APA Chapter 4

Client in the Cultivation World - Don't worry my sword is fast

For Shaofeng Xianjun, the original owner truly had worked hard to search for any kind of Cultivation techniques. Lin Yuetian easily found several techniques in the vast sea of memories, originating from all the materials that the original owner had mastered. He could change his appearance, conceal his presence, and even track a certain target. 

“Alas…” Lin Yuetian sighed. “What a pity.”

[“What is it? You must have sympathized with the Original Owner as well, right?”] The System disclosed his own emotion, [“Actually, the reason I applied for this job is also due to sympathy for those victims.”]

“That’s not what I feel sorry about.” The regret in Lin Yuetian’s voice was even more evident as he continued, “The Original Owner is so talented, hard-worker, persevering…such a well-made ability and quality, what kind of business can’t he make a fortune of? If his personality is a bit tougher, he could live comfortably on his own. There’s no need to risk one’s head like how I did, and he could still achieve the same, if not a better life.” 

Lin Yuetian recalled how in his world he could encounter 3 street robberies and 6 gun battles a month, that was only counting the numbers on his way to go to his Organization Office. He couldn’t help but bemoan the difference between people, that somehow was a little bit too big of a gap.

[“?”] the System could only fall into silence, feeling puzzled over the sudden sentiment.

Lin Yuetian’s sudden Blue mood, however, didn’t last long and was quickly passed. He soon recovered his composure and continued focusing on his current job. 

He began to spread his divine sense, slowly probing and locking Lushui Xianjun’s position. With the changed appearance and masked presence, he went to track down his target. Following and observing Lushui Xianjun quietly, he waited and looked for the best opportunity to strike.

It was during this observation that he found out that Shan An’s death had been discovered. 

Previously, Shan An had sent a message, claiming that Lin Yuetian was dead. Yet from that day on, he had also abruptly disappeared. His Shizun was worried and ordered his subordinates to carry on a search. It was then that Shan An’s decapitated body was found in a thatched hut usually used by passersby or Rogue Cultivators to rest. However, the body of the supposedly deceased, Lin Yuetian, was missing along with the Zhanfeng Sword. 

It undoubtedly caused a huge uproar in the Qingfeng Sect. 

But truth be told, bluntly saying, whether it was the death of Shan An, or the disappearance of Lin Yuetian’s supposed corpse, all of them were not as important as the missing Zhanfeng Sword!

“The Original Owner is way too low-key.” Lin Yuetian noted lamentably. “I think he should take the initiative to show that he is stronger than Shaofeng, instead of letting others see him as an unimportant nobody. If he claimed his warranted title as the Number 1 Cultivator in the world, let’s guess if Shaofeng dares to be so willful?”

The System refused without hesitation, [“I don’t want to guess.”]

Regarding the recent accident, Qingfeng Sect decided to implement the safest approach: Activate the Mountain’s array protection.

Lin Yuetian knew from the Original Owner’s memory that this array was difficult to crack, unable to easily break or infiltrate. If the situation stayed as it was, even if he had both confidence and patience to wait for the day when he could kill his Client’s target, it would be a breach of the agreed period of 7 days. If he broke his credibility, wouldn’t he smash down his own business brand all these years?

The more Lin Yuetian pondered about it, the more uncomfortable he became. If an Assassin didn’t have good credibility, he would be reduced to going on the path of taking small jobs, the kind of quick business with small profits. He didn’t want such tiring jobs!

Besides, he still had another task waiting, concerning Shaofeng Xianjun. How should he proceed forward, completing both task and job in this case?


Fortunately, things soon turned around.   

The breakthrough came due to the upcoming Cultivation Partner ceremony between Shaofeng Xianjun and Lushui Xianjun

The Qingfeng Sect was a Righteous Sect.  They didn’t advocate the pursuit of resplendency, though that didn’t mean to forbid them at all. Usually, the Cultivation Partner ceremony was rarely held or celebrated. Having said that, how could the same logic be applied to Shaofeng Xianjun, the Number One Cultivator in the world? If his Cultivation Partner ceremony was held sloppily or hastily, wouldn’t the Qingfeng Sect be ridiculed as poor or stingy? 

