APA Chapter 20

Client in the Palace Intrigue World - It's not like I can't, I just unable to

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After sending the last photos verifying Shen Junyu’s death to Zhao Shuyang to get the final payment, Lin Yuetian began to work on his last Mission; Getting rid of the Stand-In identity.

Once again, however, the way he dealt with the Mission was beyond the System’s imagination.

First, Lin Yuetian went to find Bai Li as the Assistant, Li Yi. As a good friend, he kindly informed Bai Li that Shen Junyu had gone on a business trip. It’s just that…before his departure, President Shen seemed to still brood about the Stand-In, Lin Yuetian.

He said bitterly, “As expected, it’s the face after all.”

Lin Yuetian’s face was awfully similar to Bai Li’s. It was really a problem that was hard to overcome. If such an issue were left behind, it’d always be a thorn in the interaction between Shen Junyu and Bai Li…or so he said.

In the first place, Bai Li was not someone who could control his emotion from showing up on his face. With just one look at his expression, Lin Yuetian could determine that he had successfully planted a seed in his heart with his few words earlier. Just wait for the seed to take root and sprout after a little more chance.

And Lin Yuetian, he was someone who liked to deal with everything to the end.

So, he decided to kindly escort the Big Buddha to the West[1]a CN proverb: Doing good deeds to the end. Since he gave Bai Li the seed of concern, then he’d also help him water the seed and continue to help them grow.

Next, Lin Yuetian went abroad to hide from the limelight, under Zhao Shuyang’s help that he had prepared for the identity of the unknown Hitman. He made another call to Bai Li from abroad, this time, using the identity of the unknown Hitman. Playing such a role of inducing and tempting others to be his Client was something Lin Yuetian best at. Another opening remark of;

“Don’t speak, just listen”

—was repeated once again, though the recipient this time was Bai Li.

“Do you love Shen Junyu?”

“If you do, are you willing to let a hidden threat in the likes of Lin Yuetian continue to stay?”

After a series of inducements, so on and so forth, it was then concluded with; if you want to resolve the problem, then I, this no-name Hitman is open for order.

Judging from Bai Li’s regard toward the Original Owner, it could be seen that while he’s not that smart, but he’s definitely not so naive either.

He knew about Shen Junyu’s nature and way of doing things. Possibly he must also understand the Original Owner’s real stance and misfortune. In spite of it, he had no sympathy for the Original Owner, and instead regarded him as an eyesore.

Bai Li was not someone who had such noble morality, if anything he was someone with no bottom line.

This was Lin Yuetian’s assessment of him.

The System really would love to refute his judgment, unfortunately for him (or perhaps, fortunately), the fact afterward proved that Lin Yuetian’s appraisal was remarkably accurate.

Despite the long hesitation in the beginning, in the end, Bai Li still paid him the money and took the order.

Actually, The System had to admit that Bai Li was quite lucky. Being offered as Lin Yuetian’s Client was obviously much better than becoming Lin Yuetian’s Target.

After the money had been successfully acquired, Lin Yuetian walked to the kitchen and picked up a fruit knife. Without blinking an eye, he slashed several wounds on his face. The System could only speechlessly follow the whole process and watched Lin Yuetian proceed to shoot a picture of himself to be sent to Bai Li, attached with the sentence:

[Done. You don’t have to worry anymore.]

Undoubtedly, after receiving such horrendous images, Bai Li was frightened enough to be directly pushed into the Hospital.

[“1st Mission: Get rid of the Stand-In identity. Completed. This world’s task has fully been completed. Congratulation to the Tasker for getting 1,000 points as a reward.”]

After announcing the Task’s completion, the System couldn’t bear it anymore and hurriedly added, [“There’s a medicine to heal and restore your face in the System Mall. Do you want to buy one?”]

“No, thanks. There’s no need to waste on unnecessary expenses. After all, it’s easy to adapt from frugality to extravagance, but it’s hard doing so in return. I understand it perfectly. Besides, this is just a temporary body, it’s pointless to care about outer appearance.” Lin Yuetian thanked the System’s good intention but decisively refused the offer.

[“Then, can I ask you a question?”]

“Why do you have to be so polite, just relax and say whatever you want to me.”

[“…Why didn’t you kill Bai Li?”]

Lin Yuetian was taken aback. “Just what kind of person do you think I am?”

The System didn’t mince his words and reply, [“A cold-blooded Psycho.”]

Lin Yuetian felt like he was deeply misunderstood and begged to differ,

“Which part of me makes you think I’m such a Psycho? I just couldn’t empathize with the love and hate entanglement of other people, so I’ve never done anything in the name of revenge for my Clients. I shall make it clear to you, that whatever I did was for the sake of my own benefit, completing the Task while pursuing efficiency.”

Lin Yuetian further explained, “Human emotions are complex, even if I can finish the task using Strategy and Schemes, it’s too slow, and that’s not my forte either. I’m not a pervert, killing is just my Job. I become an Assassin because my skill lies in that field for me to make a living.”

“—One has to be aware of their own abilty, take good advantage of your Strength and be careful of your Weakness, that is my Creed!”

