APA Chapter 18

Client in the Domineering CEO World - There's no more sorrow or joy in my life

Another Pill to restore clarity from the inebriated state worth 100 points was given to Shen Junyu. Similar to the previous Drunken Pill, the man automatically sobered up in no time.

During the period needed for Shen Junyu to gradually regain his consciousness, Lin Yuetian had already entered the basement, checked the situation inside, and went back to the living room. He stood in front of Shen Junyu who had yet been able to move his body[1]not because he’s still drunk, but due to the paralyzing candle, and was lying stiffly like a zombie on the couch.

The Domineering CEO coldly glowered, “Lin Yuetian, do you know what kind of consequence your action will bring you to?”

“I don’t know. I’m Legally Blind.”

As he gave his perfunctory response, Lin Yuetian had already begun his struggle to lift and transport the paralyzed Shen Junyu to the basement. He merely walked, while dragging Shen Junyu, for a few steps to the basement entrance, yet all his limbs felt sore all over. He really was unable to move any further.

“Though I know already, but still, it’s hard being weak!” Lin Yuetian inwardly reported his grievance, feeling how frail his limbs were and how low his physical fitness was.

[“You’ve had enough chance living as a strong person previously.”] The System responded with no shred of pity in his tone. There’s only himself he could feel pity for. [“Besides, what will you do if you’re strong? Turning a sacred Funeral into a bloody Wedding is already enough of a lesson for me.”]

“Well, it doesn’t matter.” In another second Lin Yuetian had found his motivation back, and became his usual optimistic and enthusiastic self. He even said passionately, “Weak person has their own Weak Strategy.”

The System had nothing to refute or comment on.

Lin Yuetian was supporting Shen Junyu’s body as he stopped to catch some breaths before the basement entrance. After he restored some of his strength, he promptly let go of the burden, letting Shen Junyu fall unceremoniously to the ground. Then, without saying a word he swung his leg, accurately kicking Shen Junyu to roll down directly to the basement.

The sound of tumbling and a heavy object hitting the ground was heard, followed by a man’s painful groan.

“Rolling by himself saves so much time and effort than dragging him by myself.” Lin Yuetian nodded with satisfaction.

The System still gave no comment, but Lin Yuetian had already walked down the stairs leisurely. For every 3 steps he took, he had to press his chest and calm his beating heart. Good grief….this body was way too weak to attempt anything!

This gesture of his, however, caused the System to notice that, it turned out Lin Yuetian had always been wearing a pair of gloves all day.

In the System’s cognition, this kind of discovery simply made him imagine Lin Yuetian grinning while saying, “HaHa! No Fingerprints~ Nothing to worry~ #Laotietuo.jpg[2]It’s an everything is taken care of-meme

Toward this realization, the System began to consider, should he recite the Buddhist Scriptures in advance, or wait until the Play started?


After facing a tough battle, namely, walking downstairs, with him taking a brief pause every 3 steps, Lin Yuetian eventually arrived successfully in front of Shen Junyu.

The man was already in a disheveled state. His clothes were crumpled and soiled after he was kicked and rolled down the basement stairs. His forehead had smashed the stair ridges along the way, adding some bloody mess on his face.

Yet he could still do nothing aside from roaring furiously, “Lin Yuetian! What in the world are you going to do?!”

“I’m going to give you a lesson, teaching you how to improve your sense of empathy…in all kinds of aspects.” Lin Yuetian replied gently.

Later, he also added, “Let’s see…your usual habit is, you dislike being disturbed when you’re playing with your Lover. That said, without you calling him first, Li Yi won’t come, and nobody knows the address of this Villa to come barging. To speak honestly, I have to praise your preference in choosing a resting place. Thanks to your hard work, we can focus on our Class, with peace of mind…”

Hearing his words, the System really wanted to say in melancholy, [“The night is still young, there’s a long way ahead…”]

Lin Yuetian clapped his hands, crackling his fingers, and started taking off Shen Junyu’s suit jacket and threw it into the corner of the basement. No matter how much the man in front of him scolded or cussed, Lin Yuetian just smiled at him. Clearly, not a single word entered his head at all, they simply passed through his ears.

