APA Chapter 19

Client in the Domineering CEO World - It's real quiet here

The main event has end, now onto the aftermath. After Shen Junyu had been taken care of, Lin Yuetian still had to deal with the follow up.

He started by taking some pictures of Shen Junyu’s freshly dead body, with excellent imagery taken from 3 different angles. He had to report the result to his Client[1]Second Male Lead, Zhao Shuyang after all.

Putting down his camera, he did some camouflage on Shen Junyu’s corpse, disguising his corpse to look like Lin Yuetian’s. Afterward, he put on Shen Junyu’s suit that the man had worn yesterday, and also changed his appearance to that of Shen Junyu’s.

Using Shen Junyu’s mobile phone, he made a video call to his assistant, Li Yi.

“Mr. Shen?” Li Yi answered his call with a respectful attitude. “Shall I pick you up at the Villa right now?”

“Mm, I need you to come to the Villa, there’s a more urgent matter you have to handle.” Lin Yuetian spoke calmly, his face looked somewhat gloomy.

Then, he changed the direction of the phone camera and shot Shen Junyu’s corpse on the ground, which had been disguised to look like himself, as he said, “There’s some unexpected accident. Try to deal with it.”

Li Yi sucked a deep breath.

At the same time, he also noticed that the suit his Boss currently wore had some dirt on it (from being thrown into the basement corner yesterday), and his tie was wrinkled messily (after being used as a murder weapon). He inquired in shock, “Mr. Shen, just, just what happened?”

“Suffocation.” The said Boss furrowed his brow in dissatisfaction, seemingly unwilling to say more. “Don’t ask too much. Just do your job. Oh, I’ll also tell you in advance, I’m going on a business trip for 3 months, go and inform the people in charge of the Company, afterward, come over quickly.”

“I understand. I will come immediately.” Li Yi solemnly replied.

In his mind right now, he was imagining all kinds of scenes that Shen Junyu and Lin Yuetian had Played before, to actually having an asphyxia accident. Well, in the first place, such death due to over-excitement in their Bedroom Play, was pretty common among the lovers that Rich Second Generations had.

Actually, with the way Shen Junyu had treated Lin Yuetian all these years, for that young man to still retain his life until today could be considered lucky. Moreover, in Li Yi’s heart, it’s better for Lin Yuetian, such a stumbling block for Bai Li and Shen Junyu’s beautiful romance, to just die.

With this kind of thought, Li Yi really had no psychological burden, and didn’t feel mentally disturbed in the slightest. He immediately agreed to take care of the aftermath and hung up the call.

As expected of the Domineering CEO’s capable assistant, it wasn’t long for him to arrive after the video call. Even when he came in a hurry, he was well-prepared, driving a van with a fake license by himself.

“Come in.” When his Boss (Lin Yuetian in disguise) ushered him inside, he no longer had that wrinkled tie that he wore before.

“Where is he?” Li Yi directly cut to the chase.

“In the basement.” Lin Yuetian replied lightly. Then he asked, “What plans have you thought of, to deal with it?”

“My younger brother is currently constructing a new building in the Western district.” Li Yi quickly conveyed his next plan, he seemed to have considered the measure right after he received the video call before.

“I have already contacted him and he has agreed to let me borrow the place for one night. Filling cement into the building foundation is not a complicated matter, I can handle it just fine. Besides, the Feng Shui Master invited before has said, a building’s foundation needed to be supported by people, to complement the Feng Shui[2]simply said, the contractors have, or will, also bury other corpses in the building foundation, thus it’s fine to blend in Shen Junyu’s corpse within. Seems like the Master is a quack … Continue reading. Mr. Shen can rest assured, aside from me nobody will know.”

“Nobody but you?”

“Yes, only I know.”

“Have you informed the other about my Business trip plan?”

“I have reported your next itinerary.” At this time, Li Yi couldn’t help but let out a sigh. “Mr. Shen, actually I think this is actually a good turning point. Please pardon me for stepping off the line, but I have to say that it’s better for you to stop your entanglement with Lin Yuetian. After all, Young Master Bai has returned, and the two of you are-,”

“I know.” Lin Yuetian nodded and interrupted his chatter.

