APA Chapter 3

Client in the Cultivation World - How can there be a System here?

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Lin Yuetian proceeded by inquiring about the basic information of the target of his assassination, as well as his itinerary in the recent days. Those questions were answered while the Client was in the state as if his soul had flown out from his body. Apparently, he still had yet been able to extricate himself from the shock of having a terrible spell attached to his Primordial Soul.

After repeating the questions and reconfirming it’s not a befuddled answer, Lin Yuetian left him without any more hesitation.

Lin Yuetian habitually separated work from his private life. Work was just a job, and it must not affect his daily life. He should enjoy a relaxing life outside of his work hour. If he didn’t get any relaxation and entertainment to nourish his mental needs, how could he have the energy to finish his work flawlessly later?

However, at this moment, an unfamiliar voice suddenly rang inside Lin Yuetian’s head.

[“I finally caught up! Sorry, sorry, let me introduce myself, I’m your System. I apologize for being late for work on the first day. Alright, please wait a minute, let me take a look at the current situation…”]

“System?” Lin Yuetian was surprised. He wondered in amusement, “So did I actually fall in a System-Host and World Hopping scenario after all?”

During the wait, the System finally finished watching the video of Lin Yuetian’s activities in this world within a few hours earlier, at double speed.

He couldn’t help but let out a desperate exclamation, [“Why did you kill the Scumbag Gong[1]Seme/Top in BL relationship’s good buddy?! Why the hell did you collude with your Rival No.2 to kill your Rival No. 1?!”]

Lin Yuetian, “?? What’s the problem? C’mon, speak slowly, don’t be too agitated.”

[“Can I still be not in a panic at this point?”] The System’s voice was full of despair. [“I’m just a little late, how did you make such a big mess already? Didn’t the Main Office say they have recruited elites from all walks of life who are conscientious in their job to collect the energy? Alas…Forget it.  The fault is in me, I shouldn’t have come late. Now, let’s start by giving you the memory of the Original Owner first.”]

Hearing the reason he was transmigrated inexplicably, Lin Yuetian nodded in approval.

‘Indeed, I am the most conscientious worker in the whole Assassination Industry.’

Never had he become a hypocrite, someone who thought they were partners of justice even if they worked as paid killers. Neither did he ever become a pleasure criminal, someone who wanted to retaliate against society and thus often killed a dozen when the order was just one target.

Lin Yuetian had always insisted on, getting what you pay for and doing what you got paid for. He had never involved his personal emotion in his job. He kept the bare minimum of trouble that might impact his organization.

Obviously, him being chosen as one of the elites must be the right choice! However, before he was able to state his defense to the System, a bunch of memories unfolded in his brain, catching him off-guard.


The body he was in was also called Lin Yuetian and was also an orphan.

He had entered the Qingfeng Sect at the age of Thirteen, and it was at that time that he first encountered Shaofeng Xianjun. Strictly speaking, actually, the one who could be said as the real Martial Sibling of Shaofeng Xianjun was Lin Yuetian. Neither of the beheaded First-Class Master, who was apparently called Shan An, was his real Shidi, he was just a friend of Shaofeng Xianjun—Nor did the So-called Fiance, Lushui Xianjun was a real Martial Sibling, they had different Shizun in the first place.

Lin Yuetian was in fact, the real martial sibling of Shaofeng Xianjun, between the two he was even the Shixiong[2]Senior brother, in the Xianxia setting. They had been in contact since they were still in the Qi Refining Period. Their Master, unfortunately, passed away not long after, as his lifespan was used up. From then on, Lin Yuetian had been taking care of his Shidi, that’s Shaofeng, as if he was a certified nanny. Even if his talent was actually higher than Shaofeng’s, he let his Shidi take the limelight every time.

As they grew older, Lin Yuetian’s feelings unconsciously changed from a pure brotherhood into a romantic one. After struggling for a while, he still decided to be honest and express his heart to Shaofeng, to which his confession was fortunately accepted. From that moment on, Lin Yuetian had been working hard to fulfill Shaofeng’s every need and ensure his life was safe and sound without any hindrance.

He spent most of his time traveling around the world, looking for Cultivation Materials or Spiritual Herbs for his lover who stayed in the Sect. That’s how abundant techniques of all kinds appeared in this body’s memories. Lin Yuetian had shed blood, sweat, and tears to nurture Shaofeng from a lowly disciple in the Qingfeng Sect into the number one Cultivator of Shaofeng Xianjun the world knew nowadays.

In reality, Lin Yuetian was stronger and had higher cultivation than Shaofeng, but under the influence of the said Shidi’s intentional cover-up as well as his own low-key nature, the world only knew Shaofeng Xianjun as the Number One Cultivator. In the entire Qingfeng Sect, right now the only ones who knew Lin Yuetian’s existence were Shaofeng, Shan An, and Lushui. Even Chen Wenying the direct disciple of Shaofeng Xianjun, did not know that his Shizun still had a Shixiong originally. It simply showed how miserable Lin Yuetian’s treatment was.

Last year, Shaofeng Xianjun successfully suppressed the Demonic Clans in the Eastern Sea, using his 12 Divine Swords. The war had elevated his status and position, securely claiming the Number One Cultivator in the world thenceforth.

Lin Yuetian was obviously happy for his lover, but the next moment, he was told that Shaofeng Xianjun wanted to end their relationship. Shaofeng Xianjun expressed bluntly that what he felt toward Lin Yuetian all these years was simply sibling affection, as for the one he really loved was actually, Lushui Xianjun. Although this revelation clearly broke his heart, but Lin Yuetian’s personality was softhearted and upright. He would neither force others’ feelings nor would he try to make an obstacle for revenge.