Other necessities could be prepared and purchased by the servants or the low-level disciples. But there’s one thing Lushui couldn’t trust them at all. No matter what, he must be the one to choose and examine the wedding dress for the ceremony! 

During this period of choosing and examining his wedding dress, Lushui would then have a fixed schedule every day. At a certain time, he’d left the sect unfailingly to go to a clothing store in the Cultivator City below. 

He was born with a respectable status, his talent was higher than average, coupled with a top-notch appearance. He was used to being high above and had never faced any real difficulties. As a result, he had never taken seriously the Qingfeng Sect’s move to ban their cultivators from running about outside for protection.

This truly, gave Lin Yuetian the opportunity he had been waiting for.

According to his memory, the body he was in actually was, the world’s strongest, with the cultivation base on the Transcending Tribulation-Great Perfection[1]Great perfection means it is at the utmost level of a certain realm, which was one step away from reaching Mahayana. On the other hand, based on the information he acquired earlier, Lushui was still in Spirit Transformation-Great Perfection. There was still one Realm in between their cultivation level[2]as mentioned in chapter 2, Lushui is in the 6th level, Shaofeng is in the 7th, and Lin Yuetian is in the 8th, based on the 9 levels of cultivation base. Killing Lushui was like child play.

However, Lin Yuetian had another plan in hand. 


Early in the morning, he disguised himself as a Cultivator in the Nascent Soul realm and visited the aforementioned clothing store. The owner was dozing off when he heard footsteps approaching outside. Without raising his head, he waved the supposed visitor away, 

“Sorry, this store is specifically booked by Lushui Xianjun from Qingfeng Sect. We won’t be accepting other customers for the time being.”

Lin Yuetian didn’t speak but directly slam the store door open. He clamped his two fingers and cast a spell as fast as lightning. The owner was soon knocked unconscious, and Lin Yuetian calmly hid him in the warehouse. 

After finishing his burglary action, he went back to inspect the store’s interior. There he saw two bright red wedding dresses, so dazzling that even a Monk would have been moved. It’s a pity that Lin Yuetian didn’t even have any artistic bacteria, much less an innate sense to appreciate beauty. Without blinking his eyes, he pinched his fingers, once again performing a spell, placing an incantation to the two wedding dresses. 

Changing into the store owner’s outfit, he disguised himself as the middle-aged Cultivator, perfectly imitating his presence as well. Afterward, he leisurely walked to the front counter, and sat on the chair that the owner never even allowed his apprentices to touch. Lastly, following the example earlier, Lin Yuetian also began to…dozing off.

Zhanfeng Sword was put in his Qiankun pouch, whilst the pouch itself was hidden in his left sleeve. Lin Yuetian rested his chin on his right hand, seemingly dazed and slacked, however, his left arm from his fingertips upward was tensed, ready to pull out Zhanfeng Sword anytime if there was an unforeseen danger. His eyelids were lowered, but from the tiniest crack left on his eyelid, his vision was focused on the open door.

[“Do you possibly want…” ] The system paused in hesitation. [ “Will you directly charge at Lushui with a sword once he comes in?”]

“Why would I?” Lin Yuetian asked him back. “If I were to do that, I might as well assassinate him in the street. The outdoors is vast, it’s easier to escape.”

After the brief talk, neither the System nor Lin Yuetian was keen to continue the conversation. The System could see that Lin Yuetian seemed to have entered another state. He didn’t dare to disturb, and he could only pray fervently for the task not to develop in an outrageous direction. 

Time passed, and afternoon had come.

The Sun gradually tilted to the west. Finally, around the time when the shadow began to elongate once again, an immaculate boot stepped in on the store’s threshold. 

“The target is here.” Lin Yuetian informed the System in his mind.

Lushui Xianjun has appeared! His appearance was graceful, as refined as the moon above. He was dressed in brocade robes embellished with pearls hanging from his waist. His very being was imposing and his every gesture was full of arrogance. 