He opened the basement entrance, and motioned him to come. “Go down.”

Li Yi didn’t continue his previous talk, and obediently walk down the stairs. Lin Yuetian was also following behind him in silence.

The stairs to the basement were narrow and long, added to the dark and damp environment, it really felt like a descent to Hell.

When the two of them finally reached the basement, Lin Yuetian heard Li Yi’s surprised voice. “Mr. Shen, why do you lit a candle[3]the one and only candle with paralyzing drug, lol in the basement?”

The System sighed mournfully, [“Alas…Poor guy.”]

Lin Yuetian ignored Li Yi’s question, and picked up the whip from the shelf, tying it to the tie, forming a lasso once again[4]this is why LYT didn’t wear a tie when he welcomed Li Yi.

“It’s awfully quiet here.” He said instead.

Li Yi was clueless, he honestly responded, “Yeah…it’s calm and tranquil around here. I picked this Villa for you exactly because it’s a suitable and convenient place to do things.”

Lin Yuetian agreed. “The environment is genuinely nice and serene. Although it was built in a remote place, but in return, we can have a large yard here, with a lot of flowers and grass.”

Li Yi suddenly looked at his Boss (Lin Yuetian) with a smile. “That’s right, after all, Young Master Bai Li is fond of flowers, and so do you.”

“We have known each other for a long time, we can be regarded as friends, right? Li Yi, how long has it been since we meet each other?” Lin Yuetian abruptly switched the topic.

“It seems to be quite a long time ago, how many years exactly…?” Li Yi sounded like he was absorbed in nostalgia, though he still didn’t neglect his current job, checking the corpse on the ground.

“As for being friends…well, if Mr. Shen doesn’t dislike it, naturally, we are. Actually, I have always regarded you as a friend, the two of us, as well as Young Master Bai Li…we really have known each other for a long time. Mr. Shen, I can never get enough of telling you how much I feel grateful for your help, if it weren’t for you, I don’t know what will happen with me after my family went bankrupt back then…”

Lin Yuetian hummed lightly. He had already stood behind Li Yi. The candle in the room flickered and continued to burn quietly. The light emitted by the tiny fire created the shadows of two living humans and one corpse reflected on the wall.

Lin Yuetian repeated his previous words. “It’s real quiet here.”

This time, the room was indeed engulfed in eery silence. There’s no more response from Li Yi, because the man could no longer able to move every inch of his muscles.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuetian continued to speak, “In my opinion, someone who dies in such a lonely place[5]that is, Shen Junyu might have regrets if they have no one to accompany them.”

“Don’t you think so…Assistant Li?”

The gentle tone used to ask the question at the end, concluded the event that day.


Following Li Yi’s plan, Lin Yuetian finished his business at the construction site mentioned. After leaving the burial place, he didn’t forget to take care of the van and the monitoring.

However, even after cleaning up the aftermath, there’s no completion announcement to be heard. Therefore, he went to discuss this matter with his System,

“Why hasn’t the 1st Mission been deemed to be completed yet? The Domineering CEO Shen Junyu has gone, there should be no one who may regard this body as a Stand-In, right?”

[“Think of it yourself…”] The System replied weakly. [“Why do you have to kill Li Yi? Do you think you’re venting out the Original Owner’s anger by doing so?”]

Right now, Lin Yuetian was on the way to the Shen Company, disguised as Li Yi. He went there to inform the people in charge that he’d follow Shen Junyu on his 3 months business trip.

After he handled the things in the Company, he finally had the time to answer the System’s questioning,

“I didn’t do it for such reason. It’s impossible to escape criminal investigation with individual effort. I can leisurely be an Assassin in my original world, because there’s a whole Organization stood behind dealing with all kinds of aspects. When I’m alone here, it’s absolutely impossible to kill someone without being found out. I have my confidence, but I won’t do such a foolish thing. The best way to deal with it is by making the death look like a disappearance case, either putting the case to be deemed as having an unknown accident or being regarded as suicide, to put it simply, just don’t make the investigation steered to homicides.”

