APA Chapter 27

Client in the Interstellar World - Before Jing Ke assassinated Qin, a gentleman willingly offered his head

Lin Yuetian spent a few more days in the hospital to recuperate.

After his physical function had returned to normal, the first thing he did after finishing his discharge procedure from the hospital was; go straight to the Admiral’s residence to find Vincent.

The System became panicked and repeatedly tried to dissuade him,

[“Brother, Big Brother! Forget it, just let it go this time! That Admiral Vincent not only has a higher background than you, but his status is also nobler than you, even his mental strength right now is stronger than you! The Mecha he uses is more expensive than yours, and of course, his combat experience is richer than you have! Are you still going to fight him like this? Don’t do reckless things in a fit of momentary anger! Keep the green hills, and you won’t be afraid of running out of firewood![1]CN metaphor, as long as one is alive temporary setback is nothing and there will always be future hope and chances.”]

“Who said I come to fight with him?” While responding to the System, Lin Yuetian calmly informed the Butler and entered the Admiral’s residence. “Just so you know, I’m not that kind of lunatic who does irrational things.”

When Lin Yuetian met face to face with the said Admiral, the other party was in the midst of handling military affairs in his study. The moment Vincent saw him, there was no such guilty conscience or embarrassment on his expression, as he casually asked,

“What’s the matter? Have you recovered your health?”

[“…As expected, only an extraordinary individual could become this extraordinarily shameless.”] The System noted.

Lin Yuetian began to speak about his intention in coming here while keeping his eyes fixed to observe Vincent’s reaction. To sum it up, he humbly admitted,

“I have nothing to complain about for what Your Excellency has put me into.”

“In the first place, as a commoner and your subordinate, it is my duty to obey your every command and follow Admiral’s orders.”

“Admiral, if you wish to take my glands, or even if you wish for my life, I would give it to you without batting an eye. My loyalty has always been to the Empire!”

“Besides, Baron Sarah is better than me in every way, and her background is definitely more suitable for you.”

“She’s such a wonderful person, even I can’t help but admire her. It’s only natural that such a person is the one Admiral should feel fondness toward.”

“It was foolish of me to once have the delusion that Your Excellency will have affection toward myself. It is truly intolerable, a preposterous notion.”

“I have realized and acknowledged my fault, sincerely admit my mistake, and will definitely correct them—,”

“…, Then, I, Lin Yuetian am a sensible person. I understand my family background is not worthy of mentioning. Without my S-level Mental Power, there’s a high possibility for me to be sent back to my Motherplanet and may even be forced to get married. However, I am unwilling and I don’t want to end up this way. Therefore, I hope Admiral to please consider our past camaraderie and thereby beg for your protection.”

“As the saying goes, the deal between people is not just about feelings, you can’t be a lover but you can always be a good colleague. Please allow me to continue to follow Your Excellency…”

Looking at how Lin Yuetian pledged his loyalty, with a sincere expression, the unceasing words were spoken with remarkable eloquence, the System couldn’t feel more amazed. He thought perhaps some anthem-like BGM might suit the atmosphere better.

Admiral Vincent, on the other hand, took Lin Yuetian’s grandiloquence as a matter of course.

Based on the memory he got, Lin Yuetian learned that due to the existence of the NAS Empire, the distinction of class between people in the society was absolute. That’s why Vincent could be so shameless and righteously exploit the Original Owner without a shred of any guilty conscience, before, during the process, or after.

After all, Vincent was indeed, exceptionally powerful. As a noble blessed with an S-level Mental Power, he had the confidence and capital to be fearless in terms of strength and power.

In reality, those who worked hard like the Original Owner, believing that people’s fate was not controlled by birth but by efforts, thus unable to stand Vincent’s elitist behavior, were actually the minority in this world.

Therefore, Vincent just frowned slightly and responded with, “The way you talk is unlike yourself today.”

“As a subordinate, now that I am deeply aware of the great cause and repenting over my past mistake, naturally I shouldn’t be as presumptuous as before.” Lin Yuetian answered respectfully.

