APA Chapter 38

Client in the Western Fantasy World - This Rotten Fate and Bad Luck

The next time Lin Yuetian woke up from the chaos (of dimensional transfer), he found himself floating in the air.

Around him was a messy room, that looked like a studio of some sort. On the ground below him, various kinds of books were piled up and scattered all over. There was still another lineup of messy stuff and several rolls of parchments on the table.

The body he was in himself currently wore a dark blue robe with some kind of star-like patterns painted on it.

“The state I am in…I shouldn’t be a Ghost again now, am I?” Lin Yuetian blurted out his concern, considering what he had just become in his still-fresh and warm experience.

[“No, you are not. Why do you think so? Stop guessing randomly.”] The System shut him up mercilessly. [“You better accept the Original memory first.”]




This world was a fantasy world where swordsmanship thrived and magic existed.

The Original Owner of this world had a father who was of Eastern descent. Consequently, he was given an Oriental name, called Lin Yuetian. Initially, he was a small nobleman in the Jon Kingdom, a human kingdom in this Fantasy World. He was admitted as a Palace Magician due to his exceptional talent in magic. Until this point, Lin Yuetian had been living a smooth and peaceful life.

—It was until he fell in love with the person who later became his first lover—Wiener[1]Yes. His name really is Wiener. In CN it’s 维纳or Wéi nà.IMO, it’s perhaps the author’s joke, to troll the Scum Gong with a “Wiener” as a name., the prince of the Jon Kingdom, or later better known as Wiener I—the twentieth king of the Jon Kingdom.

The first encounter between Lin Yuetian and Wiener was how love most likely began in some romance story. At that time, both of them were still young men. They met during the time Lin Yuetian had been admitted as Royal Magician. The two of them often borrowed various books about magic and adventure chronicles. Together the two youths imagined the distant and boundless future ahead.

Speaking about Lin Yuetian’s character, then he could be described as a simple person. Since he realized he fell in love with Wiener, he was determined to accompany the other person as a Royal Magician for the years onwards. It didn’t matter if Wiener would have to marry a Queen after his ascension to the throne. He had no other wishes and neither would he feel regret for his possible future.

As proof of his determination, Lin Yuetian didn’t hesitate to reject the invitation from the Holy Land Wizard Tower, a place that every wizard in this world would die for just to get into.

Unbeknownst to Lin Yuetian, though there would be no drama about him having to help the prince to fight for the throne in Wiener’s case—since he was the successor of the Jon Kingdom without a doubt—but that didn’t mean Wiener was without ambition. The conflict between the two of them stemmed from Wiener’s enthusiasm for magic. It never occurred to him that all this time Wiener merely regarded him as a tool to satisfy his own thirst and curiosity over magic.

When Wiener inadvertently confided, “If only I could be as talented as you in magic…”

—Lin Yuetian immediately worked hard to find some way, a mean to improve one’s aptitude in magic.

Unexpectedly, instead of being happy, Wiener turned out to be greatly offended. He drove Lin Yuetian not only out of the Palace, but also away from his Kingdom. To cover up the matter completely, he went as far as to send his troops to hunt him down.

Lin Yuetian was extremely gifted in magic, unfortunately, he was really weak when it came to fighting. Even if he barely managed to save his life from the hunt, his heart was already in utter despair.

During his flight, he planned to head to the Wizard Tower to study, and lived a recluse life from then on, unexpectedly, on the way to the Holy Land, Lin Yuetian met with another man. It was a Knight named Kaysen who saved him when he fell into some danger.

Kaysen turned out to be a genuine adventurer, an unrestrained hero, who roamed this Magic World alone to fight evil and uphold justice. His integrity and the solitude in his bearing eventually drew Lin Yuetian in. At the same time, his considerate nature and his strength also captured Lin Yuetian’s broken heart back together.

In this way, the two people began traveling side by side for several years. They gradually fell deeply in love, to the point of indirectly deciding to settle with each other for life.

Unfortunately, Kaysen’s true intention later was revealed, and Lin Yuetian was again faced with disappointment all over.

The reason why Kaysen saved him back then, the reason why he decided to get close to him after—it was not due to his chivalrous nature, nor was it due to pure love toward Lin Yuetian. His real intention was because Kaysen had been secretly in love with another young noble son. That young man was seriously ill, and to treat him, a bone from a Wizard with a magic talent was required to create the medicine.

Even for a Knight, it’d be difficult for him to defeat those outstanding Wizards who could be admitted into Holy Land Wizard Tower. Therefore, Kaysen gritted his teeth and endured the humiliation of pretending to care for Lin Yuetian, until the other man trusted him completely. What a touching story, isn’t it? His perseverance and dedication were truly worthy of applause.

That was how Lin Yuetian got his bone dug out from his body, alive.

Even if at this time he was also able to keep his life at a hair’s breadth, both his body and heart were hurt severely. He felt that he would no longer believe in love ever again and just wanted to dedicate his life to researching magic.

Finally, the dejected Lin Yuetian really go to the Wizard Tower and was then accepted to study and further dwell in his magic research. The years he spent learning and researching magic turned out to be the happiest and most blissful days of his life. All he had to do was diligently study, something that he actually like and was good at, hence everyday had been very fulfilling to him.

Even so, perhaps it was fate, but those days, unfortunately, couldn’t last forever…

Lin Yuetian had been living in the Wizard Tower for many years, learning and researching magic. That day, he was just going out with other Wizards to buy some magic materials, when he later happened to meet a child outside.

The boy’s name was Jaden. He was an illegitimate son of a Bard. When Lin Yuetian met him, his mother had just passed away, hence he was left all alone. Seeing a child was by himself outside, Lin Yuetian planned to send him to a safe place. On the way, however, out of his whimsical idea, he tried to test Jaden’s magic talent, to which the result surprised him—Jaden was simply a genius in magic!

