APA Chapter 41

Client in the Western Fantasy World - The World Needs to Improve Their Standard of Feeling's Appreciation

The expression on Wiener’s face distorted for a moment, before eventually, he floated away indifferently.

Be that as it may, he did follow Lin Yuetian’s instructions faithfully. He tried his best to make his appearance to be as sinister as possible. Though, generally speaking, female ghosts would have more advantage when it comes to being spooky, but Wiener’s effort still scored the effect he wanted nevertheless.

Shortly after, the encampment in this wilderness was thrown into chaos. Amidst the chaos, Kaysen’s voice was heard as he cried urgently;

“Run separately! I’ll lead him away!”

—In this way, Joyce was led to run in the direction where Lin Yuetian had been waiting.


[“Heaven has a way, you don’t go for it. There is no door to Hell, yet you seek for it.”][1]CN proverbs— talking about how people foolishly invite or come to their own trouble. The System lamented.

Lin Yuetian later proved that his System’s remarks were spot-on by his next action.

He came out from behind the tree where he had been hiding, holding a recently purchased magic wand in his hand. Gently raising his wrist, he chanted and threw a spell for body fixing.

“You, who are you?!” Joyce cried out.

He couldn’t move his body and could only watch motionlessly as a Wizard with an Oriental look, wearing an ankle-length magician robe with its hood on, suddenly appeared in front of him.

Joyce had never seen or even known who Lin Yuetian was. A Wizard whose bone was dug out alive just to treat his illness. Even without knowing the cause and effect, Joyce could feel that the person appearing in front of him obviously didn’t have a kind intentions.

He couldn’t help but be reminded of those stories regarding the Dark Magicians and the appalling rumors about their miscellaneous magic experiments. He was instantly terrified by his own imagination.

“Get back what they took from me…” Lin Yuetian mumbled, without answering Joyce’s question.

Right now Joyce was no different than those insects entrapped in the spider webs. He could do nothing aside from occasionally contracting the pair of pitiful and innocent eyes of his.

Lin Yuetian still gave him not the slightest attention. He’s busy talking to himself as he repeated his mission in this world;

Taking back everything they have taken from me——so, that does include the part of bones used to cure your illness, I suppose? If it weren’t for me, you should have died of illness back then…”

“What are you talking about…?” Joyce’s lips quivered. “I don’t understand, please, I beg you, I did have an illness before, but I know nothing about all this, please…”

“You have no clue about these things?” Lin Yuetian was momentarily surprised.

However, that wasn’t important. It’s not like he would care otherwise. It’s a shame, but he had made up his mind.

“I didn’t anticipate this would be the case. I apologize, but it can’t be helped, well then——I must take your life.”

He stretched out his hand, pointing straight his magic wand in between Joyce’s brow.

It was true that the body he was in had a pathetic level of combat power and offensive ability. That being said, even this kind of body wouldn’t have any problem dealing with a person who’s both motionless and in a vulnerable state.

“Rest assured, it won’t be painful…” Lin Yuetian comforted him kindly. “—Probably, I guess.”

Joyce didn’t even have the chance to cry out a complete scream.


Tonight the moon was cloudy, the wind howled, and the stars could barely be seen.

Lin Yuetian was currently wiping his hands.

His movement was incredibly careful, just like what a serious clean freak would do. It was as if he couldn’t bear to leave even a speck of stain on his hands. He didn’t use any cleaning magic, but manually wiped his fingers one by one.

The System couldn’t stand it any longer:

[“Stop wiping, won’t you? There’s no blood left already. What’s the matter with you, suddenly role-playing Lady Macbeth[2]From Shakespeare’s Play, MacBeth—the constant washing/rubbing of hands is portraying how her guilt couldn’t be washed after killing King Duncan—Lady Macbeth, sleepwalking in … Continue reading. I’ve never seen you exhibiting any sign of conscience.”]

“You don’t understand. This is a fantasy world, where magic exists.” Lin Yuetian attentively wiped his hands several times more.

