APA Chapter 17

Client in the Domineering CEO World - You won't know who cherish you until you fall sick, but you'll know the one you love when you're drunk

“Lin Yuetian! Answer me, just what the hell did you put in the candle?!”

Shen Junyu’s furious roaring in his helpless and powerless state, all fell to a deaf ear. Having his business smile continued being plastered on his face, Lin Yuetian calmly opened the System Mall. He quickly purchased a product he had long been eyeing in order to accommodate his job.

It’s a Drunken Pill, worth 100 points. The effect of this pill was to automatically turn a person to their most intoxicated state (no matter which points their alcohol tolerance originally was). They would expose their deepest desire and exhibit their drunken habit; dancing, singing, picking a fight, or spouting nonsenses were just some examples of what most people would do in this state.

Even the Pill’s advertisement was quite impressive: {I shall show you what a real Drunkard is!}

Naturally, Lin Yuetian didn’t simply buy the Pill because he wanted to see Shen Junyu’s stupid drunken behavior. He wasn’t bored to such an extent yet. Besides, in the Original memories, there were already several occasions where the Original Owner witnessed the Drunkard Shen Junyu. His alcohol tolerance and his drunken habit were not bad. At most, he’d be in a confused state, but he could still be able to perceive and respond to his surrounding.

Truth be told, the Drunk Shen Junyu actually was a lot more approachable than the sober him. This was what that bearer of Stockholm Syndrome felt. After all, the rare few times Shen Junyu went drunk in front of the Original Owner, were the happiest moment when Shen Junyu treated him tenderly. Shen Junyu would smile and laugh, conversing with him in a never seen gentleness. Even if this kind of happiness was an unhealthy coping mechanism, they’re still one of the scarce pleasant memories in the end.

That being said, Lin Yuetian wasn’t interested to rekindle the Stockholm Syndrome’s daydream for the Original owner.

Once he confirmed the purchase verification, a Pill instantly appeared in the palm of his hand.

Without wasting any more time or words, he stuffed this Drunken Pill into Shen Junyu’s throat.

“What have you fed me with?!”

True to its description, the medicine did have an immediate effect. A few seconds after Shen Junyu’s brief freaked-out moment, Lin Yuetian witnessed the man gradually become drunk, showing a pair of hazy eyes and even letting out a few hiccups. He had to praise the ingenuity and credibility of this product. He was not polite and gave a compliment to his System honestly.

Afterward, Lin Yuetian leisurely took off his white shirt, and casually straddled on top of Shen Junyu’s body. Pinching Shen Junyu’s jaw with his right hand, he forced the man to face him, revealing the vulnerable and undefensive look of the drunk Shen Junyu.

The System paled in shock. The current picture was too stimulating to watch, he quickly blared a warning to Lin Yuetian,

[“Big Brother! What are you going to do??? Listen to me, please! Big Brother, even a Scum Gong is still a Gong! Gong has their Gong Rights! Please don’t reverse attack[1]turning a Seme/Gong into a Bottom! Don’t do this, I beg you!”]

“You, just what are you thinking about…” Lin Yuetian helplessly explained himself, “I’m not that kind of person, okay?”

[“Well, that’s a relief…”] The System breathed a long relieved sigh. [“You really scared me to death. Don’t you know that this very scene is way too classic? Similar scenes often appear in dozens of strategies in the Counterattack Guidebook I have on me. I thought, I thought that you’ve been silently hiding your desire and was about to erupt…”]

Lin Yuetian inwardly wondered, ‘But I’ve never been silent and hiding what I want to do though…?’

However, that’s not the point. Right now, the most important thing to care about is the current job, the Big Business at hand!

Lin Yuetian’s fingers clamping over Shen Junyu’s jaw was unexpectedly tough and firm, leaving Shen Junyu no other way aside from staring directly at Lin Yuetian’s face.

After confirming that Shen Junyu’s focus was right on his own face, he began to speak softly, “…Junyu, do you recognize me?”

Shen Junyu dazedly looked at him for a while and answered using the same soft voice, “I know…recognize…”

His voice went even more tender, and Lin Yuetian started to guide Shen Junyu patiently, “Then…who am I?”

