APA Chapter 30

Client in the Interstellar World - One Holy Wedding (A real one!)

“Presumptuous!” Baron Sarah bellowed with no regard in any manner. Her should-be-gentle expression on her face almost contorted into a frightening look.

At the moment when Baron Sarah was overstrung to the point of losing her mind, and couldn’t wait to equip herself with her mecha, finally, Lin Yuetian gave a subtle nod to his “cousin“.

His “cousin” grinned in response.

Afterward, all the guests in the venue, those people with important status, were presented with a scene that was going to be branded into their retinas for as long as they live;

This beautiful stranger, the young man who was admitted as Lin Yuetian’s cousin, actually had his face turning like mere paper wrapped over something. His skin was lightly torn from the inside. A pair of greenish tentacles protruded first, followed by a huge inverted-triangular head. The head was covered with mucus, and its slimy compound eyes twisted, scanning the entire scene over.

His originally-thin body suddenly was split in the middle. Another pair of huge claws splurt out like some knife being brandished. The huge insect body standing on the ground from the broken humanoid shell seemed as if it was some wicked prank doll, the kind of toy with a spring device that would give you a jump scare.

This scene happened in a blink of an eye.

It wasn’t until he—oh, it should be said as IT—bit nearly half of the nearby human’s head off, that the people reacted. Admiral Vincent was the first person who was first to react as his face changed dramatically, and blurted out,

“A Zerg?!”

Lin Yuetian kindly corrected him, “To be exact, it’s the Zerg Queen.”

The monstrous appearance of the Zerg Queen (though it’s actually a male) was enough to cause an ordinary person to collapse from the visual stimulation alone.

Most of those nobles who liked to add an Advanced Zerg into their collection naturally had a dream to collect the Zerg Queen as well. Unfortunately, their desire was just like how “Ye Gongzi’s fondness for the Dragon[1]CN Idiom: they fancy something but are just on the essence or ostensible fondness, not the real thing. See Its Story Here.

Because after all, a Zerg Queen was extremely, powerful. Those who had no mechas, had low Mental Power, or weren’t seasoned soldiers shouldn’t dream to confront It at all.  Even the Military Generals, of which every single one of them was a rare elite in their field, would be powerless against a single Zerg Queen even with their A-level Mental Power.

The Zerg Queen moved and swept all the humans in his surrounding. His tentacles clasped upon Baron Sarah and ripped the person out of her Mecha. He didn’t eat her directly but stuffed her into his abdominal cavity. With Baron Sarah in his embrace, he continued to feast upon the other guests.

Baron Sarah could only shout loudly, “Turn on the LIVE broadcast, quickly! Lin Yuetian has brought the Zerg Queen into the capital, he has betrayed Humanity!”

The more than 100 LIVE broadcast cameras automatically resumed their previous operation. Soon, the bloody carnage on the wedding venue loaded on the screen. The barrage was immediately filled with panic and despair hollers.

On the scene, Admiral Vincent had already put on his Mecha to save Baron Sarah. Prince George’s face was ashen on the other side. At this point, it was obvious that there was no wedding he had to Host anymore.

Facing Admiral Vincent, Lin Yuetian raised his hand to hold him in place. He didn’t mince his words and said forthright,

“I have made a deal with the Zerg Queen. I helped him to buy an A-Class banned drug to hide a Zerg’s presence, and promised to help him enter the Royal Capital. I helped him to go into a place where many important figures gathered, which is here, the wedding venue of Admiral Vincent and Baron Sarah. In exchange, he promised me that I will have a wedding with Admiral Vincent, known by the whole Interstellar.”

He emphasized the situation once more, “Let me be clear, the Zerg Queen is pregnant and ready to give birth. If Admiral is unwilling to marry me, right now while in the LIVE broadcast, then he will directly deliver his babies here. As you know, a Zerg Queen can deliver more than 50 Advanced Zergs at once. Even 1 newborn Advanced Zerg is bad news, am I wrong?”

