APA Chapter 33

T/L note: Hi! My sincerest apologies for taking so long to update this project! I was rather busy the past few months. That said, I have no plan of abandoning this project and will continue to finish translating it since I really do like this novel, and I hope more people out there could find and read the story I enjoy πŸ™‚Β 

Continued from chapter 32 Supernatural World Arc.


[“How are you able to adapt to the supernatural setting so quickly?”] The System couldn’t help but marvel.

“Naturally because I’m a professional.” Lin Yuetian answered modestly.

“You know, I’m well-rounded, each aspect is as strong as the others.”


[“I have no comment about your narcissism. Let’s talk about business first. The wishes of the Original Owner in this world are as follows: 1st task, Find out whether the Jade Ghost ever been sincere to him; 2nd task, Seal back the Jade Ghost; 3rd Task, No longer alone.“] The System said.

“His wishes are quite sentimental.” Lin Yuetian commented as he quickened his eating speed without dilly-dallying in taking his breakfast.

He asked further in his mind, “The second task is about sealing the Jade Ghost back, however, the previous Jade pendant has been smashed by the Original Owner. I have no professional knowledge about this kind of unscientific event, I wonder if it will affect my task thereon?”

The System immediately replied, [“Just go finish your breakfast first. I’ll ask the main office about the detail in the meantime. Have faith in our Company, we will never let our Materialist workers be wronged in the world of Idealism!”]


Just right after Lin Yuetian finished gulping down his porridge, the System finally came back with the response.

[“No need to specifically re-seal the Jade Ghost to the previous Jade as it has been smashed. It is enough to restrict the Jade Ghost’s activity for a long time.”]

“In other words,” Lin Yuetian settled the bill before leaving the breakfast stall. He continued what he wanted to say as he walked toward the main road, “I just need to prevent the Jade Ghost from being unscrupulous and causing trouble in the future, am I right?”

[“Well, I suppose that is…mm?”] The System noticed Lin Yuetian standing at the side of the road and hurriedly asked, [“Um, Big Brother, let me ask you one question, what are you going to do?”]

“Go back to Lin Yuetian’s hometown, LinJia Village.” Lin Yuetian replied.

“Everything must have a beginning and an end. Since the Jade Ghost and his pendant originated from the village, consequently we can learn about his details including his weakness from there as well. When it comes to nature, poison and cure exist to balance the other. Just like there are herbs that can nullify the venom from poisonous snakes that are often found near their habitat, I believe since the Jade Ghost appeared in LinJia Village, then a way to deal with him will most likely be found in the same village.”

The System felt something was a little off.

[“…What you said is reasonable, but you see, how do I feel that you are kind of…impatient?”]

“Impatient?” Lin Yuetian wondered in puzzlement. “Do I really look like I’m in a rush?”

The System, [“You do look like one! In our past missions, usually when you just entered a new world, didn’t you always find customers to earn the first pot of gold or something? But now you actually decide to go straight to LinJia Village… In my opinion, you seem to be in a hurry, no, my observation can’t be wrong, you are indeed anxious!”]

The System confidently expressed his opinion. As he said his piece, somehow an unbelievable guess suddenly popped into his mind,

[“Wait a minute! You…the reason you are anxious, it couldn’t be because you’re afraid of ghosts, are you?”]

Lin Yuetian was silent and didn’t give an immediate reply.

[“Fudge me! Are you really afraid of ghosts?!”]

The System couldn’t find it in himself to believe this conjecture. Within his shock somehow another realization hit him: Good Lord! Lin Yuetian, this Lin Yuetian actually has something he feels fear at!

Regardless of the System’s internal freak-out, Lin Yuetian was unaware of the rollercoaster inside his mind. After the short silence before, he finally spoke faintly,

“I don’t seem to ever talk to you about my past, I suppose.”

The system was hit with a surprise yet again and could not help parroting, [“Your past?”]

At this moment the sun bathed Lin Yuetian’s face in a gentle glow. As their mission progressed, the bodies he wore were transforming more and more like his own, and right now, he looked especially breathtaking. His pupils appeared to be light brown under the sunlight as his eyes moved following what it seemed to be a child holding his mother’s hand across the road.