“If there’s any curse contained in Joyce’s blood, it’d be a problem.”[3]In case any curse will be activated upon contact with magic in cleaning magic


[“…Of course, what else do I expect?”] The System didn’t know whether to feel relief or disappointment after knowing Lin Yuetian was just being Lin Yuetian. [“—Ain’t no way you’ll feel any guilt.”]

After a while, Lin Yuetian finished wiping his hands clean, and proceeded to the next set, heading in the direction where Wiener had been chasing Kaysen all the way. He was still under an incognito spell, and when he finally found his target—he saw Kaysen was currently attacking Wiener with a Bone Sword. The sword itself actually could inflict damage upon the Ghost-Wiener.

Lin Yuetian observed a situation where one Ghost and one Human were fighting. He watched them as if he was enjoying a cut-off CG from some Blockbuster Movies. Only after he had seen enough for his entertainment that he jumped down directly from the tree he perched at, and raised his hand to cast a flame spell——directed at Wiener.

Wiener was a ghost. He’s weak at light magic or flame magic. As he was suddenly hit with a flame spell, he couldn’t help but howl in pain.

Knowing the person who hit him was Lin Yuetian, his expression became a mix of pain and disbelief, looking like he wanted to complain;

“I did all that you told me to, the hell are you hitting me for??”

Lin Yuetian quickly passed a few commands to Wiener discreetly. However, on the outside, he was currently displaying the scene of a flustered weak man. The moment he landed on the ground, he quickly held Kaysen’s hand tightly, and spoke in a hurry:

“This Evil Spirit is too strong! Don’t be belligerent, Let’s escape together from here immediately!”

Kaysen was petrified upon the sight of Lin Yuetian. He subconsciously hid the Bone Sword behind him. Looking at this reflexive action, there’s nothing Lin Yuetian couldn’t discern anymore—the Bone Sword, it was undoubtedly forged from the bones dug out of his body.

Despite getting the answer he had been wondering before, Lin Yuetian kept his composure and focused on his current acting. He pulled Kaysen and dragged him to run. Kaysen knew that the situation was urgent, so he didn’t try to resist, that said, he had yet recovered from his shock either. He let himself be dragged by Lin Yuetian into the depths of the dense forest, dazedly.


“Huff, Huff,….It should be alright, I guess, Huhh…..” Lin Yuetian exhaled and patted his chest weakly to calm his breath.

“You….” Kaysen’s eyes were filled with complex emotion. “…Why are you here?”

[“Oh, Young Man, not only is he here, but he has also killed your sweetheart.”] The System roasted from inside Lin Yuetian’s mind.

“…I have been missing you…so much,” Lin Yuetian took off his hood.

He said softly, “Kaysen, I’ll be honest with you…What happened many years ago, I didn’t blame you. No, perhaps I used to blame you, but after everything, in the end, I still can’t forget you…”

“—Recently I heard the news about you by chance. When those adventurers mentioned you in the taverns, I thought, I realized I really want to see you once again no matter what.”

Lin Yuetian smiled sadly. The expression on his face was rather obscured under the moonlight. “Fortunately I decided to come, I’m here, and I can help you a little.”

Kaysen was inevitably moved by his words. “Back then…What happened in the past…”

“Let’s not mention anything about the past. I told you, didn’t I? it’s not your fault.” Lin Yuetian cut him off.

Gazing at Kaysen’s face affectionately, he said, “Kaysen, let us talk about the present and the future, alright?”


[“…Bleerghhhhhhhh.”] The System couldn’t help but vomit.

[“Where did you learn such greasy lines? Big Brother, it’s time to improve your EQ.”]

On the other hand, Kaysen found himself looking downward, staring at Lin Yuetian’s face. The man’s face was pure and innocent, with a hint of timidity, exactly like how he remembered it in his memory.

