APA Chapter 31

“Technology really changes life.”

Lin Yuetian said as he looked at the myriad flesh, blood, and shell fragments being exploded into the sky, and rained down to the ground like a bloody meteor show.

The once snow-white 3 meters or so-Emperor statue had also been dyed in red, coated in bloody rain, and embellished with some bloody chunks. Although there were almost no living humans in the vicinity anymore, but the few individuals who had survived by some luck were somehow unlucky to be the witness of this hellish scene. A spectacle of despair that was guaranteed to give them a lifetime of psychological shadow.

—Just like how Prince George currently looked like. Glimpsing at his expression, his sluggish and dull look on his face filled with dread, while staring at Lin Yuetian as if he was looking at some dangerous lunatic or ferocious cosmic monster. No doubt, he must have suffered a major blow to his mentality.

As for the flow of comments in the LIVE barrage, needless to say, it had also been frozen unanimously.

Tracing from the beginning when a wedding was held—to when the wedding was interrupted—until ultimately the couples who were married got changed.

Yet there was still the unexpected appearance of a Zerg Queen—the massacre of the nobles and other important guests—leading to Admiral Vincent being forced to marry the commoner soldier—but then the Admiral himself was killed! Oh wait, now even the previous Zerg Queen had also kicked the bucket.

All of those intertwined events that happened within this short period, were connected by that one commoner from some remote planet somewhere, whose gland had apparently shriveled —,

—Fudge!! Just from which interstellar or which black hole is this damn commoner popping out from?! How could a mere commoner have the guts to be such a daredevil? It’s really defying logic and reason too much, isn’t it?

[…Oh…Holy Moly…]

[Today may be the most frenzied day in my life…]

[I wonder if all of this are really something we can witness freely…]

[Who am I, where am I, What the hell have I just seen? Seriously, what in the world is happening? Or, what actually happened with this world?]

[So…now, are we…at least, don’t have to worry…about that more than 50 Advanced Zergs flooding the Royal Capital anymore…?]

[No, more importantly…The Zerg Queen has gone. That means, the Zergs colony will be in a precarious state for the next 100 years…shouldn’t it?]

[What the hell is this commoner doing? What in the damn hell is he thinking??? Outrageous, simply outrageous…]

[Wait, is there no one who’s going to care about the Class A banned drug he mentioned earlier?? How could he have his hand on this drug? Shouldn’t this forbidden drug has been all destroyed 100 years ago?? How did it get circulated in the market again? Who has been selling and buying this drug all this time? Who’s the real traitor of humanity??]

[Does no one care about Admiral Vincent’s ending…? He’s dead…our NAS Empire no longer has an S-level soldier…Are we going to end this way…?]

[Say, the Zerg Queen has perished, the Zerg’s threat has subsided, but Admiral Vincent has also gone, is this ending really worth it…?]

[…Somehow, I think, it’s quite worth it…?]

[Don’t ask…I don’t know, I understand not a damn thing in the first place…]

[“I knew it, I should have known…!”] The System raved desperately as he looked at the now blood-red landscape in front of him. His heart was frozen in despair, as cold as if he was backstroke swimming in the Pacific Ocean for 10 years. [“Your antics keep getting strange, I knew it!”]

“Really? I think it’s just so-so, like always?” Lin Yuetian replied to his System.

“I thought you have been used to this kind of scene, and you should be more familiar with what may happen in this kind of, Wedding, It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you, right?”

[“Ha-ha.”] The System laughed dryly. [“Do you think everyone has the same standard as you? When people watch a horror movie, even if they’re familiar with the cliche frightening attempts, even if there’s already a High Energy warning blaring ahead, it will still end up scaring you, alright!”]

“Well…then…you may continue to do your best, I guess..?” Lin Yuetian considerately tried to coax the System.

[“If you really care about me, you should just stay away from any kind of bloody scene in the world!”] The System felt he really might be on his limit.

[“Or else, Big Brother, let’s just find and have an appointment with a psychiatrist? I will find one for you, really, I will even pay for your treatment. I’m a legit System who has undergone professional training. Don’t be afraid, it’s just me being concerned about my colleagues, you know? I’m afraid it’ll be too late for you if we let this permeate for long!”]

“I’m really fine, I’m absolutely healthy.”  Lin Yuetian confidently declared, completely ignoring the whining of his System.


In reality, the scene right now was indeed, too much to digest.

Too much, that almost everyone forgot the existence of Baron Sarah.

Previously, the Zerg Queen had stuffed her into one of his abdomen cavities as he was told so by Lin Yuetian. Then, when the Zerg Queen was bombed from the inside later, Baron Sarah who was placed on his abdomen, had no time to escape, so she, unfortunately, received the first-hand impact from the Zerg Queen explosion.