Lin Yuetian smiled widely, facing a nearby LIVE camera. “In other words, more than 50 Advanced Zergs have entered the Royal Capital…”

The Barrage was turned upside down with frenzied responses from the citizens. At this time, their outrage toward Lin Yuetian’s action overwhelmed their fear upon the realization that there were more than 50 Advanced Zergs in their vicinity. Unanimously, they branded Lin Yuetian as a Traitor to the Human race.

[“3rd Mission: Became famous all over the Stars…Completed.”] The System’s brain felt like it was overheated.

[“When exactly did you—,”] Before he finished his question, a flash of realization suddenly came upon him.

[“It was at that time!! You went hunting an Advanced Zerg for Earl Garcia. Due to the spiritual connection between the Advanced Zergs and their Queen Zerg, there was some interference and I have lost contact with you for a while. It must be at that time that you got in touch with the Zerg Queen without me knowing anything. No wonder, I have no clue at all…When you picked up that Beautiful Guy this morning, I thought you were going to play the drama of Bringing a New Lover to Meet the Old Lover…”]

[“…Come to think of it, previously, you told me a phrase about; For Jing Ke to meet and assassinate Lord Qin, someone had offered his head to be his token. So, you mean, the deal you discussed with the Zerg Queen is for him to sacrifice the life of his own clan, an Advanced Zerg, for you to send it as a gift for Earl Garcia, and in the end, gained a ticket to enter the Wedding Venue!”]

Lin Yuetian, “Correct. In addition to the ticket, there’s also the matter of procuring the drug. Do you remember? Earl Garcia has given me 2 A-Class banned drugs. I just used 1 of them, and the other one, I gave it to the Zerg Queen when I met him this morning.”

He added afterward, “After all, a formula to hide a Zerg’s presence, is undoubtedly things that are firmly restricted——to those without enough status that is.”

“…You are insane!” At this moment, Admiral Vincent roared, interrupting Lin Yuetian’s conversation with his System.

“You, you have betrayed our NAS Empire, you have betrayed your own race!! I must put you down!”

The System was also frightened in fact. [“He’s right! You’re really crazy, do you actually think the Zerg Queen is so easy to get along with? Do you think he can strike a deal with you, someone with no notable Mental Power, on an equal ground??”] The System panicked, [“After the transaction is over, that Zerg Queen may—, no, he will definitely kill you!”]

Facing Admiral Vincent’s fury and hearing his System’s anxious words, Lin Yuetian didn’t react one bit. He simply smiled.

Vincent was no longer able to hold himself and began to frantically attack him.

However, Prince George suddenly stopped him.

Why he did so, the reason was simple. Because during the confusion just now, Lin Yuetian sent a private message to him. The content was, as long as the Prince helped him to Host his marriage with Admiral Vincent, and gave him a huge sum of money, he would have a way to eliminate the Zerg Queen here.

Once their Queen perished, the Zergs would be in a perilous state until a new Queen emerged. In this way, the Crown Prince not only did nothing wrong but would also do a meritorious deed to add his value in front of the Emperor.

[“Damn you, even at this kind of time you still haven’t forgotten to make a fortune…”] This outrageous development actually overwrote the anxiety within the System just now. [“Your greed for money really doesn’t change, and your aim is truly unswerving.”]

“Admiral Vincent, O loyal soldier of the Empire, In the name of the first heir of the NAS Empire, I order you to obey my commands…” Prince George’s face was pale, and while secretly sending the money to Lin Yuetian through his private terminal, he pointed toward Lin Yuetian who had been smiling all this while, and majestically gave his order for Admiral Vincent,

“You have to marry him, it’s an order!”

Lin Yuetian himself took back his own Mecha and shouted to the Zerg Queen who was at a distance away,

“According to our agreement, after I get married, you may deliver your babies at will and let your children have a good time here. Oh, right, if they kill me halfway, our Crown Prince shall be the first human you eat.”

“Us Zergs are a race who always keeps their promises.” The Zerg answered in a human-like voice.