The System had never seen such a reaction from him and couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

[“You, you… You won’t just suddenly go straight to the plot of heart-to-heart talk, will you? Honestly speaking, I’m not ready yet—–, uh, forget it, on second thought, actually, it doesn’t matter, come! Go on and start! As your colleague, I will try my best to help you settle on the right path. Even though the past is a long gone conclusion, however, you are always welcome to learn and study from the dozens of reference materials I have in my inventory at any time!”]

“Come now, don’t be so tense.” Lin Yuetian laughed lightly. “My past is actually quite ordinary.”

Still with the calm and gentle tone he always had, he started to tell,

“I never knew who my parents were. That, however, is quite common in my world. Cyberpunk World is rather chaotic, you see. Ever since I could remember I’ve always been living in an orphanage and have never been adopted.”

“…It was until I was 8 years old. My old Company was short of staff back then and planned to open a youth project. I was selected and taken away, and later I officially joined the Company when I became an adult. The Youth Project I got selected into started with the Company training the children to exercise their courage. The living space prepared for us was a cramped, dark, and soundless room with no windows…”

“…At night, the room would get really quiet and still. Sometimes when I was alone, lying in the dark room, and looking at the darkness around me, I-,”

The System couldn’t bear to listen any longer. He didn’t expect that this seemingly easy-going Lin Yuetian would have such a lonely childhood and unpleasant past.

Cutting over Lin Yuetian’s tale, the System whispered consolation words softly,

[“It’s alright, it’s already over.”]

[“To be honest, even if I used to ridicule and roast any little details about you, I am aware that you are not a sicko. More than anything, I just really want you to meet a good psychologist.”]

[“…After all, we have been colleagues for many years, we even spent hundred of years chatting every day in that Cultivation World.”]

[“I…truthfully speaking, I have regarded you as my friend. You need not be afraid now, as you are no longer alone…”]


“…Back then, as I stared at the darkness, as I was engulfed within the dark, sometimes I wondered if ghosts really exist in the world, and I ended up feeling afraid. Perhaps it was those experiences that made me become the person I am now…” Lin Yuetian finished his tale to the System.

“—–That, however, of course, is impossible.”


The System was stunned. [“??? Huh?”]

“You really are so easy to trust others…” Lin Yuetian shook his head and sighed helplessly.

Sending the System a compassionate look inside his mind he said, “I didn’t expect you to believe it so easily, my bad.”

“To tell the truth, while I really did grow up in an orphanage, but my personality has always been like this since way back then.”

“Additionally, I have only started working in my previous company after I was an adult. The Company has nothing to do with my character development. Oh, I have to say that logically no company would go to welfare homes to hire employees. It’s not that easy to get a job, dear~”

“And lastly, I’m neither afraid of the dark nor Ghosts.”


[“Ajdkdiseufneoworjfkth! Fudge you! Go to hell!!”]

The System went furious and was filled with the anger of wasting his tears and sympathy.

[“Fudger! Didn’t you say you would never joke with people before?!”]

“Hm? But you are not a person, you are a System.” Lin Yuetian explained kindly.

At this time a taxi finally stopped in front of him. Lin Yuetian opened the door and sat in the car.

“Anyway, answering your question earlier, I just feel that Ghosts are troublesome because they can’t be killed directly. It’s not that big of a problem, however. I can handle it. Rest assured, I won’t let you down.”

[“Heh.”] The System sneered.

[“You won’t let me down? Then who was it who push me into the abyss in one step just now?”]


Afterward, The System and Lin Yuetian bickered with each other like they always did.

The System expressed his strong dissatisfaction with Lin Yuetian’s bad sense of humor and his bad taste in jokes.

Lin Yuetian defended himself saying that it was merely the System’s subjective bias, and in return strongly complained about his preconceived bias against him.

In the end, the two of them settled their argument after the System who was sulking decided to bombard Lin Yuetian’s mind with the animation of Tom and Jerry.

Lin Yuetian who finally got to see the real action of Tom and Jerry, didn’t hesitate to praise his System’s taste in humor.

“I’ll work harder to improve my sense of humor. Let’s get along better as colleagues.”

It was truly a peaceful and warm scene between co-workers, worthy of applause.


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