abnormal!”] The System was indignant.


Back to the current scene.

Kaysen’s body had fallen and lay motionlessly on the ground. Blood was gushing out from his severed neck and gradually pooling into a puddle of red liquid.

On the other side, Wiener with his Grandpa’s appearance but still had that dignified look of a King, fell into silence as his gaze was filled with mixed feelings. These complicated feelings started to rise when Lin Yuetian discreetly sent him a voice transmission earlier, telling him to be ready to kill Kaysen at his command.

He had never expected it…Never did he know that…Lin Yuetian would actually have an ex-boyfriend after him!

That’s right.

Wiener was confident and had always regarded Lin Yuetian as an infatuated person who faithfully loved him only. Unexpectedly, after leaving his Kingdom, Lin Yuetian hooked up with another man! And even more unexpected was that…he never imagined Lin Yuetian’s way of settling his grudge was surprisingly uncomplicated and straightforward—simply kill the other party.

The little Royal Magician in his memory, that Lin Yuetian, was talented in every kind of magic, except combat-based magic. In his palm, a withered flower could become fresh; the dark night was no longer lonely with endless fireworks he created; and more importantly, this man was exceedingly kind that he wouldn’t even have the heart to harm an ant.

At first, when Lin Yuetian said he was about to get revenge on his ex-boyfriend, Wiener thought it would only be a series of magic pranks; probably just scaring the man out of his wits, some other intimidation, or at most giving him a beating. Those kinds of revenge were in line with the beautiful silhouette of Lin Yuetian in his heart.

Never in his dream had he anticipated such a brutal massacre. Neither would he expected Lin Yuetian’s amiable smile to be plastered on his face—looking at the scene when Kaysen’s head was ripped off in front of him.

It shouldn’t be like this…His Lin Yuetian shouldn’t…

Wiener was absent-minded, with various thoughts in his mind. And as Lin Yuetian noticed his current state, he thought that in the future he still needed this Grandpa for his next plan, so he shouldn’t treat him so perfunctorily.

With such consideration, Lin Yuetian decided to give him some comforting words:

“Wiener, don’t think too much. I assure you, you will always be my first love. This will never change. You are different from Kaysen. In my heart, you have a special position and no one could replace it.”

Wiener, however, was unsure if it was happiness or discomfort that he felt after hearing Lin Yuetian’s reassurance.

He wrapped the wounds on his ghostly figure due to the fire spell earlier with his hands. He wanted to make himself invisible like ghosts usually were—when Lin Yuetian suddenly stopped him;

“Wait a moment, Wiener.”


[“Here we go, here it comes!”] The System started rambling enthusiastically.

[“—Here’s a gamble question, what will happen next? 1st! Lin Yuetian’s false confession—It’s a bet of Five for One[1]A gambling term. Five for One meaning; If you lose, You will lose 5 times the amount you bet! 2nd! Lin Yuetian’s sudden assassination—It’s a bet of Seven for One! And lastly, 3rd! Lin Yuetian’s heartfelt repentance for his past deeds!—will start at 55.000 for One! Come, see, and pick for yourself!”]

Lin Yuetian was speechless. “Nobody will bet with you. What are you so excited about?”

[“Go away, don’t bother me on my way of self-amusement and self-relaxation, okay!”] The System grumbled. [“You’re really the devil of my life. There’s no need to prove this the hard way every now and then.”]

Meanwhile, after Lin Yuetian called him earlier, Wiener turned back and was currently looking at him expectantly.

All this time Lin Yuetian kept smiling at him fondly. “I know. I can understand that it’s difficult for you to trust my words. You might not believe my feelings for you. But it’s fine, it doesn’t matter. Even then, I will treat you well with all my heart…”

He added, “—from here onwards.”

Lin Yuetian’s toes subtly nudged at Kaysen’s corpse on the ground. “Actually, there’s some rumor I’ve heard,”

It’s not a rumor. It was what Lin Yuetian exactly learned in the previous Supernatural World about ghosts.

“—I heard, apparently it’s good for Ghosts to occasionally… ‘snacking’[2]With Kaysen’s body..”


After making several stops and detouring on his trip, Lin Yuetian eventually floundered back to the Wizard Tower.

Just as he arrived, the last target of his mission coincidentally blocked him at the entrance of the tower. Jaden, the last target, was a handsome young man, though, now his expression wasn’t good at all from what seemed like a suppressed rage.

“So you still know how to come back?” He said with a gloomy look on his face.

Lin Yuetian didn’t immediately respond to him, but talked to the System in his mind;

“Look, I haven’t found him yet, but he comes looking for me first.” He said feeling a little incredulous. “I’ve never seen such a person in my life.”

[“Who knows. Maybe the targets in this world are all holding on to the principle; Heaven has a way but I don’t want to go. Hell has no door, so I will carve it myself.”] The System finally began his usual ritual of chanting Buddhist Scriptures after a long time of absence.

“Where have you gone?”

Jaden didn’t get a response, so he further interrogated Lin Yuetian in an aggressive tone, as if the person in front of him owed him million dollars and was about to run away. He really deserved to be awarded as the true embodiment of a White-Eyed Wolf[3]An Ungrateful Bastard. a Snake-like person who bit the hand that fed them..

“—Leaving as you like without notice? Old Man, just who do you think you are?”

In the original’s memory, before becoming the Chief Magician, Jaden was simply a Puppy-like man[4]Good at acting obedient and cute. After he gained the post of the Chief Magician, from then on sadly,  he began to look down on other people and act like a Dog who couldn’t spit ivory from his mouth instead[5]CN proverb, referring to No good thing will ever come out from a  Bastard.. In the final analysis—he is a Dog, after all.