When he started stripping the person bare, Lin Yuetian inevitably met with Shen Junyu’s tender and juicy meats[3]his naked glory, lol

“Oh well, it’s a Big Business, Business comes first.”

Lin Yuetian didn’t care how good other people’s body condition was. As he said before, his desire was only to enjoy a peaceful life with financial freedom. The erotic pleasure was not something he fancied. Even so, as a competent Assassin, he had to maintain his professional ethics and proceed regardless.

He tried his best to console himself before starting his job. “It doesn’t matter, what kind of perverted stuff, just brush it off. My mind is clear, my intention is pure, I’m not a S*x offender.”

The System, [“Ha-Ha.”]

“What are you murmuring about…?” Shen Junyu felt a little nervous.

The ground in the basement turned out to be painfully freezing. Previously, when Shen Junyu put the Original Owner here in the name of punishment, he had never realized or noticed such a thing. Right now, the cold floor felt like submerging him into ice-cold water, even his voice couldn’t help but tremble, “Just what are you going to do to me?”

Lin Yuetian who had returned to his business mode, continued to ignore him. Walking to a shelf nearby, he picked up a…Whip, something Shen Junyu had used to torture the Original Owner.

The System screamed desperately, [“Nooo! don’t!!!”]

Truthfully speaking, Lin Yuetian thought that the System sounded even more terrified than Shen Junyu himself.


In such a strange atmosphere, two hours passed quickly.

The thrill that the System felt had yet subsided, the poor soul had again been greatly stimulated.

Lin Yuetian said before that he’s going to teach Shen Junyu how to empathize with others. So, the first person he’s going to empathize was, of course, the Original Owner. He had to make Shen Junyu understand the feeling of torture inlaid with an illusion of love, or in other words, the feeling of a Stockholm Syndrome victim.

It’s a pity that the body Lin Yuetian was in had a ridiculously poor physical fitness. He had to resort to a rhythm; kicking and whipping Shen Junyu for a while, then taking a break while using his mouth to chatter, praising Shen Junyu’s handsome face, business ability, bla bla bla, in short, telling him how much he loved him. After Lin Yuetian restored his strength and Shen Junyu began to calm down, then the physical abuse came once again.

It was repeated in several cycles.

In any case, even the System couldn’t bear it when at some point he witnessed how Lin Yuetian affectionately speak, “I like you so much, oh, would you like a kiss?” Then, he poured a melting candle onto Shen Junyu’s knee.

Alas...the System didn’t have any entity, he couldn’t make himself blind and deaf. The only thing he could do was devote himself to reciting the Buddhist Scriptures over and over to divert his attention, to the point of memorizing them word by word.

Fortunately, Lin Yuetian didn’t continue his Empathy Lesson, and decided that 2 hours of curriculum time was enough. His pathetic energy reserve was almost drained. If he went on, it’s guaranteed the person who first died from exhaustion was him. Wouldn’t the gain outweigh the loss in that case?

The exhausted Lin Yuetian wordlessly walked out by himself. The mangled and bruised Shen Junyu was abandoned in the cold basement, without leaving him a single thread to cover his body. Naturally, Lin Yuetian didn’t forget to lock the door, forming a completely cramped darkroom.

Afterward, he took a nice hot bath, changed into fresh clothes, and went to have a good night’s sleep.

He rested well, having a high-quality sleep with no dreams all night. The next morning when he woke up, he casually found something in the refrigerator to cook for his breakfast. The fact that he could actually cook, was something the System never expected of him.

Perhaps out of his concern for the well-being of his colleague’s mental health, Lin Yuetian kindly talked to him, sharing cooking trivia with his System. The atmosphere between the two co-workers soon became warm and fluffy, full of spring breeze.

Though, whether the soothing effect could be long-lasting, it was hard to say.

