APA Chapter 26

Client in the Interstellar World - That one rotating luminous and peerless thing

In this ancient Historical world, Lin Yuetian didn’t stay long either. The reason being that,

“General Lin will keep looking for me no matter what.”

He had the highest authority in the current Dynasty, and accordingly owned the best resources and manpower to spend. On the contrary, Lin Yuetian’s current body really had zero skills in martial arts, he couldn’t even fight a single soldier. When he killed Zheng Hongxuan previously, it was more of brute strength rather than exquisite skill. To put the matter worse, after that vigorous late-night exercise, his arms felt sore for quite a long time.

In conclusion—This world was way too dangerous for him!

Therefore, Lin Yuetian who was deeply aware of the danger, adhered to the belief that early pleasure was the true way to live your life[1]in oppose to: Having to feel Misery before tasting Happiness in the end.

He doubled the amount of spending money, giving an eye-opener to the System on –how to squander your large wealth at the fastest speed-.  Looking at him right now, it turned out his previous lavish and prodigal living style was still moderate. In other words, Lin Yuetian had yet displayed his whole ability to spend money improvidently.

After living his life to the fullest for 1 and a half years, Lin Yuetian finally asked the System to enter the next world. The assassination payment had been squandered clean, there’s no meaning to staying in this world.


“Do you have something you’d like to say to me?” Lin Yuetian asked the System while checking the information about the next world.

[“What am I going to say?”] The System was puzzled. [“Is there anything I should say to you?”]

“Didn’t you like to give me some words after we finished our Task in each world before? Something like, I have to discuss everything with you, or ask me not to make a funeral Wedding, and so on…” Lin Yuetian recalled the previous requests. “So, don’t you have something to say this time as well?”

[“…It seems like, I really don’t have…?”] The System pondered carefully regarding his requirements.

[“Even if your operation in this world is still another bizarre measure, that is, feudal and superstitious, having a bit charm of a Horror Movie, but, at least there’s nothing particularly horrifying. Like I said, right now my heart no longer feels any Sorrow or Joy, it won’t fluctuate over mundane things—To put it in other words, if you really appreciate my advice that much, don’t just act modestly but never intend to change!”]

Lin Yuetian thoughtfully nodded. “I understand.”

The System didn’t really want to know what is it that Lin Yuetian has understood. He had no desire to pursue it either. Simply put, he refused any chance of increasing his blood pressure, in case he might get provoked by Lin Yuetian’s answer.

[“But if you insist for me to say something…well, I guess there really is one thing,”]

“What is it?”

[“In my opinion, if you were to use another cold weapon in the future, I think you should use a sword.”] The System suggested seriously.

[“Because using a knife to do your deed is absolutely grotesque. I really can’t bear the sight…”]




The next time Lin Yuetian regained his consciousness and slowly opened his eyes, he found himself lying in a hospital ward, again.

[“A second time welcoming in a Hospital. How about it, are you surprised?”] The System calmly greeted Lin Yuetian, his words even had a slight touch of schadenfreude.

Lin Yuetian scanned his surroundings and to his amazement, found out that his current ward looked quite high-tech, with a post-modern vibe, which reminded him of his Cyberpunk Hometown.

Though, the overall decoration in his original world was rather bold and wild. The people in his world couldn’t wait to put some data lines exposed on their faces[2]Smt like this:

. While the medical equipment would no doubt have its circuits displayed outside[3]The treatment will be similar to this:


In comparison, this current high-tech world he saw seemed to be tidy, concise, and orderly.

Lin Yuetian stretched his torso, warming up his upper body lightly while still lying on the hospital bed. He checked his basic situation, and finally commented,

“So, what’s wrong with this body? I can’t seem to notice anything problematic in a quick inspection.”

[“Good question! Why don’t I ask you one question before I answer yours?”] The System replied in return, with somehow a malicious intent in his voice. [“Please listen to the question properly. How many genders do Humans have?”]

Lin Yuetian replied instantly, “It depends. Whether it’s a natural-born human, a Bionic human, or a Transformed human. I know a modded female human before, you see, she configured a peerless neon-like rotatable–,”

[“Stop!!! Stop, stop, stop right there!!”] The System had a terrible hunch about what’s next[4]y’know, what a rotatable thing might be in a Trans, woman to man~, that’s why he couldn’t let Lin Yuetian finish his words, in case it’d upturn his worldview and haunt his mind forever.

[“Anyway, there are 6 Genders in this world!”]

“Six genders?” Lin Yuetian echoed curiously. There was no sign of shock as he asked his System further, “Is it according to the concentration ratio?”

[“What fuckin’ ratio?”] The System was choked speechless.  [“…Forget it. The fault is mine, it’s my fault for even trying to make fun of your situation and tell some joke…Let’s just accept the original memory first.”]

Lin Yuetian wanted to utter a few defenses for himself. Like, telling the System that his sense of humor is actually quite good, or something and another, however, a wave of memories soon flooded his mind.


In addition to the classification of Men and Women, there was also a set of gender classifications of Alpha, Beta, and Omega in this world. 

Alpha (A), both male and female Alpha had a stronger physique and were able to impregnate others. 

Beta (B), they were no different than any ordinary Female Human or Male Human in other worlds. 

Omega (O), those who were more delicate and fragile, and both males and females were capable to conceive offspring. 

There were also regular susceptibility periods for the two genders, Alpha and Omega. During these periods, both genders would exude pheromones to attract each other, and the Alpha could then mark an Omega. Marking, however, was considered an important matter in this world. More serious than premarital cohabitation, and basically equated with lifelong marriage. 

