APA Chapter 2

Client in the Cultivation World - Repaying kindness is my own business, but you can get a 15% off

The young man obediently answered Lin Yuetian’s every question honestly. 

It turned out this world was really a place where Cultivation and legendary Immortals existed. There were 9 realms into which the Cultivators could be divided by. 

  1. Qi Refining 
  2. Foundation Building
  3. Golden Core
  4. Nascent Soul
  5. Spirit Formation
  6. Spirit Transformation
  7. Void Refining
  8. Transcending Tribulation
  9. Mahayana.

Lin Yuetian listened to the young man’s introduction about the various realms. He took out a bottle of the identified healing medicine from the palm-sized exquisite pouch earlier, which apparently was called Qiankun[1]Dimensional storage or space bag in Xianxia or Xuanhuan settingpouch, and swallowed the pill inside. Soon he felt a comfortable fresh sensation flowing all over his body. The wound on his lower abdomen healed at a visible rate.

At first, the young man was not so docile and compliant. During the inquiries and when Lin Yuetian seemed to be distracted by healing his wound, the young man repeatedly tried to attack him, using that kind of power, what was it called again, oh, Spiritual Energy, or simply Qi. However, Lin Yuetian was after all born and raised in a world where his head was wanted by a lot of people, every single day. As an Assasin, he was an expert on sneak attacks. In addition, this body itself had powerful strength as proven earlier. Subsequently, the only result of the several sneak attacks that the young man did was that, the originally 2 sword stabs in his body became 6 instead.

The 6 wounds bled heavily, dyeing the young man’s robes into a gorgeous red color

“Thank you for giving me the information.” Lin Yuetian expressed his gratitude sincerely. “Let me repay this grace.”

“No! You really don’t have to!” The young man waved his hands desperately. He just wanted to send this Evil God away. “I’ve told you everything I know, I don’t expect anything, just let me go!”

“How can I? The grace of giving a drop of water must be reciprocated by a gushing Spring. Repaying kindness is a must-have virtue. Needless to say, I must repay this help of yours.” The more he talked the more passionate Lin Yuetian became. “By the way, let’s answer this question first; Are you rich?”

The young man was immediately overjoyed. 

He did fortunately come from a well-off family. He could also be regarded as a first-class talent among the younger Cultivators in Qingfeng Sect. Judging by how clueless this Big Demon was, to the point of being ignorant about Spirit Stone[2]currency often used in Xianxia setting. For more info, see: HEREas currency, yet his cultivation was incredibly high, then he was likely to be a Senior who just come out from whatever cave he was in before. This Senior must be an old monster who has been in seclusion[3]closed cultivation, usually in a spiritual cave, etc.for thousands of years. He knew nothing about the current power distribution, and hence had no scruples about stabbing him!

Unexpectedly, this Senior took the initiative to ask about his background, it seemed like he was also considering whether he had offended some powerful party. 

Therefore, the young man didn’t waste more time and explain his identity earnestly,

“My name is Chen Wenying. I am one of the descendants of the Chen Clan from Nantian Mountain! Even if I’m not a direct descendant, my aptitude in Cultivation can be said as superb. I have been admitted as Shaofeng Xianjun’s direct disciple for 10 years, presently he’s the number one Cultivator in the world. I can also be regarded as an important member of the Sect. If Senior is willing, it will be my blessing to invite Senior as an honorary guest to our Qingfeng Sect.”

In case this Senior was lacking even the common knowledge about the Sects nowadays, he quickly added,

“Oh, Qingfeng Sect is also the number one Sect in the world. There’s no deception in everything I said. If Senior wants to make sure of it, you can also go and inquire to a Cultivator City nearby, 600 miles eastward of this mountain. Everyone will know about the basic information.”

Lin Yuetian’s eyes lit up. 

What he thought in his mind was, ‘This is it! Money! A Client with money is here!’

He took Chen Wenying’s hand cordially. Then, with a tender look and a gentle speech, he said, “You are currently injured. If I just leave you like this, my conscience will hurt. Don’t be polite, let me repay your kindness properly.”

Chen Wenying really wanted to cry but have no tears. “No need! Well, I mean, it’s really not necessary…”

“Don’t refuse my good intention. It’s my business to repay what I owe you.” Lin Yuetian took out the healing medicine from the Qiankun pouch he had consumed earlier and stuffed them into Chen Wenying’s mouth. 