Kaysen could no longer deceive his own heart. After Joyce had his illness cured back then, Kaysen didn’t stay for long but instead went back to find Lin Yuetian whom he had left behind previously. He wanted to apologize to him. He wanted to tell Lin Yuetian properly that, ‘What I said to you all this time, they aren’t false’——unfortunately, Lin Yuetian was nowhere to be found.

After that day, he hadn’t contacted Joyce for so many years. Later, he forged a part of Lin Yuetian’s bone into a long sword. That Sword never left his side for a moment from then on.

He had been traveling across the Mainland to find Lin Yuetian for so many years…Deep down in his heart, he…the feeling he had for Lin Yuetian had been changed, long before he himself realized it.

“Why do you still want to save me when I…after I have treated you so badly?” Kaysen asked softly.


“You see? He was touched by my affection.” Lin Yuetian proudly show off to the System, confirming that the greasy lines of his choice were useful.

[“If he was touched by your meager skill, then it seems like this world really needs to improve their standard of feelings’ appreciation.”] The System flatly replied.

On the surface, Lin Yuetian, however, was still looking at Kaysen tenderly.

With a look that couldn’t be more sincere, he answered the Knight’s question, “…Because I love you.”

“Kaysen…love will never change. I loved you before, and I still love you today. This time, when I decided to see you, I know that the Young Master you like has always been by your side…But it doesn’t matter. Right now I just want to ask you, please tell me honestly; Kaysen, have you ever loved me? Even if it’s just for a moment, have you…have you ever loved me, even just a little?


The answer to this question didn’t come out for quite a long time.

After a long silence, Kaysen slowly replied in a trembling voice, “Yes. Lin, I love you. I love you before in the past, and I still love you now in the present.”

Lin Yuetian nodded along softly. His tenderness was like blood clots in a human’s vein, it couldn’t be dissolved, nor could it be untied.

Tenderly he also said, “Do it.”

In a flash, Wiener’s ghostly figure appeared. His hand wrapped around Kaysen’s neck fluidly,

It was what Lin Yuetian commanded him secretly before.

‘Go hide and follow us secretly. When I give you the word, quickly finish him off.’

At the same time as Wiener’s move, Lin Yuetian also held up his magic wand, pointing it toward Kaysen—performing a summoning technique.

The Knight’s expression was stuck in that moment of confusion. He didn’t even have the chance to feel surprised. His handsome face flew high in the air sticking to his severed head.

Wiener was a ghost, and no tangible matter could stain his body. So it was only Lin Yuetian who took a step back to avoid the mess from their joint homicide.

He spoke gently toward Kaysen’s slowly falling body, “I really am sorry, Kaysen, I can’t help it, you see, this Bone Sword is cast from the bones you took from me after all. So, I have to take what’s mine back, right?”

Lin Yuetian picked up the Bone Sword from Kaysen’s body. Holding the sword, he drew some of his magic power, slowly directing them to his palm. Afterward, he exerted a little force on this legendary sword sung by Bards all over the country for hundreds of years.

The legendary Bone Sword still had that little warmth from Kaysen’s body temperature——when it was at last, broken.




T/L note: See you next weekend!


1 CN proverbs— talking about how people foolishly invite or come to their own trouble.
2 From Shakespeare’s Play, MacBeth—the constant washing/rubbing of hands is portraying how her guilt couldn’t be washed after killing King Duncan—Lady Macbeth, sleepwalking in her chamber, ‘rubs her hands’ for ‘a quarter of an hour’, lamenting ‘what, will these hands ne’er be clean’. She can still smell blood: ‘All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand’.
3 In case any curse will be activated upon contact with magic in cleaning magic
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Jade says:

    …you know, I’ve seen this exact scenario with Kaysen here, who hurt the Shou terribly, but later also loves him crazily…and those guys are forgiven!!
    Why, because the Shou didn’t die in the end.
    It’s like, “i’ve hurt u, but look, u aren’t dead , after all? (so u can forgive me)”
    I like how this novel tell us the grave result of those dog-blood stories.
    If the Shou dies, then no matter how much the Gong repent, it’s useless and ironic.

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