Contrary to the normal reaction upon receiving such a sensible answer, Vincent seemed to be displeased instead. Afterward, once Lin Yuetian proposed to drive his Mecha toward a nearby planet to clean up the existing Zergs, his displeasure was even more intensified.

In spite of it, Vincent was unable to find a reason to justify his nameless anger and his personal disagreement with this proposal. He could only wave his hand, driving Lin Yuetian to hurry out, with an ugly look on his face.


“Why did Vincent look so disgruntled earlier?”

Lin Yuetian drove his mecha into the space. Starlight and interstellar debris whirled in the horizons around him. He took advantage of this juncture to ask his System about things he felt baffled about.

[“Even if I tell you the reason you won’t possibly understand.”] The System replied wisely.

[“Brother, don’t try to force something you are unable to comprehend.”]

[“Based on my observation, the things you did when you’re actually clueless about a damn thing will be a bizarre outcome.”]

[“After you forcefully learn about the complexity of Human Emotions and their bottomless whirlpool, your operation will simply be out of curiosity instead of understanding.”]

[“In this case, weighing both the risks and advantages, it’s obvious that the risk is more apparent. You better stay away from this Emotional drama and their blood and tears!”]


In the days onwards, Lin Yuetian began his journey to hunt Insects.

Well, even if the Zerg in this world was called Zerg, they couldn’t be classified into the ordinary insect sub-species. To put it bluntly, they were monsters, albeit with the slight resemblance of an insect in their appearance. Unlike ordinary insects, they had the wisdom and were even naturally-born powerful beings compared to weak humans.

However, the most distressing thing about them for the System was the fact that under the hard shells, their muscles and meats were filled with juice-like substances. Every time Lin Yuetian killed one of them, the disgusting green liquids with some pulps would splurt and gush out messily.

“No wonder these mechas are made of waterproof materials.” Lin Yuetian commented as he controlled his huge mecha with Silver and Red as the base color, to grab a low-level Zerg and shred its body with his bare hand.

His other mecha limb generated an energy lightsaber for the mecha to wield[2]Mecha and lightsaber will look like this, more or less.

. Everywhere the blade grazed upon, the insect’s body parts flew out and splurting green juices followed. In the meantime, Lin Yuetian also activated another piece of weaponry, a machine gun rose from the mecha’s back, and immediately a wave of energy bullets burst out, aimed toward the Zergs in the distance.

One brain mobilized 3 actions at the same time. In addition to the rich combat experience in the Original memory, Lin Yuetian’s exceptional ability to learn and adapt skillfully also played a role.

One come kill one, two come kill two, One group come kill all. In the Zergs tides, Lin Yuetian was unstoppable, as if treading on top of a land with no Master. Completely having the stance of mowing the grass and cleaning up the ground.

[“This planet is one of the battle zones between the NAS Empire and the Zerg Queen. There are only low-level and mid-level Zergs within a few hundred meters from here. You can take care of them on your own as if you’re walking in the park. However, further inside, is the settlement of advanced Zergs. Don’t get carried away! Pay attention to safety first!”] The System nervously warned Lin Yuetian.

Between the mid-level Zerg and the advanced Zerg, not to mention the Zerg Queen, the distinction between the 3 could not be put under the same concept.

Low-level Zerg had almost no wisdom. They lived and killed following their basic instinct. Just like some NPC in a game copy who got spawned automatically and weren’t bestowed any AI wisdom at the slightest. Dealing with dozens of them was just a matter of breathing.

Starting from the mid-level Zerg, the species began to have basic wisdom. They were able to think, aware of seeking advantages, and avoiding disadvantages in living and fighting. Their appearance was even more heinous but their combat ability was stronger. For soldiers whose Mental Power was under the A-level, it’s necessary to be careful when encountering these sub-species.

Lastly, the advanced Zergs and their legendary Zerg Queen were even more formidable in terms of power and combat proficiency. Even if the more powerful they were, the more monstrous their appearance was, however, the advanced Zergs were capable of shape-shifting and disguising themselves into a human form!