“So, do you have someone you want to kill? Or an enemy you can’t bear but want to teach a lesson to? I’ve just started this business, as my first client I can give you a discount on your order.”

Truth be told, if Chen Wenying was a pauper with no money, Lin Yuetian would have killed him directly after getting the information he needed.

Lin Yuetian was not fond of killing, but in his world, the excessive growth of Science and Technology had left morality far behind. There were Android, Humanoids, or Modified Humans walking all over the streets. All kinds of species mixed with all kinds of heroes and villains. There might be more people who had blood on their hands rather than innocent White Lotus[4]pure innocent person, harbor no evil see no evil. You might even get killed unknowingly while walking in leisure.

Erasing all clues behind had been an instinctive reaction Lin Yuetian had in his years of experience as a contracted Assassin in a well-managed organization. After all, what he wanted was not a thrilling life of a fugitive, but a peaceful life with financial freedom. If he left too many clues, someone could use them to track him. Then, wouldn’t it affect the quality of his life?

But today could be an exception. 

Chen Wenying was someone who had a good status, power, and most importantly, wealth! Looking at how he had been kicking and punching the trees with hatred earlier, it seemed like there might be some enemies outside. Which meant, he was a potential client! 

Lin Yuetian was after all someone with Zero negative reviews in 10 consecutive ranking periods in his organization. He put forth the clients’ satisfaction to have the best service experience. Even Chen Wenying clearly felt that after he mentioned his background and wealth, this Senior suddenly became much gentler and courteous.

However, Chen Wenying was also caught off guard. This Senior who was dressed in blood-stained white robes, and had the appearance of a High-above Immortal, actually had a skewed view on how to repay gratitude. Regardless of his shock, obviously what this Senior had offered him somehow triggered a forbidden idea within his heart.   

‘This Senior knows nothing about the world. He won’t deliberately avoid certain people or parties due to the intricate relationships of benefit and interest. His cultivation is also profound…perhaps, he can perhaps…’

As soon as this kind of thought appeared, it was like he was bewitched by the Devil. Chen Wenying was restless and unable to calm his mind. He tried to shrug off the Demonic thought in every possible way. But in the end, he could only respond with a hoarse voice, 

“I…I do have one. A person I want to…kill.”

To his surprise, once he admitted those words out loud, he felt like a burden had been lifted off of him instead. Therefore, he continued without any more hesitation,

“My Shizun[5]Master, in Xianxia setting, Shaofeng Xianjun, has a Shidi, that is, my Shisu[6]Martial Uncle, to refer to the younger martial sibling of one’s Master/Parent, who’s called by the name of Lushui Xianjun. He is the only son of the Supreme Elder in our Qingfeng Sect. As of today, his cultivation realm is in the Spirit Transformation[7]Look up to the 9 realms mentioned above. He is about to become my Shizun’s cultivation partner. I…I don’t want this to happen. I hope Senior can help me to realize this wish!”

‘Shaofeng Xianjun’s fiance, huh…’

Lin Yuetian suddenly recalled the words of that First-class Master who had unfortunately been decapitated by him earlier. If he didn’t hear it by mistake, then the reason why this body was stabbed by Shaofeng Xianjun was because he had been plotting against that Lushui Xianjun, apparently. Those two people could be regarded as Lin Yuetian’s potential enemies in some way. So this young man’s order was a lucky coincidence. Then,

…Let’s do it!

Lin Yuetian, “How much can you offer as the payment?” 

Without blinking his eyes, Chen Wenying said a high price, an amount of which an ordinary Cultivator was able to live comfortably for hundreds of years.

Such a huge profit inevitably evoked a satisfied smile on Lin Yuetian’s face. He didn’t forget to praise the young man, as expected of young talent with enviable status and power! He was simply generous.

He took out a recorder stone from his Qiankun pouch, letting Chen Wenying repeat the process and the fixed deal just now. Afterward, he used a cleaning spell to regain an immaculate appearance once again, and slightly alter his appearance and figure. 