Perhaps all this time the System had been constantly frightened by Lin Yuetian’s actions, and felt unnerved about his nature, so after hearing Lin Yuetian’s explanation, he was touched and decides to apologize,

[“…Sorry, I, I have judged you wrongly, you-,”]

“—Well, besides, no one pays me to kill Bai Li. If I were to kill him wantonly, wouldn’t I do a profitless job in that case? To say it in other words, it’s like pouring gold coins into the river, wasting both effort and money!”

The System, [“………..”]

After receiving a long silence in return, Lin Yuetian wondered, “Hey? Why did you suddenly stop talking?”

The System really wanted to slap himself and took back his wasted sentiment for actually thinking Lin Yuetian might be secretly a good guy.

Sadly, he still had no entity much less a hand to do so. Therefore, to express his grief, he could only resume chanting the Buddhist Scriptures inside Lin Yuetian’s head.


In this modern world, Lin Yuetian obviously was as elated as a fish in the water.

When he found the Assassin Organization in this world, he wasted no time and immediately joined them, becoming a model worker for years.

Only after he reached his 40s, feeling his physical function had declined and he had had enough enjoyment, that he proposed to the System to go to the next world.

[“Brother, you really are my DaGe[2]Big Brother, to refer to someone one considers a superior, it’s similar to Japanese’s honorific Aniki,”] The System solemnly said, [“I really have no control over you, but I just want you to remember please warn me in advance before you do things. If I know nothing, it’s easy for me to be freaked out!”]

Lin Yuetian was a bit helpless to this request. “But I don’t know what things make you freak out and what things are not.”

The System grimly replied, [“Then Please do report to me every minute.”]


The next moment Lin Yuetian opened his eyes, he found himself lying inside a dark and damp room, once again dressed in ancient garb, and there was a roll of torn white silk hanging from the roofbeam.

Waking up in the midst of a suicide scene is nothing new. Lin Yuetian looked around at his surroundings for some time and afterward continued by checking his own body conditions. At this moment, when he reached out to the key position of his identity as a man[3]frankly, his crotch., his expression finally shifted slightly.

“Ahh…this,” Lin Yuetian was unable to compose any words for a while.

It was hard for him not to suspect his System of avenging his private grievances by using public affairs.

“I have become a eunuch this time?”

The System was startled when he heard the words. [“For real?! I swear to God I have nothing to do with it! This world is supposed to be the setting of a romance between a Monarch and a Minister. I just saw the synopsis briefly but I have yet finished reading the complete background…but, uh, according to the normal routine, it shouldn’t become…”]

“Well, it’s okay.” Lin Yuetian realized the System was so nervous and decided to comfort him, “In any case, this is just a temporary body, and I have no urgent need of that[4]his Heavenly Pillar, loleither.”

The System was ashamed and reproached himself for his careless job. [“Men who can’t do it[5]unable to lift their Heavenly Pillaralways said so, but it’s actually just to console their own selves…”]

Lin Yuetian calmly corrected his words, “It’s not like I can’t, but presently I don’t have the necessary tool.

The System was almost choked to death, he could only hurriedly change the topic, [“Uh…that, let’s receive the body’s memories first, shall we?”]


The world they were in right now was indeed the world of romance, between an Emperor and his Subject.

The Original Owner, still having the same name as Lin Yuetian, was originally the first-rank Scholar in the 28th Generation of the Imperial Academy. Blame it on the bad fate, Lin Yuetian met with the back then still the 9th Prince, Zheng Hongxuan. They fell in love at first sight and the two lovebirds quickly developed a relationship beyond that of a Ruler and his Subordinate.

Lin Yuetian worked under the command of the 9th Prince and desperately helped him to ascend to the throne. Eventually, the 9th Prince succeeded in claiming the Dragon Seat[6]the CN Emperor’s throne and was then crowned as the new Emperor. Since Lin Yuetian was in the 9th Prince faction and contributed a lot as a subordinate, normally he should also have a good day onwards.

However there’s a saying that,

After the birds were shot, the good bows shall be hidden; After the cunning rabbits died, it’s time to cook the Hounds[7]CN proverbs, telling how after a person loses their value to be used by the Monarch, they would be eliminated or even has a worse end than others..

Zheng Hongxuan, after ascending as the Emperor, began to feel afraid looking at how Lin Yuetian had gained a lot of power and prestige with his achievements. Finally, just last year, he framed Lin Yuetian for treason, confiscated his family’s properties, and beheaded his entire clan. However, Zheng Hongxuan left Lin Yuetian alive.

For some inexplicable reason, after secretly sparing Lin Yuetian from the death penalty, Zheng Hongxuan ordered his subordinate to clean him up, and hide Lin Yuetian as a eunuch for his Concubine Lin in the harem.

Lin Yuetian was after all a man born in a Noble Family. He had high self-esteem and was unable to stand such humiliation. So the very night he was sent to the Harem, inside the small side room reserved for servants, he resolutely hanged himself.



1 a CN proverb: Doing good deeds to the end
2 Big Brother, to refer to someone one considers a superior, it’s similar to Japanese’s honorific Aniki
3 frankly, his crotch.
4 his Heavenly Pillar, lol
5 unable to lift their Heavenly Pillar
6 the CN Emperor’s throne
7 CN proverbs, telling how after a person loses their value to be used by the Monarch, they would be eliminated or even has a worse end than others.
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
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Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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