“…Yue…tian…” Shen Junyu called out a name vaguely.

[“Oh, you’re actually hitting a jackpot.”] The System started to guess, [“Is this his real love for the Original Owner after all?”]

Lin Yuetian indifferently replied to the System’s interference, “It’s not my business whether he has real love or not.”

Toward Shen Junyu, his reply was, even more, colder; simply raised his hand and slap Shen Junyu on the face.

He didn’t intend to give this slap as torture. The body Lin Yuetian was in was simply too frail that such a slap couldn’t be felt much. However, he intended to use this slap to tell the other party, why a Flower has an alluring red color[2]“Beauty has their own danger.

“Think carefully. Who am I…Am I not the one who you love most?”

“…Bai Li?”

Lin Yuetian gave an ambiguous confirmation, dragging his words, “Guess…?”

His language and the tone he used to speak seemed to be inlaid with magic. It inevitably made people listen to the obscure guidance and involuntarily follow the direction Lin Yuetian pushed them toward.

It was something that Lin Yuetian learned due to his unusual profession. In his original Cyberpunk world, he had made appointments with more than 30 Psychologists. It wasn’t due to any mental illness, after all, Lin Yuetian had always been confident in his healthy mental state. The reason he approached and interacted with both Psychologists and Psychiatrists was to learn and imitate the way they talk to different kinds of people. Observing how they made the patients trust them, and how they guided their patients in a specific thinking direction.

What’s unsurprising was the result of Lin Yuetian’s evaluation.

More than 30 Psychologists verified that Lin Yuetian’s mental condition was in perfect health. He had a positive view of living, understood the beauty of life, and even had a remarkable EQ, showing a caring and considerate attitude toward his acquaintances, relatives, and colleagues[3]it’s true since LYT actually treats the System like a good colleague all this time, even kind enough to give him a surprise in the previous arc, lol. It’s not bragging, but Lin Yuetian was indeed one of the rare 5 Promising Youth in the Cyberworld.

But in the current world;

His right hand was still firmly pinching over Shen Junyu’s jaw, while his other hand started to caress the part where his slap landed earlier. He kept conversing with the man gently,

“Who am I? Junyu…you should know who your closest person is. Somebody you want to see most in your haze, the one you treasured in your heart. I may have stayed by your side all along, someone who gives you an unforgettable memory.  In any case, the one you see in your eyes, the person you think I am, must be the one you love most in your heart…let your real feelings guide you, Junyu…say it honestly, you must like me, do you?”

Right now, Shen Junyu couldn’t be more inebriated. There were only chaotic thoughts in his mind. He could only see a captivating face dangling right in front of him, but he couldn’t tell who this person was. However, he was sure that this person must be someone he was familiar with, besides, his voice was incomparably soothing to hear.

He seemed to feel that what the person said was right and convincing…but, wait, was he drunk right now? In the first place, just what were they doing before…? He really couldn’t recall anything in his mind. He must have drunk a lot.

There’s a saying that, you wouldn’t know who truly cherishes you until you fall sick; but you’d know the person who your heart delights when you’re drunk.

The person in front of him was right. He was drunk, and the one he saw in his eyes was this person, someone who gave him a familiar and pleasant feeling…

Shen Junyu couldn’t tell who this person was. Was it Lin Yuetian? Or, was it Bai Li? He didn’t know, but he knew for sure the person in front of him must be close to him, had accompanied him for a long time, and the one he liked most.

Now this person was asking him, ‘Do you like me?’

Shen Junyu’s answer was, “I like you…” Despite his reply being given in a drunken manner, the way it sounded was indeed sincere. “…I love you.”

[“2nd Mission: Make Shen Junyu expresses his sincere love…Completed.”] The System’s announcement followed closely.


The System was speechless.

He didn’t know if it’s just him, but he felt the plot shouldn’t be this normal…no? He couldn’t hold himself from roasting Lin Yuetian as he usually did,

[“You’re taking advantage of the Mission’s description again! With him being drunk, receiving your deliberate hint and brainwashing, I’m afraid he couldn’t even recognize himself, let alone others. It’s not clear whether his confession is directed to Lin Yuetian or to his White Moonlight, Bai Yi.”]

