APA Chapter 29

Client in the Interstellar World - The bride tore her red dress with her bare hands...Or not.

Baron Sarah was the daughter of Earl Garcia, while her grandfather was Marquis Garcia. Their Family descended from Noble births from generations.

Admiral Vincent, on the other hand, was the direct descendant of the Infamous Mecha Genius in the founding period of the Empire.

His ancestor was the first person who had mastered the use of Mental Power to drive the Mechas, being the predecessor of warriors who fought in a bloody battle against the Zergs. Said Ancestor was also the one who had outlined and later improved the Mecha combat systems. The first guide on how to fight with Mecha in the NAS Empire was written and produced by him. In the next generations, his descendants had intermarriages with the Royal Family, which means, Admiral Vincent was also of Royal Blood himself.

The two people mentioned above were not only especially Noble in birth and status, but the pair were also made of Alpha and Omega. The Alpha was gallant and handsome, and the Omega was soft and demure. It’s simply a match made in Heaven!

The Wedding ceremony of this couple naturally was exceptionally grand. Hundreds of flying LIVE broadcast cameras swirled like birds on top of the wedding venue. The current event was directly broadcasted LIVE online throughout the NAS Empire.

From time to time, some people whose appearance could only be seen by normal citizens through the News broadcast were actually caught in the LIVE camera. As a result, bursts of exclamation emerged from the barrage,

[Dear God! Isn’t that our Fleet Admiral? I only saw him on camera during the annual public meeting regarding the Zerg broadcasted LIVE before. I didn’t expect to actually see the real person here…]

[What’s with the exaggerated response? The Fleet Admiral has secured his seat for many years due to the absence of another S-level genius. In a few years when Admiral Vincent has accumulated enough merits, and when the Fleet Admiral retires, that position will naturally be his.]

[Admiral Vincent is not only strong on the battlefield, but even his look also befit his heroic reputation. Look at the 14th shot, Admiral Vincent looks so handsome!]

[There’s also another thing, for him to marry an Omega like Baron Sarah is truly enviable…]

[I heard Admiral Vincent had a relationship with one of his subordinates prior to his marriage, is that true?]

[Do you mean with that Omega soldier, the one who has an S-level Mental Power? I’ve seen his photos, but nothing to look at, he seems more like a Beta to me. Then, that must be a rumor.]

[Even if it’s true, so what? He’s just a country bumpkin, he didn’t come from our Mother Star. It’s already good for him to be able to earn some glances from the Admiral. Otherwise, does he really think the Admiral will marry him? As long as he has some self-awareness, he’d know such an idea is unattainable.]

[I heard that civilian Omega has overused his Mental Power after the battle some time ago, causing his glands to shrink afterward. And now he has become a Beta, is that also true?]

[A country bumpkin is nothing more than a hillbilly, hahaha! He can’t even fight properly and embarrassed himself. As I said, the Royal Capital Army should have stopped recruiting their soldiers from some remote Galaxies. They are living so far away from our Mother Star, that the chances of them making a fool of themselves is higher.]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just saw Baron Sarah captured in one of the cameras! Totally beautiful!]

The barrage kept rolling swiftly that the contents about each of them could hardly be seen.


Baron Sarah hooked her arms around Admiral Vincent’s elbow. She was wearing a traditional Royal Dress and was smiling sweetly at the guests. Vincent also had a similar smile on his face. However, his smiles didn’t look like they come from his heart.

This became even more apparent when he saw Lin Yuetian entering the wedding venue, his expression had only turned worse.

Lin Yuetian had arrived at the wedding venue rather early. He wore a neat suit and was walking followed by another man with a stunning look. The beautiful man was unfamiliar to Vincent, and the said man himself was currently looking around curiously at the venue.

The barrage on the LIVE broadcast quickly slid over again with a new sentence,

[As expected, the friend of a bumpkin is also another bimbo.]

Admiral Vincent was presently experiencing a rare moment, of seeing his ex with his new boyfriend, and attending his Wedding. The situation turned out to be a bit embarrassing somehow.

“Yuetian? This is…?”

“He’s my cousin, from my hometown, he especially boarded a spaceship to visit me here.” Lin Yuetian briefly introduced the man. His cousin didn’t speak and simply smiled at the others.

“It’s rare to have such a big event like this, so I bring him here to have some experience.”

Vincent didn’t bother to pretend anymore as he questioned him, “Why are you here?”

“Baron Sarah invited me to come.” Lin Yuetian replied courteously.

Baron Sarah on the other side smiled and said, “Welcome, O brave soldier of the Empire, welcome to my wedding with Vincent. Good soldier, actually, I also want to thank you-,”

“Sarah.” Looking at how Baron Sarah seemed to be about to get carried away, and might perhaps have a slip of the tongue, Vincent interrupted her sternly.

“What’s the matter, Vincent? Is there anything wrong with what I said?” Her smile kept hanging on her lip. “We really ought to be grateful…”

Admiral Vincent’s expression turned even more gloomy. He directly pulled Baron Sarah’s arm and dropped some words, “I apologize, we must attend to another guest.” as he dragged her away.

[“I’ll bet 5 Yuan, they’ll quarrel.”] The System reasoned with, [“Because a Scum Gong is worthless.”]

Lin Yuetian didn’t pay much attention to the System’s comments. Honestly speaking, this insignificant episode would not affect the wedding procession today, aside from triggering some discussion in the LIVE broadcast barrages.

Soon, the time came to 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

The gigantic projection of a Bell suspended in the center of the venue rang. The entire projection transformed into e-Fireworks, blooming over the entire venue, scattering sparks of light without any heat.