Lifting the pale Chen Wenying with one hand, he set up an incantation to erase one’s presence, and quickly flew to the Cultivator City 600 miles eastward. After buying random things and confirming the prices and level of currency explained by Chen Wenying were correct, he found a restaurant to sit down and rest, still bringing Chen Wenying with him.

“That’s it.” Lin Yuetian concluded his brief investigation. “Let’s talk about the payment, how to settle the deposit and how to pay the rest of the price.”

Chen Wenying still had some doubt left in his heart, and he tried to make sure once again. “Senior…you won’t be joking with me, right?”

“Naturally, I will never whimsically tell a joke.” Lin Yuetian solemnly proclaimed, “I have always been a serious and responsible person.”

Chen Wenying gritted his teeth. He was determined not to miss this opportunity. After all, he might never find another person who’d be willing and dare to attack Lushui Xianjun. Moreover, the longer he dragged, the closer the time was for that person to complete the Cultivation Partner Ceremony with his Shizun. He’d never let this happen!

“I understand. Since the amount of the Spirit Stones is not small, please allow me to contact my servant first.”

After obtaining Lin Yuetian’s consent, Chen Wenying immediately took out a piece of talisman from his sleeve and folded it into a paper crane. He murmured some incomprehensible words and blew his breath to the paper crane lightly. In an instant, the incantation lines on the paper crane lit up. It flew out of the window and transformed into a real white crane, its wings fluttered as it quickly disappeared into the clouds.

It didn’t take long for the same crane to fly back, landing on their table with a Qiankun pouch on its beak. The crane turned into ashes after the task was accomplished, leaving the newly retrieved pouch in Chen Wenying’s hands.

“Senior, please take a look.” Chen Wenying respectfully presented the Qiankun pouch.

Lin Yuetian put away the pouch after making a brief inspection. He snapped his fingers and a burst of Qi suddenly entered Chen Wenying’s body.

Chen Wenying was stunned. “What is this?”

“In the morning 7 days from now, I will bury the target’s head under the tree where we met for the first time. Before midnight, you have to bury the rest of the payment and take the head away. You don’t have to worry about when will I take the money thenceforth.”

Lin Yuetian smiled warmly, and added, “The Qi I put to your body just now is a Divine Technique. If there’s an ambush when I go to the agreed location, or if I don’t get the due payment, or if there’s any deliberate accident…with just a snap of my finger your Primordial Soul[8]In XianXia world there’s reincarnation, so if the Primary Soul was destroyed, the person won’t even get the chance to live in the next life. will be split into pieces and vanished permanently.” 

Chen Wenying’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly after hearing the existence of a terrible spell.

This technique was actually an unexpected gain. When Lin Yuetian randomly thought about any method to secure his deal, an easy-to-use technique truly appeared inside his mind. It made him feel even more curious about this body’s real identity, for him to possess such vast knowledge and abilities.

Witnessing the low mood of his client, Lin Yuetian tried to comfort him somehow,

“Don’t be scared, I have always respected my clients, and I will maintain this quality of mine. It’s absolutely harmless if you obey our deal conscientiously. After the transaction is over, the curse will disappear accordingly. At that time, I’d love it if you promote and share my business with your family, friends, or acquaintances who are in the same predicament as yours. I will give you a 15% discount later. It’s a promise.”



1 Dimensional storage or space bag in Xianxia or Xuanhuan setting
2 currency often used in Xianxia setting. For more info, see: HERE
3 closed cultivation, usually in a spiritual cave, etc.
4 pure innocent person, harbor no evil see no evil
5 Master, in Xianxia setting
6 Martial Uncle, to refer to the younger martial sibling of one’s Master/Parent
7 Look up to the 9 realms mentioned above
8 In XianXia world there’s reincarnation, so if the Primary Soul was destroyed, the person won’t even get the chance to live in the next life.
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Seemanta says:

    Good for him. I really thought he was gonna die. Money really is omnipotent!

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      He would never know it was his shining gold who saved his life, not his powerful background, haha

  2. PasserbyA says:

    Askfdsht! Other mysterious Master in Xianxia novels are repaying kindness by giving precious so and so treasure or something and another, but lin yuetian be like, “do you have enemies? Let me kill them for you, but you still have to pay, I’ll give you a 15% discount as my gratitude”

    1. Lemon Panda says:

      Lin Yuetian is a very business-oriented person after all 🙂

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