“Well, you’re right, it’s really the result that I expected. Since even if I can guess that he welcomes and enjoys the presence of both the Original Owner and Bai Yi, but I still can’t guess which of the two he likes most.”

Lin Yuetian confidently elucidated the measure he had taken with a calm tone, “Actually, I can also work hard to raise his favorability toward me to achieve the same result. But that definitely requires too much time and effort. What I did right now is the easy and efficient way. Since he liked both people anyway, in this case, when I’m in front of him it can be regarded as him professing his love to me, right? It’s quick, and efficient, with the same desired ending.”

Changing the direction of the conversation, he suddenly asked the System, “Okay, now do you have any way to return his clarity?”

[“Another 100 points can be exchanged for Sober Pill…Oh, wait a minute, first you have to tell me what are you going to do next!”]

“Isn’t that obvious? Of course, I’ll continue to complete the 3rd Mission, Make Shen Junyu understand what the Original Owner has felt.”

[“You…you won’t do any unspeakable thing, will you?”] The System really had no basic trust in this companion of his, and questioned Lin Yuetian sternly.

“How is that possible? You don’t have to worry, I assure you that whatever things I did has never been close to bizarre. They’re no more than logical, fast, labor-saving, and most importantly, efficient action.” Lin Yuetian earnestly vowed, but his hands didn’t stay idle, while talking he rummaged upon Shen Junyu’s body and took out the key to the basement where the Original Owner was often locked inside.

Lin Yuetian played with the key, throwing it up and catching it in his hand firmly.

Leaving the couch, he stood up and plastered another business smile on his face, saying, “…He will definitely empathize.”


1 turning a Seme/Gong into a Bottom
2 “Beauty has their own danger
3 it’s true since LYT actually treats the System like a good colleague all this time, even kind enough to give him a surprise in the previous arc, lol
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A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger

A Professional Avenger, [快穿]金牌鲨手]
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
Lin Yuetian: I’m a gentle, kind, reasonable, and hard-working person, with a remarkable IQ and EQ. My only wish is to achieve financial freedom and live in peace. Doctors and Psychologists: He is physically and mentally healthy. System: HaHa. Scumbag Gong(s): HaHa. #side-eye to the rows of graves whose grasses on top are taller than the next One sentence introduction: When a Gold medalist Assassin was forced to transmigrate and do the task of abusing Scumbags. Conspiracy? Counterattack? Face-slapping? Why so serious? Dead men tell no tales~


  1. Bibi says:

    Yuetian: takes off his shirt and sits on top of the guy
    Me: uhm… Go king…? Yay?

    Pretty sure the psychologists who evaluated Yuetian got their degree from jesus christ or from the Trust Me™ university. I love my boy, but I couldn’t trust him, ever, because I know he would put me on his list if the person gave him enough money.

    …well, he’s got a shred of morals somewhere, so at least I know he would make it quick in consideration for the time we spent together or something, lmao

    By the way, Yuetian is the incarnation of that bill gates quote about hiring lazy people because they find the most efficient way to do stuff or something like that

    1. murongGongzi says:

      I gotta agree with you there, I love Yuetian, but nah, he definitely got a twisted brain circuit somewhere ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌
      But, perhaps, the evaluation is in a different direction or not deep enough? Cause I have to admit that Yuetian isn’t depressed, got no ptsd sequelae even after he off’ed a whole sect in the last arc, has no manic period, has no desire to kill or see blood, hate violence, living a good life better than the slightly depressed social animal out there, damn! His mental health is surprisingly better than any average human…
      I guess it’s true that his mental health is good, though, he definitely has a mental disorder that’s, his bone-deep apathy? like Yuetian said, he’s unable to empathize

  2. PasserbyA says:

    LMAO!The system being concerned with the dignity of the scumbag gong, preventing Yuetian from reversing a Gong into a bottom, is just so priceless!
    I think the System has unconsciously been influenced by Yuetian, his chain of logic has started to skew! Instead of being concerned of the scumbag life and death, he cares about whether the Gong’s position is being blasphemed😂😂😂

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