As of now, the Flower of NAS Empire, had regretfully died in not so decent manner. Looking at the bits and pieces of bloody chunks on the ground, Lin Yuetian wondered if there was someone who’d be able to identify and separate which of these chunks are the Zerg Queen’s, the more than 50 Advanced Zerg fetuses’, and which of these were Baron Sarah’s.

Baron Sarah’s demise happened at the same time as the Zerg Queen’s end, that’s why his System announced the completion of the Original Owner’s revenge against Baron Sarah along with the Zerg Queen’s explosion.

All the 3 wishes from the original owner had been successfully completed. Lin Yuetian felt like he had been rejuvenated and took a deep breath of fresh air as a commemoration, to be exact, the fresh air saturated with rustic scent.

Ignoring the dazed Prince George, or the slow reaction from the LIVE broadcast barrage, Lin Yuetian activated his mecha’s spaceship mode and…escape.

—He didn’t forget to turn on incognito mode to avoid detection by the way.


The NAS Empire had been developing rapidly throughout the years. Along with the Empire’s advanced development, the power of individual soldiers had also become even more powerful.

Just like in this generation, there were two people with S-level Mental Power. One was Admiral Vincent, who had been caught off guard and killed by Lin Yuetian during their marriage vow. And the other was a commoner soldier, the Original Owner, who had been degraded from S-level to A-level after his gland was ripped off of him.

From the fact above, looking at how the few rare S-level soldiers who should have been treasured by the state actually could be discarded so easily, it was clear that nowadays the NAS Empire had neglected what individual soldiers might be capable of.

Even if the NAS Empire had been lacking S-level individuals for so many years, yet once someone who had this ability actually come out (the Original Lin Yuetian), the Empire couldn’t even protect the said soldier from being operated illegally, and ignored the fact that their Empire had lost 1 of the only two S-level individuals due to the unlawful surgery.

Therefore, today, when almost all of the leaders and higher-level staff, those who were the backbone of the NAS Empire national defense, were eaten cleanly by the Zerg Queen at the wedding venue, Lin Yuetian could walk away from the Royal Capital unimpeded. He was able to swiftly escape from the galaxy under the rule of the NAS Empire with ease.

Unlike the constraint of 1 planet like Earth, the universe was boundless.

Even if the NAS Empire was a place where most humans lived at, their authority and control were limited to a certain extent compared to this infinite universe.


As Lin Yuetian escaped from the NAS Empire’s pursuit, he passed through several Galaxies on his way.

Only after he had gotten far enough from the NAS Empire’s influence, that he directly enlisted himself as a Space Hitman. After all, his current body had rich fighting experience, was professionally trained as a combatant, his A-level Mental Power was just second only to the legendary S-level, owned an advanced mecha, and lastly, Lin Yuetian was a proficient assassin himself.

In this way, Lin Yuetian became a well-known celebrity among the space thieves, space pirates, and other small to considerably large forces in the universe.

The advantage of being popular, naturally, Lin Yuetian wouldn’t have to worry about running out of money to spend. It could even be said that he had become a wealthy young man.

Besides, the money that Prince George had paid him in exchange for sparing the said prince’s life and killing the Zerg Queen, was really too much! No, the amount was simply an astronomical amount.

In the entire universe, perhaps only the first heir of the NAS Empire who was rich enough to be able to pay such a huge payment to ensure his own safety.


The interstellar world Lin Yuetian had a mission at, this time, was formed after humanity had spread out to the universe for quite a long time. Thereupon, the level of technology in this world was highly developed. It’s really an era where people could live their life enjoyably.

Lin Yuetian himself had spent several decades living here until he was in his 70s.

Until the moment he left this world, he was still on the Number 1 Interstellar Most Wanted list of the NAS Empire. Even then, he had been living a fulfilling life throughout the years nonetheless.

—Perhaps his reputation was too appalling for others to dare to bother him without sufficient confidence in their ability.

Honestly, the only reason that prevented Lin Yuetian from directly living his life here until he died naturally in his 120s, was the fact that this world was an Omegaverse!

Despite his gland having been removed and taken out, it turned out the legendary heat/estrus period still graced his body regardless!

No matter how calm and collected Lin Yuetian was, or even if he was able to restrain himself from going mad and losing control out of his firm will and his outstanding mental strength, but still——,

“…It’s uncomfortable. I feel very wet.” Lin Yuetian described what he had been feeling during his estrus to his System, truthfully.

[“Please, Big-Brother, stop it, I don’t want to hear anything!”] The System quickly cut him off.

The way the System spoke, sounded as if the person(?) was about to kowtow. [“Big Brother is mighty, I will kneel for you, I may really kneel for you here!”]

[“It’s really strange to hear you speaking about things related to reproduction content. It didn’t make me feel anything aside from weirding me out, like I was watching some freaky cult movie, and it even has some serious effect on my heart. Please say no more, Brother, the image of you talking about these things is uncanny, it may drive me insane from the disconcerting feelings…”]






T/N: This wrapped our Interstellar arc to an end 🙂

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