Admiral Vincent in a military uniform and Baron Sarah in a white dress walked arm in arm. As if the disagreement prior was non-existent, they walked harmoniously through the venue and stepped onto the rostrum amid the loud cheers and applause from the guests.

Behind them were Admiral Vincent’s Adjutant, Sun Tao, and Baron Sarah’s father, Earl Garcia, as well as the crown prince of the Empire, George. They were the witnesses of the two people’s marriage.

The 360-degree LIVE video cameras were all on, and the cameras were constantly flying over the venue. They were linked to everyone’s hub, showing the scene of the ceremony platform currently being shot.

Barrages of people blessing their marriages were constantly swiping the LIVE Broadcast screen. It seemed like every single person was sincerely happy for the union of the newly-wed couple.

The dome on top of the venue was opened, and the star shone from above, while hundreds of million light-years away, the other stars also gleamed brilliantly, giving an immortal-like ambiance.

Directly in front of the rostrum was the white statue of the First Emperor of the NAS Empire. Build in a 3-meter-high figure, it has a solemn yet also a gentle look on his face.

The projection of white petals shower was like rain, the whole venue was quiet and serene. Everything felt extraordinarily tranquil and breathtaking. The people even felt that if only the world could become as serene as this moment, there would be no killing, no betrayal, or deception.

“Under the light of the Emperor and the stars, you will become a partner, facing all happiness and misfortune together, and share your life and destiny,”

Prince George turned to ask Baron Sarah,

“Baron Sarah of the Empire, are you willing?”

“I do…” Sarah answered bashfully.

“And you, the loyal Admiral of the Empire, Vincent, will you?” George asked Vincent with a smile.

“…I’m ready.” Lin Yuetian’s cousin beside softly spoke.

Incidentally, Vincent was looking in the direction of Lin Yuetian. His lip slightly quivered, seeming like he was about to say something but was unable to utter it. On the other hand, Baron Sarah’s smile gradually faded away.

At this moment, Vincent hadn’t given an answer yet, and the entire NAS Empire was waiting with bated breath—-And Lin Yuetian, took this moment to suddenly stand up, summoned his own Mecha without a warning, announcing in a loud voice,

“I disagree!”


Everyone was shocked.

While Vincent was actually surprised himself, he seemed to have an expression of “I knew it, he will!”, like he had expected this scene to unfold. Baron Sarah was naturally furious when she saw his expression.

She shouted loudly to the attendants around, “Stop the LIVE broadcast!”

She was so hysterical that her voice cracked somewhere.

“Lin Yuetian! You don’t have any right to speak! How dare you act impolitely in front of the crown prince!?”

As soon as the LIVE broadcast was stopped, those fake projection flowers also disappeared.

Lin Yuetian ignored Baron Sarah’s enraged yells and politely talked to Vincent instead,

“Admiral, in the past, you once promised me a wedding known to the whole Empire. It’s a coincidence, everything has been set up in this venue. Rather than trying to choose another day to match the Star, we might as well get married today, in order to keep your reputation as a man who holds his promises well.”

Sun Tao, the adjutant, knew about the real relationship between the Original Owner and Admiral Vincent. He couldn’t help but feel panic as he hurriedly stood up and scolded Lin Yuetian,

“Soldier! Baron Sarah is right. There is no place for you to talk here! Even if you and Admiral Vincent have had something, the person in Admiral Vincent’s heart is not you! Since we are fellow soldiers, I will give you some advice; 9 out of 10 people will not have their life goes as they wished. The matter of today, you can’t help it!”

Lin Yuetian heard him talking and replied with a smile on his lip, “What if I want to force it to go on my way?”

The System was amazed.

[“When you said before that you like Wuxia Novels in your childhood…I can now believe it[1]robbing/snatching someone’s bride/groom on the wedding day is common happenstance in Wuxia Novels. That said, uh, if you’re pushing your luck here, the Admiral will definitely strike you down, that’s putting aside the other soldiers being present in the venue. Baron Sarah herself has gone from a B-level to A-level in Mental Power, just like you. Are you not afraid she will re-enact the scene of; A bride tearing her red robes with her bare hands[2]A bride cutting off her relationship, just like how a Sect Member shedding their Robes to quit from the Sect. A reference to Zhou Zhiruo, from an infamous Wuxia Masterpiece written by Jin Yong, The … Continue reading, and telling you, Crushed peach blossoms are all over the ground[3]Lovers rarely/did not always end up marrying each other. A Reference to an infamous ancient-setting CN backhouse tragedy novel, Dream of The Red Mansion?”

Lin Yuetian replied to the System calmly, “I’m not really robbing her person here. Besides, if she wants to be a bride who tears her red dress with her bare hands, then she should ask me beforehand if I will let her do so.”



1 robbing/snatching someone’s bride/groom on the wedding day is common happenstance in Wuxia Novels
2 A bride cutting off her relationship, just like how a Sect Member shedding their Robes to quit from the Sect. A reference to Zhou Zhiruo, from an infamous Wuxia Masterpiece written by Jin Yong, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
3 Lovers rarely/did not always end up marrying each other. A Reference to an infamous ancient-setting CN backhouse tragedy novel, Dream of The Red Mansion
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. murongGongzi says:

    “Scum Gong only worth 5 Yuan”, I agree with you, System!
    Btw, Vincent here is really a Gong material in BL. Having a not so high status, say, a prince, but still in an upper class. His status is one that even the Royal Family has to be respectful to him. If it were another BL romance, I bet this guy will usurp the throne with the Ordinary yet Genius-Shou!

  2. COCO says:

    He didn’t ally with the Zerg did he? That cousin of his…. he must at least have this bottom line. Right? Right???

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