The original owner really had a rich experience of dealing with this Dog, fortunately.

Therefore, imitating the soft tone of the original owner, Lin Yuetian replied, “Forgive me, Jaden…I just…just…want to go out to have some relaxation…I really forgot to report to you at that moment, I’m sorry…”

“Forgot? Hehh. You really don’t take the regulations of the Wizard Tower to your heart at all, do you?”Jaden sneered.

“—That being said, going out for a break? Really? Do you forget how old you are right now? With how old you are, shouldn’t you be afraid to die suddenly when you go outside by yourself?”

The System, [“…”]

[“Is this secretly worrying about the Original Owner’s safety outside?”] The System sighed. [“This kind of Tsundere trope—using harsh words to convey concern—was once really popular for some time back then, huh…What a retro-style romance. Is it time for retro style to come back, I wonder…”]

Contrary to the System, Lin Yuetian was no supporter of this style.

“What in the hell is the purpose of this unpleasant concern? The only principle I know is that ‘we should be gentle and kind to our Client’. This Jaden can only be in the position he has right now after relying on the original owner, thoroughly. Just how shameless could he be to treat the original owner like shit?”

“—Besides, when you deal with Criminals, all you need to do is talk about their actions and deeds regardless of their hearts. Why do we have to care whether these targets actually love the original owner or not? Just look at their disgusting behavior, and you’ll soon find that it’s absolutely superfluous to discuss whether they have sincerity, if they have love in their hearts, or whatever.”

“—Love hidden behind a Cruelty? I don’t understand. I could never understand. And I don’t want to waste even a second of my life trying to understand it.”


The System, [“…You know what? You have a good point. Really, I feel like I’m about to give you an award to be some Emotional Expert for sadomasochism romance guidance…”]

[“—However!”] The System also caught the flaws in Lin Yuetian’s argument, and refuted him back, [“If you have no care for people’s heart, if you don’t care what people feels, then what’s the different of you and a super cold-blooded perverted killer who has no empathy?!”]

“Why of course, I’m different. I’m an Elite in the Industry.” Lin Yuetian immediately put his answer out.

At the same time as he was bickering with the System in his mind, he still acted like a weak and submissive man on the outside.

In the end, Lin Yuetian timidly responded to Jaden’s previous insulting words. “Well…I admit my fault…I, I bought some good wine from outside, so, Jaden, can I treat you to a drink as an apology?”

Jaden didn’t refuse him either.

He was really a young man, after all. He couldn’t hide his feelings properly. Lin Yuetian rubbed him the right way with his superb acting, showing him an obedient and weak Beauty. Jaden just looked at him strangely for a moment before finally taking Lin Yuetian to his chamber.

Lin Yuetian really did take out the promised wine—a wine mixed with the 500 points worth of drunken pills[6]From the 3rd Arc with the Domineering CEO.

[“You don’t mean repeating the same old trick, right?”] The System was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you say it? Go back to retro style.” Lin Yuetian answered him with.

The apprentice lover,  Jaden, coldly picked up the wine glass, but not intending to drink it at all. His eyes narrowed as he scrutinized Lin Yuetian’s face.

“…Why do I feel you’re a little strange today?”

“Am I?” Lin Yuetian pretended to be surprised.

Jaden, “…I can’t put it in words, anyhow, something doesn’t feel right with you.”

As expected of the Chief Magician, he had great intuition.

Jaden put down his wine glass and instead said. “Just go for today.”

“I bought this specially for you, do you really not want to taste it at all?’ Lin Yuetian whispered softly.

“I have no obligation to accommodate your idea, I believe?” Jaden seemed like he was angry when Lin Yuetian spoke so humbly to him, he tilted his chin up, looking down at Lin Yuetian in front of him.

Lin Yuetian wasn’t faltered by the rejection. Someone said that; Where there is a will, there is a way. So, Lin Yuetian didn’t stop his advance. He patiently held up the glass filled with wine earlier and handed it closer to Jaden’s lips.

His voice was pleasantly mellow like a clear stream of spring water as he continued to persuade the young man, “Jaden, it really tastes good…If you don’t believe me, just take a sip…okay? I remembered the things you like when I bought them…So, for my sake, please Jaden, will you…?”

[“Oh, shit! I can’t help but think this scene is strangely familiar!”] The System paused for a while, trying to recollect his memory, and finally exclaimed, [“That’s it! Isn’t this the legendary reenactment of ‘DaLang, drink medicine.’ ?”][7]A CN internet meme—A reference for CN novel written in Vernacular Mandarin—Water Margin. The scene about one of the characters, Pan Jinlian, who put arsenic in Wu Dalang’s medicine, … Continue reading

“Can you stop bothering me when I’m acting?” Lin Yuetian complained inwardly.

On the other hand, after a while, Jaden eventually said coldly, “…Alright.”

“I’ll drink this, but don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m not doing this because of you, okay? So please don’t foolishly think that I like you.”

He took just one sip.

Too bad, all it need was also one sip for the drug to work.



1 A gambling term. Five for One meaning; If you lose, You will lose 5 times the amount you bet
2 With Kaysen’s body.
3 An Ungrateful Bastard. a Snake-like person who bit the hand that fed them.
4 Good at acting obedient and cute
5 CN proverb, referring to No good thing will ever come out from a  Bastard.
6 From the 3rd Arc with the Domineering CEO
7 A CN internet meme—A reference for CN novel written in Vernacular Mandarin—Water Margin. The scene about one of the characters, Pan Jinlian, who put arsenic in Wu Dalang’s medicine, and she said this when she persuaded him to drink the medicine; “Da Lang, it’s time to get up and take medicine”–seems plain and warm, but it is actually resentful and vicious.”

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