About 2 Centuries ago, humans were able to stimulate their mental power, and thenceforth Spiritual/Mental Power was suddenly awakened within human beings. With the help of this power, human beings were able to achieve countless things they deemed impossible before. Such as driving an advanced Mecha, and eventually roaming into the Universe. 

In the present time, after 2 Centuries had passed, the territory of mankind had successfully been spread wide across the stars. Among which, the most prosperous zone of Human beings now was the NAS Empire. 

However, there was also an emergence of Mankind’s greatest enemy, the ubiquitous alien, Zergs. 

Humans were much weaker compared to the Zergs whose physiques were superior and were born naturally powerful. In this case, humans could only rely on their Mental Power to drive Mechas and fight against the Zergs. 

Humans did not only fall behind, and on the contrary, able to reach the upper hand in the confrontation with the alien race. 

Precisely because of it, Mental Power was in particular, unquestionably important to every person in this world. To this day, NAS Empire had classified the rating of Human Mental Power in the whole interstellar. Mental Power was then divided into 6 levels, from high to low; S-A-B-C-D-E.

The Original Body of this world, named Lin Yuetian, was originally a male Omega from a remote Planet. He was transferred to the main star of the NAS Empire to join the Army, due to his exceptionally rare S-level Mental Power. 

He had the same S-level Mental Power as his Commanding Officer, Vincent. The said Commander was a high-ranking and noble-born Alpha Admiral, with whom the Original Body fell in love with each other after a long time of camaraderie. 

Unfortunately, this was not a fairy tale, about a poor Genius boy and a Noble Prince, the kind of legendary romance that’d cross social class and status.

That’s right, Admiral Vincent’s true love was actually his childhood sweetheart, a Beta, Baron Sarah Garcia. 

That being said, as an Admiral, Vincent could never marry a Beta. A crossbreed between Alpha and Beta would lower the level of their Offsprings’ Mental Power. This mean, it would affect the future prospect of the Empire!

Exactly for this reason Vincent fixed his sight on Lin Yuetian, an Omega of low birth. 

Not long ago, after they concluded another war with the Zergs, Vincent secretly performed a transplant operation on Lin Yuetian. This was the reason why the Original Body needed to be hospitalized and recuperate. As for the aforementioned surgery, it was carried out in order to remove Lin Yuetian’s glands and transplanted the organ to Baron Sarah. 

After this surgery, the Original Body who had lost his glands was then converted into an ordinary Beta. 

Once Lin Yuetian woke up, he found that Admiral Vincent and Baron Sarah apparently had announced their engagement in a high-profile manner. The whole network was buzzing with the two people’s joyful news. 

He realized that not only he had been betrayed by his lover, but even his Mental Power was also forced to drop from S-level to the A-level after becoming a Beta.

Lin Yuetian felt his future was dark.

Burned within the overwhelming resentment and unsaid grievance, Lin Yuetian felt only pain all over. Under multiple factors and stimulations, he was unable to survive the recovery period after the gland removal surgery.

After his passing, Assasin-Lin Yuetian came to this world.


[“There are 3 wishes from the Original Body.”] The System directly told Lin Yuetian regarding this world’s Task,

[“1st Mission; Retaliate against Baron Sarah. 2nd Mission; Prevent Admiral Vincent from marrying Baron Sarah, and make Vincent voluntarily holds a grand Wedding known to the whole Empire with himself instead. 3rd Mission; Become a famous person to be known far and wide across the stars.“]

Lin Yuetian rubbed his temples and asked, “In my current state, can I still mobilize my Mental Power to drive a Mecha?”

[“Yes, you can even retain your military rank. A-level Mental Power is actually quite high, it’s just that, your current body could never recover its S-level power from before. The Original Body was most proud of his ability, that’s why it’s difficult for him to suffer this blow.”] The System explained.

The moment the System confirmed that he could still drive Mechas, Lin Yuetian had already jumped out of bed. Cracking his knuckles and stretching his wrist, he responded in a high spirit,

“Let’s find out!”


2 Hours Later.

Lin Yuetian who had tried his Mecha, returned to his ward. He went back to lying on the hospital bed as if there was nothing wrong happened, and waited leisurely for the nurse to give him the daily dose of his recovery medicine.

Finally, he considerately shared to the System, “You know what, this body turns out to be pretty badass after all!”




T/N: New Arc~

Btw, the System is like, 

—From: How can you kill someone?! *terrified*

—Into: Next time you kill, let’s just use a sword. 

TL: …System! You have changed!


1 in oppose to: Having to feel Misery before tasting Happiness in the end
2 Smt like this:

3 The treatment will be similar to this:

4 y’know, what a rotatable thing might be in a Trans, woman to man~
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. murongGongzi says:

    At this point I will really ship Yuetian with the System!!!
    These damn two dumbasses!
    One cowardly, fretting, and upright-System, coupled with, the reckless prodigal yet strangely always successful, and narcisstic-Yuetian.
    I can somehow imagine these two becoming the protagonists of a gag manga🤣🤣🤣

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    The system realized that fighting the unmovable force, aka Yuetian, is useless~

    When I read that this world was an ABO, I literally went “OH NO!!!”. Poor original body!!

    ……..Tbh, I’m glad he had his glands removed— now Yuetian doesn’t have to succumb to omega instinct 🥳🥳🥳

    I’m sorry original body 😭😭

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