However, it did successfully divert the System’s attention, that he almost forgot the fact they still kept a miserable Scumbag Gong confined in the basement, in the contrast to their harmonious breakfast moment in the Villa.

Naturally, Lin Yuetian wouldn’t remind the System about it.

In this way, Shen Junyu was left forgotten until noon.

Therefore, when the System suddenly received the Task’s notification, he felt like he was being woken up from a dream. He hurriedly announced,

[“3rd Mission, let Shen Junyu empathize with the Original Owner’s feelings, Completed.”]

“Have you realized it?” Lin Yuetian boasted as usual, “Do you finally know how good am I, to make you lulled in a spring breeze and forget everything?”

The System denied firmly, [“No, I didn’t. That’s just because I was too stimulated, and I chose to selectively forget the memory, okay?”]

Lin Yuetian curiously asked, “Really? So, have you felt better now?”

Recalling his previous demeanor that’s no better than screeching cat and squeaking mouse, the System just said in a deep melancholy, [“No need to ask me such question anymore. At this point, there’s no more sorrow or joy in my life…”]


After receiving the completion notification of the 3rd Mission, Lin Yuetian finally walked down to the basement again.

When he left Shen Junyu yesterday, he didn’t forget to tie Shen Junyu, that way, Shen Junyu had been kept in the same posture and position, on a bloody ground that had been dried up.

This time, Lin Yuetian looked at him properly, from originally seeing him like a piece of juicy pork, to finally regarding him as his Customer’s target. The undisguised contempt in his eyes couldn’t be clearer.

Shen Junyu’s breathing became heavier as he looked like he was about to say something, it’s a pity that his throat was parched.

Lin Yuetian, however, had already left him and walked to some corner where Shen Junyu’s tie was thrown off. He picked up the tie and tied its two ends with the two ends of the whip, forming a noose and a lasso.

The newly made noose was carefully put around Shen Junyu’s neck. His movement while doing so was as delicate as putting a pearl necklace on a bride.

“Usually, I wouldn’t use such a cruel method.” Lin Yuetian sighed regretfully. “But this body really has no power, I can only resort to this method with less energy needed, please pardon my rudeness.”

At this point, how could Shen Junyu not know what Lin Yuetian’s going to do? He lowered his head, looking at the tie being used as a noose wrapped around his neck, unable to utter any word.

He had an impression of this tie.

It was the tie that Lin Yuetian had picked for him on one of his birthdays. He could still remember Lin Yuetian’s appearance back then, faintly smiling, but it was such a beautiful smile nonetheless.

“…Do you hate me?” Shen Junyu suddenly gathered his strength to speak, despite his dry throat and the hoarse sensation, he still insisted on an answer, “Do you…hate me?”

Lin Yuetian glanced at him with a ridiculous look. “Are you worthy of my energy to hate?”

There’s no need to waste more time, Lin Yuetian didn’t hesitate to pull the whip with both hands, twisting it, and causing the noose to tighten.

“Don’t you think the Principle of Leverage is better than direct strangle? It’s really cost and labor-saving.” Lin Yuetian, out of nowhere, suddenly started a discussion with the System.

[“Don’t talk to me when you’re killing people!!”] The System yelled helplessly. [“Brother, at least have some common sense, won’t you?”]


1 not because he’s still drunk, but due to the paralyzing candle
2 It’s an everything is taken care of-meme
3 his naked glory, lol
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. justanotherreader says:

    The audacity of Shen Junyu asking Lin Yuetian whether he hates him or not after kidnapping, abusing someone mentally and physically… Bro it’s good that you’re not skinned alive for what you do ok?!

    Anyway thank you for your translation!!

  2. PasserbyA says:

    “Are you worthy of my energy to hate?” ROTFL! I can never forget that Yuetian is the most Scumbag of them all, for him to not even bother to waste time, expressing grieavances or hate speech, but directly cut him off.
    As expected, there’s no worse torture than being dead in the peak of your career and being ignored and interrupted in their dying moment😂😂

  3. fate525 says:

    thx 4 the chap
    every time killed people always made me laugh
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