That’s right. Before the NAS Empire developed and applied the technology to detect a Zerg’s presence in the universe, humanity’s defeats caused by a Zerg’s infiltration into their territory were countless.

In addition, the consciousness of advanced Zergs was directly connected to the Zerg Queen, forming a huge collective consciousness network among the colony. This peculiar setting enabled the advanced Zergs to have excellent tacit cooperation in battles. The difficulty to fight against them had also increased correspondingly.

Putting aside the Zergs’ level of danger, there’s actually no particular reason for Lin Yuetian to fervently proposed to be sent here and hunted these Zergs.

It’s simple, because, though the reason was unclear, but he found that the Zerg corpses could actually be sold for money on the black market!

At first, Lin Yuetian was in some dilemma. He wondered if earning money in this way would damage his professional spirit as a Hitman, or even stain his years of career and reputation. After all, he is an Assassin, not just some Villain who deals in any illegal affair.

But in the end, he was quick to figure things out. Being a Hitman means you kill a living being for money. So it didn’t matter whether the “living being” must be a Human or an Insect!

To elucidate in other terms, it’s like how Detective novels were divided into Crime Investigation and Mystery Solving cases. The assassination Industry could also be divided into those kinds of divisions as well! In conclusion, there’s no need to be so tangled over killing some Insect to get his allowance~

The System could only admire Lin Yuetian’s ability to painstakingly construct a meticulous and roundabout logic in order to justify his next action.

He didn’t care either way and solely put his concern over their Task. [“So, when are you going to do the Task?”]

Lin Yuetian replied, “I’ve done laying out the foundation.”

[“What do you mean?”]

“Well, do you know Jing Ke[3]an assassin told in Biographies of Assassin, a chapter in Records of the Grand Historian, a monumental history about China’s 24 Dynasties History. See More Here, the ancestor of us, Assassin?” Lin Yuetian asked him back.

[“What? Are you testing the extent of my data storage?”] The System didn’t understand why he throw such a question.

Lin Yuetian leisurely controlled his mecha to crush the low-level Zerg in his hand. The dark green liquid splashed on the mecha’s smooth surface, and dripped slowly, tracing the machine’s contour.

He said, “There’s some expression about Jing Ke, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it or not.”

[“I know that I’ve doubted your language proficiency before, so are you eager to prove yourself otherwise right now? Did you possibly get it when you’re surfing online to read those cheap Scumbag Romance?”] The System wondered. [“Well, it doesn’t matter, let’s hear about it first.”]

Lin Yuetian simply mentioned the phrase he referred to directly, “Before Jing Ke assassinated King Qin[4]Qin Shi-Huang, CN’s first Emperor. Before ascending as the Founding Emperor of the Qin Dynasty and was still under the name of King Zheng, a gentleman voluntarily offered his head[5]referring to General Huan Yi, a defector General from the Qin Kingdom. In the Warring States period anime&manga adaptation, KINGDOMS, he’s known as Fan Yuqi. He offered his head and was … Continue reading.”



1 CN metaphor, as long as one is alive temporary setback is nothing and there will always be future hope and chances
2 Mecha and lightsaber will look like this, more or less.

3 an assassin told in Biographies of Assassin, a chapter in Records of the Grand Historian, a monumental history about China’s 24 Dynasties History. See More Here
4 Qin Shi-Huang, CN’s first Emperor. Before ascending as the Founding Emperor of the Qin Dynasty and was still under the name of King Zheng
5 referring to General Huan Yi, a defector General from the Qin Kingdom. In the Warring States period anime&manga adaptation, KINGDOMS, he’s known as Fan Yuqi. He offered his head and was willing to be decapitated, to give Jing Ke a chance to gain an audience with King Qin who put his head in a bounty. See More Here
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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    This chapter we learned that the zergs are borgs, and that surely Yuetian was one of the writers for Lisa’s Money.

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