Nearly all the people at the wedding venue had been reduced into bits and pieces by the Zerg Queen in such a short period. Baron Sarah who was strangled in his abdomen was already half-dead, she no longer had any strength to object.

Right now the loudest objection over the proposal should be on the barrage of the Imperial LIVE Broadcasting Network. Though, that’s not something Lin Yuetian cared about.

He tidied up his suit—he came here in his military suit by the way—and then politely gestured to Admiral Vincent,

“We both are soldiers. There’s no need for other ostentatious details. Admiral, please…”

The guy being invited took his hand with a twisted expression on his face.

Prince George felt like he was about to collapse as he forced himself to announce,

“In the glory of the Empire, Under the witness of the Stars, and in the arrangement of Heaven, you will join your destiny and fate, your Mental Power will be each other’s Mental Power, and your Pheromones will become each other’s property…”

Accompanying the wedding oaths were the screams of Baron Sarah echoing in the distance.

Prince George turned to Admiral Vincent: “Admiral Vincent, Are you willing?”

“I…Will…” Vincent replied after some struggle.

“Soldier Lin Yuetian, Are you willing?” The Prince repeated his question over.

“I do.” Lin Yuetian said without hesitation.

At the moment, the LIVE broadcast barrage had already been turned into an unrecognizable state, filled with enraged citizens.

[2nd Mission: Stop Admiral Vincent from marrying Baron Sarah and hold a wedding with him, known to the whole Empire. Completed.”]

Soon after the System’s announcement, Lin Yuetian suddenly raised his arm and a short energy cannon materialized in his hand. Without saying a word, he wasted no second and immediately shot Admiral Vincent in the chest! A big hole gaped upon his torso as Vincent was blown backward. The shots continued several times, until the Admiral stopped moving with a disbelief expression frozen still on his face.

Let’s not mention how stupefied the Prince on the scene had become, or how the LIVE broadcast barrage stagnated for a second, even the Zerg Queen himself felt some chill at the sudden occurrence.

[“…?? You, just what the hell are you doing? Why did you kill him??”] The System exclaimed in shock.

“Am I not going to kill the Zerg Queen soon? After he dies, the people present will definitely take care of me.”

Lin Yuetian glanced around the venue. “In that case, the only person left alive who can beat me right now is Vincent. Therefore, I must ensure my own safety.”

[“Then what are you going to do with the Zerg Queen? He is much stronger than Admiral Vincent you know…,”]

The System suddenly heaved a deep sigh. [“Alas…If only Vincent hadn’t taken the Original Owner’s glands to Baron Sarah, they can actually work this out. With 2 strong S-level Mental Power soldiers’ joint operations, they can use this same scenario to lure the opponent out and ambush the Zerg Queen today. The two of them will be the Heroes for mankind!”]

Lin Yuetian, “Oh. Then why don’t you think otherwise? If it weren’t for Vincent scamming the Original Owner and reaping his gland, the Original Owner will not die with unsettled resentment. I will not come to this world. Subsequently, everything here will not happen. Don’t look at things with such platitudes, now is the time for Science and Technology, so you have to change your mindset as well.”

As he spoke inside his mind, Lin Yuetian took out something like a remote control from his suit pocket and press it wordlessly.

He continued, “Do you still remember those nano bombs I bought before? By the way, the A-level Banned Drug to hide a Zerg’s presence that I gave to the Zerg Queen, has those nano bombs inside.”




1 CN Idiom: they fancy something but are just on the essence or ostensible fondness, not the real thing. See Its Story Here
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. PasserbyA says:

    Hahaha! It’s pretty ironic how the System (a product of likely a higher technology) actually was told by LYT to; it’s time for Science and tech, so don’t be stuck with outdated logic and change your mindset; lmao!!

  2. Vitória says:

    Estou convencido, definitivamente convencido. Essa operação foi espetacular

  3. COCO says:

    ……*cough* You city people really know how to play. LY, I applaud you. Please stay far far away from me in any time or galaxy.

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