In the original owner’s memories, Lushui Xianjun was indeed such a person. He was confident, or perhaps too confident, to never bring any subordinate or guard. It’s not surprising actually, since his cultivation base in the Spirit Transformation allowed him to do so.

But this confidence would also lead him to a bad consequence today…

Lin Yuetian pretended to be just waking up from a dream. He stood up while stifling a yawn, imitating the owner’s tone to greet Lushui enthusiastically, 

“Oh my, welcome, Xianjun!”

Lushui snorted softly in reply. “The last time I visited, you promised that the wedding dress will be ready today. Do you hold your promise well?”

“That goes without saying! Goodness me, where’s my manner? I haven’t congratulated Xianjun yet!” While talking exaggeratedly with his hand gesture, Lin Yuetian sneakily pointed lightly to the door, applying a sound insulation spell. He was 2 realms above Lushui Xianjun‘s cultivation base, his off-handed move wasn’t noticed at all.

“The wedding dresses are stored in the inner room. Please,” Lin Yuetian respectfully invited him.

Lushui Xianjun walked to the inner chamber with his head held high. Inside, he finally saw the finished version of the 2 wedding dresses and a look of satisfaction visibly appeared on his face.

“Your handiwork really lives up to your reputation.”

Lin Yuetian who stood behind him suddenly suggested, “Would Xianjun like to try and see the final look?” He pointed to a water mirror next to him and continued to say, “For things like wedding dresses, it is necessary to fit both in body and heart. How about Xianjun try it on and see if it is to your heart’s liking?”

“That sounds good.” Lushui nodded slightly. 

He pointed his two fingers to one of the wedding dresses. The chosen dress flew out enveloped with spiritual energy, glowing like a warm sunset. In a blink of an eye, the dress had automatically been put on Lushui Xianjun’s body.

Lin Yuetian bowed his body slightly and went behind Lushui to tidy up the wedding dress. Lushui naturally turned his body away to face the water mirror and checked his current appearance. His eyes showed how much excitement he had after obtaining everything he desired. 

He didn’t, and would never regret everything he has done to get to this point, including framing Lin Yuetian. It was in fact, the last thing he could ever regret. He knew that as long as Lin Yuetian was alive and well, Shaofeng Xianjun would still put that man in his mind. 

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. A smile was unfurling on the corner of his lip.

“It really fits-,”

His words were cut-off, and his smile was abruptly frozen.

Lin Yuetian still had his head lowered, quietly standing behind Lushui Xianjun. The hilt of Zhanfeng Sword appeared in his left hand, whilst the sword blade was currently pierced upward through Lushui Xianjun’s back waist. 

“Don’t be flustered. My sword is expeditious, it shouldn’t hurt too much.” Lin Yuetian said in a gentle tone, saying his usual lines. 

“What goes around comes around. I am just an assassin hired by other people. If you want to complain, you can try to think about who my employer is. If the world has a chance of reviving from death then you can also ask me to deal with your enemies. Anyway, your grievance has nothing to do with me.” He spoke swiftly with a soft voice and tender tone. 

Obviously, Lushui was still alive in front of him, but in his mouth, it was as if what Lin Yuetian did was appeasing the dead. 

This wedding dress contained a spell Lin Yuetian had put on both dresses earlier. It could ban any fluctuation of spiritual energy and prevent any large movements. Lin Yuetian actually didn’t expect things to turn out simply as it is. Surely it shouldn’t because the gap in IQ between people was too big, right? 

Or else, the original owner who was schemed to death by a person with this IQ level, how foolish would he be-,

Lin Yuetian hurriedly shook his head. ‘Bah, I’ve sinned! Sorry for the offense, I should not speak ill of the deceased!’



1 Great perfection means it is at the utmost level of a certain realm
2 as mentioned in chapter 2, Lushui is in the 6th level, Shaofeng is in the 7th, and Lin Yuetian is in the 8th, based on the 9 levels of cultivation base
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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