[“Ha-Ha.”] The System spoke with sarcasm, [“What a rich lecture coming from past experiences.”]

It’s unclear whether Lin Yuetian was truly dense and unable to sense the System’s sarcasm, or perhaps he did but continue to pretend, but he happily accepted it as it was, “Thank you for the compliment!”

Afterward, he continued to enthusiastically share his tips and trick, on how to clean up a homicide case with the System,

“Anyway, this case will be regarded as Li Yi and Shen Junyu suddenly disappearing together, and will first fall into the Missing Person case. As for me, since Shen Junyu has always covered up his involvement with the Original Owner, there will be no evidence pointing out my relation to the two people, let alone their disappearance case. On the other hand, it was Li Yi who announced Shen Junyu’s departure from the Company, therefore, even if they suspected Shen Junyu has been murdered, their number one suspect would be Li Yi. Besides, Li Yi has also promptly escaped, apparently, under the pretense of following Shen Junyu’s Business trip. Those series of events, pretty much scream his guilt.”

As he finished explaining the possible trajectory ahead from the point of view of the Police investigation, Lin Yuetian didn’t forget to mention another factor,

“Additionally, there’s Zhao Shuyang, our Second Male Lead who’s eager to swallow the huge Shen Corporation, as my employer. He’s not stupid, at least he knows how to reap the biggest benefit as Businessman. I believe he’ll work hard to suppress and manipulate the matter as simply as possible, for example, treating it as a mere disappearance case. Moreover, based on the bank card holder previously, he might have suspected a Civil Strife occurring within the Shen Family, leading to Shen Junyu’s murder. Li Yi…a close friend and trusted subordinate of Shen Junyu, must be a good answer for his suspect, isn’t it? He will definitely become a good ally out there.”

The System was unable to speak, he didn’t know how to evaluate Lin Yuetian’s plan, but there was something he was sure of.

[“I have to admit that from, a certain, point of view,”] The System paused before sighing regretfully. [“…It seems like our Department’s data screening to recruit Taskers, really has no problem. You’re indeed a professional, in your field of job that is.[6]at first, the system thought LYT was just venting out petty anger when he killed Li Yi who used to bully the original owner, but, it turned out there has never been any personal emotion, just a … Continue reading”]

“Thank you for your acknowledgment!” Lin Yuetian didn’t hide his pride, “I do love my career and I have always been conscientiously completing my jobs. I shall never stop improving myself to be a well-rounded worker.”

[“Oh. But let me give you some advice, you really have to make an appointment with a Psychologist when you have time.”] The System sincerely gave his suggestion.

“Hm? Haven’t I told you before? I have seen more than 30 Psychologists, each of them certified that I have a healthy mental condition.”

The System’s tone was even more compassionate and full of understanding, [“It’s alright, I know, it’s normal for the Cyberpunk World to have some problem with their mental diagnosis and treatment. Big Brother, you have to find a legit Psychologist, okay?”]




T/L Note: I remember one of the commenters before said that the psychologist who evaluated LYT must be a quack, lol, and yeah, After all, it’s a Cyberpunk World where it has been said that: “Science and technology advance rapidly, while the morality is unable to catch up, and was left behind” LOL, it’s possible for their mental health measurement to have a different basis. 


1 Second Male Lead, Zhao Shuyang
2 simply said, the contractors have, or will, also bury other corpses in the building foundation, thus it’s fine to blend in Shen Junyu’s corpse within. Seems like the Master is a quack one, lol
3 the one and only candle with paralyzing drug, lol
4 this is why LYT didn’t wear a tie when he welcomed Li Yi
5 that is, Shen Junyu
6 at first, the system thought LYT was just venting out petty anger when he killed Li Yi who used to bully the original owner, but, it turned out there has never been any personal emotion, just a professional measure when completing his job.
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


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