In this regard, Lin Yuetian changed his mind and ended up accepting Jaden as his apprentice instead.

He had been lonely for a long time, and had never been loved by anyone wholeheartedly. All of his painful past was what motivated Lin Yuetian to later devote almost all his energy to nurturing Jaden. He loved the child like his own son. He raised him carefully from childhood to adulthood, wholeheartedly caring about him.

—It was until Jaden reached his 18th birthday.

On that day, Lin Yuetian asked him if the teen had any wishes;

At that time, Jaden stared straight at him and answered him with, “I just want to be a lover with you, Master.”

But of course, this answer shocked Lin Yuetian, and without doubt, he objected to this outrageous wish decisively.

From that day onwards, however, Jaden began to launch all-pervasive temptation in private, and seemed to be madly pursuing his Master.

Lin Yuetian himself was initially a simple and sentimental person. Additionally, he had been hurt by love, which also meant he was also yearning for true love. As a result, he was unable to ruthlessly reject the young man’s intense pursuit. Besides,  since they had been together for almost a decade, he was naturally fond of Jaden as an individual in the first place.

In the end, Lin Yuetian agreed to his wish. Soon, the Master and Apprentice became a pair of underground lovers in the Wizard Tower. Lin Yuetian, thenceforth, once again, dedicated both his heart and soul to be a good lover for Jaden. It didn’t matter what he’d need to pay, he single-handedly paved the way for Jaden’s future. He taught and guided the boy meticulously until he became the new Chief Magician of the Wizard Tower.

People said that when you treat others with sincerity, others will also treat you sincerely; so did Lin Yuetian believed. He was optimistic, even if Wiener and Kaysen had given him a heavy blow both to his body and heart, he still believed that there wouldn’t be all there is to it in this world. All he wanted was for someone to truly love him, and for that, he was willing to trade his whole life. And he believed that eventually, he’d get to it. Toward his apprentice, and also his young lover, he put his faith in.

It was true that the world was filled with possibilities—but sometimes, fate itself was an unfair supervillain.

Lin Yuetian thought that after Jaden became the Chief Magician, they would still get along well, and continued to stay together till death. But who’d know that instead of staying close, Jaden had become more indifferent and colder to him day after day. The last blow finally came when Jaden suddenly broke off the relationship between Master and Apprentice with him directly in public, the reason was:

“As a Master, it is disreputable that he has not made any progress in magic research for many years—hence…”

Such an awe-inspiring act to castigate one’s Master’s terrible work performance!

—that was, if only the reason for Lin Yuetian’s neglect over his research was not because he had to nurture and support Jaden to the topmost position as a Chief Magician. In reality, he could have achieved much more otherwise!

When later Lin Yuetian confronted Jaden privately, as he was unable to believe his apprentice could do this to him, Jaden bluntly claimed that;

“All this time, I have never liked you at all, an old Wizard with only a young appearance.”

“Why, you said? I went to painstakingly make you my lover, of course, because I knew I could get more from you that way. You see, I’m an ambitious person.”

“—Additionally, Let me tell you something. Lin Yuetian, you, for you to actually be interested romantically with the child you raised by yourself…you, are truly disgusting!”

Jaden was the Chief Magician. His identity and status were both higher than Lin Yuetian’s. Therefore, there was nothing he could do aside from enduring this humiliation and withholding his pain.

After that day, Lin Yuetian had been out of his mind. In the end, during his experiment on a magic potion, he had an accident and passed away last night;

and today, Assassin-Lin Yuetian came into this world.




“…How do I say, this man was way too unlucky.” Lin Yuetian couldn’t help but sigh at the amount of the Original Owner’s rotten fate after receiving the memories.

The System replied by conveying their mission objectives, [“The wishes of the Original Owner, thus our task, are as follows: 1st Mission, make Prince Wiener, Knight Kaisen, and Chief Magician Jaden to say that they love you; 2nd Mission, take back everything that he has given to those three men.”]

“Hmm…Is it just me, but does our task here a little simple?” Lin Yuetian pondered seriously. “Tell me, am I wrong to think so?”

[“No, you get that damn right,”] The System fumed. [“—Because I specifically picked this world for you! Go and finish off someone’s life however you like! Don’t try to think of giving me a surprise, and of course, don’t ever try to think of doing any strange action on yourself either, now you heard me!”]

It was unexpected coming from his System, and Lin Yuetian felt a bit surprised, but he still nodded and tenderly expressed his gratitude, “I really appreciate your consideration.”

[“Big Brother, I’m actually considering my own self…”]

The System felt his nonexistent hairs raised in caution. [“—And would you please stop acting so gentle? It freaked me out, really…”]

“I understand, still, I won’t let your kind intention go to waste.” Lin Yuetian vowed earnestly.



1 Yes. His name really is Wiener. In CN it’s 维纳or Wéi nà.IMO, it’s perhaps the author’s joke, to troll the Scum Gong with a “Wiener” as a name.
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Bibi says:

    The first love’s name LMAO

    And I think this is the first Yuetian that I don’t feel bad about. He sounds too dependent on other people’s love ☠️ Bitch needs more self-love. And the fact that he gave in to the pursuit of the young man he raised from childhood is also icky— and the man himself admits it ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ Never thought I would agree with one of the scum gongs ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    And the system 🥰🥰🥰🥰 he’s the best assistant ever. I do hope that by the end of the story, LYT gets to see his system in humanoid form.

  2. Face-con says:

    The original owner was super unlucky, and as a commentor above said, he was too dependent on love. But we cannot blame victims for being too weak. He is only to blame for being blind

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