He was kindhearted but it didn’t mean others were the same. Unexpectedly, Lushui Xianjun decided to scheme and frame him. Lin Yuetian was slandered of attempted murder. After hearing the news that Lin Yuetian tried to kill Lushui Xianjun, without investigation or question, Shaofeng Xianjun used his Zhanfeng Sword to stab him in the abdomen.

Obviously, with his high cultivation, it should have been easy for him to evade this attack. But Lin Yuetian originally didn’t expect the person he had loved for centuries, and had been sleeping on the same bed countless times with, actually had the heart to hurt him. It was this emotional hesitation that left him stunned for a moment and was heavily injured after, causing him to have no choice but fled miserably.

Later, it seemed like Shan An was sent by Shaofeng Xianjun to confirm whether Lin Yuetian was truly dead or not. Shan An had always despised his mild and weak personality. So, when he found the severely injured Lin Yuetian, he didn’t hesitate to send a sound transmission to Shaofeng Xianjun saying that Lin Yuetian was dead.

The reaction Shaofeng gave to this news was only a faint hum, “Alright.”

Lin Yuetian heard the series of sarcastic and mocking words Shan An kept blabbering in his ears.

He heard that it’d not be long before Shaofeng completed the Cultivation Partner Ceremony with Lushui.

He heard how he was mocked as not being aware of his own worth and shamelessly dared to have a whimsical wish about Shaofeng.

When the original Lin Yuetian once again saw Shaofeng’s Divine Sword embedded deeply in his abdomen, he was finally devastated by the glaring reality. In despair, he obliterated his own soul directly.

Afterward, the Assassin Lin Yuetian came into this world.


Lin Yuetian who had received all the original owner’s memory, “…”

The System was still immersed in sadness due to the messed-up situation this Assassin had caused. [“So, do you finally understand? Have you finally realized what have you done earlier?”]

Lin Yuetian unhurriedly replied, “Well…I understand, mostly. Anyway, what is the purpose of my transmigration?”

[“In order to maintain the stability of this world, you need to complete the Original Owner’s wish to collect energy. Don’t worry, you will also be rewarded with Points. When you successfully complete 10 tasks, you can return to your own world and use the rewarded Points to exchange for anything you want to bring back to your original world; money, superpowers, ability…anything you wish for!”] The System enthusiastically explained.

[“Oh! The wishes of the Original Owner of each world may be different. But to put it simply, You can think that your mission is to abuse the Scumbags!”] He added afterward.

Lin Yuetian nodded and responded assertively, “Then, this world is simple. Since this body’s cultivation base is higher than both Shaofeng’s and Lushui’s, I’ll take my sword up the mountain and make an appointment with those 2 guys. Afterward, I’ll behead them outside and-,”

The System was flabbergasted and quickly interjected his confident planning,

[“Big Brother! This one here is a Scumbag Abuse-System who came from the Shounen-ai Department. Did you hear it?? I didn’t come from the NO CP Department! You have to make the Scumbags fall in love with you first, then abuse their hearts, and finally make them repent and realize their regret—This is the correct way of our Shounen-ai Department!”]

It was Lin Yuetian’s turn to be bewildered.

“Why should I bother torturing their heart? Is there any crueler torture than death itself?”

The System patiently corrected his worldview, [“That’s if we talk about torturing the body. Nonetheless, how can abusing the body compare to the misery of abusing one’s heart?”]

Lin Yuetian refused to further comment, neither consenting nor contrasting.

“Fine, Fine. Fortunately, there are still people who think physical torture is more terrible. Otherwise, us Assassins may have changed careers into Love Scammers, killing their hearts rather than killing their body.”

He took a deep breath and sighed.

“Anyway, If I were to make Shaofeng Xianjun fall in love with me and then make him regret his past actions,” He paused, and suddenly turned the muzzle to the System, “I dare to ask your Main Office, how did you judge whether he’s truly in love and repented? Could it be that we will be equipped with some kind of mind-reading technique?”

[“Ah, you don’t have to worry about it.”] The System started to explain, [“The tasks have no specific mission requirements. You just have to make the Scumbag confesses that he loves you 3 times, that’s enough. But please note that in addition to the Scumbag Love Confession, as a System I also have a function to detect his regret level, whether he has sincerely regretted his past actions or not.”]

Lin Yuetian, “Alas, such a roundabout way to complete.”

He felt it’s indeed hard to earn money these days.

Having said that, he had no other choice, and was also too lazy to find another job. Therefore, he bargained a new condition to the System,

“You don’t have to send me back to my original world. I can keep doing the task and work for your Main Office. My only demand is, after I complete the task in every world, it’s up to me whether I choose to quit right away or choose to spend some more time in that world.”

This kind of request had never happened or been seen by the System. He thought there was no harm in keeping a full-time Tasker, besides, the request was not excessive either. Though he wondered if this request might be Lin Yuetian’s inebriated mind speaking, nevertheless, he still agreed to Lin Yuetian’s request and reported the new conditions to the Leader for further instructions.

As for Lin Yuetian, what he considered was that, after completing the task, he must not miss this opportunity to enjoy a few hundred years in such a magical world of Immortal Cultivation!

Alas…It would be even better if someone asked him to kill Shaofeng Xianjun. He would eradicate 2 birds with one stone, in addition, he’d also amass his earnings for future pocket money~



1 Seme/Top in BL relationship
2 Senior brother, in the Xianxia setting
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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